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August 6, 2012
Installed KN Filter on my 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport with 12,000 miles on the OEM air filter.  Noticed immediate change in performance and an instant bump from 30 mpg highway to 33 mpg.  Worth every penny spent.

Steve Nash
New Jersey, US

August 4, 2012
I purchased a KN filter with Part no: RC-1060 for my Yamaha FZ-16 on February of 2012.The performance of my bike has been totally changed. The pick up has been increased, mileage has increased and my top speed I have attained after installing KN is 132kmph. Before it was 112kmph and also the sound is so fantastic.I don't rip my bike always. Usually I do 50-60kmph normally and some time I do rip and it takes care of both driving styles with out any hesitations....Today 04/08/2012 I have bought a new KN cleaning kit also for my bike...I am also planning to buy one more air filter for my car also. It is Fiat grande punto 1.3 diesel engine. Let me see the performance changes in my car also and will update once I get it.... Definitely I will suggest to all my friends who love to get good power and performance to their Machines...

Thanks  Regards,

Sooraj Soman
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

August 1, 2012
I used Mitsubishi KN drop in model on my 12-year old poor national car, Proton Waja 1.6L.
Amazingly it really helped the intake. From the sounds itself, it changed to more roooomm ... powerful sounds.
Used to the max speed was 150km/h and hard to climb up again, now it can easily hit till 170km/h with 4 adult persons loaded in.

Lion Lim

August 1, 2012
I recently purchased a K and N filter for my 1974 wheelhorse c120 with an old Koher k301 cast iron engine on it, that I use for mowing, snow plowing and snow blowing in the winter. I got sick of paying out the nose each and every year for the OEM Kohler filters. So I installed my new K and N before mowing this past time. OH MY GOD. LOW END LIKE CRAZY. Like it never had before. Seems like once the governor kicks in it just PULLS through. Keeps the Rpms higher underload and overall it is just amazing that an air filter can do this to performance. Will I buy other K and N products absolutly. I am a small engine tech here in PA, I believe in keeping this older equipment running as long as possible and then some. I have a 3 other wheelhorses ranging in dates from the late 70-s to late 80s and a massy ferguson garden tractor that will definitely be getting a k and N  when the time comes. Another thing I noticed is it does not get near as dirty as my old oem filters with the old foam pre cleaners on them. Awsome product , and its awsome that you guys made it for such an old tractor like mine. Everyone wants the new cheapie stuff they sell at lowes and home depot, NOPE not me I like the good old garden tractors with so much torque they could climb a wall. I will defenetly be installing your filters on all my overhauls from now on no questions asked. Why throw money away in todays day and age?

Cody Frey
Boyertown, Pennsylvania

August 1, 2012
I drive a 1997 Honda Shadow 600. Before I put this air filter in I kept bogging down way to early, and top speed was about 75mph. Now my bike runs like a scolded animal, and top speed is greatly increased. Thanks

Chris Goddard
Houston, Texas

July 31, 2012
I definetly give the warranty and customer service I recieved from K&N 5 stars. I had a damaged part which left a 2 X 3 hole in my 77 series intake tube. I temporarily fixed it using sheet rubber and hose clamps. I snapped a few pics and told KN what had happened and they had a new intake on my doorstep the next day. The parts to replace my 77 series were out of stock so they sent a whole new 63 series kit. It may not be exactly what I had but at least I wouldnt damage my motor and it still has the million mile warranty.

I will go out of my way and pay more for any product with a solid warranty. KN has a customer for life.


Brad Ellis
Suffolk Virginia

July 29, 2012
What a great kit I dont know much about car engines I wouldn't even know how to an oil change but it took me about 45min to install the 57i Induction kit in my 2002 Renault Clio. I noticed the difference in power and the great note to the engine straight away.

Victoria, Australia

July 29, 2012
I waited for more than 6 months to get KN filter for my Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. I was checking with the availability with different dealers in India. Now I bought it from Travancore car accessories shop, Mavelikara. I am happy and trilled to see my car's performance after fixing the KN filter.

Thank You KN .......

I recommend all my friends to use this.


July 28, 2012
Good for RC Car
Nice option part


July 27, 2012
I had a KN filter in my truck for 125,000 miles and the element wore down. I called Peter in customer service and explained the issue he sent me a new warranty filter immediatly a week earlier than expected. I am an owner of over 5 KN filters and I am overly happy.. Thanks

Lance K. Farris
San Angelo, Texas

July 25, 2012

Chaitanya Vaidya
Pune, India

July 24, 2012
I bought this filter about a month ago for my Toyota Camry 2004. I was skeptical at first but I bought it anyway. Boy, I can see a big difference on my car's acceleration, power and gas mileage. Our family went on vacation from East Rutherford, NJ to Lancaster PA, then to Hershey park plus several trips locally then back home for one fill.

I highly recommend this product.

Emmanuel R. Gundran
East Rutherford, New Jersey

July 23, 2012
I have Suzuki Karimun Wagon R wide - in Japan with 1.0 engine, and have upgraded to KN RC-3870 air filter, with handmade piping, and the power is unbelievable from low to high RPM, and can reach almost 160 Km/h for small engine without turbo.

Hung Tjoen
Jakarta - Indonesia

July 19, 2012
Night and Day I have a 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 and replaced the old dirty factory filter with a new KN filter and it works fantastic. Not only does the motor sound throatier, but the truck really breathes better pulling hills on the highway and comes off the line from a stop with a lot less effort. When I have been 4-Wheeling, I notice very little lag at high elevations and can now tap the gas pedal to get over obstacles much more easily.

Thank you for a superior product, I should have install a KN filter years ago.

David Larson

July 18, 2012

I thought you put your feedback on your products. I like them a lot. They are worth the price and really good. I use your products on my car.

Your website is clear and really cool

Panu Ryhanen

July 16, 2012
FIVE BIG STARS. 2009 Toyota Venza. 2.7 litre four on this HUGE Car. Never bothered to check the economy of the first tank. However, I paid close attention. EPA Rating does not even come close. I can get below 29 mpg. I avarage thirty-six mpg.

Boonsboro, Maryland

July 16, 2012
I installed the KN RC1060 on my Yamaha Fazer 150. The pickup was awesome and the sound was just killer. The best filter for obtaining high performance.

Sanket Jondhale

July 12, 2012
Installed minutes after it arrived. Seat-of-pants says better acceleration, better engine sound for sure. Can't wait to see if it improves mileage. I'm very happy with product and service.

Stan Barnett
Mocksville, North Carolina

July 11, 2012
I bought this Custom Air Filter (60-1263) for my 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis 302, first of all I've got problems because the diameter of the base plate was 5 1/8 and my carburator is 5 3/8. After solving that little problem the car looks awesome, and has more acceleration and sounds awesome.

Alejandro Gelista
Mexico City, Mexico

July 11, 2012
About a month ago I bought this unit (57-3054) for my CTS-V 2005. What a difference from the factory unit. The car really breathes literally, you stand by it and you can hear it. I wanted to see what it could do with this system on it. The Cadillac mechanic told me that I was in for a surprise, sure enough I was. First off the car is fast from the begining but, it got faster. From the dyno machine they have I went from 425BHP to 505BHP ummm. I took it out for the run and I really this is not a joke .....I was into 135mph before I knew it. The response from this thing is unreal. I am also getting better gas mileage with this system. For those of you who have a CTS-V you need to get one it will not hurt, unless you are in flying all the time. I plan to get one for my sister's car also a CTS 2006 3.6 L V6. Best move for this car. Also want to thank Troy for his help.

New York

July 10, 2012
Took less than 5 min to install, simply unscrew the air filter cover, and replace with the KN (33-2470). Added more pick up, gas milage, and I noticed quicker acceleration.  A must have for anyone who cares about their car, simple as that.


July 10, 2012
After 220,000 km in my 2006 Touran 1.9 TDI with NO problems, and noticably better acceleration and less Diesel consumption 6.2L/l00KM, I installed the same filter in our 2011 Tiguan 140CRD Diesel. We now have 36.000 KM on that car, and the turbo is faster, because the KN 33-2865 reduces intake air drag by 2/3. Needless to say, a KN filter will make the turbos last longer because of the reduced intake pressure loss

Both of my previous PASSAT DIESELS had more than 330,000KM in 5 years of company car stress, and we never had trouble with the turbos AND NEVER NEEDED NEW AIR FILTERS

KN rated for us: AAA, what more can I say.

Sven T
Lübeck, Germany

July 9, 2012
Hi everybody,
I am from Pune, I have recently added a kn air filter to my bike, Yamaha FZ-S. After the filter was added to my bike, the total performance of my bike changed drastically. As it required fine tuning (not an OEM replacement filter) for the air/fuel ratio, I have done the same and now I am enjoying my ride. I prefer kn filters for all bikes. Really the response of your bike will make you to say so. Thank you for kn.

Pune, India

July 7, 2012
I wish I'd put the KN air intake system on my 2001 Ford Ranger 11 years ago.  Although Ive always liked the truck, I'd always been disappointed in the 2.5 liter's throttle response.  Now, with the air intake system installed, my truck actually responds to the throttle like it's supposed to, with no dead spots at any time.  I can't recommend KN highly enough. Thank you.

Augusta, Georgia

July 6, 2012
Great bolt on performance, insane throttle response.  Sound that knocks your shoes off  when it growls. Makes driving fun again and again thank you KN.

J Coursey

July 5, 2012
I purchased the Air Charger Kit for my 2008 Toyota Tacoma 4.0L V6, Noticed instant HP increase and man does it sound awesome.  Great Product  What was even more impressive is the Customer Service from KN.  The other day the bolts came loose from the Mass Air Sensor and consequently I lost the bolts and Spacers.  Customer service sent me the replacement parts I needed no charge next day Delivery. Very impressed.  I will always use KN Products in all my vehicles.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

July 5, 2012
I installed the KN air filter in my 1975 Mercedes Benz 280SE and I noticed a very positive improvement in horsepower and gasoline consumption.  I've always taken very good care of my 37 year old car and this air filter was like nitro for my car
Well done KN folks

Lompoc, California

July 4, 2012
Hello Everyone,
              I am from Bangalore,and am having a Hero Honda Hunk,in which I have installed kn filter,RC-1060 model. I am quite impressed with it, because there's a huge improvement in the initial acceleration and top end speed of my bike and last but not the least the sound that my bike produces because of this filter,is simplyyyyy superbbbbbbbb..Thanks kn for creating such good products.

Bangalore, India

July 4, 2012
I bought your KN air filter (33-2340) for my 2009 Ford Fusion V6 and must say have noticed an increase in power, especially at mid-range RPM. I drive over 45 miles each way to work everyday and have noticed just a slight increase in fuel efficiency as well. All in all, this product does what it says it will do and I am a very happy with it. Its a product that will eventually pay for itself and I will install a KN filter in every vehicle I will own.  

Dominic Tran

June 30, 2012
BA-2201 - It's very good for our bikes...

Chennai, India

June 30, 2012
HP-1010 - Thank you.

Giamal Essa

June 29, 2012
I brought my Bandit GSF1250S second hand with around 19,000 km on it. It had already had a performance muffler fitted to help the exhaust flow so I thought it would be a good idea to deal with the intake (SU-6505) as well.

I immediately noticed a better standing launch, before it felt it tried to bog down and did not want to pull away smoothly. It now pulls away cleanly and smoothly as you roll the throttle on. Also I have noticed a smoother faster midrange response.

I have just fitted a KN to my wife's Z3 and what a difference that has made.
All my vehicles will in future be upgraded to a KN asap.

Phil Frater
Nelson, New Zealand

June 29, 2012
Response to my E-mail question was swift and explanatory, plan to order from KN again.

Mitchell Weymiller
New Albin, Iowa

June 28, 2012
K&N Part 63-3064-1 on 2008 Chevy Colorado with 2.9 liter, manual transmission, 3.73 gears, 31x10.5 tires.
Based on a week of 45 mile commute 60 at 65/75 40 at 55 mph:
At 65 mph where legal, gas mileage increased from 22-23 to 25-26 mpg.
At 75 mph where legal, gas mileage increased from 20-21 to 22-23 mpg.
It will pay for itself within a year if those numbers dont change.

Nice throaty sound through most of the range, but at wide open throttle sounds like a belching Walrus  BWAAAAHHHH

Hills that I used to take in 5th gear resulting in 5-10 mph drop I now have to downshift for.  Seems like I lost power below 2300 rpm with the KN. Power above 2600 rpm is not compromised and might be higher.

The heat shield doesnt seal very well.  Large gaps at the front and rear edges.  Bottom seals well. Intake temp when moving is same as outside air.

Bruce Erickson

June 27, 2012
Very satisfied customer, been using K N filter 5 yrs. now in my CX7  07. I highly recommend.


June 26, 2012
I just got it in today and so far its OK. I can feel a small difference but not much yet.  My car is a 2011 SUZUKI JIMNY 1.3L.  Thanks KN for the filter, it fits my car perfectly


June 25, 2012
This cold air intake is built very well and performs extremely well. The V6 in Jeep Liberty is very underpowered by todays standards. Installing this kit really woke up the engine A few days following, I added a performance exhaust and then a Jet performance chip. These 3 things combined are like night and day from where the engine performed initially. I must say that the KN cold air intake made the single most difference and should be the first upgrade for any enthusiast. I do this to each and every one of my vehicles I buy.


June 24, 2012
I installed the 77-3023KP system on my 2004 Chevy Avalanche with 5.3L engine and 93k miles.
I just took a trip and got 19.5 mpg all highway miles doing between 70-75 mph. I never got more than 16.5 on any other previous long distance trips. I am getting 1.5 mpg more on my weekly driving routine.
The performance enhancement is awesome, it sounds great.

Steve R
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

June 23, 2012
Four years ago I purchased a 1975 Porsche 911Sa and discovered it had a KN air filter.  Recently I discovered that the cotton cloth was breaking down and had holes through it.  I contacted Ms Ashley Lopez at customer service.  She advized me to e-mail her a photo, which I did and within one hour, thats right, one hour she replied with a party number and and order number for a replacement filter.  Not only did they honor their warrenty but did it without a sales receipt.  Four days later, the part arrived, by UPS, postage free AND THESE KN PRODUCTS ARE ALL MADE IN  THE USA.  I can not say enough about KN product and their top shelf representives.  Once again, Thanks for a great product.

Ken Hervochon
Dermarest, New Jersey

June 22, 2012
I have used KN oil and air filters in all my vehicles for close to twenty years. I simply do not buy any other brand. I wish one was made for my lawn mower. KN filters are the best there is.

Admiral Buster

June 22, 2012
Comment je peut commendé merci.

Alexandre Goncalves

June 19, 2012
Very good seller and item.

Samuel Richards
Montreal, Canada

June 19, 2012
Install on my 2005 Ford F350 6.0 was little over an hour. Biggest issue was the back nut on the back of the KN filter housing below the radiator fluid fill area. Very difficult to get to, but no issues on the install in general. Engine has good response, sound is about the same. Hoping to increase fuel economy but still in the testing process.

Ringgold, Georgia

June 16, 2012
This (85-3000) is a MUST have if you are running 41FCR Keihin carbs on a carburetted Ducati. The original equipment velocity stacks and other brand velocity stacks DO NOT cover the low speed air jets potentially allowing dirt and foreign matter to ingress to the carbs. Well done KN

Shannon Parker
Brisbane, Australia

June 16, 2012

Just want to say how great your filter is. I installed an air intake kit for my 2010 Ford Focus. The car itself is a great little car with a 140 hp inline 4 cylinder engine that gets great gas mileage, and your kit made it even better. During the 1st test drive with the kit installed I immediately felt a noticeable improvement in performance it accelerates faster, and shifts quicker. When I filled my tank up a week after installing I noticed that I gained an extra 65 km out of it.

Will use kn filters on any future vehicles I own.

Toronto, Canada

June 15, 2012
Kn rockzzz...I have a Kinetic Nova 135.. the bike is 135 cc, it has more power than access, dio, rodeo...etc.etc.. but it was hiting top speed of 85 km/h... I wanted to increase its power still more....so I installed a R-1100 performance filter...omg before kn vehicle reaching 0-60 in 6 secs....now it reaches 60 in just 4 secs.....my bike will now hit 96 km/h....frankly saying my bike is now a BEAST.

Mysore, India

June 14, 2012
I have installed stock filter to my Suzuki RitzSplash 1.3 Diesel. Excellent improvement in performance and mileage. Would recommend K  N.
Thanks K N for producing such a nice product.


Shankar Reddy
Bangalore, India

June 14, 2012
An amazing product that is worth the money. I drive a Honda S2000 AP1 and the difference from the OEM air intake compared to the KN air intake was a sure-fire upgrade. I gained almost instant throttle response and a slightly noticable amount of power. K&N backs their products up with good reason because they work.

Ken Barto
Kingston, Pennsylvania

June 13, 2012
Great product. Installed on my 2000 Passat 2.8L V6. Was an easy install, instructions from KN had good pictures and were easy to understand. Great sound noticed most an increase in torque and fuel efficiency. Paired with cat-back exhaust and cured the car's asthma.


June 13, 2012
I ordered an intake kit for my Scion and the heatshield was missing. When I called customer service, Lisa Kubo provided friendly and professional service. She promply found the missing parts and sent it to my way. In my opinion, she has turned a negative experience to a positive one and I appreciate it very much.

Wing Mak
Toronto, Canada

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