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April 30, 2012
I purchased one of the new pro series oil filters for my Chevy pickup and they look as well made as oem ac delco filters and they have the silicone anti drainback valve. Plus price is reasonable, way to go k&n I will buy again.

Austin, Minnesota

April 29, 2012
Who beats the EPA highway mileage claims?  I DO!  My Lexus LS 460L is rated 24 MPG highway.  I replaced my stock filters (2) with 2 K&N filters (33-2381) immediately upon getting my new car. I get between 26 and 29 MPG at 70-80 MPH, that's 8.5% to 17% better mileage than the car is rated to get. Driving straight highway speeds in West Texas where the speed limit on the interstate is 80 MPH, I achieved nearly 30 MPG (maybe even traveling slightly over the limit...).  At a steady 65MPH, I get nearly 30 MPG.  The sound is great and I get great engine response from an already superior engine.  I just cleaned my filters one year after installation - one year!  I run K&N in all my family's cars and trucks.

Dean McCaskill

April 27, 2012
Excellent product, the auto change widely its performance

Marcelo Mundo

April 27, 2012

Febin Thomas

April 26, 2012
Great service and customer support. I had a K&N air filter in a Chevy truck that I sold.  Because the filter would fit in the replacement Chevy pickup I transferred it to the new truck.  I needed a decal to advise service techs not to discard the filter, but could not find a local dealer with decals.  After inquiring at head office as to how I could get a new decal, they quickly shipped me a decal pack at no charge.  There is actually one company out there that believes in customer satisfaction.  Thanks.

Rod Siegle
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

April 26, 2012
I already install a K&N in my Volkswagen Jetta and now the acceleration increase and sound are amazing!
Great product, great results!


April 25, 2012
I just cleaned the filter in my wife's car. I love the sound and performance. I bought a filter for my 1996 F-150 also. Great product. I recommend your filters to everyone.

Kevin Washington
United States

April 25, 2012
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to K&N.  We purchased a used vehicle that was registered in Texas and in order to get it registered in California we had to get it smogged.  There was no E.O. decal so we contacted K&N on a Thursday, they sent us an email with instructions on how to receive a replacement decal, and we received the replacement decal Friday, the very next day, enabling us to get the car smogged and registered.  The people at K&N were extremely helpful and so quick to respond and there was absolutely no charge for this decal.  Thank you again K&N!

Tacey Barclay
Hesperia, California

April 23, 2012
Love my washable K&N air filter for my 2008 Dodge Ram thats right with the Hemi V8. Thing takes off the line like a beast.

Elliot F Glenn
United States

April 23, 2012
I purchased a K&N filter for my Hyundai i10 Sports version and I am amazed after installing it.
1. speed has increased .
2. more power. when I goom the throttle.
3. better mileage, and pick up.
4. sounds better with k&n filter. Vroooooooooooom.

Shane Mannas
Bangalore, India

April 21, 2012
I would like to take the time and let you guys know how much I LOVE my K&N. I went with a 57 series cold air intake for my 5.9L Cummins and it has dramatically improved air flow to the turbo. Seemed to just turn the truck into something else!!! It ran better, got better fuel economy and just all around very good system. My dad who has a 2009 Ford F-150 with a 5.4L Triton was asking me about it and I told him it changes the vehicle and the way it acted but in a good way. So he took a gamble and got a cold air intake for his and he told me that he loves it! He took it back to the dealership he bought it from and took the salesman who sold it to him for a ride. All the salesman had to say was what did you do to this thing? That is what kinda of gains he got!!!  I had called customer service with a question and I expected the run of the mill customer service, but to my surprise they had went above and beyond what I was expecting! Very happy and satisfied with the product and service. Would definitely recommend to anyone out there.

Ethan G

April 17, 2012
I have to say at first I was not to sure in buying this air intake but after I give them a call and told me all about it I give it a try and wow it was not to hard to install. It took me about 60 min. I took my time to do it right and after I was done I give it a test drive. Wow my engine sounds great runs better the air intake is not loud and looks great. I have to say I give it A+++. It's the best $253.00 I have spent. It's not cheap but you get what you pay for in this case quality and high performance. It's worth it. I highly recommend it plus there 100% satisfaction guaranteed, nothing to lose. Keep in mind that you must have your car up to date with spark plugs good oil and clean your fuel system to get the best results. The performance you will get it's great but if you do this other small things I'm telling you it will show the difference right away.

Louis Varletty
United States

April 17, 2012
I purchased the 77 Series for my Dodge Ram 1500. Easy installation. The performance is out this world. More torque and horsepower and really increased the sound of my truck. The extra airflow makes aggressive sound. If you drive slower you will be able to see the fuel savings.  GREAT PRODUCT!! I will tell my friends and everyone.

Kenneth McCollum
Covington, Georgia

April 16, 2012


April 16, 2012
I installed a 33-2207 air filter in my 2003 Lincoln Aviator.  I immediately noticed a difference in the responsiveness and performance.  After approximately 1 month of use, I have recorded a consistent fuel mileage increase of 2 MPG on the highway and about 1 MPG in the city.  With fuel prices where they are at in the beginning of 2012, this was definitely a worthwhile investment.

I have also purchased a K&N air filter for my Mustang GT.  I will add a review for it once I have had an opportunity to compare the fuel mileage and performance against the stock air filter.  I suspect it will be notable.

Thank you, K&N!


April 14, 2012
I installed the 77-2581 Kit on my 2011 F-150 5.0 XLT truck and it only took 45 minutes to install. The instructions are very clear. You can feel the difference on the first road test:
1- More power
2- Un fatastic power sound on accelaration

I have it installed since several days and concerning Fuel economy it's a bit too soon, but already it seems be good.

It's a great product and I'm very happy to have choosen K&N

Canada, Quebec, Saint-Constant

April 11, 2012
I just want to say thank you to Steven one of the product specialists and to K&N for providing the BEST costomer service experience that I have ever had!! I am definitely recommending your products to everyone I know!

You stand behind your products and for that I stand behind you. I'm definitely a costomer for life.

Thanks again,

Chad Bleeker
Orangevale, California

April 10, 2012
Bought a K&N air intake for my 1995 5.7L Silverado approx 7 yrs ago.  Cleaned filter last week and noticed it was deteriorating in a couple of places.  Got in touch with K&N via email and after some info exchanged about my vehicle they have me a new filter in the mail on its way.  Excellent customer service from K&N in a time when most place's customer service dept. is pathetic.  Couldn't be more pleased or satisfied.  I will definetly continue to be a K&N customer for years to come!

Joe Reasor
Southwest Virginia

April 9, 2012
To whom it may concern,
   I would just like to give a compliment not only to K&N but to Thomas Walden a Product Specialist with your company on the great customer service provided by him.  I recently had to replace both my front and back windows on my 2009 dodge ram due to rocks out here in Wyoming. The Wind shot a rock so fast that it hit the back window and shattered it. So when the windows were replaced they could not save my K&N stickers.
   So I sent an Email on April 8th and on April 9th Mr. Walden had replied and told me that he had a new set of stickers on the way to me free of charge. That is awesome customer service and he has helped make a LIFE LONG CUSTOMER out of me for K&N products. I now know why K&N is recommended by many in the performance world. It's not just for the awesome products but because of the team members you have like Thomas Walden who are representing your company everyday!!

Thank you!!

Douglas Stockstad
Ranchester, Wyoming

April 7, 2012
I have a 2000 Chevy Suburban that we purchased years ago from a local dealership here in Merced. The vehicle came with a K&N system, But didn't have the Cal. exemption decal. I contacted the K&N and Product Specialist Richard Wotring emailed me the proper form to fill out with the instructions that he needed to process my request.

I sent this form along with the necessary photos to Mr. Wotring and within a few days I had a C.A.R.B. decal and a new air filter on my vehicle.

I can honestly say that Mr. Wotring & the K&N staff have been very patient with me as I was asking all kinds of questions in regards to my request. I will continue to use K&N products in all my vehicles from now on.

Thank you K&N staff for all your assistance in getting the decal to me so that I can get my vehicle smogged without any problems.

John DeAnda
Merced, California

April 4, 2012
I have a 1975 VW Scirocco that I have owned for 32 years which is a daily driver. After 30+ years of excellent service the K&N Air Filter is starting to show signs of wear. The rubber lip seal is showing signs of deterioration. I called K&N Customer Service and they are very happy to send me a replacement free of charge. I have used K&N products in all my vehicles and will continue to do so.


April 4, 2012
I needed help replacing a missing CARB sticker for an intake to smog my vehicle, and I spoke to Lisa Kubo on the phone who was very pleasant and knowledgeable. She assisted me in getting the proper information together via email, responded very quickly, even from out of the office, and sent my sticker out the same day. She was also nice enough to supply me with information the very next morning so that I could smog my vehicle that day, and I'm sure that had I asked or needed it she would have had it to me within the hour. Very happy with your products and especially your customer service. My vehicle passed smog with flying colors. Thanks again Lisa for making my day!

Briggs, Ohio

April 4, 2012
I purchased a K&N air filter 9 years ago and i haven't any problems with the filter wearing out or breaking down with age. I want to say thank you for making the red oil into an aerosol, it's much faster to apply to the air filter.

James W
Boston, Massachusetts

April 3, 2012
I bought a K&N Intake for my 2006 Nissan Altima SE and after a couple months I had some engine trouble (NOT related to the air intake!).  The dealership noted on my service receipt that a fitting was broken on my K&N and they would fix it for $159.00.  I emailed K&N and within 24 hours they responded and shipped the replacement fitting FREE OF CHARGE.  This company makes great products and their customer service is EXCELLENT.  I would recommend purchasing from K&N, not only for their superior quality products, but also their support during and after the sale.

Benjamin Alan Schaefer

April 3, 2012
I recently purchased a Ford F-150 that I bought off of a private seller.  He had a K & N cold air intake that he had separate from the truck that I decided to install last weekend.  I  got to the step where I had to attach the rubber grommet to the air flow sensor and realized I did not have it.  I called James up in customer service, not knowing if I was going to have to pay for a 5 cent part or not, he willingly got my address and is sending me out the part free of charge.  I have bought cold air intakes from K & N in the past, and because of this simple act, you guys here gained my respect tremendously and if I, or anyone else is looking for an air filter I will be sure to name drop your company.  A five cent part can go a long way.  Thanks.

Cabot, Pennsylvania

April 2, 2012
Love the new K&N filter for my 2012 Mustang GT!!

Sunny, California

March 31, 2012
This intake for our 4Runner was easier to install than I first thought. Though the directions for the hose re-installation was a little touch and go, it worked out the first time around. The placement of the mass air sensor seems to put a little tension on the wire harness, but was able to move the intake around to give it more slack.

I love the sound it makes under acceleration, gives the car a more V-8 sounding exhaust. The throttle response is more immediate and responsive. This intake is great addition to the 4Runner.


Erik Thomford

March 29, 2012
I have a couple of K&N Intake systems on a couple of my 8 vehicles.  My oldest installation (GMC Suburban)has about 165,000 on it.  I had the vehicle packed for a long trip pulling a trailer, and as I cleaned the air filter, I noticed the rubber adapter that conects the filter to the intake tube was badly split open.  I needed a quick replacement part and called your service desk (spoke with a lady named Dora Lewis) at just before 5 p.m. your time.   I told them I would be willing to pay for overnight shipping and they took my information and we disconnected before I could pay for anything.  The next day my part arrived and as I was just finishing installing it I got a follow up call from your service department asking if my part had arrived.   I was stunned by the great service you gave me.  I am a V.P. for a nationwide company and my wife is a bank officer.  We both have many business dealings and I cannot remember ever recieving this kind of stellar service.  I will talk you up!  Thank you!  

Vince O'Brien
Traverse City, Michigan

March 27, 2012
Hi K&N
I have a Kawasaki KR150, it's a 2 stroke little beast machine with an awesome stock power but I just wanted to get more.Then I ordered one from one of your authorized dealer here, RU-0800 type,well it's way much bigger for my 28 carb, but you guys said that there's no problem installing a bigger ones instead which has advantages in a longer cleaning interval...the part arrived, installed the air filter, adjusted the jetting and it is awesome..gives much, a way much better throttle response and she accelerates like crazy.

K&N air filter..simply the best air filter in the world!!


March 26, 2012
Installed the air filter today. Dramatic change in the noise level of the engine. I started the car twice, wasn't sure it was on the first time. Immediate increase in horsepower. Will recommend this to daughter.

Jeff Johnson
O'side, California

March 24, 2012
Loving my K&N cold air intake. I can feel the difference in horsepower. I really recommend it.

Delano, California

March 24, 2012
Dear K&N,

Recently, I purchased a new Kawasaki ZX-10R. As usual for any vehicle, I also purchased the suitable K&N filter. However, instead of immediately installing it, I left it on the shelf and more-or-less forgot about it.

Now, the bike has approximately 2900 miles on it and it is suffering from lower than expected power output and piston blowby. I attribute this to the paper air filter that came in the bike.

I believe the problem is, as the paper filter initially blocks the entry of dirt into the engine, the combination of vacuum acting on the filter, vibration from the motorcycle's engine and the lack of a chemical adhesive (filter oil) allow dirt particles to eventually pass through the filter.

At this time, I sent the bike to the dealer for compression testing to verify the reduced performance.

When I get the bike back, the first thing I'm going to do is to install the K&N filter.

BTW, my other motorcycle, a Buell 1125R, is running perfect after 5K miles as I installed a K&N filter immediately after purchasing it.

Brian Crawford
Spring, Texas

March 23, 2012
I put this performance air intake in my 1999 Buick Regal GS 3.8L. The throttle responce was much better, it makes my supercharger sound better when it kicks on and makes my engine bay look better. My only complaint is that the instructions told me the wrong socket size on mulitple nuts and bolts. Other than that the intake made a noticable difference in power and was well worth the cost.

Carson B.
Evansville, Indiana

March 22, 2012


March 21, 2012
I have a K&N air filter installed on all our cars which include: 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, 2011 Town & Country, 2001 Beetle, 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, & newest K&N filter installed on a 2001 Dodge Durango. I will use nothing else!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Szemplinski
Geneva, Illinois

March 20, 2012
Have and will use K&N filters in all of my cars, trucks and Hot Rods that I work with. I bought a 2010 Chevy with 29,000 miles on it, when I checked the mileage it was bad, checked air filter and it was dirty, replaced it with a K&N air filter and drove it a while then checked mileage again there was a big improvement. Thanks K&N

Pat Magnon
Vinita, Oklahoma

March 15, 2012
Installed E-2993 to my Focus MK2. Noticable throttle response. Car started breathing again. Never consider buying stock filter if you can buy K&N. With proper maintenenace it lasts a lifetime. Cheers

Zagreb, Croatia

March 15, 2012
I just wanted to personally thank K&N customer service for helping me recently when I called to find out about possible replacement parts for their filtercharger on my 2005 GTO. When I was taking it apart to clean and condition the filter element, I noticed the bottom half of the heat shield was pretty corroded. I called to see if I could buy one to replace it and was told it was covered under the warranty at no cost to me!
I always show my car at car cruises and shows and am proud to say I use K&N products and now even more so!  Not only does the product perform well, but the customer service is excellent! Special thanks to Thomas Walden for quick and excellent customer service!

A loyal K&N customer,

P.S. My son wants a K&N filtercharger for his 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 , but you don't make one (yet), what's up?

Larry Bailey
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

March 14, 2012
I had a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 belt drive. I replaced standard pulleys for improved top speed and less vibrations but lost some noticeable torque. I then installed a K&N filter and frankly I could not believe the difference it made. Revved much harder, sounded better and improved my acceleration noticeably and regained any lost torque. I don't know if petrol consumption improved because I tended to go harder though I didn't notice any drop in MPG. Now got a Triumph Tiger 955i with K&N and it goes really well.

I'd recommend this to any bike owner. I'm now thinking of putting one in my 4x4 cause its heavy on fuel. FWIW.

Sydney, Australia

March 14, 2012
Put the kit in my 2008 Avenger this past weekend.  WOW, nice!  I not only like the sound and the extra power but I also notice that the gas mileage is better.  The kit was a bit of work to install, had some holes not quite the right size but nothing that was a deal killer. Thanks again K&N!

Mike Smelser
Phoenix, Arizona

March 14, 2012
I replaced my OEM air box and filter with a K&N intake filter cone on my 1994 Dodge Stealth base. Before I got 25-28 mpg. Now after monitoring the gas mileage average 29-32 mpg on a v6 18 year old sports car. THAT'S AMAZING and the horsepower was very noticeably different. I noticed it did 0-60 in about 5 seconds, not bad for stock. After installing the intake cone from K&N it could get from 0-60 in 4 seconds dead. In a better description there is an electric post about 2 houses down from my house and I can see in the window from my house so they are not far away at all! It can get from 0-65 by the time it reaches the post and out runs a 350 5.0 mustang at over 140 mph. I definatly recommend K&N to anyone who either wants better gas mileage or just wants to get that extra edge.  


March 11, 2012
Just purchased/installed the 63-3070 on my 2011 GMC Sierra Z60 HP 4X4 with the LS327 motor. I already love the unit, very noticeable performance gain, hoping my alredy pretty decent MPG get's even better.

Great job K & N, I did my homework and couldn't find any of your competitors that even came close to the value and perfomance numbers!!


March 9, 2012
Installed your typhoon kit on a 2008 Toyota Corolla, and what a difference it makes! The car is much peppier than it was stock, and I can go furthur on a tank of gas by about 80km!

I will use your products in any future vehicle I own.

Ontario, Canada

March 8, 2012
Love the filter.  Got it in three days.  Will tell everyone about it.

Troy Duffield
Surprise, Arizona

March 8, 2012
Hi K & N !!!! I have installed the Oil and Air Filter for my Pulsar 180 and it's awesome, I get raw power and mileage from my beast...

Please open a high performance pit stop in the cities in India, that will be awesome.

Krishnamoorthy V
Bengaluru, India

March 8, 2012
K&N is the best! I use them in all my vehicles including my motorcycle and love the difference they make. I had bought a filter a few years ago for my truck and was starting to have some issues with the foam seal coming apart. I called the company and no questions asked, a new one is in the mail. Great customer service for an excellent product. I will continue to use and recommend them to everyone!

Justin Hoffman
Delavan, Wisconsin

March 7, 2012
I just installed this FIPK2 in my 1997 Expedition and although the truck is a little long in the tooth I am able to notice better throttle response throughout all the RPM ranges. And it is a very beautiful looking piece of hardware! Thanks K&N!!!

Roberto D Ortiz
San Antonio, Texas

March 7, 2012
Put an intake kit on my 4.7L Dodge Dakota many years ago.  Immediately liked what I heard and felt. Picked up some better mileage too.  My poor truck is long gone (RIP).  Just got a new setup for my 2008 3.5L Avenger and installing it this weekend.  I will let you know what I think after that.  

Mike Smelser
Phoenix, Arizona

March 4, 2012
Your products are awesome. I have a k&n filter in my 1995 Blazer and a short ram intake on my 2008 Cobalt and just put a filter in my fiance's 2004 Grand Prix.

Jacob Bloom
Sardinia, Ohio

March 4, 2012
I put a K&N intake and filter on my 1999 Blazer today, and man, what a difference! Feels much stronger at take-off, and seems to run much better.

Kenneth Reynolds
United States

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