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March 3, 2012
I have a Unicorn bike. Before I put a K&N filter on my bike perfomance was unsatisfactory because my bike was too slow. After that I added the filter and my bike has nice perfomance. T H A N K Z...... To K&N filter & 2 conveners

Raamz rameez
Thrissur, India

March 2, 2012
J Have used your air filters in all my vehicles
1995 Blazer since new 1973 Chevy Stepside Edelbrock RPM 350
1975 Kawasaki Z1B, 1976 Yamaha DT 250c
I tell all my car buddies you need to ditch the paper filter and go K&N
In fact my Kawasaki had this filter in it 15 years. I replaced it as the rubber was real hard.
Great products.

Rick Sundberg
Spokane Washington

February 29, 2012
I have used K&N filters in all my vehicles. After having an issue for first time in 12 years (Which I caused by improper cleaning techniques.) I was amazed at the company standing behind their product and resolving issue promptly. K&N has a great product and operational support!

Cabot, Arkansas

February 29, 2012
Wanted to thank you for your efficient and productive work.  The Apollo Intake that I ordered came on time and works very well, all and all I appreciate doing business with your company.

David Gumenyuk
Downingtown, Pennsylvania

February 27, 2012
Dear All,

It's an amazing product. I got it installed on my Yamaha FZ16, the performance is unbelievable.The sound OMG its fantastic.!!!!!!

Happy Riding


Bangalore, India

February 27, 2012
Really impressed with the way my complaint was handled.  I bought the air filter for my F-150 basically when it was new. At 120K the seals are deteriorating.  I wrote the company Sunday.  They sent the new seals out Monday.  Great service. Thank you.

Terry Harbottle

February 22, 2012
Customer service rocks! I was having issues with a filter I purchase. Customer service was able to help me with this issue and sent me a brand new filter..... Great service! Best out of the performance industry!

Wildomar, California

February 22, 2012
Jim answered all my questions and took the time to advise on things I didn't necessarily ask but that he understood would help me.  Please give him a high five for me.

Matthew Topper
Warren, Rhode Island

February 21, 2012
Hello Customer care
I own a YAMAHA FZ-16 just Installed a K & N Stock Replacement Air  Filter for my Bike. Performance is Jaw Dropping.Sooooooooooooooooooper. Thanxx Methods Automotive. Thnx K & N .
Loving d Ride every bit.

Satish Laksh
Bangalore India

February 15, 2012
I love this system. It wasn't really that hard to install at home, but it just takes time and patience. The only thing that I encountered was the clearance issue between the fan cover and the intake tube, but got that taken care of just by grinding down the engine fan cover a little bit. Then it worked just fine. I've even noticed a HUGE gain in horsepower and torque. Now you get pinned to the seats under full throttle!!!!(literally) The truck that I have is a 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 LS 4X4 with a 6.0 under the hood!!!! I've also noticed a GIANT gain in MPG. I have only driven about 50-60 miles so far and the needle is still on full. I average around 10-14 MPG with stock intake. I Hope the MPG Goes up. Horsepower/Torque went up Though!!!!

Dean Lewis
Nemaha, Nebraska

February 15, 2012
I have a 1996 Dodge Neon Highline sedan, and the car has never had a new air filter installed into the car besides the factory filter.  Just today I put in a K&N filter in the car.  And I noticed a very big improvement on acceleration and speed.  My car got 25.12 MPG on the old filter in the car,  and I know I will have improvements with the K&N.  I absolutely love it in my car,  it does drive nicer than before.  Much more pleasurable to drive.  Thanks K&N!

Brandon Proia
Fort Myers, Florida

February 15, 2012
I have been using K&N filters on my vehicles for many, many years. The car that I drag race actually runs faster with the K&N filter as opposed to no filter at all. The only way that I have destroyed a K&N filter was to burn it when I had a carb fire. But it sacrificed it's life to save my fiberglass hood & front end by keeping the flames inside of the filter (that was saturated with gasoline) long enough to get the hood off & put out the fire. A loss of $50 as opposed to a loss of thousands. Thanks.

Glenn McNeish
Munhall, Pennsylvania

February 9, 2012
I recently purchased an intake system for my 2007 Expedition EL and I love it.  I've always used K&N Filters on my vehicles but I noticed quite a change on the Expedition.  It seems as if the transmission shifts better, better throttle response, and fuel mileage.  Within the first week of use I gained 1/2 a mpg.  It may not seem like a lot but it definately helps, anxious to try it on a long trip.  Keep up the good work.


February 8, 2012
I am so glad to see a filter for my 2010 Chevy Traverse.  I checked not too long ago and could not find one.  I am a true K&N fan.  I had a K&N filter in my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP and checked gas mileage before and after and saw an increase of two to three miles per gallon depending on driving environment. So for the Traverse it should be a welcome increase no matter how big.

Thanks Guys!!


February 8, 2012
My Rubber sealing gaskets for the E-0945 K&N Air filters had broken in small pieces when I removed the filter from my Econoline Van to clean it. I have over 330,000 Kilometers on that K&N filter and it looks as if I had installed it for the first time.
My local dealers did not have the rubber sealing gaskets, I called K&N and to my pleasant surprise they told me that they would send me the rubber sealing gaskets for free.

That is first class customer service.

K vandenBos
North Vancouver BC Canada

February 8, 2012
After buying my third K&N intake system for my recently purchased Nissan Xterra I experience a problem with the element hitting the fender.  After working with Steven du Bois, a product specialist, he sent me replacement parts that remedied the issue perfectly.  Now my FIPK works just as I have come to expect of a product from K&N.  K&N's customer support is the best you can ask for and I love their products.  I will continue to be a repeat customer.  I will be saving up to get a kit for our Mazda.
Thank you K&N.

Layne Williams

February 7, 2012
I own a 2011 Grand Sport Corvette. I installed a K & N system had it re tuned went from 436 hp to 475 hp. I couldn't of gotten that with out your system added.  


February 5, 2012
I just installed a 69-8610TTK Typhoon on my 2009 Toyota Camry. I noticed increased performance right away and an otherwise boring 4 cylinder now has a new attitude. Great job K&N.


February 2, 2012
   A few years ago,I had installed a panel high flow air filter. It's on an 2008 Chevy Aveo economy car, and I was amazed with the new results. It even has a flowmaster addition added on,for higher performance as well. The k&n is a top choice for these cars to achieve extra pwr.and fuel economy in any situation.

Plainville, Georgia

February 2, 2012
I just installed a K&N oem air filter for my 2004 Toyota Sienna AWD. Before I installed the filter I was doing 21-22mpg. After installation I am doing 24-25mpg with normal driving and 26-28mpg with careful driving.
Way to go K&N!

Ricardo RIvera
Purcellville, Virginia

February 1, 2012
Installed a new K&N Filter on my 2012 Boss 302 and Dyno the Mustang with the stock Ford air filter then with the K&N and the results was an increase of 5 HP without any other adjustments. Although I'm not concerned about the gas mileage on this go fast weekend toy, I'm sure that as in my other 5 cars with a K&N filter the mileage will increase.

Satisfied Customer


David Ahner
St. Louis, Missouri

February 1, 2012
Parts arrived one day early, great!  Tech was able to do the job a day ahead of schedule.  Thank you!  We use your filter products exclusively.

C. Deluca

January 31, 2012
I have been using K&N filters in most of the vehicles that I have owned over the past twenty-three (23) years, I initially installed one in my Audi because everytime it would rain and water would pool, my filter would get wet, with your filters that would not happen anymore. I have since installed them in two Mercedes and one Honda, and a Lexus all with marked improvement in engine tone, horsepower and gas mileage. In fact my first Mercedes jumped from 32 to 35 mpg on the highway pushing 70 and my Audi averaged about 38 on the highway doing the same thing. I highly recommend these for most all vehicles.

David Jones

January 30, 2012
Much can be said about the performance gains from adding K&N kits to your car, but what truly impresses me again and again is the customer service!  They are always friendly and truly want to help you get the parts you need (whether they are full kits for your engine or just a simple bolt you have lost somewhere along the way).  Thank you, K&N!  Also a special thanks to Greg in Riverside!  I will be recommending K&N to everybody I know.


January 29, 2012
Awesome Performance!

Nidhin U
Adoor, Kerala, India

January 25, 2012
I read all about the k&n filter and thought it would be too good to actually be true. I installed my replacement k&n filter for my 2000 grand marquis two days ago and let me tell you I was very impressed. I could instantly hear how well the car could breath when I started the car. And I can really feel how easily it takes off from a stop. Love the v8 sound alot more now when goin fast. Thanks k&n


January 23, 2012
I replaced the standard K&N box filter in my 2001 GMC Sierra C3 with the Cold Air Intake version (FIPK). It took me about an hour to install, (I'm not a mechanic). I immediately noticed a difference in the sound (under the hood)and performance. I have a trip computer in the vehicle and the mileage has also improved, about 2mpg on the highway. I can really feel the difference when I step on the accelerator. The engine fired right up and went through some adjustment (like the idle). I drove it for about an hour. The second time I started it up it seemed to improve even more. So far so good, I like this product.

Eddie Valdez
Santa Clarita, California

January 22, 2012
I have a 1992 Buick LeSabre that was only getting about 25mpg. After installing the K&N Filter I got 29-30 mpg. I was very impressed, to say the least. On my latest trip to and from California, it saved me hundreds of dollars in gas and in this economy...every little bit helps.

Muskogee, Oklahoma

January 19, 2012
Used performance air filter my Chevy Aveo, the mileage and pick up has gone up, awesome product.

Bangalore, India

January 16, 2012
Let's face it, every company may have a product that breaks or doesn't perform as originally intended.  How that company responds to the product failure and supports the customer in resolving the issue is what defines their future business and success, in my opinion.  

I recently experienced an issue while trail riding on my KFX450R and had the air box mounts snap off.  I limped back to camp, rigged up some zip ties as a temporary solution, and promptly fired off an email to K&N to request support the next day.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive resolution after only a 20 minutes email exchange forwarding Robert Knudsen a couple of pictures of the broken box.  Robert promptly set up a full exchange kit (not just the damaged box and filter components) and it arrived within 3 business days.

This is the kind of support that all companies should strive to deliver.  Price for performance is one consideration, but quality support of that product is what keeps me a loyal customer to K&N for all of my vehicle needs.

Thanks for thinking about your customer first, K&N, and understanding that your bottom line is dependent upon repeat customers and knowing we will share our good news stories with friends, neighbors and though testimonials like this to help you thrive.

Josh Bacon
Greater Atlanta, Georgia area

January 15, 2012
I wanted to let you know how happy I am with this filter! I didn't buy it for a power increase, it's my commuter car. I have a 1999 Saturn SL1, 1.9SOHC and 5 speed. After an engine swap, I ran a new name brand filter for about the first dozen tanks. Mileage was an average of 31.7 mpg. After changing to a K&N filter, I noticed an improved mileage of 33.4mpg over 3 tankfuls. Thinking something must be wrong perhaps my math, I put in the Name Brand filter. Mileage went back down to 31.7! OK, I'm sold! Thanks again for your awesome product.

I work in auto parts and have always endorsed K&N for power and improved airflow, but now I'll add the economical advantage of the filters to those who may not otherwise think about that.

Thanks again,

Jeff Draves
Williams, California

January 14, 2012
About a year ago, I installed a K&N cold air intake system on my 2000 Dodge Durango with the 4.7L V8. I told my wife it was for increased gas mileage, I really wanted to improve torque and HP. It took a little over an hour to install and we went for a test drive. I instantly noticed a difference in HP and torque and even the sound was more aggressive. The best part is that my wife liked the fact that I went from 17 on the highway to about 22 with cruise set. She now no longer doubts what I want to do with my vehicles because this was a great idea.

Stanley Bird
Pasco, Washington

January 4, 2012
Hi Friends I'm from Banglore. I have a big crush on bikes.... I go often to the races and I heard about these K&N filters. My friend got one for his Apache RTR 180. I have seen and observed the perfomance and sound of the vehicle ... It's amazing. I decided to buy a K&N air filter (part BA-2201) for my Pulsar 150 (2011) . I put it on my bike.. now my bike's sound is roaring and perfomance has also increased :D

Thanks to K&N

Banglore, India

January 3, 2012
Purchased the k&n drop in air filter for my new 2011 dodge avenger with the 3.6L engine.  Dyno'd my car with both the stock air filter and the k&n air filter back to back...  The results showed a 7 hp gain at 5400 rpm and a 7 lb/ft gain at 4000 rpm.  The hype, to me, is now substantial.  K&N filters alone can improve the performance of a vehicle.

Peter Orca
North Carolina

January 3, 2012
I've been using k&n filters for the past 9 months.There's been a considerative improvement in the mileage and performance of the vehicle. :)

Thanks K&N

Ken Toms Pothen
Kottayam, Kerela, India

December 24, 2011
I have new Suzuki Zeus 125cc bike. I installed a K&N RC-1060 filter to my bike..........it's really wonderful....its sound is superb and its power. Everyone was looking to my bike when I was riding my bike through the city.....my bike produces a sound more than the Pulsar...............I love K&N

Indrajith Anil
Shoranur, India

December 20, 2011
I have purchased air filters & high performance oil filters. Its performance is awesome :). Hats off to K&N

Sanjana CS
Bangalore, India

December 20, 2011
I was looking for an increase in pick up in my Maruti Suzuki Baleno and one of my friends suggested I install the K&N Air Filter and boy did it make difference to my pick up. The car has become Super Quick now and the Acceleration super Smooth. It easily touches 100 in no time, a must have for people who are looking for more power in their car along with an increase in mileage , Thanks to K&N for this Wonderful Product!

Ronesh Sarma
Kolkata, India

December 18, 2011
Just installed the new filter in my bike and with the work I had done on the exhaust my bike went from a 1600 slugish machine to finaly something with some grunt.

James Sieuwerts
Brisbane, Australia

December 15, 2011
Your filters were the best filters ever found and the filter prices were satisfactory.
The filtering performance of the filter is also fine.


December 12, 2011
Have been a long time user of K & N drop in filters and recently purchased a 2011 Camaro SS as a toy for me and was researching a cold air intake for it. Chose the Typhoon for the performance and the looks it gives to the engine compartment. Box arrived and while unpacking it noticed that the intake tube was missing. Called customer service for the first time expecting to have issues but again was surprised by the best service from Able!!!! This is another reason I will only use and recommend K&N!!!! They have the best people working for them and you don't go through a phone tree to actually talk to a person. LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!!

Thomas Tidwell
Williamsburg, Virginia

December 9, 2011
I run K & N air filters on just about everything I have with wheels, bikes, SUV, trucks, van, have done for years. I just added a K & N 57-2529-1 FIPK setup to my 2001 Ford Ranger Edge, this is my third FIPK for my Rangers, also have a 1996 2.3 4 banger and a 1998 3.0 V6. They are great add ons and make quite a difference to performance etc, but what makes them even better is how easy they are to install due to their design and the documentation. It took me less than an hour to fit the latest one, biggest problem was getting the OEM filter box off.
I do have one regret, you still have not made an FIPK for my 2003 Escape with the 3.0 V6, why is this? I think its a great candidate.
Keep up the good work.

Mike H
Rockford, Illinois

December 9, 2011
Wow......Superb Sound and increased pick up without drop in mileage in my Apache RTR 180. I Enjoy it very much.

Sandeep kumar.V.K.
Madurai, India

December 9, 2011
I bought my car on August 4th 2008, and 4 days later my uncle gave me this K&N filter, along with some other accessories, and to this day I swear by K&N filters. Have to say, with my custom Short Ram intake and K&N drop in, it makes a bit more power over stock, and has a great sound when I'm pressing on the gas, flying down the highway,

My car is a 1994 Ford Taurus with the 3.0 OHV V6. 145 HP stock, est 150+ currently.

Jared Hammer
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

December 8, 2011
Depuis 10 ans, j'achète des filtres K&N. À chaque nouveau véhicule que j'achète, je dois absolument mettre un filtre K&N dans mon véhicule. C'est le meilleur achat que j'ai fait dans le produit automobile. Présentement, j'ai une Acura CSX-S et j'ai vraiment rendu mon auto efficace avec ce produit. De plus, cela permet d'entendre la sonorité du moteur du K20Z3.

Je vous recommande les produits K&N!

Alexandre Viau
Montréal, Canada

December 7, 2011
Exelent experience. I am enjoying every second of driving...no more comments, k&n is great...I am very thankfull to the k&n family..

Arun Rajappan K
Kothamangalam, India

December 7, 2011
NHRA.com Full Throttle Series Major Sponsor Info

I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for participating in the NHRA contingency program in 2011.  I know times are difficult and money is tighter than ever, so it takes quite a commitment on K&N’s part to fund the contingency programs.  As a racer and team owner I greatly appreciate your support and commitment to sportsman drag racing because without it, teams like mine would not be able to compete at the highest levels.  You guys do a tremendous amount for my team and I greatly appreciate your involvement, but thought I should say thank you for the commitment to all sportsman racers through the contingency program as well.

Your products are fantastic and I am proud to use them on my race cars, but your company is great as well, so thanks again.

Good luck in 2012 and hope to see you at the race track!!

Tommy Phillips, Philco Race Services
Forney, Texas

December 4, 2011
I have a K & N Filter fixed on my Alto LXi and I am seeing an improved driving experience at 1st & 2nd Gear even when I turn on the AC. Earlier there was a weight on the engine as soon as the AC was switched on and I had to struggle with the Clutch to ensure the vehicle was not turning off ( Alto sucks with AC ON).  Now it's not the case after Fitting a K&N. Thanks for the K & N technology.

Hyderabad, India

December 4, 2011
I just sold my Toyota Tacoma to my mechanic which had 235k miles on it. Virtually all of these miles were with a K&N air filter which is in as good of shape today as the day I bought it in 2003.
I figure that I saved over four times the cost of replacing paper filters every 18k miles by purchasing a K&N filter when the truck was new.
Today, I purchased a K&N air filter for my new 2011 Chevy Silverado and I expect the same superior K&N performance for the life of this truck as well.

Stephen S.
Pasadena, Maryland

December 1, 2011
I've used K&N filters for my Honda Dio and Yamaha Fazer both the filters give me good performance and thank you ........

Mithun Chandran

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