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October 16, 2011
K&N-world's best air filters!!

Aswin Kurian Abraham
Nagpu, Maharashtra, India

October 15, 2011
I am realy proud of K&N filters because, I'm using K&N filters since last 3 years on my bike, Pulsar 220. Really am, got extra power in my bike and amazing sound. Thank you K&N filters...

Bazil mohammed
Kerala, India

October 10, 2011
I installed a 57-3023-1 (air intake) on my roomate's GMC pickup 1/2 ton 4wd 4.8 auto about a month ago. He tells me that it is still gaining power and performance every time he drives it and I think the computer is still adjusting to it. He say's he can't step on it from a stop anymore without breaking the tires loose, even on the second gear upshift and what he notices on the highway when coming to a hill it doesn't kick down nearly as often as it used to. I just bought one for my Grand Cherokee, can't wait to see the difference part No.57-1526


October 9, 2011
Works amazing in my 04 Chevy Cavalier. Noticed differences in acceleration, and fuel economy. Gained 2 mpg in the city and 6 mpg on the highway. Very good investment. No more down shifting on a larger grade hill. Easy install.

Jeremy Heyden

October 8, 2011
Hi all...
I own a weak ride and could not afford a hi-perfo ride soon due to insufficient funds :(
2day, i installed a K&N RC-1060 high flow air filter for my Bajaj Discover 125 and was blown back hearing it roar at me...!!!
I have seen this stuff installed in my friends high perfo rides and never thought that it could do the same change on mine...!!!

I guess upjetting wont be a big issue

Thnanks to Ken & Norm for the free flow solution... :)

Hari Narayanan
Kollam / Bangalore / Chennai India

October 7, 2011
Very goods products.Superior performance of the engine. Excelent packaging. Very complete Web site. You are profesionals. Congrats.

Eddie Boullosa Pérez
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

October 6, 2011
I have a Karizma R series (223cc) and I decided to get a K&N air filter for it instead of replacing it with a stock one. I really didn't think it would make much difference, but figured the K&N would filter out more dirt. Well after I put it in and took it out for a drive, I can tell you that it makes the engine run much better and does give a small horsepower boost.


October 6, 2011
I have an old 76 Toyota pickup with 20r motor, 4speed manual with 4:11 rear end. Before installing the K&N air filter I was getting between 17-18mpg combined driving.  The stock filter was clean.  After installing the K&N air filter my mpg improved to over 21mpg combined.  Even got 20.6 mpg fully loaded with camping gear! I now get over 310 miles to a tankful.  I highly recommend these filters!  

Steve Bloomquist
Gig Harbor, Washington

October 5, 2011
Bought one for my 2006 Honda Big Ruckus! It moves as soon as I turn the Throttle! Power is great and it feels a lot quicker off the line! Taxis don't have a chance of passing me! Ha! Ha! Thanks K&N!  

Ron M.
Chicago, Illinois

October 2, 2011
I just installed this (77-1560KTK) Cold-Air Intake Kit on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the new 3.6L Pentastar engine and immediately noticed an improvement in acceleration response vs. the stock system! It looks great installed as well!!!  I had a K&N Cold-Air Intake Kit on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Limited with 4.0L I-6 and it made a tremendous difference.  Love your products!  Keep up the great work!


September 30, 2011
I've been putting K&N filters in my cars for 20 years.  It's the first thing I do when I buy a car.  The other day, I took it out to clean, and did not have time to wait for it to dry, so I put the stock paper filter back in for the time being.  I keep meticulous track of my gas mileage, and was surprised to see an immediate decrease in gas mileage of 10%.  I've always known that I get better mileage with a K&N, but quantifying a 10% difference in mileage is pretty impressive.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

September 29, 2011
I'm using a k&n for my bike and it's so amazing....thanks for giving more syle and power to my bike.

Anil T George
Kerala, India

September 24, 2011
I recently purchased a K&N panel filter and it has had a vast difference to my car not only is it performing a lot better now it is also extremely economical and saving me lots of money.

Keenan Smith

September 23, 2011
Thanks for making a great product I have 5 X 14 K&N air filter on my dirt track car. I have had on there for 18 years. I have gone thought Six cars and only one K&N filter.Thanks for being there lap after lap from the wetest track to the dustiest track. K&N has taken me to victory lane race after race. THANKS
Distant Thunder Racing
No.50 I.M.C.A. Sportmod.

Craig Kea

September 23, 2011
Mind blowing k&n, My pulsar 180 UG4 has had a k&n for 1 year and the result is superb sound, people looking @ me and what a mileage increase 25 to 37. Thanks my power is K&N, I really love that.. What performance after k&n installed. Thanks k&n

Gokul Krishna
Alappuzha, Kerala India

September 23, 2011
Hey I called about a filter for my motorcycle. I got Robert and man we walked through every filter in the book. He even went online so I could show him what it was I had. And finally we found something that would work. Man he really put in the time with me. Thanks a lot Robert you're the best ever....

P.S. I wish I could give you a raise.....


September 13, 2011
I put the 57 series on my 2005 Ram 1500 Hemi. I am VERY impressed with the fit and finish of your product. I use to race Sport Bikes and have used K&N products before, with great results. I got better gas mileage and preformance with the new filter,

Jeff Van Auken
Minneapolis, Minnesota

September 10, 2011
Hello folks, I spoke with you a few weeks ago about the new filter (HD-0900) for the Sportster 2004 and up....and I need to tell you! It is so far Superior over the Screaming Eagle filter. It is absolutely amazing, the fit is perfect and the quality can't be beat or duplicated.

I want to thank you, for what you have done with precision for our bikes.

Alan Wolff
San Diego, California

September 9, 2011
I have a 2011 Camaro LS and I installed a K&N air intake. The installation was very easy , my sugestion is to do it step by step with no rush, K&N provides all the hardware, lay all the parts on the floor and identify first each part, each screw for easy installation. The only moment that you need to be careful is when it comes to install the oxygen sensor from the old air duct to the K&N, make sure is all the way in, not too much pressureand you are going to be OK, no check engine light afterwards. (this happens because if the sensor is not installed correctly there will be an escape of air). After the installion you will hear some bangs coming from the intake, DON'T BE AFRAID, it is normal, the car computer will adjust the new air flow within seconds. The result?? An amazing roar, very deep sound, a new acceleration. The car acceleration improved I would say 85%. Very happy with the K&N air intake, a must buy.

Ronald Q
Miami, Florida

September 6, 2011
We have been installing K&N products - air filters and oil filters - for years and have achieved 100% positive customer satisfaction feedback. Never has a product failed us and that is important when it comes to reliability, dependability and performance enhancements. Thanks K&N for the great portfolio of excellent products!

Ray F. Riley
Benidorm, Spain

September 3, 2011
I have installed a K&N airfilter on my bike (Honda Stunner) and the firing has changed. I got an increase in mileage and I love the roaring sound and yes I love to race with my monster... thanx2 K&N team

Pune, India

September 2, 2011
I have 2003 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 V6 and I added a K&N air filter and I love the little bit of power I got and also love the better fuel mileage . I have always used K&N in any vehicle I have ever owned I love K&N  you guys rock!!!!

Middleboro, Massachusetts

August 29, 2011
Installed a K&N intake kit to my 2007 Dodge Charger R/T.
The installation was a dream (thanks to the set up instructions provided)
Wow what a difference it has made to the performance of my car, incredible.  Really glad that I went for K & N.

Fazal Ali Khan
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

August 27, 2011
I added your filter and intake tube to my BMW 325i and am more than pleased. The growl is great and it removed a low down flat spot and added a little more kick but the best bit is it improved my fuel economy by at least 1.2L per 100km, a savings of about $1.60+ per 100km. It will pay for itself in the not too distant future. I have always had a K&N filters in my cars over the years and recommend them to everyone

Ross Colburn
Sunshine Coast, Australia

August 26, 2011
  Hey,you guys are awesome! K&N rocks!
I run K&N in all my vehicles,have for 20 years.The most amazing testimonial of mine, however is my little 1993 Mazda B2200 pick-up truck(4 cyl.) which I bought new. The day I got it,drained the conventional oil,went with full synthetic oil and most importantly K&N'ed it!

  It has been a bullet-proof work truck,hauling thousands of pounds of concrete,construction equipment, multiple 55 gallon drums of diesel,up to the job site,located in the mountains,elevation 2000 feet! This truck has  never missed  a beat,has never broken down ever, and it now has 300,000 miles and still runs smooth and strong, 30 MPG!

               K&N ROCKS!!!

Brad Svoboda
Santa Rosa, California

August 21, 2011
I purchased a K&N air intake for my 2005 Ford F-350 6.0L Diesel from an online source.  When I received it, I realized that there was a problem with the fit of the top.  I contacted the online source and K&N.  K&N stepped up and immediately responded with a new kit.  Thank you K&N.  This makes vehicle number 5 that runs with K&N - Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler and Hyundai.

Alex K.
Chandler, Arizona

August 18, 2011
Just popped in a K & N filter on my 03 F-150, and all I can say is wow...!!! Noticed a huge difference as soon as I started it, throttle response is just incredible..!! You guys rock...!!!

Redford, Michigan

August 15, 2011
I recently had the K&N 69-6540 Typhoon air intake installed in my 2006 Lancer ES 2.0L and the gains in throttle response and power were beyond anything I expected from just changing the intake and the sound is nothing short of cool! I am now getting more enjoyment when driving my car aggressively and better mileage when just cruising around.

I would recommend K&N's intake systems to anyone.....thanks K&N you guys rock!!

K&N cool it down...crank it up!

Darwin NT Australia

August 12, 2011
Great Products


August 11, 2011
I just put on K&N's cold air intake system for my 2008 Chevy Silverado 4.8L.  I could definitely feel and hear the difference.  Reading some reviews on the web made me a little sceptical, but I'm glad I purchased it and put on my truck.  One thing that I think would make it easier for install is print out better directions i.e. higer quality pictures and better explanations on which bolts to use.  Other than that, I'm amazed in the difference and glad I chose to upgrade my truck with this system. THANKS!

Nathan Alexander
Huntsville, Alabama

August 11, 2011
Happily satisfied...with the products.

Gursimran Singh
Bharat TVS Kaithal, India

August 10, 2011
Long story short - the filter outlasted my car. Noticeable improvement in acceleration and fuel mileage probably added 2 mpg. Happy customer will buy again.

SLC, Utah

August 8, 2011
I purchased this FIPK intake for my truck to replace the drop-in filter which also was a K&N filter. I was very happy with that filter but wanted more. Wow did I get what I asked for. When I put the FIPK in my truck it had over 100k miles on it. It's like a brand new truck. Awesome power. My mileage at long interstate trips cruising at 80 mph is consistently at 19 mpg. Where as before was at around 16. Customer for life...

Stillwater, Minnesota

August 5, 2011
I've been using a k&n filter for about 3 years on my Dio and Honda City........... the performance of those vehicles have been increased so much that I can't even tell............ I love k&n filters they are the best filters in the whole world....... just love...... don't think just buy them......... :D

Dehradun, India

August 4, 2011
After my friend fitted a K&N filter for my Yamaha FZS, the difference in the performance of the bike can actually be felt....... there is a combination of power and smoothness while riding it... It's like a lion that purrs and growls at the same time...
I have suggested to all my biker friends.

Sieanna DaSilva
Mumbai, India

August 4, 2011
Just installed the short ram intake on my 03 Chevrolet Cavalier and I'll admit I was skeptical about the performance upgrade I would recieve from this part.  After driving it, I was amazed with the throttle response and sound that the new intake gave my car.  I would recommend to anyone, young or old, that wants more out of their Cavalier to install (very easy installation) this intake on their ride.  Thanks to k and n for making another great product and letting me enjoy driving much much more!!


August 4, 2011
I truely love the K&N products. the great customer service, and products make K&N the best. I couldn't tell you which is better the increased mpg or the power. Thank you K&N!


August 3, 2011
Good & Efficient

Thomas Cherian
Kerala, India

August 1, 2011
I have purchased and installed this K&N filter on my 2008 Cadillac CTS with a 3.6L v6 and what a difference. Thanks for a great product.

Doug Hightower
Austin, Texas

August 1, 2011
We have Bajaj Pulsar 150cc...which we have fitted a K&N filter in July 2011...after one month our bike got extra mileage, boost power, pickup etc.. we are really happy to use the K&N filter
Thanks to K&N......

SVS Hudugru
Bengaluru, India

July 27, 2011
Finally got the air fliter part no 33-2978 from Methods Automotive Bangalore.
Let me tell you Mr.Kumar and Mr. Nagraj were very helpful to dispatch the filter to Pune as soon as they got it from US.
The filter has pepped up my I10 IRDE Hyundai 2009 end model to a great extent.
The car has got now more pick. Hope it will give me a better mileage too,

Mandar Gadre
Pune, India

July 25, 2011
I had a K&N filter fitted to my Suzuki Bandit 1250 K9 - what a difference. It has really improved throttle response and the engine feels more relaxed at high revs. Thank you for a superb product and excellent delivery times. Take care all.

Simon Locke

July 21, 2011
After meticulous gas milage checking on my 2009 AWD Toyota Matrix with the 2.5L, my highway miles went from avg. 27.3 to 30.9. 99% highway, cruise control set to 60 the entire tankful, both times checked before the filter installation and then after. I can't wait to see what a K&N air filter does for the 2004 5.7L hemi Durango on the 1100 mile trip next week.

Thomas Kwasny
Moosup, Connecticut

July 19, 2011
I just installed a K&N air cleaner filter on my 2009 Chevy HHR SS turbo. (I already have a cat-back exhaust system on it). I anticipated a slight boost in power or economy, but never expected the improved performance I am already enjoying. The car runs much smoother and the engine seems to labor less. I can't wait for the long road trip we will be taking the HHR on while on vacation next week.

Tony Grilli
Saddle Brook, New Jersey

July 16, 2011
2005 Chevrolet Blazer 2D-4WD automatic.

Just got this vehicle and replaced filter with a K&N as I have with all previous wheels.
Blazer would hesitate while accelerating from a stop but now it shifts smoothly.

As with my other vehicles, I will expect to see some improvement in fuel mileage. For me,
it's not about the power gain, although that's nice when passing, it's about the savings.
In this day of high gas prices, every advantage helps and K&N provides it.

Lanark Ontario Canada

July 14, 2011
I just finished my install of K and N 63-9026 Air Intake Kit. It really makes a difference! Quick pickup from the start and smooth as I accelerate, I was most impressed with K and N customer service. I bought my kit off line on Amazon.com, as I was at the last few steps of install, I noticed that one of the silicone hoses had not been included with the shipment. I called Amazon customer service and was told I could send the kit back for a full refund, which would have meant that I would have to tear it all apart in order to return it! I called K and N customer service and spoke with Brett and explained my problem, he offered to send me the missing part next day air at no charge! WOW! That's what I call Customer Service! Thanks Brett and Thanks K and N! You have a customer for life!

Dennis Halsey
Round Hill, Virginia

July 13, 2011
I am really amazed with my K&N filter..... I installed a K&N filter last year in my Pulsar. I got extra power and amazing sound. Anyway thanks for K&N!!!

Bazil Mohammed
Thalassery, India

July 8, 2011
I bought a K&N air filter a few months ago for our 1999 Toyota Corolla 1.8L F/I 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission. So what I did just lately was to check the air pressure in all the tires and I put new spark plugs in and I cleaned and reoiled the filter. I am now getting 31/35 MPG in the city and 45/50 MPG on the freeway. The power is very noticeable in passing other cars. And also going up a mountain road. K&N is truely the best air filter I have ever bought. I would recommend the K&N air filter to everyone I know. K&N IS THE WORLD'S BEST AIR FILTER

Chuck Rigney
Modesto, California

July 8, 2011
Fitted a K&N airfilter on my Bajaj Pulsar 220 . .

Part : RC 1060

Now my bike is really the fastest Indian. . .

Sounds like roaring. . .

It's superb. .

Thanks K&N. . .

Ajay K R
Wayanad , Kerala, India

July 7, 2011
I am using a K&N filter in my Hero Honda Hunk. It's Amazing that my bike is more powerful and it has a great sound..............

Alex M Thomas
Kottayam, India

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