K&N Air Filters Using Mold Number B030A4

Select each air filter part below to match the needed dimensions and specifications.
Air Filter PartPictureMold Number 1Mold Number 2
62-1050 B030A4 
62-1060 B030A4 
62-1070 B030A4 
62-1080 B030A4 
62-1380 B030A4F012B4
62-1430 B030A4F014B4
BD-3303 B030A4F021A4
E-4188 A030B4B030A4
E-4189 A030B4B030A4
R-1030 B030A4F017C4
R-1040 B030A4F010A4
RU-0060 B030A4F012B4
RU-0070 B030A4F012B4
RU-0080 B030A4F012B4
RU-0100 B030A4F012C4
RU-0110 B030A4F012C4
RU-0155 B030A4F015B4
RU-0160 B030A4F015B4
RU-0175 B030A4F015B4
RU-0200 B030A4F017A4
RU-0210 B030A4F017A4
RU-0400 B030A4F019C4
RU-0410 B030A4F019C4
RU-0420 B030A4F019C4
RU-1130 B030A4F018D4
RU-1280 B030A4F019E4
RU-1880 B030A4F019B4
RU-2310 B030A4F016C4
RU-2560 B030A4F019C4
RU-2570 B030A4F018A4
RU-2575 B030A4F018A4
RU-2680 B030A4F018F4
RU-2685 B030A4F018A4
RU-2700 B030A4F019D4
RU-2740 B030A4F018E4
RU-2760 B030A4F019D4
RU-3350 B030A4F019C4
SN-2510 B030A4F024I4
SN-2520 B030A4F024I4
SN-2530 B030A4F024I4
SN-2580 B030A4F028A4
SN-2590 B030A4F028B4
SN-2600 B030A4F028C4
SN-2620 B030A4F028C4