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June 12, 2010
I installed the 63-2574 on my 2008 Ford150 with 4.6l engine.  I was coming up from NY city visiting my mom.  There was an immediate increase in acceleration from the get go and on my trip up to Toronto I usually have to fill up my 100 liters to make it into Toronto.  This time I had a full 1/4 tank or 25 liters extra.  Not only did I get immediate passing capability my truck was running a lower 250 r.p.m  doing 100-120 kph.  

The instructions were great but I regret approaching 50 years of age that the tiny details of clamping bracket and O2 sensor could use a blown-up diagram to assemble the washer/nut/bolt combos.  Other than this the instructions were self-explanatory. Need those blown up details.  The Cad generated details look as fuzzy on your downloadable PDF installation drawings and I had to resort to a cold beer and trying to read the letters associated with the diagram and the materials list to assemble the two areas of the system.

My only regret is that I was not able to get the system to Canada to assemble it in the truck and take it down to Floyd Va.  for a seminar.  It would have been great to see how it handled on the rolling terrain of W. Va and Va.  

I am very impressed with the FIPK kit and would not hesitate to do it again or recommend it to my collegues and friends.  A small price to pay for such a difference in performance and helping the environment by saving gas.  Within two years I will recoup my initial investment and put 10% less pollutants/fuel by-products in the air.

Harry Chong, Invictus Renovations Limited
Toronto, Ontario Canada

June 12, 2010
WOW, I put the filter in my 2007 Hyundia Tucson 4-cyl. yesterday and noticed the difference, like now, just took a 60 mile ride today, the car rides sooo much better, its really wierd how just an air-filter makes so much difference, I should have done it years ago.. thanks K&N..

Bradenton, Florida

June 10, 2010
I have installed k@n air intake filters in my Pulsar 180 UG4 model. After that my bike's torque increased by 80%. Now in the city my initial acelleration is more than a Pulsar 220 dtsi and top speed has increased to 140 km/h. Truely a satisfying performance and the fireing is also awsome...


June 8, 2010
I purchased your No.57-2565 High Performance Air Intake System for my 2005 Mustang GT Convertible and all I can say is Gitty-Up Little Pony!!! It took an already gutsy 325hp, 4.6L, V8 and increased the the horsepower by almost 20 more horses. The throaty growl and accelerator response is very impressive. I hit 122mph in 4th gear and she wasn't even done. Installation on my vehicle was an absolute breeze, 6 bolts, 3 clamps and 1 hose in less than an hour. K&N fan for life.

Tracy Tuel
Arlington, Texas

June 8, 2010
Few weeks back a mechanic told me about k & n. Though I was not aware about it exactly I just decided to experiment. And the changes were incredible & there started the unleashing of performance.

I just tried this amazing k & n filter in my HONDA UNICORN 150CC and now things are going more faster and easier, feel like I got an extra pair of athletic lungs for a furious ride. I regret that I didnt get it earlier.

Joshua Thomas
Pune, India

June 6, 2010
I Bought One Of Your Air Filters Nearly Three Years Ago For My Toyota Corolla VE.
So Far It Has Not Disappointed Me Yet. My Car Has Over 204,000 Miles On It And Is Saving More Gas Compared To Using Those Paper Or Some Other Fiber Filters That I Used In The Past.
Another Good Benefit Is That I Have Not Had To Replace An Air Filter Since I'VE Bought This Filter.
You Guy Deliver The Best Product That I've Used So Far And Also I Have Been Turning My Friends On To Your Filters.

Keep Up The Good Work And Thank You For This Product.

Donald Freschi
Cameron Park, California

June 3, 2010
I have been using a K&N filter for the last three months in my Karizma and it is performing very well. It enhanced my bike power and gave a great smoothness in the mid range and top end.

Bishnupur, India

June 1, 2010
I bought a K&N Filter for my 1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 302.
I was Running my car with a stock intake pushing custom pulleys chopped flow masters. MAN CAN I TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!
But, I lost my K&N sticker, so I can't represent.

Jorge Calderon
Alvin, Texas

May 30, 2010
Ten mins ago a put a K&N air filter in my 95 3.4L Camaro, started it up, pressed on the gas and you could hear the difference! The air whistling into my engine was the greatest sound ever. Took the car around the block and WOW!! They're not lying when they say you can tell a difference. Best product I've ever purchased for my car! Will be getting one for my mom's Chrysler LHS very soon. Keep up the great work!

Kimball, Nebraska

May 30, 2010
I installed a K&N R-1060 air filter on my Pulsar 220 DTS-FI. the air filament choke sensor used to blink , but now its been rectified . the pickup is awesome....  it does a 145kmph double seat .....  not tried single seat ...... but you can imagine to what speed it will reach !! the K&N filter has changed the way the bike runs altogether ..........  it's like you're driving a monster . K&N is the worlds best air filter !!!!!!!!!!!!  

David Correa
Mumbai , India

May 30, 2010
I own a Pulsar 180 UG IV. I've installed a K&N R-1060 air filter. I can seriously say performance has increased tremendously. Straight line acceleration is awesome. I don't feel any difference in mileage though.  

Chennai, India

May 28, 2010
After experimenting with another company's cold air intake, I've switched back to a K&N drop-in for my '05 Mazda6S and couldn't be happier.  The smoothness under acceleration has returned, as has throttle response when at speed.  I know K&N makes no MPG claims, but after seeing increases on 3 vehicles, I feel the MPG increase is due to the improved throttle response and power of the K&N resulting in smoother driving.  I also like not throwing a filter into the trash every 20k miles.  My last car went 198,000 miles with a K&N that was still like new when I sold the car.

Karl Thacker
West Des Moines, Iowa

May 25, 2010
For everyone that is deciding on getting a K&N C.A.I. go ahead and make that choice it's more than worth it. My vehicle is louder, more responsive, quicker acceleration and better MPG. A guy from the customer service center was helping me and he went above and beyond to not only help me but make sure I was satisfied. Finding customer service and people that will help someone else out like he did is not easy to find these days because of him and because of K&N I now have THE BEST cold air intake. Thank you and keep making some of the best products.

Tim Oberholzer
Leesburg, Virginia

May 25, 2010
Hello...put in a RC-1060 filter in my Yamaha YBR 125 Gladiator ...more power 11hp to 13hp, the filter is great... the noice is diferent, nice...


May 24, 2010
I purchased a K&N air filter for my 2009 Toyota Corolla, 1.8L.  I do probably 75% of my driving on the highway, and in the first 6,000 miles with the stock air filter I was averaging 32.6 mpg (car rated 26 city, 34 highway).  After the first 2,000 miles with the K&N air filter I'm averaging 34.2 mpg.  At that rate, the filter will have paid for itself after only about 14,000 miles!

Sean Riggs
Clarksboro, Nwe Jersey

May 21, 2010
I modified my 2004 Nissan Grandeur with a second hand K&N filter from my brother's honda vtec.. AWESOME POWER!!! I have to buy a brand new one now.

Kent Clement Salazar
Mangaldan, Pangasinan Philippines

May 19, 2010
I have a 66 Mustang with a .030 bored 289 fairly well done with AFR heads. When doing a dyno tune, and after doing some primary jetting on the 750 Demon carb we did two pulls. When we put the K&N X-Treme lid and the 14 K & N element back on I had a increase of 17.9 hp and an amazing 22.6 ft. lb. tq increase due to the fact that cleaning the air and directing the air into the carb properly as they are designed to be doing. I'm Amazed!

Bud MacMurchy
Taber, Alberta Canada

May 19, 2010
Got a 2007 Dodge Caliber R/T a couple months ago because I totaled my Ford Focus. Immediately I noticed the acceleration for my Focus was better all around. Quicker response to the gas pedal and seemed to have better all around acceleration.

I do A LOT of driving for work and to/from work, avg 100mi per day. I can't have a car that's weak or doesn't perform well on the road.

I just installed a K&N in the factory air box. I took the car down the street to the freeway so I could test the acceleration without getting in trouble on the neighborhood streets. Coming down the on-ramp the first time I could feel a huge change in acceleration, engine response to the pedal and tire traction. Before the K&N when I'd get on it sometimes the front suspension would shudder and jump making the front of the car vibrate, also quite embarassing. Now with the K&N when I get on it the tires sometimes squeal a tiny bit...I know bad for the mileage, but it's so good to feel that K&N power!

My Caliber also has the gas mileage on the speedo display. From the display I would guess it's getting at least a few mpg more. If I keep it at 60mph it gets almost gets 28mpg! This is also my first car with a moonroof. Keeping that closed would help also, but I love the view!

On here it says with the K&N the Caliber has 7.89hp gain. When I read that before driving the car it seemed like a pretty small increase. But after driving the car 7.89 more hp makes a huge differance. Don't think I'll install the kit. On here it says the hp gain is 7.98. Which is only a small amount more than with the factory box.

If you have a Caliber the first upgrade it needs is a K&N. Simple to do, but has huge payoff.

Lakewood, Washington

May 18, 2010
On my 996 Carrera 4, I just installed your K&N stock filter replacement and WOW!
The intake sound above 3500 RPM is even more magical than it already was and there is an appreciable amount of additional thrust.

I feel like I just gained real world HP and made the Porshe's song sweeter. (An F430 Spyder gave me a thumbs up!)

Thank you K&N!

I'm buying filters for the rest of my cars this weekend!

Brookfield, Connecticut

May 16, 2010
I installed the kit on my '08 Caliber R/T. What differance. About 3 more mpg when I keep my foot out of it. Performance is great worth the money. It's almost like a bigger motor was installed.

Toledo, Ohio

May 14, 2010
I just installed this kit on my 02 S10 2.2L. I now have much better throttle response and better acceleration in the mid to upper RPM's. It gave the truck a nice, throaty sound when you get into the pedal. It's a tight fit for this truck but it went together perfect!

Tampa, Florida

May 12, 2010
Here's one for the Royal Enfield Bullet (350cc Cast-Iron engine only), since you guys haven't been given much feedback on it. After installing a K&N R1100 on my bike, the bike started to run very lean and became extremely sluggish on the hills. Ill-informed mechanics are aplenty in India and sadly (but thankfully) I had to read and learn about the rejetting technique myself. 100 main-jet worked well for me and the performance has improved phenomenally over the stock RE-Bullet. Also it is important to get a free-flowing exhaust and an iridium spark-plug adds the icing to the cake to release the exhaust quicker and burn the excess fuel coming from the bigger main-jet.
All this with a decent fuel efficiency of 31Kms to the litre and a very responsive bike indeed.

Jesse S. Samuel
Chandigarh (UT), INDIA

May 12, 2010
Just finished installing K&N's typhoon series air intake system on my 02' Chevy Cavalier LS Sport. And all I can say is awesome! The sound the engine makes as you push on the gas panel and the quick response that you get from having it on your engine is great. 5.89 horse's doesn't sound like much but you can feel the difference in power. Highly recommend buying a K&N air intake for your ride. Its worth it.

Albert Madrid
Mesa, AZ

May 12, 2010
I have an 08 Impala SS, 5.3L. I installed th K&N cold air intake as well as a flow master exhaust. Man, what an amazing transformation. The car is screaming fast, better on fuel, and more HP. I would recommend this easy install to anyone! Thanks K&N!!

Jim T
Monument, Colorado

May 11, 2010
I have fitted the 57S-9500 onto my 2.0FSi Passat, and I need to say it’s really amazing what the box does to your car. You can really feel the difference in low rpm's but also when going full throttle. When driving without the lid you definitely have the feeling the car is a race car. Really nice solution that you can drive with the top off and on the air box base. And also TUV approved! Thanks K&N this was really worth more than I paid for......

Hamburg, Germany

May 11, 2010
Hi, I recently put the k&n filter to my Apache RTR 160 n the bike is giving me tremendous pick up and average. Firing has become more powerful and the vibrations which are complained by many people about RTR has decreased a lot at 110km/hr. Aso the bikes runs smoothly. K&N filters rock!!!!!!!!

Akshay Shinde
Pune, India

May 6, 2010
I own a 2005 model Bajaj pulsar DTS-i. I like to share my Experience with my lovely K&N R-1060. This is realy superb value for the money. More power, more mileage, smooth running (keep 50-65Km/h). I feel: 1] Great pick up
2] Maximum milliage (my three milliage tests on highway (6pm rush time) get 61,64,64 Km/l)
3] Cool and smooth engine (no any noise from engine at 80Km/h)
4] King of road in sound beat (wrooooooooooom..... )
My words for my friends, run your bike at 50-70 Km/h. That's good.

Najeeb K.V
Tirur, Kerala, India

May 5, 2010

Bangalore, India

May 4, 2010
I put a K&N filter on my 2000 honda xr100 and it sounds better and has more acceleration. Awesome!

Minnesota, United States

May 2, 2010
I have installed k@n air intake filters in my Pulsar 180 ug4 model after that my bikes torque increased by 80%. Now in the city my initial acelleration is more than a Pulsar 220 dtsi and top speed has increased to 140 km/h. Truely a satisfying performance and the fireing is also awsome...

I'm a performance oriented rider and I suggest my biker brothers to install k&n high performance filters.

Karan Rajiv Nair

April 27, 2010
Put @ K&N 33-2363 air filter in my 2008 Dodge Nitro R/T with @ 4.0l V6. Factory mileage was listed @ 11 litres @ 100/klm's. After installing the filter, I was down to 8.6 liters per 100/klm's @ a cruising speed of 110 klm's on the highway! Hope my new filter installed in my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 litre Hemi will give me the same results if not better. Thanks K&N

Martin Guicheret
Calgary , Alberta Canada

April 26, 2010
Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that the team loves the K&N Power Kleen. We use it on everything from the wheels on the race bikes to the roof on the transporter. It is amazing how well it gets the grime off. It's safe to use on paint and decals but strong enough to remove brake dust and track grime from all parts of the motorcycle. We even had some pitch and mold on the top of the RV and it cleaned it right off. Once again, your products rocks!


Jason Parker
Crew Chief - LTD Racing

April 24, 2010
All I have to say is WOW. Just finished installing the cold air intake on my 95 full size Bronco 5.8 engine 13000 miles. Only took a half hour to put in.  I got a dyno report from K&N the results of a 94 bronco and it gained about 10 h.p. I think I got around 25 more h.p. The results were awesome from a dead stop I really felt the difference and when I hit the passing gear on I-95 it felt like a plane taking off, the gravity felt like it was pushing me against the back of the seat. Considering I have 33.5 x 12.5 tires this is great . well worth the money. I cruise in overdrive at 70 mph and my tach is reading 1750 before 70 mph was 2200.

Mike Ansaldo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 24, 2010
I have a Pulsar 220 dts. I equipped it with a K&N air filter, changed the exhaust and sparkplugs. I did it all at once and now my bike goes around a speed of 160 kmph and accleration of 0-100 within 8-9 seconds .... thats freakin AWSUMMMMM ... !!!!!!

Hyderabad, India

April 23, 2010
I bought the 69 series Typhoon Proformance Intake Kit for my 2006 Mustang V6 have noticed faster throttle response and more horse power not to leave out much better gas mileage on the highway if driven at normal speeds. I've gotten an extra 1/4 tank with the K&N Typhoon on the highway. That is awesome, what used to take a full tank a week now is just 3/4's. I will never use another company other than K&N. They have a great product not to leave out a 1 million mile warranty. Thanks K&N bar none the world's best air filter.

Scott Shaffer
Overland Park, Kansas

April 21, 2010
I just put a airbox and filter from K&N on my 2003 4.7 Tundra and have one on my 83FSJ plus another on my 85 AE86. I have always had a good bit of difference in all fuel & performance. I will be towing a fifth wheel trailer with my Tundra next week so I will get good results I am sure.I hope that I have no Toyota problems.

Larry Strachan
Prince George B.C. CANADA

April 20, 2010
The K&N 69-8610 was the SECOND Cold Air Intake I bought this month for the SAME CAR! The first C.A.I. I ordered was thru a crappy internet company that not only delivered my parts to CA instead of PA, the (brand name removed) pipe I got didn't fit my car's mass air flow sensor (makes it useless to me)! A friend told me about K&N so I sent the (brand name removed) back and looked up the K&N C.A. Intakes right away! It arrived when they said it would, all the parts were included, everything fits perfectly, instructions were easy to follow with a lil common sense, it accelerates a lot better, more responsive and it sounds great!

I like everything about this product and the company behind it is very professional. I will def recommend this product and company to anyone.

Sean Porter
Yardley, Pennsylvania

April 20, 2010
I own FZ16. After installing K&N I feel like I'm riding a rocket. Most shocking fact is I'm getting better mileage. Thanks K&N.

Saurabh Tamboli
Pune, India

April 20, 2010
Hi there! Its awesome power gives me confidence on the road. Guys I have this Ford Ranger '03, 2.5L diesel engine, turbo intercooler, 12 valve, limited slip differential,4x2,.. I installed an RU-3580 air filter and replaced my muffler with a straight 3 pipe for my exhaust..it really feels great driving on highways and trekking mountains..I wonder how much horse power it gained because the power it has now is way too far from stock.

Nathaniel Ang
Bacolod City, Philippines

April 20, 2010
Had to visit your headquarters in Warrington to collect a part that was missing from a 57i induction kit for my Renault sport RS 225, the guy that dealt with myself was excellent, couldn't do enough to help me, was extremely helpful AND professional and is a credit to your company and should be recognised as such in my opinion! Didn't catch his name, but he had long black hair and a goaty beard.

Please pass on my thanks and grattitude for dealing with my problem so efficiently and curtiously..


April 18, 2010
When I bought my 2010 Toyota Corolla in Aug. 2009, my mileage was average 24 mpg. I changed to Mobile 10W20 oil, and installed a K&N filter last month. Now...it's 30mpg!!! Two of my vehicles have them, now I'm getting one for my Civic. Thanks K&N.

Dave Serna
Cathedral City, California

April 17, 2010
I've been using K&N on all my vehicles, from my '88 chev 305ci to my brand new '09 chev 325ci, I love your products, can definately tell the difference. I only have the replacement filter for my truck because a cold air wasn't available when I bought the truck, but now that one is available I'm going to be putting it on as soon as possible. Awesome product guys keep up the good work!

Ken Johnson
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

April 16, 2010
I have been using K&N filters on all of my vehicles since 1990! In fact, I put one of the flat panel replacement filters on my 3.7 Liter V-6  2004 Jeep Liberty in 2004 then switched it in 2007 (after 24,000 miles) (in the dealer parking lot!)to my 2007 Liberty V-6, then switched it April 12th, 2010 (after a total of 64,000 miles)(again in the dealer parking lot!) to my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the  3.7 V-6! Both Libertys gained over a mile per gallon-I'll let you know how the Grand Cherokee does.

Eric Thompson
New Orleans, Louisiana

April 15, 2010
I installed a 77 series cold air intake system in my 2010 Toyota Tacoma today and it is awesome. I am not a mechanic or even a tinkerer, but I was able to install this kit myself in about 2 hours. The instructions were accurate, simple and easy to follow. On a short test drive, I sure could feel the horsepower increase. I look very much forward to a mpg increase as well. I'll post my results as soon as I have them.  Thanks K&N, you make an outstanding product.

Pensacola, Florida

April 15, 2010
Very pleased with the replacement element in my '93 525 tds. Car is much smoother, more responsive and acceleration is much improved!


April 14, 2010
I have K&N air filters on my 2005 Dodge mini van, and my 2003 Chevy S10 and have gained 1 mile per gallon on both vehicles. I truely think this is the best filter money can buy. Fixin to buy one for my push mower, not sure what this will achive, I only have to buy one for this mower ever again.

Thanks K&N

Roy Sullivan
Frederick, Oklahoma

April 13, 2010
I just recently had K&N installed an air intake system for my 2010 V6 Camaro, and all I got to say is WOW. As I open her up the aggressive sound she let out gave me chills, well accelerating with joy.

Thanks K&N

Robert Ortega
Moreno Valley, California

April 13, 2010
Was looking to boost performance on my 91 Olds Cutlass Supreme.  The filter was simple to install and looks cool too.  What it did for me was amazing.  Acceleration and power increase.  I do not have to put the gas pedal down as far to get up to speed.  Wish I had this when I first bought the car.  

Keep making great products.

Ontario, Canada

April 5, 2010
I had driven my 1999 Durango 360 for years with paper filters and after my friend's told me about K&N filters I figured I would try them. After the switch I went from 13MPG on the highway to 16.5MPG on average. These filters are awesome and I would recommend them to anyone... Great product!!!!

Justin Wreede
Fargo, North Dakota

April 3, 2010
Purchased K&N 33-2247 air filter for my brand new pickup, let me tell you WOW the throttle response is better. I'm getting about 3mpg out of her. Man can she go when you stomp on the pedal. It already had 310hp but you can tell when you hit the throttle even more now. Thanks k&n for making some great products. Will make sure everyone knows about your brand!!!!!!!!!!


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