K&N Air Filters Using Mold Number B045A4

Select each air filter part below to match the needed dimensions and specifications.
Air Filter PartPictureMold Number 1Mold Number 2
BD-6502 B045A4F028A4
RA-0530 B045A4F021I4
RA-0540 B045A4F021I4
RA-0610 B045A4F026A4
RB-0900 B045A4F030A4
RB-0910 B045A4F030A4
RU-0340 B045A4F018F4
RU-0370 B045A4F018F4
RU-0630 B045A4F023E4
RU-0640 B045A4F023E4
RU-0830 B045A4F024L4
RU-0840 B045A4F024L4
RU-0900 B045A4F028A4
RU-0910 B045A4F028A4