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September 4, 2013
I put on an intake system on a 1999 F250 5.4. The instructions were easy to follow, all parts fit perfect. This truck is use to pull a 27 ft. Airstream so when we get back from Florida in Nov. I will comment on performance, but from test drives this truck runs great. What an excellent product.

Scott Horner
South Bend, Indiana

September 3, 2013
I have a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja and it added a very noticeable amount of horsepower.  Very pleased with the purchase.

Hortonville, New Jersey

August 30, 2013
To Whom it Concerns, I installed this Air Filter in a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser about 5 years ago, and figured it was time to service it after 100,000 miles. I almost passed out when I pulled the cover off the Air Box. We live out in the country and had a rodent problem at one time, but I never thought to look in the air box for dog food. I swear the picture is as I found the element when I pulled the cover off, I have no idea how the vehicle even ran, let alone passed enough air to operate at highway speeds and not trash the air meter and Induction system, but as you see, the clean side of the filter is exactly that, still perfectly clean and undamaged, you recharge kit re-habed the filter and it looks brand new. I'm an idiot, but your product is incredible, thank you. Feel free to use this picture in anyway you like. Sincerely,   Dog food in air filter assembly

Joe Olson
Kalama, Washinton

August 30, 2013
New 2013 Camry got 26.4 mpg during local driving. 28 mpg after intake system installed with similar driving. Youtube video showed fresh air intake mode, but I changed to a direct intake tube later (1 mpg with the video change and 1 mpg with more direct air path), so now about 30 mpg with same local drives. Mileage computer said 43.5 mpg during 85 mile round trip (less than 60 mph and 2 lane country roads, except for 2-3 towns with stop/go driving). The intake system is very quiet at idle, exhaust has more tone, but the air intake can be heard under moderate acceleration, but no hard acceleration yet. Waiting for engine to break-in (less than 600 miles on motor), another road trip in 2 weeks to check gas mileage, and to hear back from K&N customer service about my questions about the installation kit and instructions. My 2nd intake system and several replacement filters with combined use over 1/2 million miles. All of them improved gas mileage and better engine response. Usually clean friends and my K&N filters at the 40K mile range.

Jim Reaves

August 29, 2013
I have always had good experiences In the past with K&N. I use the filters in my cars, and quads. They take care of whatever needs to be taken care of.


August 28, 2013
Just installed this intake (69-8004TTK) on my car a few days ago it was very easy to install especially with the vehicle specific instructions. And I could instantly feel the improved throttle response in my 08 Wrx. You can really hear this intake sucking in air I am surprised it has not created a black hole it sucks so hard.   


August 26, 2013
Received and installed my filter today. Perfect. Must say it arrived very quickly from the US and you guys were so good to deal with.

Ken Topperwien
Harvey, Western Australia

August 26, 2013
We have been using your K & N oil and air filters for the past five years and have won 5 championships in three years we are still in contention for this years championship and K&N filters are getting us the podium finishes that we need to still compete at a championship level in the PRO Class at the AMA MAXC Cross Country Series. We would recommend K & N for anyone competing from the novice ranks to PRO.


August 23, 2013
I installed BA 2201 air filter a year back from authorized dealer here in the capital city. To my surprise, he took exactly 3 minutes to install the new part in my Bajaj Pulsar 200F. When I started the ignition with a roaring voice, I asked the K&N guy, Did you do something in engine or in exhaust. Guys in India Pulsar 220 is proudly the fastest Indian bike, where I have reached upto 145kmph, but after installing K&N, I reached 153kmph. For increased power, kmpl, torque, and heart taking exhaust sound, I think every pulsar owner should ask for it. And for K&N, I would request them to come up something more related to exhaust kits and other performance enhancers for Indian mades. Yo man, it rocks!

Ashish K Rana
New Delhi, India

August 22, 2013
I bought my 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe with most of a K&N FPIK on it, and I've always loved the way a K&N sounds. Then I called Customer Service about a trashed air filter and they were sending one out to me the next day. I was happy as could be about the new filter, until my intake tube began to collapse, called back and they sent that out to me too! I've never dealt with a company as easy going and helpful as K&N. I'm a mechanic and I reccomend K&N to anyone who asks. An amazing product backed by an amazing company that stands behind their product. I'll never buy anything else again!


August 20, 2013
Threw this filter (33-2232) on today on my WRX and felt a cleaner and quicker pickup.  Really pleased with this product.

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

August 17, 2013
I have bought a CAI from K and N before for my 2005 F-250 and saw a decent gain in fuel economy. So  I wanted to install a CAI for my 2011 Mustang V6. There is a noticeable gain in power and fuel economy. Good product.

Brian Collins

August 17, 2013
I bought the KT-1211 filter for my KTM Duke 200. It took about 5mins to install which is very fast. It has increased BHP and torque by a huge amount and can be felt while riding. Acceleration has increased. It makes the bike sound raw and peppy. I am happy with my purchase and will Continue to purchase products in the future-).thanks on team and hope U guys make more types of performance mods.

Arjun Naren
Bangalore, India

August 16, 2013
I began using K&N Filters back in the mid 1980's when Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki began their version of the muscle car wars.  If you put the K&N filter and jet kit on one of these, you were pretty much untouchable at the track.  I now have a K&N filter on everything I own, from my 2011 Chevy Silverado to my lawn mower.  We put the universal cold air intake (Apollo) in my daughters' 1992 Chevy S-10 Blazer and it gets 24 mpg!  Great products all the way around!!!

Mike Ballard
Byron, Illinois

August 15, 2013
My stock intake flex hose split so I decided to use this as a replacement/repair and upgrade at the same time.  Took me less than 30 minutes total time (removal of old intake to starting engine again) with an 8mm, 10mm socket, flat head screwdriver and a pair of pliers.
Wow am I impressed!  5th and 6th gear 50 to 70mph acceleration was much smoother with a noticeable power gain.  0-60 time is amazing and they only claim a 10.5 hp increase.  When V-Tech kicks in this thing sounds amazing!!!! and high RPM power is MOST DEFINITELY increased!!  Low RPM and normal driving do not seem to be any louder so the comfort level is not decreased and I can keep my quiet commuter at the same time!

Had I known what a difference it would have made I would have done it brand new!  My car has 215,000 miles on an otherwise stock never rebuilt engine and it just came back to life!

George Harrison
South Carolina

August 13, 2013
Best product out there, I have used k&n filters on my bikes, and sports cars.

Ken Walton
Laconia, New Hampshire

August 12, 2013
I recently fitted a K&N HA-2511 filter on my Honda CBR 250R. It took less than 5 minutes to change the filter from the stock filter to the K&N HA 2511. I am extremely happy with the performance of my bike from the very moment I fitted it! There was a definite change in the sound of the bike (much more refined and peppy) and the torque went up instantly. The bike seems to breathe better and run better too, with better pick up, more response and seems to have improved my fuel economy marginally too. All in all a great boost to my bike and to my riding satisfaction.

Suraj H
Bangalore, India

August 9, 2013
I replaced the stock type paper air filter on my 2008 Mazda 3 with a 33-2293 K&N replacement filter.  What I noticed from the first time I drove it with the K&N filter was a noticeable increase in throttle response and acceleration. This was at all throttle openings, but particularly at smaller throttle openings.  On top of this, mileage is a little better (1 MPG or so) than with the stock type paper filter.

Santa Cruz, California

August 7, 2013
I just bought a used 93 Mercury Capri, drove it through 2 full tanks of gas then put on my K & N filter. Outside of sounding a little more vital I noticed an increase of 3 mpg overall. Understand that's 3 mpg in California traffic gain. That's a free gallon of gas for every ten. In three months my investment in the filter will pay for itself.

Newport Beach, California

August 7, 2013
We started using K&N products on all 3 of our drag race vehicles 5 years ago. We began to see immediate results in performance and round wins. Currently, ALL of our vehicles (race, daily drivers, tow vehicles, etc.) run K&N products including air intake systems, air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters. The biggest impact we see is with the air intake systems. On our 2010 Dodge Challenger 5.7L V8, we installed the K&N Air Intake system part No.57-1542. Not only do you FEEL the extra HP and torque, you also see an improvement in MPG. I'm not sure how K&N engineers these things, but if you can give me more power AND increase my fuel mileage - I'll take that every day of the week! Thank you K&N.

Brad Rose

August 6, 2013
I love these guys. They are very helpful in times of need. First my original Typhoon had the MAF plate welded on in reverse. MAF won't work that way. A call to K&N and a new intake tube arrived in 4 days. A while later, a fender bender, and a lost mounting bolt. Another call and a new one on the way. You got to love a company and empoyees who stand behind their products. This is one such company. Others can take a lesson from them. Thank you all again.

Chaz Pagano
Long Island , New York

August 6, 2013
Been using k-n products since 1992 and have been winning races every since, they have the best air filter and oil filter and filter oil and cleaner on the market today!!!!! I have 100 sprint car wins and 20 championships year to date, k-n is always on the leading edge and since bringing out their new k-n oil filter a few years ago has made a big difference on my engine program and is so good that my engine builder became a k-n dealer and now uses k-n filters on all his race engines now, so if you want to keep the dirt out of your engine and be in the winners circle you better be using k-n products!!!!! k-n the best products on the market today!!!!

Tim Allison Racing
Lima, Ohio

August 6, 2013
My only complaint is you don't make filters for two of my motorcycles 1986 Husqvarna 400 and 2011 Husaberg 570. It would be great if you guys made a kit that I could make my own Air Filters. Love your filters have them on both of My Cars 2002 Hummer & a 2004 Jeep also My Motorcycle 1986 Husqvarna 510.

Rainerio Granados
San Francisco California

August 5, 2013
I had to share this with you guys at K&N,,I have been asking a lot of my friends about this filter system and there was a lot of doubts in people's heads if this was a sure thing,,,well let me tell you, I bought the best one chrome tube system and my throttle response is a lot better. My gas mileage has increased 30 to 40 per cent more. If I kick it at 30 ,,it spins the tires. 1997 Ford f150 with a 4.6. This has to be the best unit I could have put on my truck. It took all of one hour to put on and I could have done it quicker but I like putting it back as close to the original as possible. It sounds like a deep throat with no bottom to it. I love it and will recommend this to all of my friends from now on,,really bad ass set up. At 60 years old I feel like a reborn gear head again. You know what they say,, You are only old as you feel,,21 again,,,

Audie Thompson
Cicero, Illinois

July 30, 2013
I have chosen K and N products forever and will continue to use them only! Their products such as their cold air intakes are great. K and N's customer service is also wonderful.


July 28, 2013
Hi there

Been a user of K&N drop in filter for my Perodua Myvi 1.3 since 2007. I no longer have to drop gear when overtaking on the highway! And fyi, my car is an auto tranny..so keep it up guys and I look forward to installing another K&N in my next car :)

Kl, Malaysia

July 26, 2013
Very good product. Really enjoyed it. 81-1002

Manuel Cyriac
Kottayam, India

July 23, 2013
Good filter Quick delivery Good price  Thank you!

Todd Weissenborn
Watertown, Wisconsin

July 22, 2013
On Friday 07/19/13 we performed an oil change on a 2009 Yamaha R1 where we had to use a pair of channel lock adjustable pliers to remove an oil filter from a customers motorcycle that was stuck. This took over 30 minutes, and crushed the old oil filter causing it to leak on the shop floor. At Twisted Technology we only stock K&N filters as they are the best. By the way with the 17mm nut it is very easy to install and remove. Thank you so much for the great products.

Dewayne Currington
Twisted Technology, North Richland Hills, Texas

July 22, 2013
Not the first time that I use your products ( Volvo 460 & Citroen BX with carburators / K&N - 56-1651,Renault Clio 1.2 / K&N RX extreme series ), and now this one in Fiat 500L with 1.4 engine. All are great, I hope you'll make oil and fuel filters to for my Fiat. Sorry on my english, whish you all the best.

Mladen Tesic ( Teshech )
Serbia, Zrenjanin

July 20, 2013
I bought this for my 2011 Kia Picanto...the new body style with 1.0L 3 cylinder. It fits perfect and adds a little spice to driving in the Philippines. I have always been a loyal user of K&N products. You will be amazed at the extra horsepower it gives your car. Love it so much....Thank you K&N.


July 19, 2013

Debra Clark
Madison, Wisconsin

July 19, 2013
I have K&N intake systems on my 2013 Nissan Titan and 2006 Hummer. I installed the E-2993 on my new 2013 Ford Focus SE 2.0 and it fixed the sluggish takeoff shifting that has plagued this model with the eco-boost transmission. It shifts smoother, sounds better and I gained 1.7 miles per gallon on my last fill up. Thanks once again.

Ray Earl Rob
Houston, Texas

July 18, 2013
Easy and clear instructions on installation, Gives a deeper & richer sound to your engine. (Air Intake 63-1564)

Johnny Gonzalez
Santa Fe, Texas

July 18, 2013
Very Nice, Very strong and durable stitching. Large and prominent, Love it! (K&N Banner 89-11839)

Johnny Gonzalez
Santa Fe, Texas

July 14, 2013
I RATE K&N No. 1 .

Bobby-g Lewis

July 14, 2013
I have purchased K&N air filter and Oil Filters, love both of them. I get great gas mileage and the oil stays clean, I have noticed an increase in my power and smoothness of the engine on my 2000 Ford Mustang, I will continue to purchase K&N on all my vehicles and future vehicles it really does pay to pay more and get a great product that does what it says plus increases the efficiency of your engine while better protection is afforded with this product. I have just now also purchased K&N's oil filter for synthetic oils for the first time since I use synthetic oil in my car at time of this writing, hope they deliver quickly if they do I will love K&N products even more than I already do.

Rosamond, California

July 14, 2013
WOW K&N has done it again. I got this (33-3000) for my 2011 Picanto with the new body style. I love the added power it gave my car. Noticable difference when driving in the hills and mountains of the Philippines. Thank you K&N.

Baybay, Leyte, Philippines

July 13, 2013
I love my filter for my Honda Motorcycle. better performance,gas mileage,sound!!

but, my question is,will you ever make a filter charger air intake &system for the Honda Ridgeline ??

thanks for the great products!!

Don Julian
Knox., Tennessee

July 12, 2013
I ordered the K&N air filter kit for my 2005 Rubicon Wrangler. I asked my mecahinic to install it.  He offered it won't make any difference, it won't help.  Then a second mechanic told me when I picked it up just about the same thing.  Well, I left and drove it up a summit where we travel every day between Elko and Spring Creek at the base of the Ruby Mountains.  HAHA, Whoa boy!!!.  I then drove back to the garage to grab the owner and mechanic and then proceeded to tell him It has increased my horsepower by 20%, I'm am not kidding, WOW, smooth effortless power up that summit as well as the rest of the hills going home.  Sold, Sold, Sold American. Good Job fellas, keep up the good work. Pastor John Sutherland Clavary Chapel Spring Creek.

Pastor John Sutherland
Spring Creek, Nevada

July 10, 2013
Easy to follow installation instructions, all parts were included (69-4523TP). Installation took under an hour. Will recommend to friends.

Larry Bell
Atascadero, California

July 10, 2013
I had the pleasure to speak to Lisa Kubo and found her to be a very knowledgeable and helpful person. She is a great asset to your company and I look forward to doing business with K&N in the future.Please let her know. Good customer service is sometimes very had to find . Shes a winner.


July 10, 2013
Just finished a Live Chat with Richard concerning a part for my K&N filter.  Great response to my problem and super customer service.

Mike Benallo
Henderson, Colorado

July 9, 2013
I'm a middle aged gear head. I've built everything from A-body Mopars of the 60's & 70's to the new mustangs, challengers, and camaros. Needless to say, I've been around the block. I've always used K&N products, we were building cold air and ram air intakes long before you could buy them off the shelf. I recently acquired a 2004 Ford F-150 5.4L V8... with almost a quarter million miles. It is in amazing condition but got a little sluggish over those miles. Throttle response was suffering as well. My first purchase for it was the 77-2556KP performance intake kit. After ripping out the stock air box, which was dirty but not shot I had my new intake installed in about 15 minutes. I jumped in and took the old girl for a test ride. I can crunch the numbers and give you some rough figures but I won't bore you. What I will do is tell you about the performance. The throttle had instant response, enough so that it even shocked me. I'm used to the throaty sound of a K&N system but wow it sounds good on this truck. I have a nice private road and when I got on it from a dead stop and had to back off of he pedal as my 7200 pound 250,000 mile 9 year old truck smoked its brand new tires. Will you see this kind of improvement on a brand new truck, in short not really. While you will experience better overall performance it will be hard to notice on a brand new vehicle. That being said when you hit that quarter million mile mark and your vehicle still performs like new, you can tip your hat to the folks at K&N. K&N is breathing a new life into my old truck, and it will do the same for yours.

If you're questioning the initial cost, don't. Remember you clean your K&N filter, not replace it. That alone covers the cost twice over if not more.

Still have doubts? Go outside, remove your air filter. Take a clean white cloth and wipe the inside of the air box after the filter. See all that grease, dust, dirt, and grime on the cloth... Well that's what's getting past your filter and going straight into your engine, slowly killing it. You won't find that in my intake or my engine, thanks to K&N.

Bad Dog Daddy
Toms River, New Jersey

July 9, 2013
I am amazed! I did a lot of research on this product (69-8610TTK) because frankly I was skeptical. It seemed hard to believe that there would be that much difference. While I understand how cars work, I rarely work on my own car. With a little trepidation I did the complete install all by myself and had virtually no problems.

The performance is amazing for a relatively small amount of money, this motor has come alive. The stock intake is really really restrictive on this 2.4 liter. Giving the engine some lungs woke it up. There is a significantly noticeable increase in power and when your foot is in the throttle it sounds great. Just cruising, you won't hear much difference and the car is still nice and quiet.

I sold my wife on this because of the potential for increased mileage, the only problem is I can't stop flooring it!!!

Thanks K&N....I might just have to do this with my other two cars.

Gregg Irving
Tampa, Florida

July 9, 2013
I've used K&N air intake and oil filters since 1991 on all My trucks and cars....
Absolutely satisfied with K&N Engineering Design, Customer Support, and Total Quality of Made  USA Product... More CFM more Power less Energy Consumption....
Have You folks ever considered intake application for portable and stationary air compressors of various manufactures.....


July 8, 2013
K&N, again you prove that my trust in your products is never in vain, I use in my cars and recommend K&N to all my friends and family, it all started with my Fiat 128 when I got it the custom open style filter (RA-071V) and it transformed its little 1.1 liter engine performance entirely, and since then I've installed drop-in filters in my uncle's 2008 Toyota corolla 1.6, my friends' 1999 Daewoo lanos 1.5, 2003 Subaru Legacy 2.0, and finally in my BMW 1991 535i, and it made the car a monster without the growling noise of a cold air intake system and definitely helped ALOT my gas mileage on the thirsty 3.5 engine .
Keep up the good work and I'll keep up recommending your products to everyone I know :)

Mahmoud Maged
Cairo, Egypt

July 8, 2013
Awesome service. I was missing some installation parts and they are sending me all new parts. Highly recommend!

Hartselle Alabama

July 7, 2013
I'm a big fan of K&N. Replaced my 2011, stock Silverado air intake with a beautiful, cool air intake. No flashy polished metal, a better matching black plastic tube and black enclosed air box. It sounds better than the new exhaust system. You can hear the air hit the engine, and an improved response on the peddle. The HP really improves at 5,000 rpm. Quality product, no Fords  apply, lol.

Chris Borowski
Orwell, New York

July 7, 2013
THIS one is really awesome and it made my  bike sound like thunder. It even increased my bike's performance and mileage. One who owns a bike up to 150 cc must own this air filter (R-1060) or the RC-1060

Hyderabad, India

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