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A sister product to our 57 Series FIPK, our 63 Series AirCharger® Air Intake Systems are guaranteed to increase horsepower and come with K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty. K&N air intake systems replace your vehicle's restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing. K&N intakes are designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction as they smooth and straighten air flow. This allows your vehicle's engine to inhale a larger amount of air than the OEM air filter assembly. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine's RPM range. The filters on these kits are washable and reusable. Most of our intake kits are relatively easy to install using tools commonly available (see installation instructions). These Air Intakes cannot be sold in California. They are not legal for use in California or other states adopting California emission standards. [MORE]
Available Information
Installation Instruction Sheet
Dyno Chart - 2003 Toyota 4 Runner 4.7L - 13.53HP Increase
News Story - Add 13 + Horsepower to Toyota 4Runner with K&N
News Story - Added Performance and Protection for the Toyota 4Runner
63-9022 Vehicle Applications

Part 63-9022 Product Specifications
Product Style: 63 Series Aircharger Kits
Estimated Horsepower Gain: 13.53 HP @ 5011 RPM
Replacement Filter: RC-5100
Street Legal In All US States: No
TUV Approved (Europe): No
Intake Pipe Color / Finish: Black
California Restricted: Not legal for sale or use in California
Weight: 12.3 lb (5.6 kg)
Product Box Length: 18.25 in (464 mm)
Product Box Width: 18.25 in (464 mm)
Product Box Height: 12.5 in (318 mm)

Horsepower gains based on similar vehicle dynamometer test. Results will vary.

99-5050 - Filter Care Service Kit - Squeeze
RC-5100 - Replacement Filter
RC-5100DK - Air Filter Wrap
RC-5100DL - Air Filter Wrap
RC-5100DR - Air Filter Wrap
RC-5100DY - Air Filter Wrap
RF-1037DK - Air Filter Wrap

Customer Feedback      Be the first to review part 63-9022

This intake for our 4Runner was easier to install than I first thought. Though the directions for the hose re-installation was a little touch and go, it worked out the first time around. The placement of the mass air sensor seems to put a little tension on the wire harness, but was able to move the intake around to give it more slack.

I love the sound it makes under acceleration, gives the car a more V-8 sounding exhaust. The throttle response is more immediate and responsive. This intake is great addition to the 4Runner.

Erik Thomford, Wisconsin
My friend who races go carts advised me on the K&N oil filters. This will be my second oil change using them on my 2006 Toyota 4 Runner. I can't tell how they are working but I trust my friend and will be using the K&N oil filters from now on.
Bobby Marson, Naples, Florida
 When I heard about K & N filters I was a bit skeptical.  I first got my mechanic's opinion before making a purchase.  Bottom line was that it cost $22 more initially than a standard Toyota air filter, but I was banking on the longevity of the filter to be a good investment.  I usually drive my vehicles about 200,000 miles before a new purchase.

 We just returned from a five state, 3,273 mile road trip.  I drive a 2005 Toyota 4 Runner and never got over 20.9 MPG before my K & N install.  On this trip I got up to 24.3 MPG, but never less than 22.5 MPG.  Overall average was about 23.5 MPG.  In effect the filter has already paid for itself, and I am confident that this will be the last filter I need to buy for this vehicle.  Good for me and good for the environment.

  My only regret?  I didn't do this sooner.  Any plans for the future?  Yep!  I'll be buying K & Ns for my other vehicles....
Dave Walker, Campbell, California

K&N 63-9022 fits the following:
2004 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 4.7L V8 F/I - All Street Legal In All US States: No TUV Approved (Europe): No
2003 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 4.7L V8 F/I - All Street Legal In All US States: No TUV Approved (Europe): No