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December 4, 2013
Second K&N filter. Will be getting one more when time to replace throwaway filter.

Charles Hawkins
Friendsville, Tennessee

December 4, 2013
The installation and directions for the product was clear and easy to do. Installed the filter and went for a drive. The car felt smoother in throttle response and love the simple mod for improved performance.

Irvine, California

December 4, 2013
Works great, fits like it was made for it. Before I had it, the K&N was always filled with sand after an outing now, the sand stays outside the filter, and doesn't even stick to the Filter Wrap pre-filter. Awesome product, and will make my buggy last a lot longer.

Hilary Kunz
Bakersfield, California

December 4, 2013
From where I can get this product for my Yamaha R15 v2. I'm crazy about ths filter.

Moga, Punjab

December 4, 2013
Painless process and speedy delivery.

San Francisco, California

December 3, 2013
Great filters! Easy to replace. Fast delivery.

Steve Johnson
Bullhead City, Arizona

December 3, 2013
I have been using K&N from about 1975. Started out on motorcycles then my autos as product became available. So far every vehicle I have owned has had K&N installed. Qhen I bought my 2014 SHO, I found the cold air kit. Definitely a seat of the pants improvement. I have been able to convince most of my friends to install the filter in whatever form in their vehicles.

Jeff Walton
Louisville, Kentucky

December 3, 2013
K&N makes great products. I put them in all my vehicles. This oil filter goes in my Lexus and my Toyota truck. I appreciate the nut on top of the filter. It makes installation easy. K&N processes your order promptly. A great company to work with!

Oro Valley, Arizona

December 3, 2013
K&N is the best. Orders are processed promptly. And their products are the best.
I put this filter in my Toyota Tundra. It does the job.

Oro Valley, Arizona

December 3, 2013
It installed as easily as the OEM filters. I noticed an immediate increase in performance. I haven't checked the mileage yet, but I also expect a small boost there as well. Highly recommend K&N filters!

Kenneth Stubert
Georgetown, Texas

December 3, 2013
Just what I needed with great service and fast shipping !

Dennis Brenner

December 3, 2013
Easy installation. Looks great performs even better. Increased mileage from 25mpg to 30 mpg. Added more zip to a spirited little car. I expect the typhoon to pay for itself at the pump in one year.

Steven N Haidinger
San Angelo Texas

December 3, 2013
It works great. Thanks.

Ryan Rice
Frederick Maryland

December 2, 2013
Fits my zx6r perfectly and the wrench off part is brilliant.


December 2, 2013
I purchased the filter wrap to keep oil from blowing out of the filter and getting all over the motorcycle. It works great for this purpose and I recommended it to other riders. The only complaint I have is that it has some white elastic and or thread that looks cheap. Make it out of all black and it would be a winner

Atlanta Georgia

December 2, 2013
Exact replacement in size superior in quality, always put them in my cars.

Edwin Smith
Granbury, Texas

December 2, 2013
Perfect fit.

Oxford, Georgia

December 2, 2013
Love your products. Got a new K&N air filter AND oil filter. Just put the air filter in last Wednesday and got the oil and filter changed last Friday. Engine purrs like a kitten, thanks to K&N.

Las Vegas, Nevada

December 2, 2013
This version of the filter is much better than the previous version which had bulkier end caps.

Brandon McKee
Carrollton, Texas

December 2, 2013
Fit perfectly, I have used various K&N filters over the past 20+ years now all of my vehicles have K&N, I would not use any other.

Anthony Oliveri
Boise, Idaho

December 2, 2013
K&N filter's are a very good product for increased power and fuel ecinomy. I recently ordered one for my S-10 pickup. Have not yet installed it, it was a present for me. I have used K&N before in my S-10 Blazer and my 4-wheeler for increased power and fuel economy in both and all you have to do is clean it every so often, never throw it away just clean it and oil it and put it back in. GOOD PRODUCT. The price costs a little, but you only have to buy once then keep clean and oil every so often and your good.

Douglas Barclay
Henderson, Colorado

December 2, 2013
Great high quality product. Keep up the good work!

Jon Baker
Georgetown, South Carolina

December 2, 2013
I don't know why you do not make cabin filters. I have your air filter and think it is best you can buy. I think you are missing this market now that most new cars have cabin filters. Thanks for making a good product.


December 2, 2013
I own a 2000 Lincoln Continental, I purchased it in 2005 with 80,000 miles on it. This car has 215,000 miles on it. I haven't changed or cleaned the air filter since I bought/installed at 80,00 miles. My continental is getting 26 MPG, most recently on a trip from Custer, SD to Minot, ND loaded with family and associated luggage. The purchase of this filter has saved me several hundred dollars not only in gas mileage, but in annual replacement costs.

Minot, North Dakota

December 2, 2013
I have used and recommended K&N filters for years. I give them as gifts and have never known anyone choose to go back to an OEM or original filter. I can say I have regulars that will visit and they all get around to cleaning and replenishing their filters while they are at the house. That brings me to this filter which takes no oil. I definately see the increased performance but the jury is still out on the life. We are in a humid environment where the life of many filters are shortened by moisture. Being oilless seams great, but I hope convenience doesn't mean sacrificing longevity.

Mike Avey
Conroe, Texas

December 1, 2013
Car : AUDI, A6, 3.0 supercharged. V6. Quattro. So much of the different when I installed K&N E-1983. With full gasoline tank, I gain more distance in travelling as compare to the orginal air filter original from OEM.

Wong Ivan

December 1, 2013
I purchased this kit for my 2008 Ford F-150. I was stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska and was about to move to Fort Campbell, Kentucky with my family and our 27' travel trailer. I was hoping to get more power and better gas mileage out of my truck for the 4100 mile trip and was not disappointed. Installation was very easy with the provided instructions. The kit even saved a few pounds from the factory intake. The power gain was instantly noticeable. The deeper, throatier sound of the air being drawn into the engine was a clear indicator of the effectiveness of the intake system, not to mention the jump in throttle response at the slightest tap of the gas pedal. The biggest qualifier of this product living up to it's hype and advertisement was how much better the truck was able to plow up a hill with the trailer attached. At my truck's max gross weight, we were able to make the long trip through Canada's arctic Rockies and over the widely varying terrain of the central US. As a bonus, the intake system reduced the number of parts and pieces in the way when the truck was ready for a tune-up, negating the necessity to remove the intake to get to all the plugs and wires. After this evaluation of the product, I will be purchasing similar K&N products for all of our future vehicle purchases.

John Anderson
Cunningham, Tennessee

December 1, 2013
Love the little extra umpf I get out of the intake kit.

William north

November 30, 2013
Super thick and good cotton socks! Can't beat 'em when it comes to quality!

Santa Rosa, California

November 30, 2013
Truck runs smoother than it ever has and starts easier. Increase in fuel miles per gallon maybe by 10 to 20 percent. It pulls my trailer up hills without shifting down. It would be very hard to go back to original equipment. Thank you K&N.

Donald D. Dingman

November 30, 2013
I've used K&N on previous cars but the benefits are more noticeable this time around due to the higher powered engine. Since fitting the filter I've noticed a 2-3 mpg increase plus a slight acceleration gain on take off. That and a slightly lower note to the engine which sounds great. Can't wait to try a cold air intake once one becomes available.

Greg Barrington-Smith
New Jersey

November 30, 2013
Fit was great and instructions are good.

Darren Haug
Meridian, Idaho

November 30, 2013
Delivered promptly. Ordering and billing was easy. I purchased this massive filter for a custom install on a 2001 Toyota Tundra. My poorly fabricated filter holder is the only reason my last filter lasted only ten years! With my updated design I am sure this filter will last the life of this vehicle.

Chuck Nordmeyer

November 30, 2013
Easy to clean

Colon, steven

November 30, 2013
Good experience purchasing direct from K&N. The filters are a perfect fit and I noticed an immediate improvement in performance of the car. Of course that was expected.

Atlanta, Georgia

November 29, 2013
Good buy. You go through more of this than the cleaner itself.

Dallas, Texas

November 29, 2013
Thank you for your outstanding service!

Buena Park, California

November 29, 2013
I added a intake kit to my 2007 Chevy Avalanche and it was terrific! After the easy instillation I took a test drive and immediately felt the added power! After a couple of tanks of fuel I'm seeing 2-4 added mpg as well as the increased horse power. Absolutely LOVE IT!!! It should pay for itself in 6000 miles.


November 29, 2013
Great addition to my garage and can't beat the price ..love K&N!!!


November 29, 2013
I have been buying K&N filters in stores and online for every car that I have owned. The filters work great and last forever. I am about to buy another replacement one for a vehicle. I will probably purchase it online as the online experience was great and simple.

Chris Champ
Carrollton, Texas

November 29, 2013
Better sound...better pull...nice fit...We are sure it gave us at least a couple or three horsepower. We would buy it again...and recommend it. Cool little kit.

Jeff Hightower

November 29, 2013
Excellent product as always, thank you K&N.

Dustin Schmidt
Long Beach, California

November 28, 2013
Absolutely incredible. Great instructions but if you do it slightly out of order it takes a good 20 minutes off the time. Overall gave me a good low-end foot pound increase. Really opened up the motor. Allocate a good 2hours if you've done this before and 3 if you haven't. Best advice for install: patience. It works better than advertised. Best use of $300+ you can spend for this car. A+


November 28, 2013
Based on friends, mechanic, and what read I just bought my first today 11/28/13. I replaced my old filter in my wife's 2004 Envoy keeping the old air box. I hope I can see the gas money difference in my pocket and better results from our Envoy.

Hecto Hernandez
Los Angeles, California

November 28, 2013
Haven't used them yet!!!

Bob Downie

November 28, 2013
Filter is a perfect fit for our 2011 Camry. Item shipped in a few days and price was better than the auto store. Would definitely order again.

Robert Allen
Rochester, New York

November 28, 2013
It's a great product!


November 27, 2013
This is for a Lotus Elise and the air box is hard enough to get to. It was difficult to get the box closed once the filter was installed. I think I am going to buy your cold air intake for the car. I use your filters in all my vehicles.

Cole Zimmerman
Phoenix, Arizona

November 27, 2013
I bought this filter for my '98 Chevy s10 and man it feels like I dropped a new engine in man!! Big big difference.

Desmond Mcnair
Cochran, Georgia

November 27, 2013
I selected the chrome cone filter for the construction of a cold air intake for my 1978 Chevy El Camino.

Karl Soehnlein
San Antonio, Texas

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