Filter Cross Reference for K&N Part PF-1300

Product Information and Specifications for K&N Part Use this cross reference as a reference guide only! Use our application search to determine the K&N filter that correctly fits your vehicle.
Part Numbers
AC Delco GF61
Al ALG627
Alco FF009
Alco MD145
Alfa Romeo 105483206102
All-O-Matic 7446
All-O-Matic 7448
All-O-Matic 7526
AM General 8992638
AMC IF3351
American Motor 3198615
American Motor 3212882
American Motor 3968615
American Motor 8992638
Ap Lockheed LK3684
Apco AF80
Atlantic Richfield AGF111
Auto Par FE196
Auto Par FE400
Auto Pride CG516AP
Auto Pro 5032
Auto Pro APG61
Autowize AG800
Avatar FF512
Avatar FF516
Baldwin BF840K1
BAP/Geon 1130000
BAP/Geon 1131700
BAP/Geon 1139803
BAP/Geon 1139815
Barad GF61
Barad GF61M
Beck/Arnley 0430124
Big A 95032
Bosch 0450904004
Bosch 71002
Bravo BG111
Briggs & Stratton 492836
Cam2 CF11
Cam2 CF111
Carcare GF2
Carquest 86032
Carquest R86032
Case H413666
Casite CG516
Caterpillar 9Y4400
Champ G516
Chevrolet 5650656
Chevrolet 5650743
Chevrolet 5651090
Chevrolet 854582
Chevrolet 854583
Chevrolet 88915478
Chevrolet 9132002500
Chevrolet 94020398
Chevrolet 94023895
Chrysler 2465703
Chrysler J8126312
Citgo G516
Clark Equipment 1804029
Clark Equipment 6633977
Clean MB1
Cobra CHF512
Cobra UNF516
Coopers AZF048
Crosland 669
Crosland 701
Crosland 702K
Crosland 703K
Cushman 825619
Cyclone PMG516
Cyclone PMG516K
Deutsch FF3424
Donaldson P550012
Echlin 26082
EZ-Go Car 10034G1
Fai 848000040
Fapofil FR2
Farmland FG111
Farymann 5410251
Farymann 5410382
Fiaam FT4648
Fiat 9230
Filko FF6
Filko FF8
Fispa FBE680
Fleetguard FF149
Fleetrite FFR8149
Fleetrite FFR8161
Ford 58736
Ford C0DE9155A
Ford C1DE9155A
Ford C1DZ9155A
Ford C2RZ9155A
Ford C4R9155A
Ford CC1DZ9155B
Ford CODE9155A
Fram G12
GK Industries GF61
GK Industries GF61M
GK Industries GF61PL
GKN 15031302
Gonher GG5
Goodyear G2
Greyfriars 70G
Guaranteed Parts 779403
Haiye HF8881
Harley-Davidson 6235063
Hastings GF136
Hastings GF2
Hastings GF9
Hatz 40014600
Hengst G100WK
Hesston 7723992
Holden M37725
Holley 21
Hyster 309653
Ingersoll Rand 35366699
Ingersoll Rand 36795045
Installer Edge G12
Installer Edge G2M
Installer Edge G2P
International Harvester 1701232C91
International Harvester 861405C91
Isuzu 13200250
Isuzu 5132000661
Isuzu 5132000930
Isuzu 8913200250
Isuzu 9132000930
Isuzu 9132002500
Isuzu M37725
John Deere AE29052
John Deere AT322654
John Deere GG42031259
John Deere RW24003
Kayser AK0168U
Kem GF500A
Kem GF516
Kem GF519
Kendall KG1
Knecht EH332
Knecht FB623
Knecht KL11
Knecht KL12
Kralinator G80
Kralinator G80R
Kubota 1335143010
Kubota 7000014658
Kuss 31060397
Kuss 31060404
Lazorlite DM110
Lazorlite L115045
Lazorlite U115924
Luber-Finer G516
Lucas F6M
Mann-Hummel W431
Mann-Hummel WF422
Massey-Ferguson 800848M91
Master Mechanic MG2
Master Parts G516
Mazda 022213470
Mazda 022213470A
Mazda 022213470B
Mazda 022213478
Mechanics MGF2
Meijer MG1
Mercedes Benz 0014773801
Mercedes Benz 0014773901
Mighty GF61
Mitsubishi 3142272
Mitsubishi MT166060
Mobil G516
Motorcraft AFG28
Motorcraft AFG2A
Motorcraft EFG40
Motorcraft FG2
Motorcraft FG36
National Standard 2910008456770
Napa 23002
Napa 23032
Napa 3032
Napa 385177
Napa 395156
Napa PS3032
Nato 2910123148154
New Holland 89611973
Nissan 16400Z5900
Nissan 164035000
NKK 4M505
Opel 854583
Original Equipment Plus FF20
P&D E502
P&D F509
Parts Plus G516
PartsMaster 73032
Pentius PFB20011M
Permatic ES77
Permatic FC400
Perry PG99
Phillips 66 PF111
Porsche PA9315
Power Train Components PG4164
Precision Tune F61
Precision Tune GF61
Premium Guard PF516
Primeguard PFF2M
Pro Gauge FG61AM
Pro Gauge GF61A
Pro Gauge GF61M
Pro-Bilt PBG111
Pro-Tec 301
Pro-Tec 500
Promotive F20011P
Pronto PF516
Pronto PG2
Purepro G516
Purolator F20011
Purolator MF47300B
QAP QF20011
QAP WT64107
Renault 5490862
Renault 7100545787
Renault 7700545787
Renault 7701349332
Repco 1130000
Ryco Z14K
Ryco Z17K
Saab 803364
Savara 93076417
Savara 93121217
Security G516
Sierra 187856
Sorenson FF14
Sorenson FF4
Sorenson FF6
Stens 120410
Stens 120678
Subaru 642010020
Subaru SOA270000
Sunoco G1
Tecfil GU86
Teho 71001
Texaco TG1
Toro 181520
Toyo FG42
Triton G516
Trust G516
UFI 3100100
Unico GI51081
Union 76 UF61
United U7F
United U8FK
Valu-test 4151
Valu-test V5032
Valvoline VG1
Vera 1200526
Vermeer 207870001
Volvo 243214
White 2726107
WIX 33032
Woodgate WGF149
World Parts W27111
World Parts W27118
Worthington FLR361
Yugo 46620892
Zastava 46620892
CROSS REFERENCE WARNING - When a specific filter is not shown in our application search results for a specific vehicle application, it should be assumed that there is not a K&N filter for that vehicle. Any use of this cross reference guide to find a replacement filter is done at the installer's risk. Note - Heavy Duty diesel filters are typically found by cross reference since they can vary by application.