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October 27, 2013
The product was easy to install (77-3070KP). It took me about an hour to install by just reading the instructions and doing what they said. I am not a mechanic but it is pretty straight forward. The sound is great and the power is nice when pulling a trailer. The gas mileage I am still checking. Good product and good service. I would recommend this company and product.

Donnie Howell
West Virginia

October 27, 2013
Air filter for my Veloster Turbo.
K&N the filters for those who want only the best!

Rochester, Minnesota

October 27, 2013
Arrived in a timely manner. installation was simple, and is working as promised. (69-2547TS)

Jeffrey William Dirr
Cincinnati, Ohio

October 27, 2013
I always change to a K&N Filter when getting a new vehicle. Never had a problem with availability or shipping when ordering.

Tom Hartwig

October 27, 2013
Needed a shorter filter to fit my 383 in a 78 Corvette so I asked a K&N tech if they had something. He sent me an email with this part number (E-3740). Fits perfect and since it is a lifetime filter, you can't beat the price.


October 27, 2013
Very easy to install and definitely noticed a difference in performance. (57-3021-1)

Pat Dean

October 27, 2013
Delivered quick, exactly what I ordered, and a perfect fit! I love the way it was so easy to install, and how it looks! The sound at WOT is great!! (69-2547TS)

Ric Robin

October 27, 2013
My 4th car with this upgrade and I continue to be amazed at the ease of installation and the difference it makes in vehicle performance.

J. White
Dallas, Texas

October 27, 2013
Excellent wall art and value!!! (89-11839 banner)

Steve Kimsey
Dadeville, Alabama

October 27, 2013
Gave my car a noticeable amount of horsepower. Love it! (69-1009TWR)

Ukiah, California

October 27, 2013
I bought 2 of these RU-0155 filters to install on 22mm Mikuni round slide carbs that I use on Mini Bike engines. They were a perfect fit and unlike the foam covered filters sold for this application, these were shorter and gave me better clearance from my rear fenders. These are also much more durable than the other brand. I would highly recommend these for Mini Bike and Go Kart engine use if you use the 22mm Mikuni's commonly used for this purpose.

Rochester, N.Y.

October 27, 2013
Great items to choose from, Thanks! (89-16063)

Rod Miller
Fayetteville Arkansas

October 27, 2013
 Good product    much better the sgueeze bottle than the oil spray bottle.  I could never get it all out as it seemed to lose propellant.  Thanks and I will continue as I have 3 vehicles with K&N filters.

Apple Valley, California

October 27, 2013
I got exactly what I ordered, a better air filter (E-0787), that lets my diesel breath better. I haven't been able to track any changes yet being that it's still too early to tell. But one thing is for sure, I will save money in the end just for the fact that I can clean this filter when it's dirty. So just based on that it's a winner in my pocket book and the environment.

Scott Jensen
Vallejo, California

October 27, 2013
After restoring my 1966 Triumph Bonneville, which came from the factory with velosity stacks, I installed UK air filters with paper elements.  It would only run 65 MPH before chocking out.  I changed many jets, but got the same results.  

I purched a pair if KN filters (TB-0100) and was very pleased when it exceeded 80+ mph.  I didn't attempt any higher speeds.

Platte City, Missouri

October 27, 2013

Product (E-1997) was shipped quickly, and arrived undamaged.

Installation was easy.....direct replacement for OEM filter...fit exactly as the original.

OEM filter needs replaced every 10k-11k miles @ $80 per filter.  K&N is a good value even if it does not last 50k miles.  Clearly less restrictive.

Thanks Mike

PS:  I have your filters in my other cars.

Mike Paletta
Los Angeles, California

October 27, 2013
Very nice air system (57-2543). Easy install took about 45 mins. Haven't put No.'s on gas mileage but I know it has improved as well as hp. Will buy again for my other pickup.

Reed Booth
Pine, Idaho

October 27, 2013
Easy to install fast shipment love the performance. (63-1564)

Justin Franzese
Putnam, Pennsylvania

October 27, 2013
I have been using K&N filters for several years and am completely satisfied with the product...

Ronnie Yocham
New Mexico

October 27, 2013
This product was easy to use with complete instructions and worked great.


October 27, 2013
Great filter.  The attached nut eliminates the need for an expensive BMW oil filter removal tool.

Moound, Minnesota

October 27, 2013
I have bought K&N cold air systems in the past and once again I was blown away by how simple the install is and how well it works!  Keep up the great work!


October 27, 2013
Best oil filter money can buy. Run K&N oil filters in all of my vehicles.

Joe Long
Plains, Pennsylvania

October 27, 2013
It's the best air filter. I use this filter (RU-4740) on my Honda TRX450r for many years, great quality. Thanks


October 26, 2013
Very good product. Fast shipment.

Mitch Kartaschoff
Sarasota, Florida

October 26, 2013
I would recommend this filter to any F350 drivers out there! It not only works great, but K&N sent it within 2 days. Perfect filter, and perfect service.

Jake Driskell
Wildomar, California

October 26, 2013
The shinping is very fast and the price is not bad.

Weilin Zhu
Monterey Park, California

October 26, 2013
Nice hat (88-12072)

Joel Mullett
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

October 26, 2013
Quick Shipment. Fits great.  Bike runs real well on it (HD-1388). Complete satisfaction. Thank You K&N

Ben Lomond, California

October 26, 2013
Great product. Works very well at cleaning and oiling you filter for protection. will buy more when needed. thanks!

Glenn Hammett
Salina, Kansas

October 26, 2013
Fit's kinda tight but I guess thats what you need for protection from dust and dirt. over all good product (SU-4002PK). Would buy again!

Glenn Hammett
Salina, Kansas

October 26, 2013
Awesome product.  My Buell is a different bike!

Mike Nofi
Rohnert Park, California

October 26, 2013
So much better than a paper filter...

KL Boucher
Northern California

October 26, 2013
I am a long time user of K & N filters and find them to be superior to other filters on the market. Better engine protection and better engine response is what they deliver.

James Kehoe
Houston Texas

October 26, 2013
Product worked as promised. 99-5000

Dennis Wilkey
Terre Haute, Indiana

October 26, 2013
Used a pair of these (RC-2330) on my '80 Hawk, did a re-jet and it runs better than I can remember.


October 26, 2013
Easy to use very good product. 99-5000

Danbury, Connecticut

October 26, 2013
This is my second purchase (33-2279). First was put in my Subaru Forester. The performance boost was well above my expectation. This one is in my wife's Mazda CX7, which is turbo charged. The power increase startled her! Well worth the money.

Philip Warren
Chesterfield, Virginia

October 26, 2013
They are the right filters and are delivered to my front door. KN-564

Richard Gilkison
Bargersville, Indiana

October 26, 2013
Excellent product (57-1525) and an ease to install. My 2001 Ram is breathing better than ever!

Frank Trotta
Lindenhurst, New York

October 26, 2013
Fit perfect. Had a small engine that I was having trouble fitting a filter to.
The website walked me through to find the right filter for a tight installation.

Dave Laur
Kansas City

October 26, 2013
Very easy to install and remove. (KN-153)

Nicholas Serio
Ogdensburg, New York

October 26, 2013
Love K&N products! Always look great .. I enjoy the extra performance and quality products.

Dennis Okuniewicz
United States

October 26, 2013
K&N air and oil filters are at the top of my list.  They trap more particulates than any other filter brand that I've ever used. To top that off you never need to buy a replacement air filter ever again, just simply wash, dry and re-coat them and it's back to being new.  In my opinion they should be a standard item in all new vehicles sold today.  Improved, clean air flow means a cleaner longer lasting engine and since you never replace it, there's nothing to discard.  It's good for your vehicle, gas mileage and for the environment...that's a trifecta in my book!

Mike Rocci
Cheshire, Connecticut

October 26, 2013
Bolted right up, no problems. (57-1553)

Steven Brisbin
Midland, Texas

October 26, 2013
Always trust K&N! (59-3364)

Dennis Okuniewicz
United States

October 26, 2013
Easy install, quality part (69-2547TS). I love k&n. My 4th k&n product. Lots of engine noise better MPG, and slight pickup.

Islip Terrace, New York

October 26, 2013
Received filter (PL-1003) very promptly, fit perfectly. I run a K&N on my truck and ATV. Works great and on ATV pays for it self quickly due to dusty conditions.

St. Paul, Minnesota

October 26, 2013
They were a great product (RC-5127) and they worked out perfect.

Dalton Erlinger
House Springs, Missouri

October 26, 2013
I love the product (63-2582). Gave me four gals per mile both pulling 18,000 lbs and no load condition over what I was getting stock
Thank you, should of done it sooner but price held me back. Excellent

Tony Sabo Jr.
Hudson Falls, N.Y.

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