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April 16, 2011
I bought just a stock replacement filter, not a intake kit, and I gained 4mpg. I now recommend K&N filters to everyone. Every time I do work on my family and friends cars I change the air filter with a K&N. I was skeptical at first but now I'm sold. Great product!


April 15, 2011
Just like to say thank you guys so much for the quality that you provide. My old ford Focus from 2000 can now drive an extra 30-50km on a tank and went from 75hp to 83hp :) Greatest investment ever!!! Especially since the gas price has gone up to 1.66 Euro/Litre here...


Kjell Yaman

April 13, 2011
I have been using the KN air filter in our Chev. Suburban for 7 years. I have cleaned it only twice and it does a great job. The mileage is better since I started using the filter also.


April 13, 2011
It's product is very good. I bought a K&N filter for my car. So the filter increaseed my car's performance and power. My car's sound changed like a sports car. It's an amaizing product. Thank u K&N....

Sreenath. A.S
Chengannur, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

April 12, 2011
Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the quick service. I told you about the problem on Monday and had a new filter at my door on Tuesday. You folks are tops.

Richard E. Chandler
Winchester, California

April 12, 2011
I use an intake air filter and oil filter on my 1995 Honda Civic.  I have noticed about an 8% improvement on gas mileage with these products.

Richard Willis
Simpsonville, South Carolina

April 11, 2011
I installed one of your K&N Cold air intakes on my 2011 Jeep Wrangler over a month ago and have been getting 4 to 5 miles per gallon more on my gas milage.  I LOVE IT!!  As a military member and always on a tight budget, it was a phenominal investment.  Do you have any other suggestions/products that might help out even more, with the outrageous prices for gas?  I proudly display my K&N sticker on my Jeep and tell everyone (especially all the Jeep owners in my 4X4 club) about your amazing products!!  Thank you

Justin Light
Crystal Lake, Illinois

April 9, 2011
I've been driving a 94' Proton Wira 12V SOHC Carb ever since I got my driving license.  It was previously driven by my mum.  Ever since I'm driving this car, I've been searching for an aftermarket Air Filter for my car.  As I couldn't seem to be able to find K & N filter to suit my vehicle, I've tried numerous brand such as Simota, Redline, and etc.  I never seem to be satisfied with the performance though they give better response compared to OEM air filters.
Until recently, I decided to use custom air box & find suitable K & N filter to fit my car.  A K&N E-2630 air filter seems to fit my new custom airbox.  
What can I say?  My car now is able to catch up with those higher powered DOHC vehicles on the road without much trouble.  Hitting top speed can be done easily now!

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

April 9, 2011
I like your product. It saves me gas and money on air filters.

El Paso, Texas

April 9, 2011
I have a 1997 4.3 vortec chevy blazer 4x4 that i was lucky to get 15 mpg from. Since it DEFINITELY wouldnt hurt, i installed a stock replacement filter (i didnt go with the entire intake) and instantly i noticed a gain in low end power and now i average about 20 despite the engine not running quite right! I just installed one in my 2007 envoy 4.2 vortec 4x4 because i was getting 13.5mpg and im putting the intake on my 1997 gmc sierra 5.7 vortec 4x4 to wake it up a little and help the mpg's. TO THOSE WHO WONDER ABOUT THESE OR THINK THEY ARE B/S, THINK AGAIN. THEY WORK AND THEY WORK WELL AND ARE PERFECTLY COMPATABLE WITH YOUR VEHICLE AND YOUR VEHICLE CAN AND WILL BENEFIT FROM THE USE OF ONE OF THESE EXCELLENT AIR FILTERS!


April 8, 2011
I own a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged.  When I bought the car brand new, I installed the K&N Typhoon Air Intake and I was impressed.  I was impressed so much I had the car dyno'd by a local performance shop.  The car came stock with 205hp (at the flywheel)...after I installed the Typhoon, it dyno'd at 225hp at the wheels.  What an improvement!!!

Jim Mitchell
Independence, Missouri

April 7, 2011
I've replaced OEM air filters with the equivalent K&N filters in all my vehicles for the last 10 years or so. I've never really seen any appreciable increase in mileage using the replacement filter cartridges, but I can feel a gain in horsepower in the weak little 4 cylinder cars I've had. When I bought my 2008 Mustang GT I decided to splurge and get the CAI kit No.63-2565. Not only did I gain about 10 HP at the rear wheels, but my highway mileage jumped from 27 mpg to 31 mpg cruising at 70 mph. Not too shabby for a 300ish HP V8 engine. If K&N made a CAI kit for my Ford Ranger I'd buy it. It's not a race vehicle, but I'm sure I would enjoy a little more HP and better mileage, although 27 mpg highway isn't bad for a small P/U truck.

RL Martin

April 7, 2011
RC-1060 air filter .. it's really superb. . .

Wayanad, Kerala, India

April 7, 2011
I have Apache RTR 180 bike. I installed a RC-1060 KANDN filter to my bike. It's really wonderful, I can't talk more about this filter. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL

Davangere Karanataka India

April 6, 2011
Today is April 6,2011 and I just purchased a 33-2385 air-filter for my 2009 Ford Heavy Duty F350. After talking to a friend of mine, he suggested that I try your air filter for better gas mileage. Well... I just installed it in my truck and will be on the hwy. in the morning...I am looking forward to giving you a good report. Until then-thank you.


April 4, 2011
I have had the K&N chrome intake system on my 2006 Pontiac GTO for several years now.  Not only does the system look great under the hood, it allows the car to reach it's full performance potential.  I can't understand why the auto makers of high performance vehicles don't automatically install a K&N system as standard equipment.  Any car with a supercharger or turbo shouldn't be without one!

Jim Hollich
Algonquin, Illinois

April 4, 2011
I bought a 2011 Silverado 1500 5.3L at the end of December. I only drove a couple weeks with the OEM air filter before I replaced it with the K&N Air Filter, so I can't really compare the gas mileage I was getting before. I have around 3,400 miles on it right now and I am averaging 17.5 mpg. That is about 40% highway and 60% city. I did notice right away the acceleration was better and the air filter eliminated the hesitation that Chevy's can have when you accelerate from a standstill. Great purchase and highly recommended.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

April 3, 2011
Wow, huge difference in performance using a K&N air filter. I was only expecting to own a filter I can clean and reuse, got that and much more. Thank you K&N for making superior products.

Robert Magno
2009 Honda Shadow Aero
K&N air filter
Vance & Hines Cruzers
Dyno Jet Kit (No.126 main)

Robert Magno

April 1, 2011
I bought a K&N filter for my 1988 Supercharged Toyota MR2, The Car performs great. Thanks K&N well worth the money for a high flow air filter. I also noticed my gas mileage go up.

Saskatchewan Canada

April 1, 2011
I installed the CAI on my new 2010 Silverado 5.3 pick-up and I noticed the performance difference immediately.  I want to comment on your customer service and engineering. SECOND TO NONE.  I was having some engine light/warranty issues and your engineering staff, specifically Troy Green, was all over it.  When it looked like the CAI may have been the engine error issue he was right on top of it and even offered to refund my money. I was more surprised how quickly I was able to reach someone and start working the problem.  I was literally in the dealership calling and troubleshooting over the phone with Troy.  If this is the level of customer service K&N provides you have made a customer for life with me and I will spread the word.  THANKS!!!

Lansing, Michigan

March 31, 2011
I've used your filters in all my trucks because they give me better mileage and last forever.

Ashley Bunch
Quincy, Illinois

March 31, 2011
Dear All,
I bought an FJ cruiser three months back and was quiet happy with the performance, last weekend another FJ cruiser was  beside mine waiting in the traffic signal and was raving, the guy gave me a signal to race and I really wanted to do it, he took off like an F1 and I saw him waiting for me 3 miles away. I stopped the car and asked him about the performance factor .He just smiled and told me K&N.
The very next day I went to a car shop in Doha and fixed the Part 77-9034KP air intake.
It was really a dream come true situation, I just cant explain to you guys the difference in the power and the BHP.
Now I wait for Thursdays to come so that I can take my FJ to the dunes of QATAR and Challenge some Naughty boys like me .
K&N is not for a boy's toy  ...its just for a man's machine ........

Sarath Rajan

March 27, 2011
I just installed the FIPK intake kit (57-3058) on my Silverado VortecMax and I can't believe how disappointed I am- that I actually bought another intake kit before this one. I've had your filters on four previous vehicles and know what a great product you have, but this time wanted the whole kit, so I went a little cheaper and decided on a kit that promised to truely flow for me. I did notice a little pickup, and a really hot steel intake tube. Well, now four years later I found a great price on the K&N intake kit for my truck and pulled the trigger. Dang it. My VMax absolutely came alive. I thought that I would pick up a bit over the other kit I had, but was shocked at the difference. I will hit the track and pass on my time differences so that the masses will know the difference between flow and go. Your products are incredible and I promise to never stray again. Awesome.

Des Moines, Iowa

March 27, 2011
Its been almost 6 months since I installed your filter on my Royal Enfield TBTS. Comparing the previous filter it has proven to give me better accelaration, fuel efficiency and the thumping sound is of a matured one.. I am planing to buy an Alto K10 and within a month or so will change the air filter to KNN

Buy one and feel the difference. you won't regret. As rightly said , quality never comes cheap.


March 25, 2011
I just installed my new K&N filter (33-2247) at 200 miles on my brand new 2011 Hemi 1500 Ram. I Can't believe the hp gain from it. That Hemi roars now!!! I have used K&N for 30 yrs and would trust no other filter on any of my vehicles.

Matthew Buhler
Nampa, Idaho

March 24, 2011
I installed the K&N intake on my 2008 V-6 Honda Accord. Right away I noticed the car idle was quieter....however step on the gas and it sounds AWESOME above 2500 rpm. A definite increase in power. The intake is a high quality product and you can tell was carefully manufactured using good materials. You'll be happy if you upgrade to the full intake, well worth the price. Don't fall for the cheap imitation.THANKS K&N

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

March 24, 2011
I like the performance and being able to clean and re-use.

Jack Reichert
Kohler, Wisconsin

March 23, 2011
I just installed a K&N High-Flow Replacement Air Filter into my '03 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic and can already tell the difference.  Both acceleration & throttle response seem to have significantly improved.

When my '98 Ford Taurus SE Wagon was nearly new (at 11,053 miles), I installed a new K&N Air Filter. There's now just shy of 260,000 miles on this filter and after more cleanings than I can remember, it's still going strong & working perfectly.  I now also have K&N Air Filters in my wife's '02 Ford Focus and my son's '01 Toyota Corrolla.

I won't have any other air filter in any vehicle I own.  Sure, they're initially a bit pricy, but they will pay for themselves over and over again.  Put one in and you'll never regret it.

John Griffith
Vienna, West Virginia

March 22, 2011
Best product ever owned (AirCharger Air Intake). I love it when my Suburban roars when you take off at a light. I have and will recomend to everyone. I know it improved fuel economy, preformance, hp and much much more feels like in my Suburban like driving Corvette preformance

Travis Khan
Cypress, Texas

March 21, 2011
I have the Cold Air Intake system on my 1994 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L and love it. More power and it can breath much better than the stock box. Thanks K&N

Chris Vester
North Bend, Oregon

March 19, 2011
I purchased an air filter for a 2006 Ford Ranger on 17 March 2011. I noticed a considerable difference as soon as I started the engine, the exceleration and the power was there as soon as I steped on the excelerator. The engine idled smother and it was a pleasure to drive. I also noticed a big difference in the fuel mileage, I recomend that everyone with a gas guzzling truck upgrade to a K&N filter they will be happy doing so.   

Kevin Luce
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada

March 18, 2011
I own a new 2010 Camaro LS. I just bought and installed a Typhoon Kit (69-4520TP). WOW!!! My Camaro’s acceleration greatly improved, it now sounds mean and aggressive like the V8 and my MPG is still increasing! The kit was very easy to install. Took about 30 min and I have minimal automotive knowledge. Thank you so much K&N!!! Amazing product. I’m going to purchase another kit for my SUV.

Woodland, California

March 18, 2011
So impressed with the product they sell and K&N's willingness to help, I went out today and purchased one for my new 2010 Ford Explorer. Fit is perfect and the response from the throttle is quick and crisp. Love these filters!

Satisfied Customer
New York

March 17, 2011
Refreshing to run across a company that really stands behind the products they sell! And are so overwhelmingly ready to help. I will be a K&N customer for life!.....As if I wasn't already! This Just reinforced that fact. To everyone at K&N Thank you!

satisfied customer
New York

March 17, 2011
I am shocked and amazed by the difference the filter has created in my Chevy Cruze 2.0L LTZ. I didn't know a small change in the air in take can create such a high driving pleasure.

I am so happy and highly recommend this filter to all fellow Cruze owners

Arup Das
Ahmedabad, India

March 16, 2011
I have cold air intakes on my 2004 F-350 and my 2008 GT500 Mustang and they work just great and were the best price around for these type of items. I highly recommend them to others.

Douglas Chappee
Bartlett, New Hampshire

March 16, 2011


March 15, 2011
I have a fresh air inlet on my 2003 one ton diesel dully, on my 2010 GMC, 5.3 engine and on my 2007 Ford Edge. your KN air filter and synthetic motor oil saves me a bunch on fuel. Love your products.

Ed Schmitt
Medford, Oklahoma

March 13, 2011
Installed a K&N filter on my 07' Honda Accord EXL with the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. I noticed a slight increase in acceleration and gained +2 mpg. I was averaging 31 mpg now I average 33 mpg with the K&N filter. I would recommend this filter to anyone.

Allen Bray
Moscow, Texas

March 10, 2011
I have run K&N filters in my VZ SS Ute and now my HSV VXR Turbo, they have been unmatched for both performance and value for money!!

Sydney, Australia

March 9, 2011
I have 99 Jetta 2.0L and always had the paper filter on it and it seemed to make my car a lot slower and when I got on the freeway my car could bearly hit 80mph but when I bought the K&N air filter my car just went crazy with a nice response on my MPG AND HP. K&N IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave M
Sonoma, California

March 8, 2011
I've used a K&N air filter on my 2006 SEAT CORDOBA ( Volkswagen group ) with a 1.4 liter engine for 4 years. The product made the tiny 75 Hp VW engine run much smoother with a roaring race-car sound at full throttle and with better fuel consumption (about 6 liters/100 km). Great product. Now I am planing to install one on my new Honda Civic as well.


March 7, 2011
Just put the kit (RK-3930) on my 2010 Electra Glide (flhtc) Harley motorcycle. It was very easy, faster throttle response and was pleased that the idle stayed the same. I have other K&N kits on other motorcycles and never had been disappointed of the functions of the kits. Thank you all for doing such a great job on the manufacturing of K&N. Blessings

Henry Lugo
Jasper, Georgia

March 5, 2011
I'm really amaized with the superb sound and performance of K&N . . . I bought a new Bajaj Pulsar 220 F . . . and will upgrade it with K&N shortly. . .Really awesome!!!!

Wayanad, Kerala, India

March 4, 2011
 I am Vineeth. I have been using a K&N airfilter in my HONDA ACTIVA. It's amaizing that my SCOOTER is so more powerful than before. The main thing about K&N air filters are the sudden pickup and the roaring sound, feels like a racing bike......THANKS TO K&N TEAM. Proud to be part of K&N FAMILY...................
THANK U K&N........

Kottayam, India

March 4, 2011
Hi my name is Jayaraj. I put a k&n filter in my Pulser 220. Now my bike is more powerful than before. I am very very happy with the k&n filter. Thanks to k$n.

Jayaraj R
Kottayam, Kerala, India

March 4, 2011
I've been using a K&N air filter in my bike. It has an amaizing sound and good pick up also.......

Banglore, India

March 3, 2011
For the last 2 years I've been using a K&N air filter for my Bajaj Discover 135 and Honda Active. It's awesome. Can you recommend any other performance parts from K&N...

Vishnu Dev
Karnataka, Gulbarga, India

March 2, 2011
I just installed the Typhoon CAI system (69-4520) on my 2011 Red Jewel Camaro RS, OMG!!! It sounds amazing. The install was too easy & only took 20mins. The only thing I didn't like was having to trim the corner of the engine cover so it wouldn't rub the intake tube. Besides that, you can feel & hear the difference. Take off is way faster & the sound is soo much better. You guys are awesome & I would strongly recommend this to any one who has the gen5 Camaro V6. It's a must have bolt-on.

Michael J
Atlanta Georgia

March 1, 2011
On my friend's advice, I got K&N RC-1060 fitted on my Honda Stunner. Along with it, I also got NGK Iridium Spark plug & Splitfire Spark plug cable fitted. I love the sound of my Bike now. Power is now 13.90ps, up from original 11.20ps. Bike easily touches 105 km/hr now. Engine cc is 125. No change in Mileage. Love the acceleration of my Bike now. Thank You K&N..

Manpreet Singh Bala
Ghaziabad, India

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