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July 31, 2014
This cold air intake was fantastic! The power increase was istantly observed at the first slip of the clutch. The engine note was throatier and power response was much more immediate. I did not notice any real difference in fuel economy. The only down side was that my wife did not like the whooshing noise from the air intake whenever the clutch was engaged and releived-engine induced air pressure from the inlet.


July 31, 2014
I made a really great decision when I purchased this K & N cold air intake for my 2010 Toyota Tacoma. I am very happy with the performance boost, and the increased gas mileage. Couldn't be more pleased!

Rex Stewart
Eagle Mountain, Utah

July 30, 2014
I just recently bought this and I must say....Wow! The roar it makes when I slap her down just makes you wanna keep doing it! Bye bye gas. Only thing I don't like is Canada makes you pay taxes on it.

Oshawa, Canada

July 30, 2014
Fliter was a perfect fit and was delivered before we left for trip.

Nathan Wright

July 30, 2014
The K&N filter that I put in my 5.7 Tundra now allows the motor to breathe better and responed better. It improved my gas mileage slightly as well. I believe the cost to be well worth it, no more replacing filters.

Carmichel, California

July 30, 2014
I have been driving my 2013 Ford Transit Connect for a couple of months. I have purchased KN filters for all of my previous vehicles. The filter in my Vuck ( best description of a van and a truck) has increaincreased the power in my Vuck. ..and only slightly in the mileage category. I find it important to be able to pass someone on a 2 lane and this filter did it all. If you have a Vuck I strongly recommend it.

Douglas Lichtenwalter
Fredericktown Ohio

July 30, 2014
K&N intake is awesome and shipping was crazy fast! I recommend K&N intakes to whoever wants that extra mpg and more power!

Spiritwood, Saskatchewan

July 30, 2014
The K&N intake was easy to install and also looks good under the hood. I really can't tell about the 8 horsepower gain, but it does sound a lot better when you put your foot down and that alone makes it worth the install. 8 extra horsepower is always a good thing.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 30, 2014
I've used K&N air filters on every car or truck I've had in the last 20+ years. I wouldn't use anything else.

Lee Greer
Lewiston, Idaho

July 30, 2014
Great product. Should have converted my Mustang years ago. It is more responsive and has increased power. The whole purchase and shipping was excellent. Thanks

Michael Peterson
Tampa, Florida

July 29, 2014
From what I can tell the filter works great. Didn't get to ride except back to the shop, primary was leaking from the backside.

Jimmy Nemmo
Prairieville, Louisiana

July 29, 2014
I've used k&n filters before and believe they are worth the $.

Paul Hering

July 29, 2014
I just love your product! It was fun to install and the results were very surprising. It's like driving a new truck. Thanks for a great product that lives up to it's billing.

Cecil Sharp
Port Orchard, Washington

July 29, 2014
Used these on a Porsche 356 with the [brand] carbs. They fit perfect in the small surroundings. Could not be any happier. Thank you.


July 29, 2014
So far so good. Easy install and the sound/performance is already noticeably better than stock. Thank you again for making a solid product at a great price range.

Alejandro Boites
Vacaville California

July 29, 2014
The filter wrap, (HA-3098PR), I purchased was a great buy. It wasn't that expensive and it does a super job keeping the dirt out of my air filter.


July 29, 2014
Great product. I have been using this product for many years. First thing I buy when I get a new car.

William Shores

July 29, 2014
There was immediate performance improvement. A simple visual comparison between OEM and K&N shows it can't miss.

John Prell

July 29, 2014
Seems to work good. It really let my supercharger breathe. Sounds good, looks good.


July 29, 2014
Great service.

Joe Mott

July 29, 2014
the shipment came very quick. Very happy with K&N products.


July 29, 2014
Installed on a Fiat 500S 1.2. Installation was all pretty straight forward, the only slight problem I had was with the following instruction: Fit the supplied rubber cap to the vacuum pipe on the inlet manifold. (Fig. 9) The inside of the rubber cap just wouldn't fit over the vacuum pipe. Plus when you compare the internal diameter of the vacuum hose (which is originally fitted onto the vacuum pipe) to the rubber cap, the rubber cap is much smaller and I just couldn't get it over. In the end I just reattached the vacuum pipe and stuck the rubber cap down the end backward and then hid the pipe! So in the end it all worked out just fine. I have quite small hands and trying to get the rubber cap over the end of the inlet manifold was difficult for me, so god knows what ham fisted people do. Anyway.... the kit makes the car sound really nice and performance has slightly improved.

Jonathan Whitehead
Whitby, United Kingdom

July 29, 2014
The squeeze bottle works perfect. Just run it down perforation on each side and you're done. No mess. Works for me much better than spray!


July 28, 2014
I always use K&N oil filters. Even on my suv you guys make the best filters this comming from a [brand] user. I'll never use anything but K&N from now on.

Randall Sybert
Weston ,Ohio

July 28, 2014
For the money I couldnt have gotten anything better. I like this air cleaner better than the [brand] that I had.

Randall Sybert
Weston, Ohio

July 28, 2014
Quality product - as always. Filter installed in less than 2 minutes. It fit perfect - as was expected. This is our 6th Toyota pickup to be fitted with a K&N aftermarket air filter. Took a while for CARB (California Air Resource Board) to approve the 2014 filters. But, worth the wait!

Vic Lewis
Watsonville, California

July 28, 2014
It was a VERY tight fit putting the snorkel between the throttle body & cowel.

Gregor Mitchell
Hillsboro, Oregon

July 28, 2014
Good business and good service.

Jason Nichol
Pottstown, Pennsylvania

July 28, 2014
Better than stock. Installation was a breeze.


July 28, 2014
We just received the first K&N filter designed for my wife's 2014 Buick Encore. I put it in the car and my wife has said she already feels better throttle response with it. This is the 6th K&N filter I have used. I have installed them in all my current and past vehicles (Honda Civic, Pontiac Vibe, Scion TC, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Mazda CX-5). I find the quality top notch, and the performance better than expected.

Mike Niemczura
Cleveland, Ohio

July 28, 2014
Great filter, easy to fit and remove from my Honda Deauville 700. I buy 2 at a time to save the postage and cost of going to a shop. 2 filters last me the year as I clock up 16,000 miles a year. Also fitted the air filter which is doing a great job at 30,000 miles to date.

Nicholas Kotarski
Dunstable, United Kingdom

July 28, 2014
No issue with installation. I feel that I did get a little more HP out of my engine with this modification. Next, will be installing an RV cam to get more HP out of this engine.

Bill M.
San Jose, California

July 28, 2014
I think these are excellent filters and I love the fact that they have the nut on the end.

Gary Marletto
Prineville, Oregon

July 28, 2014
Perfect kit and good value.

Richmond, Virginia

July 28, 2014
I was very pleased after installing my K&N filter on my 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid. It added a noticeable amount of power and it helped get rid of the engine lag. Also helped a bit with gas mileage. Great performance.


July 28, 2014
The 2340 filter works perfect on my 2009 Aprilia Mana and I must of shed about 5 lbs from removing the OEM airbox system. To be safe from the rain, I added the 22-8028PK - Air Filter Wrap on it just in case.

New Jersey

July 28, 2014
Delivery was timely, the fit was great and the filter is working perfectly.

Dale Walker
Grapevine, Texas

July 28, 2014
I started racing motorcycles in the early 70's and as a greenhorn learned about K&N filters in the pits. I have K&N air filters on everything but my lawnmower. A restored 1977 RD-400 Yamaha, a 2007 Hummer, a 1999 Chevy p.u., a 1987 Honda ATV, and now my 2004 Polaris. They are the only air filters that I will pay money for.

Larry Koehn

July 28, 2014
A must have for better performance.

Mike Murphy
Lenoir, North Carolina

July 28, 2014
All parts accounted for. Installation instructions clear and consise. Took me no longer than two hours. Looks great. Sounds great.

Rick Rediget

July 28, 2014
I've been using K&N filters since the 1970's on everything from my Hondas and KTM dirt bikes to my Ducati's and BMW, to my off road trucks and Corvette's. Have never had a problem in any way shape or form, as the saying goes. I'm sure my new turbo charged SUV will greatly benefit as well.

R. Allen
Sedona, Arizona

July 28, 2014
This filter works perfect. I replaced the stock filter that fell apart. I now have K&N filters in everything I own; 2 trucks, 1 SUV, 3 motorcycles and now my log splitter. K&N is the best product out there and I do not need to look at any other brands. Thank you.

Randy Repstad
Lafayette, California

July 28, 2014
Great product. Directions were very clear.

William Connell
Park City, Utah

July 28, 2014
Very pleased with the product. Bit of a mix up with the shipping but they were able to get it to me as quickly as they could. Truck is breathing 100% better now. Will be doing business in the future with this company. Thank you.

Matt Lester
Rensselaer Falls, New York

July 28, 2014
Fit my 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport perfectly. I drive conservatively so it added approximately 2-3 mpg to my usual average.

Ali Erikenoglu
New Jersey

July 28, 2014
Great product! I'm already seeing the increase in power and gas mileage.

Tom McMath
Merrimack, New Hampshire

July 28, 2014
Product preformed as advertised and expected.

Shon Sergent
London, Kentucky

July 28, 2014
Air filter arrived from California within 4 days. Terrific service. Installed in my new Mitzi Outlander and noticed quicker response and acceleration . I have used your filters while living in Canada and carried on the tradition in my last five vehicles in New Zealand. Wouldn't be without a K&N air filter.

Ron Jurgens
Heathcote Valley, New Zealand

July 27, 2014
I took my time, having never installed this type of product. In approx. 90 minutes the job was done. I was slow, careful, and deliberately following directions. Being especially mindful of delicate sensors and making sure all conections were tight. It was very satisfying to hit the start button and hearing the Hemi come to life and see no warning lights. There is an increased powerful growl from under the hood when she kicks down a gear going up a hill. The difference is palpable. I'm happy. Shortly after installation, we drove to Maine essentially on secondary roads. On filling up in Newport, Me. the mileage range was 615 miles, the highest yet. You don't get a Hemi for gas mileage, but a mpg increase of a mile or two won't hurt.

Phil Erickson
Plattsburgh, New York

July 26, 2014
Just a quick note to tell you that the parts are installed and it's so good. Thank you.

Jean Gagnon
Shawinigan, Quebec

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