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May 12, 2010
Here's one for the Royal Enfield Bullet (350cc Cast-Iron engine only), since you guys haven't been given much feedback on it. After installing a K&N R1100 on my bike, the bike started to run very lean and became extremely sluggish on the hills. Ill-informed mechanics are aplenty in India and sadly (but thankfully) I had to read and learn about the rejetting technique myself. 100 main-jet worked well for me and the performance has improved phenomenally over the stock RE-Bullet. Also it is important to get a free-flowing exhaust and an iridium spark-plug adds the icing to the cake to release the exhaust quicker and burn the excess fuel coming from the bigger main-jet.
All this with a decent fuel efficiency of 31Kms to the litre and a very responsive bike indeed.

Jesse S. Samuel
Chandigarh (UT), INDIA

May 12, 2010
Just finished installing K&N's typhoon series air intake system on my 02' Chevy Cavalier LS Sport. And all I can say is awesome! The sound the engine makes as you push on the gas panel and the quick response that you get from having it on your engine is great. 5.89 horse's doesn't sound like much but you can feel the difference in power. Highly recommend buying a K&N air intake for your ride. Its worth it.

Albert Madrid
Mesa, AZ

May 12, 2010
I have an 08 Impala SS, 5.3L. I installed th K&N cold air intake as well as a flow master exhaust. Man, what an amazing transformation. The car is screaming fast, better on fuel, and more HP. I would recommend this easy install to anyone! Thanks K&N!!

Jim T
Monument, Colorado

May 11, 2010
I have fitted the 57S-9500 onto my 2.0FSi Passat, and I need to say it’s really amazing what the box does to your car. You can really feel the difference in low rpm's but also when going full throttle. When driving without the lid you definitely have the feeling the car is a race car. Really nice solution that you can drive with the top off and on the air box base. And also TUV approved! Thanks K&N this was really worth more than I paid for......

Hamburg, Germany

May 11, 2010
Hi, I recently put the k&n filter to my Apache RTR 160 n the bike is giving me tremendous pick up and average. Firing has become more powerful and the vibrations which are complained by many people about RTR has decreased a lot at 110km/hr. Aso the bikes runs smoothly. K&N filters rock!!!!!!!!

Akshay Shinde
Pune, India

May 6, 2010
I own a 2005 model Bajaj pulsar DTS-i. I like to share my Experience with my lovely K&N R-1060. This is realy superb value for the money. More power, more mileage, smooth running (keep 50-65Km/h). I feel: 1] Great pick up
2] Maximum milliage (my three milliage tests on highway (6pm rush time) get 61,64,64 Km/l)
3] Cool and smooth engine (no any noise from engine at 80Km/h)
4] King of road in sound beat (wrooooooooooom..... )
My words for my friends, run your bike at 50-70 Km/h. That's good.

Najeeb K.V
Tirur, Kerala, India

May 5, 2010

Bangalore, India

May 4, 2010
I put a K&N filter on my 2000 honda xr100 and it sounds better and has more acceleration. Awesome!

Minnesota, United States

May 2, 2010
I have installed k@n air intake filters in my Pulsar 180 ug4 model after that my bikes torque increased by 80%. Now in the city my initial acelleration is more than a Pulsar 220 dtsi and top speed has increased to 140 km/h. Truely a satisfying performance and the fireing is also awsome...

I'm a performance oriented rider and I suggest my biker brothers to install k&n high performance filters.

Karan Rajiv Nair

April 27, 2010
Put @ K&N 33-2363 air filter in my 2008 Dodge Nitro R/T with @ 4.0l V6. Factory mileage was listed @ 11 litres @ 100/klm's. After installing the filter, I was down to 8.6 liters per 100/klm's @ a cruising speed of 110 klm's on the highway! Hope my new filter installed in my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 litre Hemi will give me the same results if not better. Thanks K&N

Martin Guicheret
Calgary , Alberta Canada

April 26, 2010
Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that the team loves the K&N Power Kleen. We use it on everything from the wheels on the race bikes to the roof on the transporter. It is amazing how well it gets the grime off. It's safe to use on paint and decals but strong enough to remove brake dust and track grime from all parts of the motorcycle. We even had some pitch and mold on the top of the RV and it cleaned it right off. Once again, your products rocks!


Jason Parker
Crew Chief - LTD Racing

April 24, 2010
All I have to say is WOW. Just finished installing the cold air intake on my 95 full size Bronco 5.8 engine 13000 miles. Only took a half hour to put in.  I got a dyno report from K&N the results of a 94 bronco and it gained about 10 h.p. I think I got around 25 more h.p. The results were awesome from a dead stop I really felt the difference and when I hit the passing gear on I-95 it felt like a plane taking off, the gravity felt like it was pushing me against the back of the seat. Considering I have 33.5 x 12.5 tires this is great . well worth the money. I cruise in overdrive at 70 mph and my tach is reading 1750 before 70 mph was 2200.

Mike Ansaldo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 24, 2010
I have a Pulsar 220 dts. I equipped it with a K&N air filter, changed the exhaust and sparkplugs. I did it all at once and now my bike goes around a speed of 160 kmph and accleration of 0-100 within 8-9 seconds .... thats freakin AWSUMMMMM ... !!!!!!

Hyderabad, India

April 23, 2010
I bought the 69 series Typhoon Proformance Intake Kit for my 2006 Mustang V6 have noticed faster throttle response and more horse power not to leave out much better gas mileage on the highway if driven at normal speeds. I've gotten an extra 1/4 tank with the K&N Typhoon on the highway. That is awesome, what used to take a full tank a week now is just 3/4's. I will never use another company other than K&N. They have a great product not to leave out a 1 million mile warranty. Thanks K&N bar none the world's best air filter.

Scott Shaffer
Overland Park, Kansas

April 21, 2010
I just put a airbox and filter from K&N on my 2003 4.7 Tundra and have one on my 83FSJ plus another on my 85 AE86. I have always had a good bit of difference in all fuel & performance. I will be towing a fifth wheel trailer with my Tundra next week so I will get good results I am sure.I hope that I have no Toyota problems.

Larry Strachan
Prince George B.C. CANADA

April 20, 2010
The K&N 69-8610 was the SECOND Cold Air Intake I bought this month for the SAME CAR! The first C.A.I. I ordered was thru a crappy internet company that not only delivered my parts to CA instead of PA, the (brand name removed) pipe I got didn't fit my car's mass air flow sensor (makes it useless to me)! A friend told me about K&N so I sent the (brand name removed) back and looked up the K&N C.A. Intakes right away! It arrived when they said it would, all the parts were included, everything fits perfectly, instructions were easy to follow with a lil common sense, it accelerates a lot better, more responsive and it sounds great!

I like everything about this product and the company behind it is very professional. I will def recommend this product and company to anyone.

Sean Porter
Yardley, Pennsylvania

April 20, 2010
I own FZ16. After installing K&N I feel like I'm riding a rocket. Most shocking fact is I'm getting better mileage. Thanks K&N.

Saurabh Tamboli
Pune, India

April 20, 2010
Hi there! Its awesome power gives me confidence on the road. Guys I have this Ford Ranger '03, 2.5L diesel engine, turbo intercooler, 12 valve, limited slip differential,4x2,.. I installed an RU-3580 air filter and replaced my muffler with a straight 3 pipe for my exhaust..it really feels great driving on highways and trekking mountains..I wonder how much horse power it gained because the power it has now is way too far from stock.

Nathaniel Ang
Bacolod City, Philippines

April 20, 2010
Had to visit your headquarters in Warrington to collect a part that was missing from a 57i induction kit for my Renault sport RS 225, the guy that dealt with myself was excellent, couldn't do enough to help me, was extremely helpful AND professional and is a credit to your company and should be recognised as such in my opinion! Didn't catch his name, but he had long black hair and a goaty beard.

Please pass on my thanks and grattitude for dealing with my problem so efficiently and curtiously..


April 18, 2010
When I bought my 2010 Toyota Corolla in Aug. 2009, my mileage was average 24 mpg. I changed to Mobile 10W20 oil, and installed a K&N filter last month. Now...it's 30mpg!!! Two of my vehicles have them, now I'm getting one for my Civic. Thanks K&N.

Dave Serna
Cathedral City, California

April 17, 2010
I've been using K&N on all my vehicles, from my '88 chev 305ci to my brand new '09 chev 325ci, I love your products, can definately tell the difference. I only have the replacement filter for my truck because a cold air wasn't available when I bought the truck, but now that one is available I'm going to be putting it on as soon as possible. Awesome product guys keep up the good work!

Ken Johnson
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

April 16, 2010
I have been using K&N filters on all of my vehicles since 1990! In fact, I put one of the flat panel replacement filters on my 3.7 Liter V-6  2004 Jeep Liberty in 2004 then switched it in 2007 (after 24,000 miles) (in the dealer parking lot!)to my 2007 Liberty V-6, then switched it April 12th, 2010 (after a total of 64,000 miles)(again in the dealer parking lot!) to my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the  3.7 V-6! Both Libertys gained over a mile per gallon-I'll let you know how the Grand Cherokee does.

Eric Thompson
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 15, 2010
I installed a 77 series cold air intake system in my 2010 Toyota Tacoma today and it is awesome. I am not a mechanic or even a tinkerer, but I was able to install this kit myself in about 2 hours. The instructions were accurate, simple and easy to follow. On a short test drive, I sure could feel the horsepower increase. I look very much forward to a mpg increase as well. I'll post my results as soon as I have them.  Thanks K&N, you make an outstanding product.

Pensacola, Florida

April 15, 2010
Very pleased with the replacement element in my '93 525 tds. Car is much smoother, more responsive and acceleration is much improved!


April 14, 2010
I have K&N air filters on my 2005 Dodge mini van, and my 2003 Chevy S10 and have gained 1 mile per gallon on both vehicles. I truely think this is the best filter money can buy. Fixin to buy one for my push mower, not sure what this will achive, I only have to buy one for this mower ever again.

Thanks K&N

Roy Sullivan
Frederick, Oklahoma

April 13, 2010
I just recently had K&N installed an air intake system for my 2010 V6 Camaro, and all I got to say is WOW. As I open her up the aggressive sound she let out gave me chills, well accelerating with joy.

Thanks K&N

Robert Ortega
Moreno Valley, California

April 13, 2010
Was looking to boost performance on my 91 Olds Cutlass Supreme.  The filter was simple to install and looks cool too.  What it did for me was amazing.  Acceleration and power increase.  I do not have to put the gas pedal down as far to get up to speed.  Wish I had this when I first bought the car.  

Keep making great products.

Ontario, Canada

April 5, 2010
I had driven my 1999 Durango 360 for years with paper filters and after my friend's told me about K&N filters I figured I would try them. After the switch I went from 13MPG on the highway to 16.5MPG on average. These filters are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone... Great product!!!!

Justin Wreede
Fargo, North Dakota

April 3, 2010
Purchased K&N 33-2247 air filter for my brand new pickup, let me tell you WOW the throttle response is better. I'm getting about 3mpg out of her. Man can she go when you stomp on the pedal. It already had 310hp but you can tell when you hit the throttle even more now. Thanks k&n for making some great products. Will make sure everyone knows about your brand!!!!!!!!!!


March 31, 2010
I am a custom sportbike builder and have used K&N air and oil filters in all our builds/customer bikes. I know the benefits of using quality filters versus what is entry level. Recently I was talking to Johnny Jump of K&N about my 2001 Suburban 2500 with 496 big block I use for towing, and he said there was a FIPK kit available for it. A few days later parts arrived and with 20 minutes of time the kit was installed. Fits perfect, throttle response is quicker, and combined with a new free flow exhaust and engine management program I am getting a 2 MPG improvement. Starting at 10 MPG, that is 20% for me. Can't say enough about the product and its quality.

Rob Uecker Voodoo Industries
Cleveland, Ohio

March 30, 2010
When you hold a K&N filter in your hand, the quality is obvious and even exciting as you think about letting that horse under the hood breathe a little easier and deeper. When I installed the Typhoon Cold Air Intake system (which consisted of a high tech filter assy and solid ducting), I admired how simple it was. When I put my foot to the floor (WOT) the Typhoon sang like a trumpet and the car rocketed forward. Nothing like going through a quiet tunnel, going through the power range and hearing that engine SING! While I may not be able to put the cold air intake system onto all my vehicles...they all have the K&N filter! Increase air flow, performance, and a product that lasts a vehicular lifetime?!!

Brad Kunkel
Modesto, California

March 28, 2010
I own a Suzuki Fiero. It generates 12BHP & has 4 gears so there's no way it can compete with a new Pulsar 150 but when I installed a K&N filter, it did performed better than a Pulsar. Acceleration has improved very much and mileage has increased too and above all it sounds awesome and dude if you want your machine to do more than what it does now GO FOR K&N.......................
Thank you K&N

Bangalore, India

March 27, 2010
I installed a K&N R-1060 air filter to my 100cc Passion plus bike (after 6 months of purchase) and it's doing an awesome job. K&N rocks, the pickup has increased drastically and I could attain a max speed of 105kmph (though the engine roars).

The showroom (bike seller) guys said that if you install these external filters, it will affect your engine. I installed a K&N filter, WOW what a change in the performance. I love my bike because of K&N.

Thanks for inventing such a wonderful product.

K&N Fan

Bangalore, India

March 26, 2010
I have a Ford Explorer Sport, Honda GL1800 motorcycle, Mustang GT/CS, Toyota Celica GT, and a Honda CRV, all of which I have put a K&N filter or filter charger kit (air intake) on.  I have been sold on K&N filters for years and always change out the stock filter on the first change for a K&N.  I am sure that I have saved more in gas costs than the value of the cost of the filter replacements over the years, not to mention the increased performance and better engine response.  I would highly recommend the K&N products to anyone!

Great Products guys!

John Greenwell

March 26, 2010
I have pulsar 150 cc and I installed K&N filter in it.
Sound and pickup is great andn mileage is also effective
Great job you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prashant Shingade
Kurduwadi, India

March 25, 2010
I Have a Pulsar 220 Dtsi and I got a K&N Filter For my bike! Before I put the K&N the max I could go on my bike was 127 Kmph but after the K&N was installed I can easily go up to 140 kmph!!

Bangalore, India

March 22, 2010
Having purchased a K&N Air filter back in 95 for my 93K 2500 6.5TD Chevy. I'll have to admit it was money well spent. 225,000 miles later and one free replacement filter, your product is great. Your filters have handled the AlCan highway, -60F to +120F temps, desert dust and blowing snow without even the littlest difficulties.
I am going to install a K&N system on my 2010 2.0 Turbo Passat and run it back to Alaska and check the millage.
I gained almost 2 mpg average on my Diesel Truck. Let's see what you can do for a sports model.
Thanks K&N, you're one of the first and still the best, in my book.

A.G.Doc Doxtater Sr.
Anchorage, Alaska

March 19, 2010
It's been almost 6 months since I bought my bike (PULSAR 150) but today I got an RC-1060 filter installed in it. Really felt the difference, you'll feel the pick up right from the 1st drive. Also it sounds amazing. While installing had doubt of whether it's worth it or not but after the drive you'll come to know that it is!!!! Thanks k&n

Hyderabad, India

March 18, 2010
I recently had an oil change today and noticed when my buddy placed the K & N airfilter, he swore by it that it was the best airfilter.... on my Civic 99, I noticed it a bit faster than usual and it goes fast...I was soooooooo amazed by this, thank you!

Charlie B.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

March 18, 2010





March 15, 2010
Awesome addition to my 2010 SS Camaro.  The intake (69-4519TP) was delivered on time and with all parts included.  I took my sweet time installing the system and it only took me 90 minutes.  Every part fit perfectly and the instructions were crystal clear.  The car fired right up and ran like a beast.  Don't listen to mechanics that tell you that you need to re-tune the engine or computer, they are trying to scam you.  This typhoon system runs perfect without any tuning.  The increase in power is noticeable and the sound is awesome.  The best bolt on performance I have ever used.

Mark Alexander
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

March 15, 2010
My check engine light was on, so I took it to the ford dealer to check it out. They called me back and said my master air flow sensor and o2 sensor were bad. They said because I run with a K&N filter the oil makes them go bad. So I got on K&N's web site and watched a video on master air flow sensors found out 65% of sensors pulled were still good and all the sensors they got back last year they had a forensics lab test them and none of them had K&N oil on them, they just had dust or pollen on 23% of them and mechanical failures on 9% of them. So I went to the auto parts store and bought master air flow cleaner for $7 and it fixed it. The dealer tried to charge me over $700.

Thanks K&N for making a great product and standing behind your customers...  By the way Ford tossed my K&N and put a paper one back in. I made them fish it out and I got it back in my truck.

Thank you,

Eric Robinson
NW Arkansas

March 13, 2010
Installed the 57-2514-4 air intake system on my F150 4.6 eng this past Friday 03-12-10. The kit was complete and the instructions were more than adequate.  The install went quite well and took me about 2 hours, I may not be the sharpest pencil on the desk but I was more than pleased with the results. Read the directions over a couple of times while getting a visual on the engine and no one should have a problem with the install. I have not had the time to run a mile per gal check but a test drive after install showed an improvement in acceleration.

Jay Schumm
Virginia Beach, Virginia

March 13, 2010
First of all a hearty thanks to you guys..by using a K&N filter my Pulsar 150 bike it has increased in performance a lot. I am totally satisfied about your stuff.

Kerala, India

March 12, 2010
Absolutely will return many times the purchase price. First installed an air filter on my wife's 2008 Escape (V6 AWD). Test was a vacation road trip. Better everything! Performance! Mileage! Piece of mind! We topped 24mpg hwy. She averages 19.5 city with a heavy foot. Can't wait until the truck is broken in. Just installed an air filter in my 2002 Tracker 2dr. Took a 200 mile trip in it last night and noticed the difference almost immediately. I have made this trip several times, this was the first trip the little truck didn't work nearly as hard as it did before! There is a 400 powered Ford in my garage that will get an air and oil filter upgrade soon. When I can fit one to the wife's 1972 Superbeetle (a little fabrication may be in order) it will also breathe easier.

For those about to inhale
We salute you!

J Helton
Loisville, Kentucky USA

March 12, 2010
It was Recommended by my Brother who swears by it...I was reluctant to get it, car needed servicing so I bought one Last Month just to see, Can I say this is the best thing I could have bought for my BMW...engine sounds better, MPG was usually 29 now it is 34, like some of the feedbacks as stated my car actually breathes better

Thanks Guys

Knowlegde is Power

Glasgow, United Kingdom

March 11, 2010
2004 Dodge Durango, put filter in new, now at 67000 miles. Love it.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

March 11, 2010
I put the 57i kit onto my Vauxhall Corsa 1.8 SRI 2004. It sounds great.

Scott Carter
Devon, England/United Kingdom

March 11, 2010
I wasn't getting the MPG or the throttle response I was once getting in my 2005 Dodge Dakota so I purchased the K&N Air Filter and put it in.  The K&N Air filter was noticeably different than the other air filters I have been using.  Installation took only a minute or two.  I started up the truck and gave it gas I could tell there was a difference in throttle response.  After going through a tank of gas under my normal driving conditions i picked up almost 2 MPG.

Jamie Kleinle
Northampton, Pennsylvania

March 9, 2010
I custom installed a cone filter onto my original air intake. I installed a small piece of exhuast pipe that allowed me to install the cone filter. This was a small piece of pipe that on one end was small enough to fit into the end of the rubber intake peice. This originally being a oval shaped end. By making that oval end round, I was able to measure the inside diamiter, thus being lucky to find the right sized 3 step down exhuast pipe. after measuring the diameter and length neded for the largest possible cone filter. I placed an order for the filter. This application went onto a 2.2 TBI Cheverolet engine. I used a length of wire secured to a mounting screw that was originally used for the OEM snorcle end of the air intake. I had wanted to do this for some time. But it took a while to visualise the set up and related. I enjoy the much improved airflow and as other's have commented the sound of the air rushing into the TBI. I am not sure about the better fuel mileage and power gain? But I am sure it has improved. People who see this are all impressed. I have also upgraded the ignition substantially with much improved coils, wire's, plugs.

Thank you for a fine product.

Aurora, Illinois

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