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September 25, 2014
Excellent service. I have received my package from the United States to Quebec in minimal time even after a last minute change of address.

Bbernard guimond

September 25, 2014
Very good cabin air filter. It's electrostatic properties make the inside of my Mustang smell fresh, clean, and new! Love the fact that I don't have to buy $30 filters once a year.

M. Brown
New Hampshire

September 25, 2014
It added horse power that I can feel and it sounds great when I step on gas. Great product.

Isabel Sanchez
Midland Texas

September 25, 2014
Filter works great on my stock intake replacing my oil bath air filter on my CJ2A. Jeep was running rich, but now it runs great. I was torn weather or not to stray from the stock setup, but I am glad I did. These filters are great quality and super easy to install.


September 25, 2014
The best

Paul Pearson

September 25, 2014
Hey thank you so much for your service I use the product on my 1999 chevy blazer it runs good and it sounds good. This Email was sent by a student at Leading Edge in Lakeland School Corporation.

Kameron Charles Thoms

September 24, 2014
I installed this Air Filter Kit on my 1997 Mistsubishi 3000 GT SL today. It improved throttle response / performance substantially. The stock air filter is very restrictive. When accelerating from a dead stop, the engine used to feel like it had a sock in its throat until the air flow could accelerate within the intake manifold. With this new K&N filter, the Sock in the throat issue is completely gone. As well, the acceleration curve is smoother and more linear. I also sense a bit of an increase in horsepower I'm guessing 3-5 percent, taking this engine from 222 to about 230 HP. I'm most impressed by the overall improvement in Drive-ability. My Japanese Rice Rocket just feels better to drive. Well worth the money I paid for the filter kit.

Tacoma, Washington

September 24, 2014
Awesome product. Noticeable acceleration and around a 0.7 mpg increase in my 2014 6.7 cummins dodge ram 3500 dually.

Wesley R. Bowden

September 24, 2014
When I went to clean & oil my air filter yesterday I noticed it had a 3 inch tear along the seam where the mesh joins to the outer rubber frame. Of course I felt I contact customer service to register a complaint about K&N's quality control. After all, I've only have this filter for 17 years and it is already falling apart. No muss, no fuss, no push back of any kind, I am happy to report a free replacement is already being shipped my way. Thanks K&N, you have a lifetime customer !

Rick Coates

September 24, 2014
Quick service to Canada and a very reasonable price. Improvement in power and acceleration immediately noticeable - and - this filter was installed on another manufacturers cold air intake because their 'dry type' filter did not perform as expected. Thank you K & N.

Dennis Taylor
Alberta, Canada

September 23, 2014
Engine compartment looks a lot cleaner and the kit was pretty simple to install. It also made the engine sound better and gave it noticeable increase in horsepower.

Brian B.

September 23, 2014
Excelent filter, my motorcycle has better funtionality

Javier Estrada
El Salvador

September 23, 2014
Install was straight forward. Took no time at all. Been on the gas too much at this point to notice if I got any more mpg. Did notice a big different in power. My accord was starving for air and this solved this issue. Sounds great.

Seattle, Washington

September 23, 2014
Installation instructions complete and easy to follow. Performance amazing.

Paul Mullen
Westwood ,Massachusetts

September 23, 2014
I purchased this particular K&N filter approximately one week after driving home my new 2014 Toyota Tundra. I also run a K&N air filter on my 2003 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. My previous vehicle a 2005 Jeep Liberty also ran a K&N. I'd put one in my lawn mower if they made one to fit. I've been depending on both K&N air and oil filters for several years now, outstanding products that have never let me down.

Anthony M. Migliaccio
Somers Point, New Jersey

September 23, 2014
Quite pleased with the product. Customer service is excellent as well as ordering and shipping. My only concern is the vent hose, which requires some trimming to fit correctly. It seems to me the adapter hose would be much more convenient as a right angle 5/8 as opposed to just a straight hose. Thank you for the heads up on the tightening of all the parts after completion of the installation. The system needs to be checked periodically for tightness, primarily the hose clamps. In closing, I would definitely recommend this product upgrade. Outstanding performance increase which comes in handy while towing my Lance trailer with my 2012 Ram 1500 Express 5.7 Hemi. Thanks again!

George Shaffer

September 23, 2014
This product was exactly as advertised and gave my truck a very noticeable horsepower increase. Very impressed with results for the money.


September 23, 2014
Purchased the filter for my 2014 Ford Escape 2.0L Ecoboost and could not be happier. The filter was here in two days like promised and brings out the full potential of the turbo performance and sound wise. Will definitely be upgrading to a K&N in all my vehicles. Thanks!


September 22, 2014
Looks great easy to install needs to be rejeted running a little lean but overall very happy

Chicago, Illinois

September 22, 2014
This is the 4th new vehicle I have purchased a K&N filter for. Easy to install and a perfect fit.

Essy Lechon
San Antonio, Texas

September 22, 2014
Easy to install.

Essy Lechon
San Antonio, Texas

September 22, 2014
I installed the K&N cold air intake system on my 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 hemi. My main goal was to improve my MPG. I must admit I was a bit skeptical of some of the reviews I read about the claims of improved MPG. I took two 500 mile trips with identical conditions recorded the MPG before and after the installation. I got a 10.4% increase in MPG. Not to mention the deep throaty sound that my engine makes now. K&N has made a believer out of me. Highly recommend this product.

Mark Brzezinski

September 22, 2014
Replaced my factory large capacity air intake system with K&N's No.77-3076KTK and after my first drive with the K&N system, I was OMG amazed at the increase in power, response, and performance. K&N is the best way to get more Bang for your buck!

Gerald T. VanDries
Houston, Texas

September 21, 2014
Fits like a glove, noticed the airflow was much better right away. Awesome product and highly recommended to buy this product. Last filter you ever have to buy!!!

Mario Garcia
Miami, Florida

September 21, 2014
A++++. Love it. Big gain in horsepower. For those who complain about getting less gas mileage. If you have driven it slower you will have a better gas mileage plus having air conditioning on is a big factor too. Regardless I just love that it's more responsive when I step on it. Didn't even feels like i was driving a 1.6L engine.


September 21, 2014
Worked like a charm. Applied the cleaner, let it dry, then put the oil on like the directions said. Gave my truck its power back and my gas mileage improved. Love the way my truck sounds now.

Andrew Lindsay
Lakeview, Washington

September 21, 2014
Easy to install. Fit perfect. I seem to notice a little better acceleration and power.

Craig Sigrist
Columbus, Ohio

September 20, 2014
It went right in and only time will tell. Thank you.

Coleman Thornton
Louisville, Kentucky

September 20, 2014
The ordering was very easy and received the air filters in a timely manner.

Richard Swearingen
Avon Park, Florida

September 20, 2014
Bought it for my 2010 F-150 Supercab 4.6L V8 XLT 4x4 truck to help with overall performance, MPG, etc. I saw an improvement in gas mileage, (roughly 2+ mpg city and 4+ mpg highway) It also makes the truck sound more aggressive even with the stock exhaust! No problems with airflow sensor so far, but I've only had it on for about 2,000 miles. Easy to install, only took me 40 minutes (10 of which was spent locating the different tools I needed in my unorganized toolbox) overall, very pleased with results!


September 20, 2014
Excellent service!

Shawn Kenney
Columbia, South Carolina

September 20, 2014
Was very easy to order. Both filters fit right in with no problem and so far everthing is working good. Glad I ordered them and would recommend your products very highly.

Anthony Luzzo
Carneys Point, New Jersey

September 20, 2014
Packaging arrived in excellent condition. Good instructions, logical order, easy to assemble, great fit to throttle body and intake structure. Good performance on vehicle. Improved acceleration, smoother shift transition under acceleration and improved fuel mileage by 1.8% (0.5 mpg) as indicated by actual measurement. Visual appearance in engine compartment is excellent, much better than OEM equipment. Installed on 2012 Equinox LT with 68,178 vehicle miles. Thanks K&N!

Mark D. Mitchell
Wilson, North Carolina

September 19, 2014
Love it. Smells way better than paper and carbon.

N. Forrester
Brooklyn, New York

September 19, 2014
Very positive experience. I love the filter

Marvin Franklin
West Virginia

September 19, 2014
I was worried that it was going to take awhile to get my filter cause it was out of stock. But it was shipped less than a week later. Thanks for the quick turn around!

Daryl Byington
Orangeville, Utah

September 19, 2014
K&N products do what they're supposed to. 'Nuff said.

Joe P.
Saint Paul, Minneapolis

September 19, 2014
Looks like it will do the job. I like the fastener bolt at the bottom....will make it easier to remove. Only concern is that is a little tall as compared to the OEM I hope it fits under the access panel.

Joe P
Minneapolis/St Paul Minnesota

September 19, 2014
Loyal K&N customer since 1995. Every vehicle (4) I have had since then has had a K&N in it. Great product!!!!

Robert Butcher
New Jersey

September 19, 2014
Thx K&N! Delivery was fast n easy.

M. Lopez
New Mexico

September 19, 2014
I ordered a K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for my 2002 BMW 330i. It was the easiest kit to install with help from great instructions I received. I immediately noticed a change in horse power and throttle response. I received the kit fast and was notified through the process. I have two other BMW's that I will be installing these kits on and will do for any other vehicle I have in the future. I recommend this upgrade to anyone with a vehicle period. Thanks K&N for your help!

Spring Hill, Florida

September 19, 2014
Was very easy to order and choose the correct filter.

John Bordner

September 19, 2014
Have noticed increase in horsepower and torque. I notice it more during the high rpms. It was very easy to install (came with instructions). Also helped engine response time. It also looks great.

Geoffrey Collawn
Birmingham Alabama

September 18, 2014
EZ PZ. Very happy customer.

David Richardson
Jefferson, Massachusetts

September 18, 2014
Excellent so far.

Charles Icard
Charleston, South Carolina

September 18, 2014
I have been a K&N filter user for more than a decade and love the quality of the products. The online order arrived within 3-4 days and the filter was the exact item I've used before. Top tier quality and easy to install. I will continue to use K&N in the future and continue recommending them to friends and family!

Richard Harris
Tampa, Florida

September 18, 2014
Quality product easy installation looks good under the hood

Tom Kraska
Saint Louis Missouri

September 18, 2014
Fast shipping and appears that it will do the task they were designed for.

Mike Dunkle

September 18, 2014
I bought the intake kit mostly for better fuel economy . It was straight forward and easy to install. I can feel the Horse power difference , no hard data , I have seen only a slight difference in mileage . I am going to seal up the box better ,even with the supplied gasket there are still gaps, I hope that helps.

David Stoinski
Winneconne Wisconsin

September 17, 2014
I just put the K&N filter on my 2010 R1 bike. You can tell there's more performance. Should have put it on when I first bought the bike.

Bartlett, Tennessee

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