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The K&N Drycharger® is a silicone treated, polyester wrap that is made to cover K&N Air Filters or Personal Watercraft Flame Arrestors. These Drychargers, which are similar to the K&N Prechargers, contain uniform micron sized openings that allow high air flow. Yet, due to the Drychargers silicone treated polyester wrap, the amount of water that reaches the air filter or flame arrestor is limited. [MORE]
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22-2030PL Vehicle Applications

Part 22-2030PL Product Specifications
Product Style: Filter Wrap - Round Tapered
Wrap Type: Drycharger
Color: Blue
Material Used: Silicone Treated Polyester
Base Inside Diameter: 5.25 in (133 mm)
Top Inside Diameter: 3 in (76 mm)
Height: 6 in (152 mm)
Closed Top: Yes
Package Contents: 1 Drycharger Wrap
Package Quantity: 1
Air Filter Shape: Round Tapered
Weight: 0.37 lb (0.17 kg)
Product Box Length: 6.25 in (159 mm)
Product Box Width: 5.25 in (133 mm)
Product Box Height: 0.75 in (19 mm)

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I ordered 2 of these filters as they were the specific part number listed for my 2003 Polaris rmk 800 vertical edge chassis. When trying to install, I found that there is no clearance between the inside carburetor and the steering column. So I was stuck with a decision to go back to stock airbox or figure out something else entirely. Since I needed the better airflow for my sled, I ended up gutting my airbox and custom mounting one of the filters to stick out of the top of the air box and out of the hood. This worked great except I now have an extra filter. Fortunately I have another of the same sled so I was able to do the same modifications. I just want to inform K&N filters that these filters DO NOT fit that model snowmobile and that it should look into changing the filter design with a groove or something on the side of the steering column so it will fit properly. I would have preferred much more to have a single filter for EACH carb. Other than that, I am happy with the filters, but am frustrated that I spent so much time searching the site for a filter that would fit after I discovered the inside filter wouldnt fit and the time I had to spend to figure out and to the modifications for the custom mount when they should have just clamped on the end of the carb off the get go. I will recommend k&n to anyone, but am disappointed that this issue wasn't discovered sooner. Thanks for your time.
Jacob Cannon, Salt Lake City, Utah
RZR XP 900 Air filters and oil filters from K&N were perfect fit and finish when they were installed. I know the quality of the K&N products will protect the engine of the Polaris for many races in the future. We can rest assured that we will be able to concentrate on the rest of the car. To this date we have had no failures from any of our K&N Products.
Team Epic Racing, Missouri
Have used K&N filters since you started making them in cars trucks and off road motorcycles & Polaris Rzr's. You need to make one for the new Polaris Rzr XP 1000. Keep up the good work. The RD-0700 is used on 1/4 midget & works great. Lived in Riverside Ca. Raced dist. 37 in the late 60s early 70s. Thanks Again. Paul. P.S. Also have one in my motorhome.
Paul Coffman, Vail, Arizona

K&N 22-2030PL fits the following:
1995 POLARIS SLT 750 741 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1995 POLARIS SL 750 741 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1995 POLARIS SL 650 654 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1994 POLARIS SLT 750 741 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1994 POLARIS SL 750 741 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1994 POLARIS SL 650 654 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1993 POLARIS SL 750 741 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1993 POLARIS SL 650 654 - Use w/59-2030, Blue
1992 POLARIS SL 650 654 - Use w/59-2030, Blue