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November 4, 2013
I noticed a big improvement in the throttle response after installing this filter. The carbon fiber really fits well with my ZL1. I would give it a 5 star rating if the gasket wasn't such a pain to fit around the air box. The instructions said to try and fit it around the outside in one piece. This just isn't possible to make it stay on, so I had to improvise and cut it on the really tight corners. I am very happy with the filter and would buy it again. I would either improve the type of gasket used (not metal core) or revise the instructions though.

Dave Muyskens
Whitehall, Michigan

November 4, 2013
Love it. Great performance. Recomend it.

Dave Sasala
Buffalo, New York

November 4, 2013
Cleaning product it covers filter fast and effectively.

Randy Olson

November 4, 2013
I have K&N filters on all my vehicles. I recently put one on my Jeep TJ and am now getting 3 more mpg. I thought that I would try it on my Gator UTV. It did not fit exactly, but I slightly modified it. It is running okay but have not put enough time on it to see a result.

Ken Preuss
Burt, Michigan

November 4, 2013
Great product!

Mike R Brown
Longview, Texas

November 4, 2013
I have been using K&N air filters for the past few years and would not consider using anything else. The first time I used it I saw a dramatic increase in the acceleration of my car. I increased the mileage also.

The cleaning kit is very easy to use and K&N even has a You-Tube video of detailed instructions to guide you. Since the air filter has to be completely dry before applying the oil spray I have two air filters so that I can have one clean and ready to use when I am ready to clean and replace it.

I would recommend K&N to anyone who is looking for a higher performance product. I will continue using it.


November 4, 2013
This is just one more of the many replacement filters from OEM parts. K&N are simply better quality, cleanable and more green friendly.

William C Powell
Boca Raton, Florida

November 4, 2013
Seems to be a quality product, but still to early to tell since I have only put about 800 miles on the filter since install.


November 4, 2013
Very hard time getting correct part number for my vehicle. Old K&N Number not cross referencing with new K&N number??? Great product, would not have gone through hassle of tracking down correct part number myself if filter wasn't worth the effort.

Scott Strange
Charlotte, North Carolina

November 4, 2013
Can tell the difference in throttle response and sound, stock air filter very sluggish compared to the K&N. Also appears my 13 Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track has picked up an additional 1 to 3 miles per gallon.

Robert Brandies
Granbury, Texas

November 4, 2013
I was notified of the new product for my 2013 Accord and was happy to be using another great K&N filter.

Mark Casha
Fair Oaks, California

November 4, 2013
Nice Filter, Good Value. Glad I bought Direct from K&N too!


November 4, 2013
My 2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible responded as I hoped by using this filter. Gas mileage increased, although I don't know how much yet. The only trip we took with it so far was a convertible run of about 225 miles through Arkansas mountains with several Corvettes. I was able to stay with them and yet average 28 mpg for the day. Have used your filters before in my 2008 Chrysler Pacifica and have always been happy with its performance.

Lee Stafford
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

November 4, 2013
Sounds great and adds a little bit of performance. Worth the price.

Michael Werthan
Nashville, Tennessee

November 4, 2013
This is the second filter I have purchased. The first was for a 1999 Dodge Ram, and now for my 2005 Dodge. I tow a 40 foot 5th wheel with this truck, and the filter has improved gas mileage.

Ron Johnson
Dallas, Oregon

November 4, 2013
Installation was elementary. Once the filters were installed, I left them in place when removing the carburetors for rejetting. Tuning the carburetors was straight forward and the performance increase is very noticable, especially in the mid-range. Had I known how easy this was and how much difference it would make, I would have tossed the stock airbox in the bin the first day I brought my bike home.

Stewart Bunn
Overland Park, Kansas

November 4, 2013
Item was easy to install. It is awesome and the sound makes the motor sound like it's twice its size. Cannot save gas cause I can't keep my foot of the gas pedal. So I can hear the motor come to life......LOL

John Pretti

November 4, 2013
Yes, I do have a comment. The air filtre includes the lubricant solution and instructions to spread a small bead on each pleat. This is impossible to do given there is a metal covering 1/2 of the side of the filter. The metal covering looks great, but I think you need to have a way to remove the filter from the metal protector so lubricant could be applied.

Terrence Judge

November 4, 2013
The installation took me a little longer than advertised because I do not do this type of work normally, so I went very slowly to avoid making any mistakes. The results were excellent. It went in as stated and performs better than expected. The addition of the new air filter has definitely improved performance and adds to the joy of driving my 2012 Camaro 2SS.

Thank you for making it available to a novice enthusiast like me.

Dale May
Cape Coral, Florida

November 4, 2013
This was great and easy to install and should save me a lot of money over the next few years in new filters.

Brian Dillier
Marion, Illinois

November 4, 2013
Great product! I use K&N filters on all of my vehicles.

Roselle, Illinois

November 4, 2013
Disappointed with product performance. Heard from multiple sources that this product improved MPG and horsepower.
My actual MPG went down from 24 to 23 MPG. with little to no difference in power.
It's only redeeming quality is that it's a lifetime filter. So if you are putting hundreds of thousands of miles on you vehicle before trading it in for a newer model you'll save a few bucks on air filters.

Mark Smith
Rancho Cucamonga, California

November 4, 2013
Great product!!! This new HYBRID Filter is Exceptional. By using this product on the new filter, I have saved time and a bunch of money with each usage. In today's economic climate, every dollar helps. Just wish K&N could build more/all filters like the HYBRID. Thanks K&N.

Steve Shanahan
Dade City, Florida

November 4, 2013
Best air filter ever! I just put one in my wife's 2014 Jeep Compass, and the increase in pickup is very evident. I'm sure the gas mileage will increase also-just like it did when I put a K&N filter in our Honda Fit. Thanks for a great product!

Bob Brightwell
Mission, Texas

November 4, 2013
Love the performance intake kit. Have already increased my average MPG from 13.4 mpg to 15.6 and the only change in my driving habits has been flooring the gas a little more than I would with out the performance filter - because of the quicker response, increased horsepower and the cool sound the engine makes now that it has the ability to breath freely, LOL. Thanks Again.

Allen Latoour
Laconia, New Hampshire

November 4, 2013
Easy install, sounds great, but didn't improve my fuel milage enough to justify the price. Throttle response is better and more torque. I'm a light foot person also.

Mike Wilson
Delbaront, West Virginia

November 3, 2013
Waste of money, truck lost all bottom end power and in general lost power, no noticeable difference gas mileage.

Rick Hart
Louisville, Kentucky

November 3, 2013
Many years using it, excellent results. As described.

Jose Alfonso Garcia Mercedes
Miami, Florida

November 3, 2013
I bought the 33-2480 air filter for my 2013 Mazda 3. I have no regrets about getting this air filter. It has increased MPG and the car even sounds a little better. I would easily recommend getting a K&N air filter.

Chandler, Arizona

November 3, 2013
The best filter there is for my dirt bikes!

Doug Bowers
Glendale, Washington

November 3, 2013
I really like this product. I noticed a difference right away. It even increased my MPG.


David Dominguez

November 3, 2013
I purchased this Air Filter Because the advertisement said it would improved the gas Mileage, It did not.

Chuck Moss
Washington, Illinois

November 3, 2013
Installation was very easy and only took about 20 minutes. One area needs improvement regarding fit. The metal replacement for the top of the air box should have thicker tabs to fit the back of the lower portion of the air box. Either thicker tabs or slip on spacers would help. My unit had a rattle at idle from the tabs vibrating in the lower air box so I built my own spacers which cured the rattle.
From a performance perspective I couldn't really determine a power increase through seat of the pants evaluation. Fuel mileage has stayed the same as it was. I'm using this unit on a Mini Cooper S Roadster and I consistently get 37 to 40 MPG and I don't baby the car. I also have a Quicksilver exhaust system installed.
The intake sound is very good and the blow off on the turbo is more noticeable than stock.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase.


November 3, 2013
Product was exactly as stated, easy to install and works great! Love the sound of my truck when I step on the pedal!

Rich Rollar
Oldsmar, Florida

November 3, 2013
This air filter is amazing. I have some noticable power gains and my gas mileage has improved even more so than the listed 38 mpg highway. Installed in about 15 seconds and it was ready to go. On a recent trip to Las Vegas I was able to drive from my home in San Diego to Vegas and back with a quarter tank of gas still in the tank. I will let you do the math on that one, but it is one of the best purchases that I have made for this vehicle.

San Diego, California

November 3, 2013
I put K&N filters in every vehicle I own and have never been disappointed. I immediately noticed an increase in power and just a smoother running engine. I also have been getting 34-35 mpg since I installed the air filter.

Boulder, Colorado

November 3, 2013
It arrived quickly and was an easy installation in my 88 Honda Civic DX Sedan in time for a 1500 mile trip. I was happy with the fact the filter came pre-oiled and ready to go. On the trip acceleration seemed to be improved as was mileage if I could keep my foot out of it. I got up to just a hair under 40 mpg on one leg of the trip but always in the mid or higher 30's. So far so good.

Lewis Gooch
Irving, Texas

November 2, 2013
I see no improvements in gas mileage or performance.

Jack Anderson

November 2, 2013
Pleased with the quality of the product.


November 2, 2013
I have always been a big fan of K&N stock replacement air filters, Undoubtedly they are the best in the Industry.

Probably Marginally higher in costs but then do you really think of costs when compared with the performance and delivery output of these air filters .... No not at all, at least I don't and I am sure most of the people who drive a high end car won't think much as well :)

Thank you K&N for some spectacular piece of engineering.

Abhijeet K
Mumbai, India

November 2, 2013
Your product is very impressive, great horse power, and good gas mileage. Very easy to install, I would recommend your product to anybody looking for performance addons. Thanks again for great products.

Jeffrey Kennedy
Chinquapin, North Carolina

November 2, 2013
Awesome product and fast shipping.

Jim Buntjer
Rockford, Illinois

November 2, 2013
First off the delivery was impeccable, came a day earlier than expected! But that's besides the point. K&N delivers a very good and clean product well-done from the bottom up and I wouldn't compare them to anyone else. They do deliver some of the best CAI systems and Filters out there. I replaced my stock intake system with this FIPK 57K-2nd gen series CAI and it was instantly noticeable. After a few days though, the computer kicked in and erased its gains...(but what can u say, it's stock)... but there is no slacking on K&N's side. If you put the money forth to really modify your car, than K&N is the way to go. Also on a side note be sure to upgrade that exhaust system, if the air cant get out as fast or faster than its coming in, there's no point. I equipped this on my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L SLT, 2WD/RWD. Thanks for the great product K&N.

Chandler Ruiz
Dallas, Texas

November 2, 2013
This is a new product and I have been checking in weekly for a couple of months. As usual, a perfect fit and have realized a 1.5 MPG increase on first trip. Thanks again fro your products.

Jim Collins
Pelham, Alabama

November 2, 2013
I love the convenience of buying my filters directly from K&N. It saves me money over purchasing at a nearby auto parts store. So, I get a superior product at a great price. This is a no-brainer.

Bryan Shinholt
Columbia, Maryland

November 2, 2013
Hi guys,
I Installed a K&N RC-1060 for my Suzuki GS150R. The ride is amazing!! Smooth and powerful. And I Love the sound now!!! Previously I had installed an r-1100 model, but the bike was bogging a lot! So I did some manipulations and have fit rc-1060 to my bike. Guys, RC-1060 is more than sufficient if you have a 150cc bike, if you go for bigger air filters,the bike would bog a lot since the mixture gets too lean!
Anyways, thanks a lot K&N!!

Mysore, Karnataka

November 2, 2013
Install was easy and very well explained by the instructions and my intake was shipped very fast. It definitely helped with performance, sound, and gas mileage. I love my cold air intake K&N is the best!

Eli Walker
Falmouth, Kentucky

November 2, 2013
I wanted to say thank you so much for understanding the issue with the old mailing address in Castro Valley being incorrect and your team immediately replaced it and sent it to my current address. I was impressed that you did not want me to pay for it, and that you would get them to me ASAP.

I have news, the old address tenant who purchased the house 5 years ago, forwarded the lost shipment to me and I now have the items in my possesion. Impressive they remembered us and took the effort to do so.

How can we make this chain of events and do the right thing? I want to pay for these as i can always use the filters and no sense in us shipping stuff around. I think your generosity and concern for the customer should be honored and I want to see the act of true care be full circle. I told my friends about your service and assistance, and how it saved me the concern about timely maintenance of my motorcycle.

I am a fan and will be purchasing my vehicle needs from your comapny for a long time to come



November 2, 2013
Ordering process was very easy. Item arrived quickly. Fit was perfect. Tight enough it won't come off but still easy to install.


November 2, 2013
I made these fit my Dual Webers on my VW Bug. The motor won't run with them on... But I believe it is a jet change to get it to run. Looks very good though. I just wish K&N would make something that would fit and work on the big aircooled engines.

David miller

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