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November 1, 2013
Item is a great replacement air cleaner filter for my 1966 Triumph Bonneville. Price was right for quality item.

Mike Souza

November 1, 2013
Easy to order & fast shipping.

James Ratzell
Stagecoach Nevada

November 1, 2013
I was satisfied all the way around. No complaints. I will use your services in the future.


November 1, 2013
Love this product.
Except for a shipping problem,left out attaching parts,I would recommend this product to anyone looking for better engine performance.
I picked up 2 MPG right off the bat.
Love the more muscular sound of the engine.

Lindo Rossi

November 1, 2013
Adds about 10 HP and 3MPG.

Harry Albert

November 1, 2013
Since installation my driving has been limited to in and around town. I've yet to take a road trip and see if your K&N Air Filter increased my Passing Power or Gas Mileage. If you would like a follow-up, give me another 8 months and I'll let you know if I have noticed any improvements in Performance and/or Mileage.

Donny O'Connor
Centennial, Colorado

November 1, 2013
Finding your product worked perfect for my application (despite it not being made for it), which was a pre-filter for a hepa filter on a shop vac.Works great.

Andrew Mantlik
Mesa, Arizona

November 1, 2013
Out of the box I noticed the filter did not fit the airbox well. Too the point I thought it was maybe the wrong part number. It's been awhile so I'm going off of memory but I think the cover did not fit well once the filter was installed. Went for a test ride and anything over 55mph the bike just fell on its face. A testament to the increased air flow I suppose so I will have to try to jet up. Not sure how easy it will be to get main jets for a Teikie carb? According to the literature no fuel modifications are necessary! Not sure how this could be true as these bikes run so lean due to EPA anyway. All my vehicles have K&N filters in them and I love the product but this one has been disappointing. My filter sits on a shelf in the garage until I locate jets and have the time to tune.

Monte Stage
Hibbing, Minnesota

November 1, 2013
Good product, free shipping makes it worth ordering online. Will order again.


November 1, 2013
Good product, a little pricey, but ok with free shipping.


November 1, 2013
New Polo 6R reg. 6-14-13, 1.6L CRD 90 DIN HP
Stock filter 180 kmh 2,000km
K&N E-2997 190 kmh!!!, after break in at 12,500 km tried to speed again: 200kmh, and Polo wanted more...
Easy driving 120 average 4.5 to 5L/100km, pretty good I think! With the stock 45 Liter Diesel nearly a range
of 1,000! Really nice!!
Thank you K&N for the excellent product you've been producing for nearly 50 years! I started 1969 with my Dodge PowerWagon 360ci, then my Dodge Motorhome, then the Dodge PU 360ci 4x4, then a Jeep Pick Up 4x4. Back home in Germany the line of company cars started with a Passat 1300cc gasoline, later followed by two Passat Diesels, both driven more than 345,000 and 330,000 in 5years: no problems, ONE FILTER per car, no trouble with the turbos, either!! (Thanks to the 2/3 less intake pressure caused by K&N filters) Another happy MMC (million mile customer)!
p.s.: the story continues: my son in SoCal VW GTI K&N intake system: he smiles every time he turns the key to start!

Sven T. Emmermann

November 1, 2013
Does a great job.

Steven A Smits

November 1, 2013
I've been a K&N customer for years. This filter performs as well as the OEM filter and it's less expensive. The chrome finish is perfect for my Harley. Ordering is simple, shipping is fast and free.

Gales Ferry, Connecticut

November 1, 2013
I've been a K&N customer for years. Ordering is alwatys simple. The prices are reasonable, the shipping is fast and free.

Gales Ferry, Connecticut

November 1, 2013
My experience shopping with k&n was good. Purchased a tshirt and it came with in a few days. Looks great and I wear it all the time, thank you!


November 1, 2013
Product was as described & fit was exact, thanks.

New York

November 1, 2013
Works as described. This kit is needed to keep your vehicle running like it should. I am very pleased with this product.

Tony Minczeski

November 1, 2013
Perfect fit for my bike, works great.

Rick Maceiko
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

November 1, 2013
Great product! Bolts right up, easy install, easy maintenance. Increased Horsepower/Torque right out the box!

Teddy Atkinson

November 1, 2013
Excellent product. Love it. Gave car a great sound and boost. 5 stars!

Shawn Moretti
Camarillo, California

November 1, 2013
Easy installation, approx. 1 Hour. Have noticed increased performance and fuel mileage. Fuel Mileage has increase by 2 mpg. Since installation, no hesitation at all.

Glenn Majewski
Ontario, New York

November 1, 2013
My son is a mechanic. It was a straight forward installation and he appreciated that the filter was designed specifically for my truck and was a perfect fit. As for me, I like the improved performance, the improved gas mileage, and of course the sound! Good job K&N!

Steve Samuel
Mesa, Arizona

November 1, 2013
Product arrived as promised and difference noticed right away.

Vern Simmons
St Paul, Minnesota

November 1, 2013
These are great filters. Just pop'em in and you're ready to go. They have saved us lots of money by not having to continuously buy an air filter. We bought 2 so we could swap out for a clean dry one. It's easy to clean and we've been very happy.

D Knowlton
Verona, Missouri

November 1, 2013
This product works really good, it restored my K&N filter to new and gave my car that aggressive growling sound again. Thanks to K&N filters.

Brian Schoolfield
Hebron, Maryland

November 1, 2013
I'm happy with the product. Easy to install and does what I expected it to do. Clear the air and keep the engine free of debries.

Dennis M.
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

November 1, 2013
I had the cold intake installed by a professional tech. There is a vibration in the gas pedal. I was told this is normal however, it is very annoying.

Ken Guardino
Birmingham, Alabama

November 1, 2013
I bought this filter as a gift for my girlfriend's 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth. The filter has broadened and flattened the car's power curve. It is somewhat less dramatic than the all or nothing power delivery experienced with the stock air filter. There is a definite performance improvement over a larger RPM range. Doesn't hurt that the noise from the blow-off valve is louder either!

West Cheste, Pennsylvania

November 1, 2013
Oil, oil is the one key thing that keeps your car running, it must be clean to be effective, this filter does that. Have used cheaper filters, some have fallin' apart, some didn't do the job as seen by the dark color of the oil on the dip stick. Yes this filter cost more, but I have 250,000+ miles on my car (2002 Ford Focus ZTS), I don't worry about motor failure due to oil.


November 1, 2013
Nice filter. Well made.

Glenn Landry
Northern Maine

November 1, 2013
Your product is performing perfectly and the installation directions were very comprehensive and easy to follow. Good job!

Glen Jucht
Duluth, Minnesota

November 1, 2013
Fit perfectly, works great!

Stephen Cooper
Halethorpe, Maryland

November 1, 2013
I've installed 2 of these filters on my Freightliner Classic XL...very impressed with the performance. I could tell right away it ran better. It seems that I might have gained a 1/4 mile per gallon better too!

Michael Beene
Royse City, Texas

November 1, 2013
Excellent service, fast shipping. Overall great product.

Stephen Henderson
Tyler, Texas

November 1, 2013
Great product as usual.

Ken Handshaw
Rhode Island

October 31, 2013
I am glad I ordered this intake!!! I've increased my MPG by about 8 MPG and gave it a lil' more torque and a lil' more hp. Best part is the growl you get with it. Best purchase for your money hands down.

League City, Texas

October 31, 2013
Great product!

Ken Carr

October 31, 2013
K&N are the only filters that I use...both on my truck and my Harley!

Ray Hunter

October 31, 2013
Easy to install. Shipping was fast. No problems.

Roswell, New Mexico

October 31, 2013
This is the second K&N filter that I have installed in our Lexus SUV's. The first one was in a 2001 RX-300 that had 221,000 miles on it when I traded it in on the 2011 GX-460. I drove it straight home and ordered another K&N for it. I have consistently gotten 1 to 1.5 MPG more on the highway with the K&N installed than the factory sticker MPG advertises for highway mileage for my vehicle. Plus, it just feels like the engine is breathing much better with the K&N under the hood.

Jeff Thomas
Texarkana, Arkansas

October 31, 2013
Great, have it on my Silverado key.

Eddie Hernandez
Weslaco, Texas

October 31, 2013
Excellent filter! I believe your filters are the best on the market.

John feneck
Homer, Iowa

October 31, 2013
Quality product, quick shipping.

Jerry Cass
Derby, Kansas

October 31, 2013
Awesome product. My 300c runs smother and it sounds tough....
K&N customer for life!

Steve Rangel
Corona, California

October 31, 2013
I love K&N products, and this oil filter is no exception. So far I have had no problems out of my motorcycle, while using this product, and I have used this filter for a while now....actually it is getting close to another oil change and I will be looking to K&N for another filter when that time comes. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.


October 31, 2013
I'm very happy with is product and brand. I run this on Ford and it works and preforms well. I had your cold air intake set up on my Nissan 240 a while ago and it still preforms great! Im very happy with this product and brand. I recommend this product to everyone!

Matthew Henness jr
Alpine, California

October 31, 2013
This intake was easy to install and works great. I have a 2012 Dodge 3500 dually diesel and pull a 37.5 foot fifth wheel. We've put on over 6000 miles since installing the intake. It has been fine except for the engine light that came on after about 1800 miles. After going to two different dealers, they wouldn't touch it without returning it to original intake. I gave them the phone number supplied with the kit for them to speak with a K&N representative...but they refused to call.
Needless to say, I'm not happy with the dealers. At this point, I guess I'll need to put the original intake back on so they will fix and clear the code - then put your intake back on. Fortunately, it's not a lengthy process to remove and re-install...it just upsets me that after paying $60,000 for the truck, they won't even make a call.
I have used your products on every vehicle I've owned for the past several decades...including cars, trucks, & motorcycles. I've never had a problem and will continue to use your products.

Ed Jones
Rimrock, Arizona

October 31, 2013
Great product and great service. I use this filter in a motor home with Cummins diesel engine. After years of use I decided to replace the filter and ordered from the website after talking with rep to be sure I would be getting the same filter. Filter was delivered quickly and I was able to replace the old one while visiting an RV park during our travels.

Art Schmitt

October 31, 2013
Great Product, exactly want I needed and the staff was extremely helpful in making sure I was able to get the right product.

Robert Frisch

October 31, 2013
I've noticed that my car seems to run a little better. I added my Owen AVO tube and that helped even more. I like that fact that I will never have to buy another air filter.

Gary Peek
Reno, Nevada

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