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May 21, 2013
I had a failure on my HD-0818 air filter.  The center mount for the air filter cover on the HD-0818 separated from the metal top of the filter.  I called in to K&N customer support and spoke with Lisa Kubo.  Lisa was very responsive and quickly resolved my problem and provided me follow up after everything was taken care of.  Thanks for the great support!

Steve Erlick
Concord, California

May 18, 2013
Happy with your product and I will continue to use it as long as you keep making them.


Big Rapids, Michigan

May 18, 2013

Monish Khoraba
Veraval, Gujarat, India

May 17, 2013
I would like to thank Shannon in the warranty dept. for her exceptional customer service concerning the problem I had with my cold air intake. I have used K&N filters since 1976 with outstanding results, but the customer service from your company is second to none. THANKS!!

John Underwood

May 15, 2013
Very helpful website, Reasonable price, quick dispatch.
Very happy will recommend you to friends and I'm going to change all my filters to K&N from now on.
Thank you.

Louis Denison
Western Australia

May 9, 2013
I've used your products for almost 20 years now.  I even use your filters in my wife's car and my motorcycle! Keep up the good work!

Whaley Lawson
Schertz, Texas

May 7, 2013
WOW.  This is an amazing product (57-1549). I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 5.7 Hemi. I was getting 11 MPG and decent performance.  I installed the K&N air intake system easily myself.  My wife and I were blown away on our first test drive after installing. WOW!!  Turned my Jeep into a beast with AWESOME sound!!  Big horse power & torque gains!!!  Our next suprise was when we drove the Jeep around town.  We now get over 17 MPG in town!!!!  I can't wait to see the highway difference.  This is the best thing you can do for your car.  I have since put one our Cobalt and have had the same wonderful experience.  Thank you K&N!!!! You will go on everyone of my vehicles for life!!  The simple math is 6+MPG more @ 18 gallons a tank  equals  108+ more miles EACH TANK.  Very impressive results.

J Porter
Big Bear Lake, California

May 7, 2013
Better than expected!

Easy to install, safe to the car and reasonable power/torque gain (K&N Air Intake 69-1013TS).

My car is a Brazilian Civic 1.8, its gain is pretty more than 5.7hp when using ethanol as fuel.

The temperature does not gets higher than 1 Celsius degree in comparative with the OEM filter box.

Pedro Netto
Brazil - Sao Paulo

May 5, 2013
I received my K&N 77-1561KP Typhoon cold air induction for my my 2011 Ram 1500 last Friday. I am really pleaseed with it!! It really compliments the kat-back dual exhaust I installed a couple of months back, Even better sound!! Lots more power than when the truck was new. Well worth the money.

Stephen Cashmore
Brampton ON, Canada

May 1, 2013
Our local parts department told me this part was not available, Dealer said I have to wait 7 days to get it. I ordered from you and got it overnight shipped, came this morning at 10:00am, I ordered yesterday at 3:00pm
You are real stars !!!

Thank You very Much

Gary Rojas
Drive Away

April 30, 2013
Great service, got the order the next day. Car is running better than ever, thanks

Mike Fox
Simi Valley, California

April 27, 2013
Installed air filter and my computer showed after 100 miles 1.3 mph increase. I hope it keeps going up. But I am happy.

Tom Bostic
Shelby, Alabama

April 26, 2013
News about the TOURAN: just passed the AU emisisons test at 150,000miles (236,500KM) thanks to the 33-2865, I am sure...
But, like real life, the TOURAN will find a new home, as my new car has been ordered: POLO LIFE, 90 HP Diesel, DSG7 Automatic,
should get about 50 mpg with the E-2997, to be installed prior to delivery, just rest assured!! I'll keep you posted folks!
K&N filters, a habitforming accessory, THE MUST one won't be without!!
p.s.: TIGUAN 140HP TDI DSG7 still running strong with the 33-2865, 45,000KM now, Rosi loves it!

Lübeck, Germany

April 24, 2013
I'd just like to comment on the great customer service from Kyle! I emailed K&N a few pictures of a couple smaller cracks on my air intake, and within 3 days I have a reply saying they'll gladly replace it. Couldn't have gone any smoother, they stick to the 1,000,000 mile warranty.

Thanks again, can't wait to receive the parts!

Brian L
Ontario, Canada

April 23, 2013
Thanks partly to my K&N hi-performance air filter my 1974 Datson 710 at 200,000 miles is running better than when it left the factory.

Rick Barrett
Seattle, Washington

April 21, 2013
Great product!!  Just installed (57-9013) and test drove and it definitely makes a big difference!  Super easy installation.  I can really feel the difference and sounds great!  Must have if you want immediate response and increased HP!

Jim Zepp
Fort Knox, Kentucky

April 20, 2013
I use your cold air intakes on my 1996 Bronco, a 1998 Eagle Talon and a 2005 Legacy GT wagon.

I'm dissapointed you don't offer an intake for my 2010 MX-5 2.0L. I'd love to replace the stock intake and eliminate the sound enhancement through the firewall! Unfortunately, MazdaSpeed doesn't offer an air intake either.

John Zekas
Cleveland, Ohio

April 20, 2013
I installed your cold air performance intake on my 2008 Nissan Titan with the 5.6 Liter flex fuel engine. The difference in performance was immediate. The engine was smoother, it felt more powerful and proved to be more economical.  On a trip to Gulf Shores MS, I drove 429 miles at speeds around 70 mph and brought in 21.4 miles per gallon, the best the truck has ever given me. The city mileage increased by 1.5 but the travel mileage has been exceptional.

Frank Tobias III
Toone, Tennessee

April 20, 2013
I have always used K&N you won't find a better product.

Edward Speece
Mims, Florida

April 18, 2013
Fast shipping, great price, good transaction. Thank you.

Francois Savard
St-Félicien, Quebec, Canada

April 17, 2013
By living in the high desert valley of Las Vegas, NV., the environment can produce dust and contaminants that can clog a traditional air filter much sooner than it's scheduled service time. This is why I use your product. The K&N Air Filter that I use in my 2010 Toyota Venza is amazing! It was the first thing that I brought after I purchased it. The city/highway mpg rating for the car was 20/29. Now(according the info center on the vehicle)I average 24.8 miles per gallon in the city and 32 on the highway. Not only have I seen a marked improvement in my fuel mileage ratings per gallon, the 2.7 liter power-train has increased power and torque. If motorist do not realize how incredible this product is, they are missing something BIG!!! I have not used traditional filters in 8 year and I will never commit that sin to a vehicle again.

Thanks K&N...

Anthony Davis
Las Vegas

April 17, 2013
Dear K&N,thanks again for another great product. The universal style filter fit almost OEM on my 2000 Subaru Impreza. 10 mins total while taking my time.  Was a miscommunication thru a K&N email about the breather tube being already in place. It actually has a punch out and can be added at anytime. This worked out for me because I had no need for it. It would be nice if that info was added for future costumers though. Fast shipping and a great price. Only company that had any thing even close to what I was looking for. Thanks again, Clint


April 14, 2013
I've had the 77 series installed on my 2011 chevy truck for 2 yeary now.
More HP power and haven't cleaned it yet.
We used these on our race cars because they are the best and what a difference on my truck, also on my Harley. Thanks,

John Arneberg
Houston, Texas

April 12, 2013
I just received my K&N air filter for my 400 Suzuki Kingquad and man what a difference. I was originally expecting just a very small boost in power but it was like a whole new quad! On the slope near my house I could wheelie the quad with ease whereas before it was allot harder. Great product!

Rocky Mountain, Alberta, Canada

April 12, 2013
Dear Sirs,

I'm very satisfied with your services and time.

It's my first buy directly from K&N, and I'm sure that next time, I'll buy the same way and recommend to my Brazilian friends.

Best Regards,

Jairo Gama

April 10, 2013
I have one (33-2233) in my 2007 3.7 commander. I love it works great. I have quicker throttle response and acceleration. fuel mileage on the highways 5 more per mile and back roads about 1-2 mpg more. But I know when me and my buddies go out the back dirt roads I have nothing to worry about at all. just take it out clean it as it says to and replace it.  I get about 8-10 thousand miles before I have to clean it b/c of the conditions we drive in. love this filter tho b/c everyone else has spent more on filers last year then I did on 2 recharge kits and my filter.

Central, Pennsylvania

April 9, 2013
I have 4 vehicles and I have 3 k&n  cold air Units. I'm waiting for delivery for the 4th. I need not say more. Except Love your product.


April 8, 2013
I had a K&N in my 1997 Dodge Ram and had 958,000 miles on it when I got looking around and ended up buying a new 2011 Dodge Ram and you guys had just come out with one for it. I like the way your filters are made to fit the trucks original air box. Perfect fit. Have not ever had a problem with the filters. I just clean them regularly & reoil and are good to go. I don't think you could wear one out. Keep up the good work at K&N.

Mel Higham
Rising Sun, Indiana

March 29, 2013
So last weekend was the first time I got to try out my new K&N cold air filter system pulling my fully loaded race trailer over mountains. Was like someone dropped a bigger motor in my rig! Less down shifts & even passed some rigs! Plus my truck sounds seriously tough with it instead of a half-ton Whimpy.

Gee Armstrong
Oregon Coast, Oregon

March 27, 2013
I was on the fence whether or not to buy an intake for my accord, now I am so glad I did. If you are unsure just go for it. K&N is so great, and I am very impressed with the sound and power of my car. Thanks K&N

Jordan Christian
Dallas, Texas

March 26, 2013
I have been a huge fan of K&N since the 70's. Your quality and awesome customer service are second to none! I have had a K&N filter on every car and truck I have owned. I currently own a 2002 Toyota 4runner with a FIPK No.57-9015-1 installed. It's been on for 10 years and 112,500 miles.  During that time it has performed flawlessly and still looks like new! The only part I had to replace was the MAF sensor gasket only because I had to replace my MAF sensor after 11 years of service. When I called customer service to order the gasket which I willing to pay for your awesome rep. Mandy shipped me the part free of charge. This is why I am a loyal K&N customer and will be for life! I wish your company continued success in the future.

Ben Lesesne
San Mateo, California

March 26, 2013
I'm absolutely full of praise for my dealings with K&N filter co. as I live in New Zealand, I have shopped using the internet service provided by K&N. it was simple to use, easy to understand, fast efficient service and considerably cheaper than buying locally from my harley dealer. on 2 x air filters and 2 x oil filters for my night and street rods, I saved about nz$120 (approx. us$100). I'm a happy chappy.

Callum Robertson
Auckland, New Zealand

March 23, 2013
I just bought a K&N air filter for our 2012 Hyundai SantaFe with the 2.4 engine. I haven't used K&N for a while and forgot just how good the product is. The SantaFe had been getting about 24 MPG combined and, on a good day, about 27.5 highway. With the K&N air filter, the performance is much better and the combined mileage has gone up to about 27.7. We haven't been on the highway for any length, but have a trip planned in a couple of weeks. I expect around 30. Thanks for a fine product. I will recommend your filters to anyone!

Rod Grodt
Lake Royale, North Carolina

March 22, 2013
I placed an order late this afternoon and 6 hours later got an email saying that my order has shipped.  WHAT????

OUTSTANDING TEAMWORK!!! Give yourselves a pat on the back for me please.

(and I'm a supply chain/logistics IT veteran, so my opinion counts as 3 votes) lol

Cindy Torres
Coral Springs, Florida

March 22, 2013
I installed this filter on my Honda CRV about a year ago.  The performance improvements were noticeable right off the bat.  I was hoping for improved mileage, but I went from 26mpg to 21mpg.  I like the throttle response but wish the fuel economy was better.  I give the performance a five star rating and mileage a two star rating.


March 20, 2013
I cannot say enough good things about K & N  and the comittment they have to Quality of the product.  First they make a top quality product and back it up with Outstanding Customer Service. In my experience, my K & N intake failed after almost four years of use.  I contacted K & N Customer Service ( With Pictures & a detailed explanitation of my problem ).  They responeded in one day and to my surprize were going to replace the defective parts WITHOUT ANY HASSLE.  The replacement items were shipped promptly. Great Product and EVEN BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Keep up the good work.  I'll be ordering more K & N products for All of my Vehicles.

Boston, Massachusetts

March 20, 2013
K&N has provided me with excellent customer service.

I messed up while installing my intake by screwing my NPT piece into my intake tube too tight, and the NPT broke off.  I couldn't get out the half of the NPT piece stuck inside the intake tube, so K&N sent me a replacement NPT and intake tube, no questions asked.

Thanks to K&N, and especially James for helping me out over the phone and via e-mail. I will DEFINITELY recommend only K&N to others now.

Michael Ng
Brooklyn, New York

March 20, 2013
Have my 5th K&N on the way. One of the first things I do when I get a new car. Thanks guys. You've saved me a lot of money on air filters and gas in 300k+ miles of delivery driving I've done.


March 20, 2013


March 18, 2013
I use that filter (RC-5106) in my 1.8T engine.
I use Garret GTX2876 and all hardware need to get 400+ HP. I'm very happy of this filter it's easy to clean, and looks pretty good.

Rafal Fedzioryna

March 18, 2013
My MB has 67,000 miles on it and I have had a K&N filter since day one.  I noticed my mileage starting to decline slightly so thought I better clean the filter (this would be the first cleaning).  When the filters came out they were literally packed with dirt, the engine side of the airbox was as clean as the day I bought it - so the filter was doing it's job.  Clean filters and I immediately felt better response and saw a 2 mpg improvement. Thanks for the quality product!  signed: Happy Little 5.5

Southern California

March 13, 2013
I want to thank Steven for his exceptional customer service skills. I purchased three air filter products for my vehicles. He was patient with me and was very knowledgeable about K&N products.   

With my greatest appreciation,

Thomas Thomson
Yreka, California

March 11, 2013
Good day,

This would be my third set of Triple 56-1350 K&N Filters as it's my third set of Triple Mikuni 44PHH Sidedraft Carburetors, and the fourth 56-1040 assembly for Weber 38/38s Down Draft carb, they all still look like the day they were purchased. We clean them regularly, which is every four to six weeks with K&N Filter cleaner and oil. Trinidad has a tremendous amount of dust and debris so it is a great test for K&N to be in this environment, and they definitely protect our engines while improving air flow for added power.

We purchase all our equipment from Murray's Speed & Custom in North Miami, Florida.

Regards from an unconditionally happy K&N customer and fan

Randy Ng-a-Fook
Trinidad. West Indies

March 9, 2013
I have been using for 8 yrs. and am cleaning today, with 7,000 miles on it. I have 1986 Toyota Base Japannese aisian carb. rwd 4sp standard... pu,96,000 miles.. original owner. I can't notice any gas milage increase or power increase. I used to get 17 mpg around town, stop and go  about 3 miles a day (doesn't even warm up) in the suburbs, and 22 mpg  in the country and 26 mpg on the highway. This did not change with the K&N filter. The little truck with 22R is very fast to begin with (it's a little screamer),I have abused it since it was new, but nothing ever breaks...it's like a little Sherman Tank, so I can't notice any power increase. It does clean the intake air very good though, compared to other filters I have used. So it is good that way.

Robert Melchiorre

March 8, 2013
To whom it may concern,
I want to praise Joji Luz for his exceptional customer service skills. He was prompt and through. I am still blown away with how quick he resolved my issue. I am very satisfied with your company and Mr Luz.

With my greatest appreciation,

Vishtasb Ariazand
Sterling Heights, Michigan

March 5, 2013
Great filters! I have one in each of these vehicles 2 pickups, tractor, motorcycle.

John Moeller
Fennville, Michigan

March 4, 2013
This system (69-4523TP) is far the best for the new 2012 Camaro with the LFX v6 motor. far higher gains in HP/torque than posted on site. simple to follow installation instructions for a fantistic install. Thanks to all at K&N for introducing this great inovation to the modern world, keep up the great work!!! I will pass this on to many friends, thanks for a fantastic product! LONG LIVE K&N, your friend always,

Rick Swets
Schaumburg, Illinois

March 1, 2013
Going into this product, I wasn't expecting a lot. But WOW! What a change. Who knew an air filter could provide such a change? I just put it into my 3.5L V6 2005 Nissan Altima, and I've noticed an increase in acceleration already. I have nothing on MPG yet, because I have just installed it. The engine has also developed this new sporty whine to it at around 4K+ RPMs. Loving this new air filter!

Lucas Frommelt
Naperville, Illinois

February 28, 2013
Everything I bought worked great for me. Thanks. Interested in your new reusable oil filter.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

February 28, 2013
The second car I have used K@N's on (33-2958 air filter) and, believe it or not, the already great throttle response has improved with several extra horses to play with plus gas mileage has gone up 3 or 4 mpg which is a real bonus. One other benefit is that the engine sounds better, a slightly deeper throatier tone almost like a V8!

New Jersey

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