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June 9, 2009
Hey peepz,
I have installed K&N Air Filter System in my Honda Accord (2.4 i-vtec) yr. 2006 ..... Speed increased by 4-5Kmph & Pick-Up is Fast, with Acceleration
Sounds like groOoOuUuUuOoOuUuUumMmMmMm.........AWESOME.

Mumbai, India

June 8, 2009
Recently, I replaced my stock-paper air filter with a K & N air filter.  The vehicle is a 2002 Kia Sedona, 3.5L with 105k miles.  '02 was the first model year for the Sedona and was notorious for poor fuel economy - possibly some design flaw (which I believe is in the airflow/fuel mixture-with the paper filters being too restrictive).  Since I installed the 33-2268 I have been monitoring my fuel economy regularly.  Now, with the sixth full tank of fuel run through it-my mpg has increased an average of 7-10 mpg, depending how the van is driven (highway to city driving)!!!!  In these tough economic times, every mpg and dollar saved counts!  Thanks K & N.

Kevin Erskine
Wakeman, Ohio

June 8, 2009
I am very satisfied with my air filter's performance. I want to thank you for making top of the line parts and to let you know that every one I know or hear needs a air filter I am going to recommend your company. Just cause I've only bought one product and I can see that your products are what you say they are instead of using cheap components or lying about horsepower gains and I like that in a company
Thank you very much,

Nathan Deibert
Brainerd, Minnesota

June 8, 2009
This product is awesome.. got one for my Wagon R...
pick up has become supercool...
top speed is accomplished even faster..
am gonna try the conical filter soon and will let yaw'll know..

Ranjit Nalwa
Noida, India

June 7, 2009
I bought a K&N Typhoon kit and installed it on my Mitsubishi Lancer. Amazing my mileage increased up to 3kms. All my thanks to K&N.

Kerala, India

June 6, 2009
I own an RXZ 1999 5 speed. My bike is heavily ported and bolted with chamber and carbon fiber end can. Previous my bike did 130km h. After putting K&N filter RC-1060, preformance increase, powerband increase. At higher revs it sounds awesome!! Now I am doing 140+ km h on my bike.

Bhuvanesh Hadkar
Mumbai, India

June 6, 2009
When I ordered the short ram intake kit for my rsx type s I didn’t expect much but, after installing it I am a true believer. The horsepower was noticeably stronger and the sound was amazing. It sounds like I installed a turbo from 3500 rpms to redline. You can hear the air being sucked in that strong. Also when v-tech kicks in from 6000 to 8000 rpms the engine sounds like a pissed off banshee. It is so much better than my original air box in every way. Best money I’ve ever spent no doubt about it!


June 4, 2009
I am running a K&N RC1060 on my Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme, 150cc, single cylinder, sohc, carbuoretted engine for the past 500kms. I installed the filter after the vehicle had done 40,000kms in 2 years. The filter has no doubt given a boost in the top, middle & end range power, but also sounds great as well. I just love the roaring sound. It's intoxicating.

Thanks K&N for such a wonderful product.

Mumbai, India

June 2, 2009


Bakersfield, California

June 2, 2009
I have an AUDI Q7 3.0TDI that has 9000km, so it is practicly new. I bought an K&N Filter and it is amazing even though in a new car it is difficult to notice the difference by only changing only the air filter, but there are:
      Stock Filter                           K&n Filter

0-100Km/h (in S)         - 8.3 sec              - 7.8 sec
70-120Km/h (in 6 gear) - 14.3s                - 13.9 s
70-120Kn/h (in D)          - 8 s                  - 7.1 s
100km                  - ~13.5L(diesel)       - ~12L(diesel)

I have now a quicker response on the gas pedal so I just think that's great and considering that it is a lifetime filter it is worth the money, because you will get that money back and even a good part of the diesel that you buy.
Thanks K&N.


June 1, 2009
Just wanted to let you know that I installed a K&N Panel Air Filter in my Wife's 2007 Nissan Armada and the only thing I can say is WOW. I Definitly feel the Power Difference and she went from @ 14MPG to a Wonderful 21.4 MPG. Keep up the GREAT Work. P.S. 2006 My Titan (Same Filter) Went From @ 13MPG TO @ 18mpg. AWESOME.

Lancaster, California

June 1, 2009
Hi All,
I have a Bajaj Pulsar 150, old model. It used to give me awesome pickup and mileage at the same time when it was new. The bike got older and mileage reduced, so I installed RC-1060 Air filter from K&N. The pick up of my bike became amazing and I can really feel the back thrust. The bike gives now while accelerating. Mileage increased too. Good work K&N. Now I will look up for more K&N accessories for my bike.

Thanks K&N.

Bangalore, India

May 31, 2009
Thank you K&N for making an intake system for my 2008 Accord v6. I got right after it was released after 2 weeks.  Before the intake, my engine would hesitate when I stepped on the gas.  But now, it sounds so sweet that I have to turn off my music to listen to it. I think I have bad gas mileage (in a good way) because I find myself always stepping on the gas to unleash the power. I'm pushing about 280hp compared to the stock 268hp wOoOoOHooOOooOOo

Hien Vuong
Lawrenceville, Georgia

May 30, 2009
K & N is the best filter I have ever heard about it. It gives better pick up to the vehicle and sounds very good.

Chandan Agarwal
Pradhikaran nigdi, Pune, India

May 28, 2009
Since my last feedback on 2 Feb 09, the grin is still on my face everytime I drive the car out of the parking lot. I am still amazed at what a difference a GREAT filter like K&N can make to your car's performance.

Petrol consumption used to be a worry for me as I travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia around 420 kilometres distance (one way) but when I found out that I had around (minimum) one-third tank left each time I arrive at the destination, I was simply awestruck (especially when I only have a small 40 litre tank on the car!). I never drive at pedestrian pace and that is a testament of how good/efficient fuel combustion for your car engine with the filter kit installed.

To all Daihatsu Materia owners out there that want to maximize your car's performance, what are you guys still waiting for?

Niki Yeoh

May 26, 2009
I just put in the drop in air filter in my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. First thing I felt was better acceleration and throttle response.

Zach Juarez
Cibolo, Texas

May 24, 2009
Very good on my Hyundai Sonata 2008 V6. More throttle response and saves fuel try it.

Gabriel Lamontagne
Montreal, Canada

May 23, 2009
Just purchased my air filter today for my 2008 Ram HEMI, I noticed take off and sound right when I left the Auto store. WOW! I have stock exhaust, It sounds like I changed something with my pipes, The power increased it seems a bit. The HEMI already rocks in power, But, I could feel a little more kick from the start, Anyway very HAPPY with my new K&N air filter purchase. Thanks!!

Geoffrey Stephens
St. Johns, Arizona

May 22, 2009
Just installed on my 300C 5.7 Hemi.
Instant response and terrific sound already.

Now cat-back exhaust and then the magic happens.

Easy installation 60 minutes or so.

Have few more cars with K&N cold intakes, but this one on the Hemi is instant difference. Hemi needs to breath to perform.

K&N delivers thanks.


Hein Coomans
Moergestel, the Netherlands

May 22, 2009
Hey guys.... this may sound little different...many have K&N filters in their cars and gear bikes.... but I have installed a K&N filter in my Honda Activa (scooter)..... man.... it really mind blowing.... pick up is awesome and mileage has increased by 5-6kms.... it really rocks...

Hemanth Kumar
Bengaluru, India

May 21, 2009
I use a K&N Air filter in my `08 Dodge Caliber and `00 Caravan.  Both vehicles have had increased mileage since installation.  The Dodge Caliber filter was replaced the first month I bought it new.  I also use synthetic oil, and Nitrogen in the tires to help mileage.  This is the first car I've owned where I consistently exceed the Window Sticker Mileage rating!  Highway mileage is rated at 27 with a 2.0 litre and CVT trans which claims a mileage rating of up to 32 mpg highway.  My most recent trip was with 2 adults and 3 kids in the car.  I drove 167 miles and only used 5 gallons, filling it to the rim. (Driving the posted 65 mpg speed limit).  At lower speeds it gets even greater mileage, exceeding 35 mpg. The filter is the perfect match for an engine trained to drop rpm's at the first opportunity.  I'll always be a K&N customer!

Rockford, Illinois

May 19, 2009
I have used K&N Filters in all of my vehicles for the past ten years.  That is one of the first things I change when I purchase a new vehicle.

I just purchased and installed the K&N Cold In-Take system for my 2007 Ford F150 4x4 4.6L.  This is the first Cold In-Take system I have ever had... but am very pleased.   I will have to update this later for the hopeful improvement in my gas mileage... but I can tell you I noticed an immediate improvement in power... and it sounds nice as well.  It is amazing what a difference it makes.  

I will also have to give kudos for the instructions.  My total install time was about 45 minutes and it couldn't be easier.  The part matched my truck and everything fit just like it was supposed to... Thanks K&N!!!!

Ronnie Broom
Carrollton (Dallas / Ft. Worth), Texas

May 19, 2009
Today I installed a K & N filter for my 2008 Tahoe. Almost instantly, I could realize an increase in my rpms and high pedal response. It was the fastest time I have ever backed out from a gas-station. I love the product very much and will recommend it to my friends.

Ahmed Mohareb
Saudi Arabia

May 18, 2009
Just installed a K&N air filter on 02 GMC 2500HD 6.0L gas. OMG, instant feel good power and awesome sound. I really could not believe the engine ran so much better and gas mileage increase from 12.8 to 15.3.  Real seat in the pants acceleration now. The only downside is if you live in a rural area the filter needs to be clean every month. No big deal really. Total K&N Fan from now on.

Carrier, Oklahoma

May 15, 2009
I have not gotten my filter yet, but I wanted to acknowledge that K&N did a great job getting a product out for my motorcycle. I ride a '08 Buell 1125R. Lisa Watson and the whole K&N crew did an awesome job coordinating with some Buell 1125 owners to get this product developed and out on the street. I, as a customer who has purchased approximately 20 K&N filters, am glad that your company does not forget about the lower production number vehicles. I put K&N filters on all of my vehicles and although I have not gotten the one for my Bike yet, I know that it will perform up to, or beyond my expectations, just as every K&N filter I have ever purchased has performed. Thanks, again for making this filter for my Bike and for the awesome service to your customers.

Best Regards,

Mike Milian
Naval Science Professor
State University New York Maritime College

May 14, 2009
I want to thank K@N for everything.  I ordered my air intake on May 7th around 7 p.m. cst time. K@N shipped my order the same night and I recieved it on May 13th.  In the mean time I studied the install intructions several times.  So tonight when it arrived it didn't take anytime (about 90 minutes) to install in in my 09 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 4.7 engine.  The sound is magical, what a differance. I will write back after I have had some time to see if there is a fuel difference.
Again thank you K@N for an awsome product.

Curt Benedict
Yukon, Oklahoma

May 13, 2009
AWESOME accelleration!!! I don't think there's a rehab program anywhere for my new found addiction to K&N air filters but that's KOOL & the GANG!!!

Chad Wheeler
North Carolina

May 13, 2009
I drive a 2004 k20a Honda CRV with realtime 4wd.

Before I used my drop in k&n filter I was averaging 5 to 6 kilometers per liter of gas (city driving). I had slow acceleration.

When I installed my k&n drop in filter last week, I instantly noticed that I suddenly had very good acceleration even in steep inclines. My fuel consumption improved to 8 kilometers per liter(city driving). wow! I am so impressed.

Thanks k&n!!!

ps... the fuel that I am using is 90% unleaded gas and 10% bio ethanol. Here in the philippines we call it e10.

Paolo Tapia
Davao City, Philippines

May 11, 2009
Big difference in performance. Gives me a kick back and great response and sound. Good stuff!!!

Seychelles Islands

May 8, 2009
I have just installed in my bike BAJAJ PULSAR 180CC. My bike is riding very very fast and it's creating new sound from the K&N filter. This means it's like a rocket.

Mumbai, India

May 8, 2009
I recently installed an air filter on my Impala with the 3.8 liter engine, when I drive it after installing it the power increase was more than noticeable, amazing improvement on power and acceleration, my car runs better now than when it was brand new.

Hidalgo, Texas

May 7, 2009
Really woke up my '02 FI Road King!  So funny, every pipe test you read in the Harley mags will go on and on about the pipes/mufflers, and then throw in a blurb saying something like ...and while we were at it we popped on a K&N filter and a fuel injection controller.  Then, they go on to attribute any power/torque gains to the darn mufflers!  Wait a minute guys!  Just for kicks, throw the stock pipes back on and dyno the bike with only the filter change, and you'll see my point!  My informal timed roll-on accelleration tests (60-80 mph, done in 4th and 5th [top] gear) revealed that the K&N filter change ALONE cut times by NEARLY HALF.  Further testing with optimized fuel injection tuning and lower restriction mufflers netted a bit more, but the vast majority of gains were realized when switching to the K&N.  The touring bike mufflers flow more freely than those on other models, granted, so a pipe change on Dynas/Sportsters/Softails could make a greater contribution, percentage-wise, but without doubt...changing to a K&N air filter is by far the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way to increase power on a Harley-Davidson! Best part for me is that my bike no longer sounds like a suffocating goat when I open the throttle!  Thanks K&N!  

Kenny V.

May 6, 2009
250K miles on my 1995 Honda Accord with only one K&N air filter.  I recently sold the car.  I bought a 2009 Honda Civic.  Guess what air filter I will replace it with? :)

San Jose, California

April 27, 2009
I have installed K&N air filters on my Lexus cars (GX 350 AWD, GX470, RX330), a Scion tC, a Cadillac, and a Toyota Tundra.  In each and every case, milage has increased 10-15%.  The most dramatic is my wife's Lexus GX 470, 4.7 liter engine.  The EPA rating on the window sticker is 13 City and 17 Highway.  From the first tank, overall milage went to 18.5 to 20 - well above the EPA highway estimate, and that NEVER happens!  On my GS 350, the increase in acceleration is noticeable.  I went from 17.5-18 mpg to about 21-22 mpg on this 303 HP luxury sports sedan.  Even the dealer admits that the K&N is a high quality, first class product.  While they are not selling me any new air filters, they don't argue with the safety or success of the filters.  I love mine and would highly recommend them to anyone.  This is a great product.

Dean McCaskill
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

April 26, 2009
I have a Chevrolet Cobalt Sport (2.4L). I bought the K&N Short Ram Intake, because it was the only intake designed to fit my car. I was weary of K&N's claims of a 15 hp gain. But I bought the intake, knowing it was a good product. Upon receiving my intake I open it up and I am just amazed at the quality and the attention to detail. On the first time I fire up the Cobalt with the new intake on, I feel in love. The sound is wonderful. Fast forward a few months. I finally get to take it to a dyno, my baseline (stock) dyno was 159whp, with only the K&N intake on I gain 12whp. I about fell over, and not to mention this was on a 90 degree day. All I can say is K&N knows how to please their customers and make great products that back them selves up and don't need advertising hype. K&N you are on top for a reason, congratulations.

Will Dunkin
Maryland, USA

April 24, 2009
K&N made me a believer. Quicker pedal response.

Ron Neary
New Jersey

April 20, 2009
NHRA SportsNationals

I wanted to take a minute and thank K&N not only for sponsoring this weekend's event but also for their part in Thursday nights get together. In these tough times great sponsors like K&N make it possible to continue doing what we do, and events like Thursday nights are above and beyond what many are willing to do. Thank you for not only enduring the extra expense of such an event, but also the additional effort it takes to organize such a thing. As a sportsman racer it was nice to be able to take part in an event that would normally be geared toward the professional racers. Thank you once again, and I hope to be able to take part once again next year.


Todd Barton

April 17, 2009
K&N I have RV Ford E450 that got 8.6 miles toa gal, and it would not stay in overdrive on a hill. I went to your filter and got 13 miles total gal and it stayes in gear. I dont know how to thank, but thanks.

Gary Counts
St. Louis, Missouri

April 15, 2009
I use K&N filters in my motocycle, Suzuki GSR600, I really like the performance. Your oil filter and air filter is the best I think. Oil pressure is perfect, trottle is perfect. Also I tell my all friends and they are very happy to use K&N filters. Now is the time for my car, I will buy for my Suzuki Swift, we will see what will happen :)

Istanbul, Turkey

April 11, 2009
My grandfather told my dad when he got his first car to only use the best air filters, K&N, and my dad told me the same thing. I have 1973 old's cutlass with a 350 rocket. Great car but when I got it it didn't have a K&N air filter in it. I went out that day and bought one. It has been running great ever since. Keep up the great work!

Crystal River, Florida

April 10, 2009
K & N filters simply rocks! It's simply the BEST! Dont have words to express! Keep Goin...

Sameer Ahmed
Bangalore, India

April 9, 2009
I heard of K&N filters for the longest time, and had the opportunity to try out one of the air filters for a Hyundai Elantra 08 model. I am using the drop in filter, hence DIY was pretty much straight forward. The initial response was just amazing. To prove that this was not just mere phychological, a similar model car was sent for a Dyno test, and it was proven that K&N filter does increase the Horse Power of the car by at least 5hp compared to the stock filter. I couldn’t be more happy and proud. My next mission to try to source of the K&N air filter for my Vulcan 500 bike :)

Folks at K&N - thank you very much.


April 8, 2009
I am diehard K&N ever since I got my first one for a '96 Ford Ranger I had. I ordered it as a 4X2 with the 3.0 V6 and power was OK. But when I added the K&N drop-in air filter to it, what a difference! The acceleration was smoother, gas mileage was a bit better and the power was lots better! I now am on my third K&N since I purchased a Jeep Liberty CRD (I had an '01 4X4 ranger edge with the 4.0, it git one as well!) and it got a K&N at the first air filter change and it has never let me down!

Mike Klink
Pennsylvania, USA

April 8, 2009
What a difference - added a stock K&N to an 05 Nissan Altima 2.5s.......just a commuter vehicle but what a difference - higher revs, smoother shifting, and yesterday calculated 2mpg more in fuel - 26.9-29.1 mpg!  What a difference!

Amherst, Massachusetts

April 7, 2009
I purchased the 57-3050 FIPK air system in January along with Gibson headers and Flowmaster dual exhaust for my 2005 GMC Sierra (5.3 engine) crew cab and haven't regretted it yet. The K&N stands out in the crowd with that throaty sound when my foot is on the gas. Along with the headers and the exhaust system it's hard not to keep your foot out of the gas. My next thing to do to my GMC is Pulsar Plugs.

Temple, Ga.

April 7, 2009
I had never used K&N or others, but I had my own ideas about a high power air filter. I tested first in my 2 stroke bike, a Yamaha RX 135. It is really amazing now. Speed for 0 to 60 is 4.6 seconds and is also excellent in fuel efficiency.

Calicut, India

April 7, 2009
I just recently bought a 2005 GMC Canyon with a 3.5L I5. I had never even heard of a In Line 5 Cyl. engine before so I was not sure what to expect. Well to my suprise I was shocked at the performance of it. I went right out and bought a K&N filter yesterday and after installing it in the truck yesterday afternoon, WOW!!! This has made a HUGE difference! I can't wait to see what my gas mileage will do since my HP has increased ALOT. All I have to say is THANKS K&N for opening my eyes to the great world of accelaration! I will be buying one for my wifes car as well. GREAT JOB!

Ethel, Louisiana

April 6, 2009
My 2002 Ford Explorer is another car since I changed the oil and air filters on her with K&N's. The engine sounds like if it had some kind of headers. Acceleration and fuel efficiency are much better. WOW, superb products.

Julio Rodriguez
Puerto Rico

April 4, 2009
Just added a K&N filter to my 1995 2.0l Dohc Chrysler/Dodge Neon. Originally the Neon suffers from a poorly designed intake system, so I noticed a GREAT performance increase, 0-60 times improved and MPG increased, and the sound is great too. Also matches the colour of my car. Well worth the 70$ I paid.


April 4, 2009
Hey I had just bought a used 2005 PT Cruiser, 2.4 liter auto trans, loved the car but was having buyer's remorse because it was only getting 19 mpg, this is hilly Seattle driving not freeway. Anyway did some research and found out about K&N drop in filters, just thought I would try it. I did modify the OEM filter box, the intake was only 1 3/4 diameter, I opened it up to 3 with PVC fittings from Home Depot. Here's the results: from just under 19 mpg to just over 25 mpg! I repeat this is hilly Seattle driving, man I was impressed! Seems to shift smoother too, no noticable increase in noise under normal use, does sound better when I punch it though... this poor PT was starving for air. I am going to preach this to all my friends. GREAT PRODUCT!

Marc McDaniel
Seattle, Washington

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