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May 15, 2014
I love K&N filters. I use them on all of my vehicles. They are expensive but pay off quickly since they will be the last one you will have to replace. I have purchased over 12 of these and every time I get a new vehicle soon as it needs a filter I go right to K&N for the replacement.. Great job K&N. Keep it up.

Tim Clark

May 15, 2014
If you are wanting to display your love for K&N, this is the sign for you. Awesome sign all the way around. I sure love mine!

B. Puckett

May 15, 2014
Got my part in quickly after order. After install, you could feel the power gains and the breathability. It makes the inside of the truck a little louder, but that's expected. Since install, which was just recently, we've already put 500 miles on it, and it's been preforming very well. K&N, you will always be my store for quality air parts.

Joshua Du Pre'
Lawrenceville, Georgia

May 15, 2014
Quick service fast shipping and good prices. Thanks K&N.


May 14, 2014
After learning that the Ford Service Department where I had taken my car for 30K service didn't even have replacement filters for the hybrid, I decided to buy my first ever K&N filter. While I can't speak to longevity, we saw an improvement in gas mileage over our best-ever trip ratings. The fit on this item was excellent - the factory equipment filter had molding tabs left on the corners and had play in the gasket channel. This filter had very smooth molding and fit perfectly in the gasket ring. As the Atkinson cycle on our hybrids creates different flows of intake air than a traditional engine, I'd guess that gasket fit is pretty darn important.


May 14, 2014
God Bless K&N, they are doing it right. Clean air, clean oil, clean fuel and thats cheaper than parts. My Z1000A1 is going so well I would love to do a grander on it. Next is an oil filter which has to be better than the stock paper one. Last one fell apart in a Honda K5CB 750 and ended up clogging the RH spray in the head and virtually destroyed the good engine via it sizing it up.

Dave Benge

May 14, 2014
I have the intake system in my truck for over 7 years and have always used the filter care kit. Great product.

Richard Gray
Glendale, Kentucky

May 14, 2014
I have enjoyed the K & N replacement filters in all my vehicles for several years. The performance and mileage gains are well worth the investment. I had a '04 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 lt V8 and put a full intake kit on that and loved it. When I replaced the Jeep with a '07 Chev Tahoe with the biggest small block V8, the first thing I did was to add the Performance Intake kit. As expected, installation was very easy. Looks great and wow, what a kick. I haven't had a chance to measure mileage yet, cuz I can't keep my foot out of the gas. The sound of that big American V8, breathing thru the K&N kit is awesome. Brings back memories of my heyday with the 60's and 70's muscle cars.The power difference is noticeable immediately. If K&N made a filter kit for my John Deere TRactor, you bet I would have one.

Mark Gregory
Bluemont, Virginia

May 14, 2014
Great Customer Service. Filter fits perfect. I've used K&N on my vehicles for years and I highly recommend them to friends & coworkers. Gas mileage improved on my Honda Accord. Excellent product that saves gas, improves performance, and keeps traditional filters out of the landfills. A+ all the way around for K&N.

Dave Twichell
Jacksonville, Florida

May 14, 2014
A must have!!!

K. King

May 14, 2014


May 14, 2014
I absolutely love my new K&N Air Intake, Thanks so much!

Miranda Draper
Glenwood Springs,Colorado

May 14, 2014
Shipped promptly. Ready to install product.

Matt Walker
Toledo Ohio

May 13, 2014
I have a beautiful Mercedes-Benz A160 tuned by Brabus. It is 2002 make with more than 200,000 kms. The air replacement filter has been of great help to keep my car running smoothly. I can't tell if the filter by itself added some HPs but the sound changed a little bit and like it. I will never have to pay again the expensive $55USD air filter at MB dealer anymore. A nice investment for a long long time use.

Mexico City, Mexico

May 13, 2014
Ordered online. Order came the next day. Awesome! Have K&N's in all my vehicles. Having a custom filter built by you right now!

Lauritz Jensen

May 13, 2014
The K&N Performance Intake kit was delivered promptly and installation was a breeze.

Kevin D Cunningham

May 13, 2014
Good price, good product, good customer service and prompt delivery.

Doug O
San Jose

May 13, 2014
Love the fact that you don't have to oil the filter and it is a perfect fit for my craftsman garden tractor.


May 13, 2014
Purchased as a replacement filter on my 5.9 Cummins. Original filter (with cleanings) logged over 300,000 miles. Here's to 300,000 more.

Mark C

May 13, 2014
Easy to install. Increased power.

Marshall Herklotz
Montgomery Texas

May 12, 2014
My first tank of gas I got 500 miles. Not sure if I did more hwy driving but I'll see on the next couple tanks. Normally I get around 440 miles top. 2013 honda 4 cyl

Mike G
Buffalo New York

May 12, 2014
I have always liked KnN filters for my trucks.Trying one on the Toyota was a bit challenging due to the amount of debree picked up by Toyota s design. I put a nee high panty hose around it and cut off the excess in direction of flow. This should reduce damage to the filter when it comes time to clean it. Thanks ... HEY... also let me know if I defeted the whole purpose of putting a legendary KnN on my truck by using the panty hose .

Henry Daugherty

May 12, 2014
Love it. I can see an increase in gas mileage. I'm hooked.

Old River, Texas

May 12, 2014
Product is reliable and does what is stated in the product description. I purchased this item for my 2013 Challenger RT.


May 12, 2014
Great air filter! Nothing better on the market. I know I am making this up but as soon as I put your filter in my Acura ILX it ran smoother and faster. It likes it!!!!!!

Andy Machcinski
Farmington Hills, Michigan

May 12, 2014
Best filter ever. Will not use anything else. Thank you for designing, manufacturing and selling such a great product.

Andy Machcinski
Farmington Hills, Michigan

May 12, 2014
I live in a very dusty rural area and can't always get the 40+ miles to town to get parts. Being able to clean the K&N filter is a major plus and it saves me a ton of time and money! It filters better than a paper element ever could! I use them in all my vehicles.

Joseph Lantz
Dolan Springs, Arizona

May 12, 2014
After replacing the factory air filter with the K&N filter on my F-250 diesel, I noticed an increase in horse power. I am very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking to increase the horse power of their truck.

Ronal Price
Angleton, Texas

May 12, 2014
HANDS DOWN, Best Air filter I have EVER Used !!! I will not EVER Buy another Paper or Foam Filter !!!This Product is WORTH the price, ABSOLUTELY!!! I have over 40 years of experience and there is NOTHING Like it !!! Green Brothers Racing

James Green
Knoxville. Tennessee

May 12, 2014
Very easy installation. I can definitely feel a difference when passing or merging into traffic. Improved throttle response. No complaints here !

Don Brashear
Fairfield, Texas

May 12, 2014
Great filter, sounds great on the car .

Chris Cook

May 12, 2014
No complaints. Works great. Does not stick when removing as other oil filter do.

North Carolina

May 12, 2014
I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 4x4 5.7L Hemi Daytona Truck (the orange one). I've added in two [brand] with the stock air cleaner/housing. The sound is great just from the flows, but when I open it up at about 4800-6000 RPM it just sounded like air moving through an air tunnel with no muscle behind it. I took out the stock cleaner/housing and added in the 77-seriers and a night and day difference. When I open it up (flooring it) I get a sound that you normally only hear on a 1/4 track, lol. If your looking for a deep very mean and very aggressive sound, then you want a 1-chamber flow and this 77-seriers. Not to mention that it only took me about 10-15 mins to change it out. Very easy to do.

Tracy, California

May 12, 2014
This is a very good product at a very good price. The filter arrived just as you said it would.No complaints from me. Keep up the good work.

Bennie R. McDonald
Flowery Branch, Georgia

May 12, 2014
Not just better performance, but a 15% improvment in MPG. Was 14, now 16 MPG.

Ron Woodward
New York

May 12, 2014
Good product, I've been a loyal consumer for years. Keep up the good work.

Salisbury Mills, New York

May 12, 2014
More power. Better MPG's, No brainer.

G Ashworth

May 12, 2014
Great Service!

John Fritz
Phoenix, Arizona

May 12, 2014
Those of us who have been around for a while know that K&N filters deliver what they promise and most are repeat customers. I had occasion to contact Customer Service, for the first time, a couple weeks ago. I would like to say they represent K&N well. I thought they went above and beyond in my case and just wanted to document that fact. Thank you.

William Bodell
Farr West, Utah

May 12, 2014
If you have a Mazdaspeed 3 and don't have a K&N cold air intake, you are definitely cheating yourself. Between the HP, torque gains and the sound of both the induction and the wastegate, it is worth every penny.

Baltimore, Maryland

May 12, 2014
I bought a 701 motor with twin carbs to replace my blown 650 motor and the 701 did not have the flame srrestors for the carbs. This product fit like a glove and from past experience I've had good luck with K & N on my other jet skis so I know it will perform just fine.

Ron Sanderson
albuquerque, nm

May 11, 2014
Fantastic customer service and fantastic product. Below 3000 rpm my 2007 Cobalt lt sounds normal but when you step on it the engine is incredibly loud and fast. Definitely a noticeable increase in horsepower and gas milage.

Lake in the Hills, Illinois

May 11, 2014
High quality. More power at top speed and better efficiency than standard filter.


May 10, 2014
I could not believe how fast and efficient getting my air filter was! It was here in not even 2 days! And the price was very competitive. I don't know why anyone would choose to buy their filters anywhere else!

Shannon Hummell
Alberta, Canada

May 9, 2014
Great filters. You will notice a difference in power and economy.

Boston, Massachusetts

May 9, 2014
Easy installation. Love the sound when I accelerate. I can definitely feel the difference in the increase horsepower.

Max Lover

May 9, 2014
Product shipped on time and was a very easy install. Everything fit and the intake looks great on the car. I only wish they made one for my 2014 Avenger.

David Melton

May 9, 2014
Great product. Increased power. No fear of fit. Fast delivery. What's not to like? I'll Be Back!!


May 9, 2014
First use of this product, an awsome purchase.

Ed Kloeppel

May 9, 2014
Ordering the filter online was very easy. The only problem I had was the amount of the shipping. It cost almost as much as the filter itself. You have good products and your filters are the only ones we use!

James J. Smith
Phoenix City, Alabama

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