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July 4, 2014
I bought this filter to see if I could increase my mileage. I was shocked at a 10% increase in MPG. My 2013 Accord V6 manual was getting 27-28 on the Hwy with the stock air cleaner. When I put in the K&N filter I am now getting 31-32 MPG. I once tried to drive real easy just to see how good I could get for mileage and once got 34.3 MPG. This car doesn't need any more power at almost 280 horse it's almost too much for front wheel drive, but it's fun when you want it. Highly recommend this product. Oh I even put a K&N filter in my wife's 2014 Mazda 6 and have seen similar results. Great filter. Again highly recommend.

Doug L.
Coon Rapids, Minnesota

July 4, 2014
I bought a 2013 Durango R/T and wanted to add more horse power and sound to it. I am very happy with this product and the performance it has added.

Eric Pennington

July 4, 2014
Quick shipment, nice pricing, no-hassle purchase....Thanks!

Cathy Green
Coatesville, Pennsylvania

July 4, 2014
Excellent product and good service. Does exactly what they claim.

L. Gates
Atlanta, Georgia

July 4, 2014
Works great! My car runs more smoothly.

Fort Worth, Texas

July 4, 2014
Great product! Ordering on the K&N website was fast, simple, and easy. Shipping was also free! Product came within five business days, and was easily installed into my vehicle within five minutes. The quality of the air filter seems very good, and I have noticed a slight difference in the performance of my car. Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


July 4, 2014
Excellent product. Fit perfect.

West Virginina

July 3, 2014
This lil bag has to be the greatest little life saver, having a K&N Cone filter air intake. When it would rain my truck would die shortly after going through a little puddle. Now I can go through a mildly flooded intersection without a worry. By having this bag, it's saved my butt from being late to work due to rain & puddles.

Matthew Blake
Temple, Texas

July 3, 2014
Simple to install. As always, you can feel the difference right away. I am satisfied with this product.

Tempe, Arizona

July 3, 2014
My daughter and I installed my intake in an hour or so. Good daddy-daughter teaching moment. Was fairly easy to install and when I had her look at the exploded view, she started to understand. That says a lot when a 12 yr old girl can understand what to do. My Jeep, sounds awesome. Super Throaty!

Raymond Chokelal
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

July 3, 2014
I have been using K&N filters on my cars since 1989. I even run one on my lawnmower.

Alp Sulker
Tallahassee, Florida

July 3, 2014
I put K&N air filters on everything, a 2007 Hummer, 1999 Chevy P/U, a 1977 Yamaha and a 2004 Polaris ATV and I have used them exclusively since racing motorcycles in the 1970's. They are simply the best that there is. I have started many others on K&N including my oldest grandson. Great product.

Larry Koehn

July 3, 2014
I have installed K&N air filters (and occasionally oil filters) in every vehicle I've owned in the last 15 years. The latest is my new 2014 Triumph Street Triple motorcycle. Love the change in induction noise, and I like the idea that my bike's breathing freer, even if the change isn't noticeable in increased power. The simple fact that these things last forever is enough to sell me. Keep up the good work, K&N!

Wayno J.
Mill Creek, Washington

July 3, 2014
Perfect fit for my Ultra. Could definitely tell a difference in performance.

Bobby Driesner

July 3, 2014
Use K&N filters on all of my bikes. They are the best.

Oldsmar, Florida

July 3, 2014
Excellent fit, increased mileage immediately. I use K&N in all my vehicles and my Harley as well.

Magnolia, Texas

July 3, 2014
Always a pleasure to use and recommend quality products. Been using your products in 3 cars and 6 motorcycles over the past few years.

Houston, Texas

July 3, 2014
I looked for a cheaper way to get the filter I needed, but found that other sites had the wrong images associated with the filters, so I couldn't trust what they were saying. Ends-up that K&N was about the same price as the others AND they had the right images (go figure :) So I could relax trusting they'd send me the right one & they did, & it fit perfectly.


July 3, 2014
Just popped this in my Dad's Alfa Romeo Brera 2.4 JTDM. The difference was very noticeable when I took it out for a test drive. The engine was much looser and responsive. Only giving 4 stars as its just been put in but I'm sure it's worthy of 5. Gave me that extra little push back into the seat : )

Giles Drage
Hampshire, United Kingdom

July 2, 2014
Immediate and noticeable performance improvement. I wish I had done this years ago.

Timothy Ruark
Oktaha, Oklahoma

July 2, 2014
Excellent filter. Beats the cone K&N, and the AEM Brute Force for volume of air flow.

Don Royal

July 2, 2014
I received my Cold Air Box kit and could not wait to install it. I had watched the videos on Youtube and reviewed the directions that came with the product. I feel as though I am mechanically inclined, but there are always those little things that are left out that screw up the installation. Because I did not want to mess it up and wanted to get the job done right I actually took my laptop down to the car during installation and followed it to the letter of Youtube. It was a flawless installation and I got the job done right in about 90 minutes. The key to me was to gather ALL the right tools before you start. Make sure that your tools fit each and every screw and nut before you start to avoid any frustration. Now that it's installed WOW what a difference in performance and the sound of the intake and engine are great. Don't sit there and think about it, do it. You will be impressed.

Bill Vann
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

July 2, 2014
Great Service, hard to find item and came quick. Fair price and great delivery.

Terrence Dornan

July 2, 2014
Great product and my 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 sounds great, faster throttle response and looks great under the hood. It took a few hours to install and easy to work with, minor drilling but over all easy to install for someone that doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Highly recommended.

Shiloh Maher
Newfoundland, Canada

July 2, 2014
Noticeable enhancement to vehicle power! Idling, Dodge Hemi smoothly cruises with ease and no throttle. Large air intake coupled with Dodges larger exhaust make the static losses small and drive the larger power gains...


July 2, 2014
Put on my 2012 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. SE. Great power, great sound. No increase in gas mileage, but I love it!

Richard Ehler
Atlanta, Georgia

July 2, 2014
When I purchase a vehicle for my wife or myself, the first thing I do is purchase a K&N air filter. This is the first time I have purchased direct and it was so easy and less in price than auto parts store. I clean them every 10,000 miles or more often if conditions dictate. A good clean air filter is the key to helping the engine breath better and run more efficiently.

Nick Dellinger
New Braunfels, Texas

July 2, 2014
Filter worked well and the lady @ K & N that assisted me on the phone with my technical questions was very helpful and knowledgable. Thanks for the great service .

Jeff Bradway

July 1, 2014
Awesome! Notice performance right away. Excellent.

Joe Bollas

July 1, 2014
This is the fourth filter I have bought. The last filter (for a 2014 2.0 Ecoboost) has increased mileage 5 to 6 miles per gallon. Very Happy.

Charles Stowell
Shell Lake, Wisconsin

July 1, 2014
Best filter on the market. This is the 12th car with a K&N filter and I will never use anything else.

Lawrence McMurtry
King George, Virginia

July 1, 2014
The performance aspect of this product is 5 stars! I was also under the impression that it would improve gas mileage, but I haven't noticed much of a change, only reason I ranked it a 4 over a 5. Still well worth the money!

Daniel M.
Chicago, Illinois

July 1, 2014
Great as always.

George Fish

July 1, 2014
This air filter has made a big difference in my gas mileage and performance. It is worth the money.

Memphis, Tennessee

June 30, 2014
Man this product is outstanding. It improved my truck's performance and my MPG. The installation was simple. Good product.

Anthony Reed
Muskogee, Oklahoma

June 30, 2014
Installed on my Ninja 250. Performance was improved with no rejetting. An excellent product.

Kevin Surma
Ludlow, Vermont

June 30, 2014
I have been a fan of K&N products for over 40 years. I have put K&N air filters on every vehicle I have owned and they have worked superbly. Ordering from your website was quick and easy and the filter arrived within a few days. I will definitely order from you again.

Penelope Robinson
Rimrock, Arizona

June 30, 2014
Haven't installed it yet but just know it will work great. Been installing K&N in every vehicle I have owned since 1995. Seems like I always get another mile per gallon or so. Never had a problem with one. Very easy to service and maintain. They pay for themselves in fuel savings and not throwing away paper filters every six months. Very good product.

Steve Christofferson
Jacksonville, Florida

June 30, 2014
Very fast delivery.

Jeff Harner
South Riding, Virginia

June 30, 2014
Perfect fit, fast shipping and easy install.

Robert Webber

June 30, 2014
Did notice an increase in power. Noticed less lag from boost....at midrange rpm. Fuel economy probably increased about 2 miles average. Good buy. Recommended.

Houston, Texas

June 30, 2014
Easy install...very noticeable difference in performance.


June 30, 2014
Great servic, cheaper than anywhere else and got to me on time. If I had to would buy again from this website.


June 30, 2014
Perfect fit!

Jim Houston
Houston, Texas

June 30, 2014
Ordered the part online. The web site was easy to use and checkout was a snap. I have noticed quicker acceleration and better pedal response.

Tom Porteous
Carmel, Indiana

June 30, 2014
Easy install. Plug and play.

Ted Wells
Stanwood, Washington

June 30, 2014
Easy install....a deeper sound during rapid acceleration....easier to maintain 65 -80 mph...I like!!

Jay Leonard
St. Louis, Missouri

June 30, 2014
Just got it installed two weeks ago and very pleased!

Georgetown, Texas

June 30, 2014
K&N online shopping is efficient and easy. The products are top of the line. I've used the air filters for over 15 years and enjoyed the incredible benefits of their cold air replacement intakes as well. A definite must for any car owner.

Matson Sanderson
Nashville, Tennessee

June 30, 2014
Simple to install, and helpful customer service when I had a question. Can tell a difference in performance, and better gas mileage. I expect that will be even better when cool weather returns.

Craig Miller
Glen Allen, Virginia

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