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November 11, 2014
Easy install and better gas mileage / engine performance has been shown since.


November 10, 2014
Purchased this through Amazon a couple months back and I don't regret it. Not only is it appealing to the eyes with the chrome finish but the power gain through just accelerating off stops is pretty noticeable. The power increase at 4000-4500 RPM is very noticeable. The truck literally feels like it pulls the power last second from this which is incredible enough with the Hemi these come with. On top of all of this, the intake made my baby purr, it actually sounds like a Hemi with the intake. I was kind of disappointed as to how silent the Hemi was on the Jeep but with the intake upgrade it's been enough to turn some heads when I'm going down the road. This'll make me happy enough until I can get an exhaust to add with it. 5 out of 5 and would totally recommend. I also did notice a boost in fuel economy, around a 2-4 mpg increase on the highway. Not substantial but hey, it's pretty nice for a 5.7 litre engine right?

Jaime R.

November 10, 2014
Great product. I am really impressed as my gas mileage has improved by 1.1 per gallon. The performance is really noticeable, sounds really beefy. Thanks.

Keith Walker
Reno, Nevada

November 10, 2014
This is the second filter I have ordered from K &N. It was shipped very quickly and in great condition. The video to install it was the key. It was very well done and good video that really helped me choose K&N filters. The filter was very easy to install after seeing the video once I got the glove box removed which was a bit of struggle but I knew it was the right way to get it replaced.

Byron Magol
Tampa, Florida

November 10, 2014
Have had it installed for a couple of weeks. So far, so good!

Loveland, Colorado

November 10, 2014
Was easy to install. Noticeable power increase and can now hear the turbo dump.


November 10, 2014
I purchased the air filter when it was out of stock, so I knew I had a bit of a wait time, but when it did arrive, I was very satisfied. I'm a previous customer, having put K&N filters in both of my previous cars. I'm very happy with the increased throttle response I get from the reduced restriction, as well as the fact I never have to buy another filter for the life of the car. My previous car, a 1996 Ford Aspire, didn't have a direct application, but the airbox dimensions were exactly the same as the Mazda Demio's, which you do have a filter for. I'm glad you took the time to design a filter for the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage. It definitely helped lessen the effects of the lag associated with electronic throttles. I didn't particularly notice any power increase, but the other benefits are worth it. I would definitely consider purchasing an air intake system if you decide to make one for my application.

Michael Herman
Bristow, Virginia

November 10, 2014
Very pleased with this product. I can feel the increase in power but too soon to see if it helps in saving gas. The customer service was great. Got my item in less than 3 days. Might be because I'm pretty close to their location. Thanks K&N for making such a quality product. A better investment than the other air filters.

Spring Valley, California

November 10, 2014
Bought this for the new car and immediately felt the difference. The Dodge Dart is a very European type small engine kind of boggy, kind of stall prone at low revs. After changing to the K&N air cleaner the low end on the engine became much stronger and a bit more throaty. The acceleration seems to be much easier and surprisingly quicker. I am very impressed. This is the third K&N filter I have purchased and will soon get another for my daughter's new car.

Paul Stech

November 10, 2014
I am giving 5 stars because I received the intake kit on time and the installation was easy. I have not yet analyzed the effect on my MPG, but noticed a definite improvement in throttle response.

John Kellogg
Travese City, Michigan

November 10, 2014
The time from when I ordered it till I received it was very quick. The install instructions were easy to understand. It took about 1.5 hours to install. I would definitely go with K&N again and recommend it to a friend.

Tom Ikerd
West Palm Beach, Florida

November 10, 2014
For the past 7 years, more or less, I have been buying K&N filters for every truck I buy. It works for me. Every 3 months I check the filter and do not worry about it for another 3 months.

Fred Villarreal
Mission, Texas

November 10, 2014
Liked the product.

Randolph Caldwell
Dallas, Texas

November 10, 2014
Love the breathing sound.

Chas Pyle
Tulsa, Oklahoma

November 10, 2014
I received the product 2 days after ordering it. The filter works great. All around great.

Stockton, California

November 10, 2014
I have been searching and waiting for someone to come out with a washable cabin filter for years. I was glad to see K&N finally did so. If anyone was going to do this I figured K&N would be the ones. I ordered two of them, one for my Honda, the other for my Toyota. They arrived within 2 days which was most impressive, since they come out of California and I'm in British Columbia. The filters fit perfectly and are of the same high quality as their engine air filters. The price was more than reasonable and the shipping was free. Well done K&N! I am recommending these to my friends.

Kevin Drover
British Columbia, Canada

November 10, 2014
Great product overall. Fitment was a little off, but with a little pressure the brackets flexed enough for a perfect fit.

Kevin Hunt
Oregon City, Oregon

November 10, 2014
2 minute install. As with all K&N products I've bought, it's a great investment. I have always used K&N air and oil filters in all of my vehicles. Currently in my 2005 Dodge Power Wagon, 2008 Harley Road King as well as our Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Spanaway, Washington

November 10, 2014
Perfect fit for my 76 TR6!

Winter Park Florida

November 10, 2014
Terrific product. Great results. Easy install.

Alex B.
Wichita, Kansas

November 10, 2014
Put this on my 2014 Santa Fe. It was just a drop in. Noticed a 1-3 MPG increase! The throttle response is great!


November 10, 2014
Great service. Had our air filter in the time frame stated. We use K&N filers in all of our automobiles and have since 2003. While we buy from the local parts stores whenever possible, we were very pleased with the ease and speed of ordering direct.

Angie Willis
North Carolina

November 10, 2014
I can already see the increase of power. Should have dotten soomer. I haqve been running a K&N filter in the stock breather,

Jon Cattabriga
enfield nh

November 10, 2014
Good filter, better flow.

Ventura, California

November 10, 2014
Love this addition. Throttle response is better. Looks good and very clean.


November 10, 2014
Awesome. Will let nothing through. Still cleans up like new. Think it's 12 years old.


November 9, 2014
Perfect Fit. Easy to Install and delivery was very fast.

San Diego, California

November 9, 2014
Excellent and easy to clean.

Richard Starkenberg
Dallas Texas

November 9, 2014
Awesome product, fast and easy to install, just 30 mins,fits like a glove, better throttle response and improvement on fuel and my pocket book. Made my engine sound more throaty, deep sound, and you can hear it sucking air. Have had it for 3yrs and has made a difference, plus its easy to clean. Love this cold air kit. Highly recommended!!!!!

Modesto Madrid
El Paso, Texas

November 9, 2014
This K&N air filter has actually improved the acceleration of my 280Z after I replaced the clean NISSAN OEM filter! I now don't mind the cost!

Mike Mygas

November 9, 2014
I use K&N filter for more than 10 years and I like it. It will increase my car horse power and decrease fuel consumption. Thanks K&N. I will continue support you.

Kelvin Lai
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

November 8, 2014
This filter was just what I needed, it works great!!!!

Patrick O. White

November 8, 2014
I. bought a 2007 tundra with this air intake system already on it. You talk about the power,I mean full power. Love it. Truck already had about 381 horsepower without it. But with this intake on it ,It has about 393.05.

Cecil holman
Tupelo , Mississippi

November 8, 2014
This is my first K&N Air Filter for my 2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5, and I already notice a huge difference in gas milage! K&N has hit the nail on the head with their filters! I will be purchasing more K&N products in the very near future! Thanks!

Rodrigo Aguirre
Atlanta, Georgia

November 8, 2014
Fitted today it took about 10 mins with the cleaning the air intake box. The improvement to the car is astounding.Well worth the money. Would recommend to anyone.

Robert Monk
Lancashire United Kingdom

November 8, 2014
My truck runs better for sure, but my gas mileage has gone down because it is more fun to drive.

David Becquart
Grandview, Missouri

November 8, 2014
I am very satisfied with this filter. It improved my gas mileage 1.5 mpg. So happy on a '14 tundra 5.7

Laredo Texas

November 7, 2014
This air filter works just like advertised, fit and performance both great, couldn't be happier!

Charlotte North Carolina

November 7, 2014
This is my second intake I have purchased from K&N I had one on my 2005 Chevy and now my 2014 Chevy. K&N intakes are very easy to install it takes longer to remove the factory intake than to install the K&N and the difference in performance and gas mileage is very noticeable (well worth the money).

Brandon Clostio
Baytown, Texas

November 7, 2014
As always, an outstanding filter!

Richard Romero
Santa Clarita, California

November 7, 2014
The product was easy to install and fit great. The car is my weekend summer driver so I don't have a good read on the performance difference yet. This isn't my first K&N OEM replacement filter and have been well pleased with my other applications.

Spring Grove Illinois

November 7, 2014
Excellent product, been a KN user for many years and they have superior product line for almost every make and model

Kerem Yogurtcugil
Long Beach, California

November 7, 2014
I have been using K&N products since 1974. Always the first modification I made for motorcycles and autos. Air filters of course but when K&N started producing oil filters I switched from my regular filters. No complaints and price is fair. Satisfied customer. I would ask to send some K&N decals but I have more than enough at this time. K&N is my product of choice.

Barry Cannova
Juda, Wisconsin

November 7, 2014
Perfect fit! Can't for spring to come back to ride some more! Great customer service, easy to use website and full of great information. Every vehicle I have has a K&N filter! I won't use anything else!

Albany, Georgia

November 7, 2014
Nice install. There is minimal additional intake noise and the additional noise is pleasant. The bracket that holds the intake tube that attaches with the valve cover bolts is bearing a bit on a radiator hose I'm keeping an eye on that to see if it causes any wear. I estimated it would take me an hour to install, but actually took almost 3, but that was with a lot of diddling and dropped tools skilled mechanic could easily do in an hour. I'm sure the power gains are there, but a couple percent on the street are really not distinguishable. The kit simply belongs on the Mustang GT. I should have done this long ago.

R Burnett
Blacksburg, Virginia

November 7, 2014
The experience exceeded my expections.

Ira Carey

November 7, 2014
Really works, gained about 8 hp!

Julius Hamilton
Dallas, Texas

November 6, 2014
Easy install, detailed instructions, great mod. I noticed increase in torque and performance immediately. Not to mention my 05 EX has a deeper purr, even with the stock exhaust. Don't buy cheap, this part is worth every penny.


November 6, 2014
Perfect filter for my Madass Motorcycle. Really well, fits like it was designed with my motorcycle in mind.

Giles Ady
Felton, California

November 6, 2014
The air filter is for an Aprilia 2009 SXV550. I have yet to see a bike like it on the street. I am very happy that you make the part for this bike. I have looked for other things for this bike and found that a lot of manufacturers don't make stuff for this bike. Thank-you very much.

Eric Mashita
Valencia, California

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