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May 24, 2012
Super customer service and I had not yet even purchased the system.  I had some concerns with the SMOG testing and the use of the KN CAI system in Connecticut ---Lisa was able to answer all my questions. Thank You.

Jared DeValk

May 24, 2012
I’ve been in hillclimbing over 40 years, starting back in the 1960’s. I have five World Championships and have tested with just about every filter out there. I have never been able to match the horsepower OR the consistency of power that K&N provides, which we need when putting out over 200HP and climbing these hills.

Team Peterson Racing

Kerry Peterson
Yorba Linda, CA

May 24, 2012
The addition of the E-3226 filter as with all KN products made a great deal of difference in terms of performance and the sound of the bike on acceleration.  The bike now sounds like a small block when I run through the gears and keep the rpms up.  Great product as always.

Paul W. Myers
United States

May 24, 2012
HA-1191 Excellent Product

Chris Romero
Pacifica, California

May 23, 2012
93 Saturn SL2 removed the stock air filter box and replaced with a 57-3012 air intake. Made the engine louder, improves response time, engine performance, smoother shifting, and improved the speed of the vehichle.

Yu Watts

May 22, 2012
So I own a 2004 Frontier SVE, removed the O.E filter box with a KN PANEL FILTER and INSTALLED a 57-6010 FIPK. What a ride.  Furook, thats the trucks name, yeah I know - dont ask, had lots of go with just the supercharger, now its got gobs of power and torque.  So, then I buy the wife a Nissan Xtrail 2.5l dohc.  Washed the panel filter from Furook and installed it into the Xtrail as applications are same filter. Performance fuel econ, unless I throttle hard on the SC are great.

I install the KN oil filters too, top of the line product, the company I am a part of sells lots of these awesome filters.

Al Mayes

May 17, 2012
KN air fiter is absolutely fantastic....it changed my car into a rocket....perfomance is awesome.....

Attingal, India

May 16, 2012
I have owned my 86 Olds 442 since I was 15. This June I turn 26 and the car has always had a KN air filter. The same one I put in it when I first bought it. Since I always used the KN Xtreme filter top on my Late model why not use it in the Olds. They didn't make one at the time but since then KN has produced a filter top that fits GM standard air boxes. KN has saved this Olds close to 18,000 gal. of gas when added all up over the last couple of years. Thanks to all the engineers at KN for top of the line filters. The horsepower in my racecars is 2nd to none thanks to the KN crew.

Jacob Coffin
Statesville, North Carolina

May 14, 2012
I think this product is great. If anyone out there owns a Ford Ranger with 4.0 liter buy this product. This motor must be drowning for air intake. I use to get 15 mpg now getting 17mpg. I know your'e thinking oh 2mpg . Did the math, pays for itself in 8 tanks, for me that's 2 months. Then I get the extra 8 dollars every tank. 400 bucks annually, its sick how much gas cost. Don't know how much hp I gained but had to be some and I dont ever have to buy another filter, thank you K  N . Some customer said his friend bought one for his Ranger after we got done Bitchn about gas and my mpg, thought why not, I've tried everything else. Pass it on Ranger fans.

Scott Zimprich
Isanti, Minnesota

May 14, 2012
Throw away filters are a waste of money ,,(brand removed) ,,, mine costs me $ 30.00  plus tax  for my Ford  ,, when they are dirty and need to be replaced you just threw 30.00 dollars in the trash,, with K and N air filters  no waste no mess  you don't replace ,, the cost when it gets dirty  is only the cost of the kit $ 13.99   at Pepboys ,,, GOOD JOB  K AND N  AIR FILTER COMPANY

South Florida

May 12, 2012
Excellent improvement to the car noticed the difference instantly, fuel economy is better as well.

Dan Loveday
North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

May 10, 2012
I absolutely love my K&N custom cold air intake. It sounds 1000 times better than the stock air filter and air box. I Immediately noticed a very modest power gain, and my 1.6L 4 banger actually gives me the illusion of being somewhat fast. Can't wait till this summer when I get a way sicker/faster car and get to throw a massive K&N cone filter on it on a custom short ram. K&N OR KILL YOURSELF!!!

Dan Krupski
Portland, Maine

May 10, 2012
I bought an intake kit for my 1991 Silverado 7 years ago and I have nothing but great things to say about K&N, their products are top of the line and their customer service is second to none. You can bet you bottom dollar that I'll be using and recommending K&N products to everyone I  know. Thanks

Dustin Johnson
Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

May 10, 2012
I've had my K&N filter for my 90' Chevy K5 Blazer for about 10 years, and have cleaned it as specified.  The upper & lower seals had shrunk and wouldn't fit into the stock location.  So I called K&N customer service to see what they could do, well I should get my new filter element today.  You guys have a great product and you stand behind it!  That's what makes a good company GREAT!!!  
Thanks K&N, you'll always have my business!


Craig Dorman
St. Petersburg, Florida

May 10, 2012
I have installed K&N R-1100 near about 7 months ago in my Pulsar 180 [UG4]. I got increased mileage and power. Now my bike runs 53-55kmpl and touches top speed of 146kmph. I am very pleased with the performance of my bike.


Vikram Pratap
Chhattisgarh, India

May 10, 2012
The performance and reliability we receive from using K&N filters is impressive. We have a simple rule at Motoworks the parts we put on our bikes have to be the best, improving power and performance. If it works we use it. That’s why we built a partnership with K&N from the beginning. We look forward to many more championships.


Johnny Leach
Vista, California

May 9, 2012
The K&N filter is amazing I feel my Trans Am way better. Keep up the good work.

Oxnard, California

May 9, 2012
After each race weekend, our mechanics completely strip the Superbikes down to the bare frame. We use K&N PowerKLEEN to clean the frame, swingarm, subframe, and engine. I especially use it to clean our White wheels. PowerKLEEN gets all of the old rubber, track grime, and grease off of our white wheels, and give our bikes that fresh factory look to them.

Crew Chief - Michael Jordan Motorsports

Sean Storement
East Troy, Wisconsin

May 8, 2012
I have changed both my oil filter and air filter from (brand removed) to K&N. Why? Better quality, better protection, better performance. The Web site made the conversion easy, and the service has been excellent. This was a change for a Cub Cadet with a Command 26 Kohler engine.

Bob Rezner
Arlington, Minnesota

May 7, 2012
I am really happy and totally satisfied of K&N products since 1995 and I would like to thank below gentleman for his comunication and support on my last order.

Steven du Bois

Suroor Alqamzi
State College, Pennsylvania

May 7, 2012
We use K&N because they allow the bike to breath easy and they last forever. On shorter tracks, we don’t get much forced airflow the low restriction really helps. We’ve realized better torque curves and increased horsepower. Clean them up and put them right back in the bikes, race ready. Gary Medley - Race Director Team LTD Racing

Gary Medley
Marietta, Georgia

May 7, 2012
I recently tested a K&N MX XStream Air Filiter on one of my Team Babbitt’s Kawasaki engines. After having been a foam filter advocate for most of my career, I was quite surprised to find a noticeable improvement in throttle response and horsepower. The additional airflow that the MX XStream filter provided was immediately obvious.

Tom Morgan Racing
The Official Engine Builder of Babbitt’s Kawasaki

Tom Morgan
San Bernardino, California

May 6, 2012
I commute from Cape Cod to Boston every day for work so mileage is very important to me (60 miles each way). I drive an 2009 Chrysler Sebring and before I put the filter in I was getting between 28 and 29.5 MPG I keep track every time I fill my tank which is a couple times a week. There has been no noticeable increase in fuel economy after 6 different occasions of filling my tank up. However I have noticed more pickup on the highway when passing cars so there has been a definite power increase. I'm satisfied and am considering upgrading the whole intake system to see if that will help with the fuel economy.

Matthew Hamer
Bourne, Massachusetts

May 6, 2012
Filter fits good and seems to make little VW diesel better.

David Todd
United States

May 5, 2012
I have installed RC-1060 in my TVS Apache RTR 180 & after installation the pickup of my bike has increased amazingly, & the sound has become fabulous. Thanks to K&N for making such wonderful air-filters.......

Narendra Singh Chauhan
Indore, INDIA

May 4, 2012
I installed K&N power filter in my Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSI. It has an awesome engine sound, very beautiful and it helps in accelaration and pickup. So, I would like to thank you for making this filter.

Hanif Khan
Assam, India

May 3, 2012
I drive a 1986 Poniac Firebird and well needless to say shes my baby. I purchased a filter the day after I bought the vehicle 3.5 years ago. I have to say I love the filter and I'm never going back to (brand removed) Filters again. I will admit however that my only complaint is the sticker (I stuck it to my window with pride) that came with my filter wore out way before the filter did, although the sticker is faded, cracked and worn it's still is holding on the best it can.

Omar Arellano
Porterville, California

May 3, 2012
I bought this for my 2006 350Z back in October 2011.  I could tell that it opened up my car.  This intake combined with (brand removed) duals really made an impact on performance.  I am satisfied.

Alex Rodman
Cutler, Illinois

May 1, 2012
I just installed a K&N air filter on a 2012 Volvo C70 T5. The results were impressive.

Smoother acceleration. Quicker, more responsive turbo boost. A solid 10% more power by feel, before vs. after.

Best news: It was averaging 22.1 mpg before the install. It is now averaging 24.4 mpg, six weeks later! Amazing!

Best 42 bucks I ever spent.

Wilmington, North Carolina

May 1, 2012
           I recently purchased a K&N cold-air intake for my 2005 3.5l Nissan Maxima.  I have been running (for over 6 years) a (brand removed) cold-air intake but tired of having to remove / re-install the OEM for SMOG inspections.  The K&N is CARB approved and was reasonably priced and was reasonably easy to install.  (I might suggest a common view angle to all pictures taken at the same vantage point in all customer related install papers……it would dramatically lessen having to re-orient for each install particular).
           Upon completion of the installation I took the car for a drive……anxious to test the new intake.  To my surprise……the response, acceleration, and shortness to top-end of the range significantly out shined the (brand removed).  After a few days I also note a 2 MPG increase around town and 4 MPG highway.  I can even detect the car’s desire to step into the torque/power band with minimal gas applied to the accelerator…..essentially simple driving and shifting will promote a step into that increased band!  I don’t know if it is the shortness of the tube or the location of the MAF, but whatever it is, I am absolutely impressed.
           I’m a 65 year old male and I do not dote on sticking my foot into the accelerator routinely.  I DO however, enjoy quick and lasting response during acceleration.  The K&N has shown itself to be a Star performer.  I can’t thank you enough.  My highest recommend going forward………

Gary Stewart
Monterey Peninsula, California

April 30, 2012
Installed a 77-1563KP on my 2011 Dodge Durango Citadel with Hemi. Has noticeable power increase and fuel mileage increase. Also the additional sound it makes under acceleration is great. Took approx. 30-40 mins to install. Love this product.


April 30, 2012
I got R-1060 installed a few days back in my Pulsar 180 UG5. Amazing power in all gears. Just don't forget proper jetting to get maximum results.

Sandeep Dahiya
Delhi India

April 30, 2012
I purchased one of the new pro series oil filters for my Chevy pickup and they look as well made as oem ac delco filters and they have the silicone anti drainback valve. Plus price is reasonable, way to go k&n I will buy again.

Austin, Minnesota

April 29, 2012
Who beats the EPA highway mileage claims?  I DO!  My Lexus LS 460L is rated 24 MPG highway.  I replaced my stock filters (2) with 2 K&N filters (33-2381) immediately upon getting my new car. I get between 26 and 29 MPG at 70-80 MPH, that's 8.5% to 17% better mileage than the car is rated to get. Driving straight highway speeds in West Texas where the speed limit on the interstate is 80 MPH, I achieved nearly 30 MPG (maybe even traveling slightly over the limit...).  At a steady 65MPH, I get nearly 30 MPG.  The sound is great and I get great engine response from an already superior engine.  I just cleaned my filters one year after installation - one year!  I run K&N in all my family's cars and trucks.

Dean McCaskill

April 27, 2012
Excellent product, the auto change widely its performance

Marcelo Mundo

April 27, 2012

Febin Thomas

April 26, 2012
Great service and customer support. I had a K&N air filter in a Chevy truck that I sold.  Because the filter would fit in the replacement Chevy pickup I transferred it to the new truck.  I needed a decal to advise service techs not to discard the filter, but could not find a local dealer with decals.  After inquiring at head office as to how I could get a new decal, they quickly shipped me a decal pack at no charge.  There is actually one company out there that believes in customer satisfaction.  Thanks.

Rod Siegle
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

April 26, 2012
I already install a K&N in my Volkswagen Jetta and now the acceleration increase and sound are amazing!
Great product, great results!


April 25, 2012
I just cleaned the filter in my wife's car. I love the sound and performance. I bought a filter for my 1996 F-150 also. Great product. I recommend your filters to everyone.

Kevin Washington
United States

April 25, 2012
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to K&N.  We purchased a used vehicle that was registered in Texas and in order to get it registered in California we had to get it smogged.  There was no E.O. decal so we contacted K&N on a Thursday, they sent us an email with instructions on how to receive a replacement decal, and we received the replacement decal Friday, the very next day, enabling us to get the car smogged and registered.  The people at K&N were extremely helpful and so quick to respond and there was absolutely no charge for this decal.  Thank you again K&N!

Tacey Barclay
Hesperia, California

April 23, 2012
Love my washable K&N air filter for my 2008 Dodge Ram thats right with the Hemi V8. Thing takes off the line like a beast.

Elliot F Glenn
United States

April 23, 2012
I purchased a K&N filter for my Hyundai i10 Sports version and I am amazed after installing it.
1. speed has increased .
2. more power. when I goom the throttle.
3. better mileage, and pick up.
4. sounds better with k&n filter. Vroooooooooooom.

Shane Mannas
Bangalore, India

April 21, 2012
I would like to take the time and let you guys know how much I LOVE my K&N. I went with a 57 series cold air intake for my 5.9L Cummins and it has dramatically improved air flow to the turbo. Seemed to just turn the truck into something else!!! It ran better, got better fuel economy and just all around very good system. My dad who has a 2009 Ford F-150 with a 5.4L Triton was asking me about it and I told him it changes the vehicle and the way it acted but in a good way. So he took a gamble and got a cold air intake for his and he told me that he loves it! He took it back to the dealership he bought it from and took the salesman who sold it to him for a ride. All the salesman had to say was what did you do to this thing? That is what kinda of gains he got!!!  I had called customer service with a question and I expected the run of the mill customer service, but to my surprise they had went above and beyond what I was expecting! Very happy and satisfied with the product and service. Would definitely recommend to anyone out there.

Ethan G

April 17, 2012
I have to say at first I was not to sure in buying this air intake but after I give them a call and told me all about it I give it a try and wow it was not to hard to install. It took me about 60 min. I took my time to do it right and after I was done I give it a test drive. Wow my engine sounds great runs better the air intake is not loud and looks great. I have to say I give it A+++. It's the best $253.00 I have spent. It's not cheap but you get what you pay for in this case quality and high performance. It's worth it. I highly recommend it plus there 100% satisfaction guaranteed, nothing to lose. Keep in mind that you must have your car up to date with spark plugs good oil and clean your fuel system to get the best results. The performance you will get it's great but if you do this other small things I'm telling you it will show the difference right away.

Louis Varletty
United States

April 17, 2012
I purchased the 77 Series for my Dodge Ram 1500. Easy installation. The performance is out this world. More torque and horsepower and really increased the sound of my truck. The extra airflow makes aggressive sound. If you drive slower you will be able to see the fuel savings.  GREAT PRODUCT!! I will tell my friends and everyone.

Kenneth McCollum
Covington, Georgia

April 16, 2012


April 16, 2012
I installed a 33-2207 air filter in my 2003 Lincoln Aviator.  I immediately noticed a difference in the responsiveness and performance.  After approximately 1 month of use, I have recorded a consistent fuel mileage increase of 2 MPG on the highway and about 1 MPG in the city.  With fuel prices where they are at in the beginning of 2012, this was definitely a worthwhile investment.

I have also purchased a K&N air filter for my Mustang GT.  I will add a review for it once I have had an opportunity to compare the fuel mileage and performance against the stock air filter.  I suspect it will be notable.

Thank you, K&N!


April 14, 2012
I installed the 77-2581 Kit on my 2011 F-150 5.0 XLT truck and it only took 45 minutes to install. The instructions are very clear. You can feel the difference on the first road test:
1- More power
2- Un fatastic power sound on accelaration

I have it installed since several days and concerning Fuel economy it's a bit too soon, but already it seems be good.

It's a great product and I'm very happy to have choosen K&N

Canada, Quebec, Saint-Constant

April 11, 2012
I just want to say thank you to Steven one of the product specialists and to K&N for providing the BEST costomer service experience that I have ever had!! I am definitely recommending your products to everyone I know!

You stand behind your products and for that I stand behind you. I'm definitely a costomer for life.

Thanks again,

Chad Bleeker
Orangevale, California

April 10, 2012
Bought a K&N air intake for my 1995 5.7L Silverado approx 7 yrs ago.  Cleaned filter last week and noticed it was deteriorating in a couple of places.  Got in touch with K&N via email and after some info exchanged about my vehicle they have me a new filter in the mail on its way.  Excellent customer service from K&N in a time when most place's customer service dept. is pathetic.  Couldn't be more pleased or satisfied.  I will definetly continue to be a K&N customer for years to come!

Joe Reasor
Southwest Virginia

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