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November 9, 2010
K&N is just awesome...
Amazing Change in total performance.

Vivek Nayak
Thane, Maharashtra, India

November 8, 2010
This is first time I have used a k&n filter for my zen. It is amaizing...to run

Makesh Madhav
Kollam, Paravur, India

November 8, 2010
I bought a 2000 Ford F-250 with the 5.4l Triton and with 183,000 miles I changed my oil with Royal Purple 5w20 and of course, the K&N oil filter.  When I initially bought the truck it had the cheap "brand removed" filter and some cheap, low end oil.  It ran fine, but after installing the filter and using the Royal Purple oil it's running really smooth, next month I'll be adding the K&N FIPK 57 Series air intake for it.  My dad also has a 2005 Ford F-250 with the 6.0l Diesel and he has the K&N air intake as well, we're both very impressed, great job!

Joshua DeArman
Canyon, Texas

November 4, 2010


November 2, 2010
K&N filters,

Firstly, its a real good product. Sounds Radicool and Mileage drastically increased and man does the bike love it or what!

Would love to have more of K&N products installed on my bike, easy to maintain, long lasting and highly efficient. BTW, I ride a Honda Dio. It is stock, except for the K&N ).

Thanks Guys,

Sandeep. S
Bangalore, India

November 1, 2010
Hi, guys.
I just installed K and N filter for my Swift. product no. 33-2826
Trust me guys my car is like rocket now. It can beat even GM cruze. In 2nd gear my car can reach 100 KMPH. Average is awesome. Sound is best in class.
Thank you K and N team....
K and N rocks.

Bharuch, Gujarat, India

November 1, 2010
Just installed a R-1100 air filter on my YAMAHA R15 today, awesome pick up I noticed. Other things are yet to be measured, It's installed perpendicular to the hose pipe, a bit projected out, but it ROARS like a sonic.

Pondicherry, India

October 28, 2010
       I am Rojith. I have been using a K&N airfilter in my HONDA STUNNER for a couple of weeks. It'ss amaizing that my bike is so more powerful than before. The main thing about K&N air filters are the sudden pickup and the roaring sound, feels like racing bike......THANKS TO K&N TEAM

Trivandrum, India

October 24, 2010
I just installed a cold-air intake and K&N cone filter on my 78 datsun 280Z. Immediate improvement in throttle response and acceleration. Sounds great too!

Jeremiah L.
Ballard, Washington

October 24, 2010
I have been using k&n on my Activa from the past 1 year. The performance has been really fine. My top end has increased considerably.

Bangalore, India

October 21, 2010
Just got the KN replacement air filter, I can feel a big difference in increased horsepower and will recommend to anyone. Great product.

New York, New York

October 20, 2010
I have a RD 350 Yamaha. Earlier I rode my bike at a max speed of 130-135 but after installing K&N filters oh my god what a miracle. I picked up my bike to a speed of 180-185 kmph. I love you K&N and the designers of it, Thanks

Arun Kumar
Kolkata, India

October 18, 2010
I am about to change to the K&N air and oil filters for my 2007 Subaru. My past 2 vehicles (05 GMC Sierra, 02 Mazda ) both showed dramatic differences over the standard oem filters and I expect nothing less for the Subaru. Thank you for these great products.

Ken Kennedy

October 18, 2010
It's really fantastic....high perfomence output...Thank you K&N

Aby M Philip
Kollam, Kerala, India

October 13, 2010
K&N filters are the best in performance, price and quality.

Los Filtros y accesorios K&N, son lo mejor que existe atualmete en el mercado para la potenciacion y performance de autos. Son de una gran calidad en cuato sus terminaciones y lo mejor en cuanto a rendimiento, precio y calidad.

Sebastian Iribarren

October 12, 2010
I just purchased and installed the K@N OEM replacement filter element in my 2007 Ford Explored Sport Trac, upon startup the engine seemed quieter, as if it was not pulling extra rpm's just to breathe. When I accelerated the truck just wanted to go, I was immediately seeing and feeling extra horsepower and increased responsiveness. I think it was a good idea to replace the OEM element with the K&N part as it is a lifetime guaranteed product and will never need replacing unlike original manufacturers parts which get dirty and start to choke off your engine within a year of purchase. I don't know what the fuel economy gains will be from the K&N product, but I will keep an eye on my average mpg and report here what I find out.

Don Morris

October 12, 2010
I recently purchased a K&N air filter and oil filter for my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT. I noticed great power increase as well as an improvement on fuel economy. After dyno tuning my Grand AM GT I found it was making 248 HP and 261 tq. The engine stock makes 190HP and 210 tq, and my only modifications are Bosch plus 4 spark plugs, 8mm wires and the K&N filter (as well as the tune). no doubt that the filter had a lot to do with it!! Thanks K&N for making a quality product I can trust. I am now putting your filters in my other cars as well. THANKS!!

Tom Theodoropoulos
Schaumburg, Illinois

October 11, 2010
I have had a K&N filter in everything I've owned for the last 20 years, and have always been happy with the performance and quality. That would have been enough to keep me coming back, but then I had an incredibly positive experience. My initial inquiry with K&N was for the replacement of a 30+ year old set of filters for my motorcycle.

On a whim I gave you guys a call to see if you would replace these well worn filters (that have been riden to every state in the union except Hawaii) as part of the Million Mile Warranty. Well to my surprise I was asked to do a couple of minor tasks to verify the condition of the filters, and after we tracked down the model No. they were shipped out immediately.

I wanted to let you know how great my experience was with K&N and your Customer service personnel (Abel).

Dan Lipinski
Genoa City, Wisconsin

October 10, 2010

Renjith Krishnan
Kerala, India

October 9, 2010


October 8, 2010
I own a 2003 Nissan 350z and dropped in a short ram K&N air intake and it gave me lots of power and it is also good on gas. I also noticed that it sounds way much better when I step on the peddle. It just makes me satistied that k&n can make an air filter and intake that will give performance to your car or truck. I recomend this to everybody!

Jose Jaquez
El Paso, Texas

October 3, 2010
2000 Pontiac Trans Am, 5.7L with automatic transmission, 70,000 miles on the engine. After putting long tube headers and full exhaust on my car, I finally put a K&N air filter on my car. Instant gains in low-end throttle response and seat-of-the-pants feeling. I would not doubt gains of 5-7 RWHP throughout the entire RPM band.

Nick Williams
Jacksonville, North Carolina

October 3, 2010
I have direct replacement filters in all 3 of my vehicles...good power gains in all 3...better mileage in all 3...best of all I will never pay for an air filter again...three paper filters pays for my K&N not to mention the better mileage...just put one in my son in laws Civic and plan to put one in my daughter suv....clean them once a year and .enjoy the benifits of K&N! thanks!


October 2, 2010
Great product, after installing a RC-1060 air filter on my Karizma, I got more power at 6k rpm, now my bike sounds like a lion roaring.

Shekhar Naik
Vasco Da Gama, Goa, India

October 1, 2010
My '99 Civic is already good on gas, but after I installed my K&N filter, my MPG is up! From 35 highway to 40! Also smoothed out throttle response and has a bit more oomph to boot. My wife says the same for her and the Pilot with a 3-4 MPG increase and noticable performance gain. With gas @ almost $3 a gallon, this will pay for itself in no time, and it's that many less filters in the landfills. Thanks K&N!

Waterloo, Wisconsin

October 1, 2010
Great product. Put a drop-in filter in my car and noticed a differance right away...Keep up the great work...best investment I ever made.

Orange, Texas

October 1, 2010
Before I got my K&N air filter for my 2001 Chevy Malibu LS I was driving very economically, all light on the gas and whatnot, and was getting about 25 miles to the gallon.  The first fill up after I was running with the K&N, this was including the enjoyment of the extra power too, I was getting 30 miles to the gallon! So it looks like K&N here is a keeper and I plan to keep on using!

Eric Mehring
Platteville, Wisconsin

October 1, 2010
Hi guys, today I installed a K&N filter R-1060 air filter in my Appache RTR 160. It's amazing. It changed, it sounds like a lion's roar, fast as a rocket. Thanks to the K&N team.


September 29, 2010
A while back, I came across a K & N filter advertisement in an auto magazine, when I owned an old 1987 Ford Thunderbird.  It was running rough and acceleration was steadily declining.  After deciding to simply install a K & N drop-in filter, I was shocked and relieved to discover that the company's claims for added performance were actually true. The 5.0 liter engine's acceleration was dramatically enhanced, MPG improved, rough idle was eliminated, and shifting points became smooth.  Later, I dropped one into my 2003 Dodge Stratus Sedan R/T and immediately noticed dramatic improvements in throttle response and gas mileage (over 3 MPG).  I recently purchased a 2009 Pontiac G5 with the 2.2 liter Ecotec engine.  After immediately installing a drop-in K & N air filter, this light-weight vehicle has exceptional gas mileage, and performs like a V6.  After experiencing the quality of K & N, I'm tempted to upgrade my G5 with the K & N Typhoon Air Intake soon...

Phil O
Moline, Illinois

September 28, 2010
My Yamaha Gladiator sounds better after fitting K&N air filters. Pickup has increased significantly.

Krishnadas R
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

September 27, 2010
I finally had time yesterday to install my K&N cold air intake on my 4.0 2008 Ford Ranger.
Combined with the catback Magnaflow dual exhaust, and with a performance chip.....The K&N ROCKS!
Much better than factory setup, and it was easy to install.
Throttle response is better, and the pipes sound better yet.
The motor runs smooth as silk.
Thanks K&N for a fine product.

Upstate New York

September 24, 2010
I have used your air filters previously in my 1987 VW Fox and 1998 VW Jetta. With the Fox there was a noticeable increase in power/acceleration/mpg. With the Jetta I do not know since I had it installed when I picked up the car new at the dealership. Both lasted well past 100k miles with no problems. When I got my 2006 Ford Focus I was unable to use your excellent product because it has a non serviceable permanent air filter. Recently I purchased a 2010 VW Wolfsburg Edition Jetta (2.0 TSI) replacing the factory air filter at about 1600 miles with a model 33-2865. What was originally a fast car became a very fast car. Turbo lag is now a thing of the past. Throttle response is now much more immediate. Your products are amazing, simply no downside. Next is a reprogramming of the ECM. That should be fun.

Charles Urbane
Park Ridge, Illinois

September 22, 2010
Dear Sir,
I have been a regular user of your K&N air filters and I am glad that it gives me the satisfaction of using it as it really gives my engine real favour. It gives my car better accerelation and the gas pedal really lightens up when it is being pressed and the satisfying engine sound that my engine produces during my vehicle pickup period is music to both my ears. All your claims are geniune and I have already recommended to 2 of my friends and they were very happy and satisfied to use it .



September 20, 2010
I own a Harley equipped with K&N air filter. It's a good filter and I recommand it to anyone looking to change their filter brand.

STE-HENEDINE, Québec, Canada

September 19, 2010
I have a 2001 3.0L V6 Ford Ranger and bought a drop in K&N filter with the hopes that it would improve throttle response and improve towing.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Throttle response is quicker, the engine breathes much better and power while towing has improved.


Dr. Hydro
Ontario, Canada

September 18, 2010
K&N filter rocks .. increases bhp .. sounds like tiger roaring to kill alll around .... I'm goin to install soon on my bike too.

Manav Patel
Surat, Gujarat, India

September 17, 2010
I have a stock replacement filter installed on my Hyundai Santro LE (1999), installed in 2007. My car just catapults and that's when I decided not to SELL my car.

ps. I haven't cleaned it to date

Jonathan Wesley
Bangalore, India

September 14, 2010
I was unsure if I should use a K&N filter on my 2006 Jeep because I've heard negative comments about K&N letting more dirt into the engine. I use a K&N filter with a K&N filterminder (recommended) and the results that I got back from a lab states that my K&N filter is doing a great job. I also use K&N oil filters which also have been giving me great results. My next car/truck will have a K&N air/oil filter.

Joseph Addiego
Long Island/New York

September 14, 2010
Dear all,

   I have a Pulsar 180cc. I installed a K&N filter and I literally felt the power difference. I enjoy cruising long distance. Before installing I could feel the engine finding it difficult to breath and difficult to ride. But now nothing more to say I feel the real power and the initial pick up is just awesome. Install the filter and do need some tuning also. The air:fuel intake ration must match. DO NOT FORGET TO CLEAN THE FILTER AT EVERY 10000KM which will give you a better result.

  Now I recommend all my fellow riders go for the filter. Now I am planning to buy my second bike. I am going for the K&N filter in that too. HAPPY RIDING


Anuroop Nair

September 12, 2010
A K&N RC-1060 air filter increased the acceleration and horsepower of my Pulsar 180, but I dont think it increases the top speed..but initial acceleration is awesome....vroooom...

Kothamangalam, India

September 10, 2010
I recently installed a Drop-in K&N air filter on my Honda Civic 1.8 iVTEC. Initially when my friends recommended this product to me, I simply laughed it off thinking that its another business gimmick. After some persuasion, I decided to try one, which is the drop in filter, the most basic air filter replacement from K&N. As I am a sensitive driver, I noticed drastic improvements in acceleration instantly. The RPM shoots up faster when you tap the accelerator, which means better throttle response. This improves acceleration definitely. And the engine sounds better when you accelerate. Furthermore, K&N gives lifetime guarantee for it. For people who don't want to void their vehicle warranty, K&N Drop-in air filter is the product to go with!! I fully recommend it to every car owner.

Do keep up with the good job, K&N.

Tze Yong Lee
Johor, Malaysia

September 8, 2010
K&N Product Information for 57-3013-2
1997 1500 5.7 V8 PU
57 Series FIPK Performance Intake Kit - 57-3013-2

I have been using K&N Air Filters for 18 years and do notice better gas MPG as well as perky acceleration . The initial cost may be higher than the standard air filters which need to be replaced every 8-10 thousand miles, thus end up costing more out of pocket $$$$ and you're not getting a high end product like K&N. Keep the dirt out of your engine by using K&N and with a LOF every 3,000 miles and you'll be driving your car into the 200,000 plus range easy. That is why I use the product, and 10 years from now my car will still be on the road!

Al Silva
Mohave Valley, Arizona

September 5, 2010
Last week I bought a K&N drop in air filter for my 2009 V6 Ford Mustang. I did indeed notice a quicker throttle response like K&N had promised. I also noticed a slightly louder exhaust sound due to the increased air flow like K&N had promised. So I cannot complain about this product. It is a lot better than the stock Motorcraft filter my car had came with. Best of all, its guaranteed to last a million miles. I recommend this product to car lovers everywhere!!!! K&N kept their word about everything!!

Boca Raton, Florida

September 3, 2010
I have a 2008 Mercury Milan Premiere, 3.0L V6.  I recently installed the 69 Series Typhoon Cold Air Intake coupled with Dual Magnaflow mufflers with 3.5 tips.  The power, sound and mpg were all dramatically improved immediately!  I installed the mufflers a week or so prior to adding the Typhoon and there was a performance increase and of course they added a nice rumble to the sound of the vehicle.  BUT after installing the Typhoon, my engine downright growls! I didn't have any dyno tests done, but I can tell you the HP got a nice jump and the acceleration is palpable.  I recommend getting the K & N cold air intake for any vehicle that can accept one!  You won't regret it!  Great product!  Thanks K & N!

M. Obranain
Philadelphia, PA

September 3, 2010
I own HONDA UNICORN, and it used to just reach 110km/hr, and I was unable to compete with other 150cc bikes, and when I installed a K&N air filter in my bike it reached almost 127km/hr top speed and the HP is also much increased. Now I can beat any 150cc non K&N bike or Pulsar 200 non K&N wala very easily and they all look very amazingly at me............I feel as if I am on top of world...
Guys do try these filters! These are really worth it....

Nitish Khedkar
Pune (India)

September 2, 2010
I have a Vauxhal vectra 3.0ltr diesel v6, to which I changed to a panel drop in, in the last 70,000 miles I have seen a greater performance, better mpg up by 5/6 per gal. On long runs up the motorway I was aver' 400/450  miles per tank at 60 mph now I get 450/500 + , What are you waiting for get one.

Phil King
Maidstone, England

August 31, 2010
I have a 1998 Chevy Prizm with a 1.8L 4cyl and noticed more HP and torque and getting great gas mileage. I had also put one in my 1997 Chevy Cavalier and noticed it was getting great gas mileage. Could you possibly make a cold air intake kit for the Chevy Prizm?

James G.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

August 23, 2010
Have used various K&N air filtration systems over the years. Had a drop in filter on my 98 Ford Taurus(3.0 V6)and FIPK kits on my 97 GMC Jimmy(4.3 V6) and 92 Saturn(DOHC I4). Currently I'm using the kit from the Saturn in my 2005 Hyundai Elantra(2.0 I4)and a drop in filter on my 97 Moto Guzzi California (1100 V-Twin). No complaints other than not having a dedicated kit for the Elantra but the Saturn kit modded easily to it. Fuel mileage increases all around and noticeable power increase on the Jimmy. Considering purchase of kit for the girlfriend's Accord...


August 19, 2010
I love my truck...even more now! I own a 2007 Escalade. I added the K & N air filter today and noticed an immediate improvement in acceleration and power. I am a very satisfied customer. I will recommend you to anyone interested in gaining performance and saving gas with their vehicles. I have used an air filter in several sport bikes I've owned. They were outstanding also. I knew that the price was well worth the investment. I appreciate the excellence of your product. I would have purchased the air intake had I known of it before I paid for and used the air filter. Maybe sometime in the future. Until then, i'll be enjoying my new ride.

Richard Agar

August 14, 2010
K & N ?? In my opinion the air intake or the filter is one of the most important things that should be installed. On my JEEP I've really felt the difference after I have installed the K&N COLD AIR INTAKE. It's really worth it to purchase it, and at the same time the price of the K&N filters are reasonable. BEST REGARDS TO ALL K&N TEAM AND OWNER'S.



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