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March 13, 2013
I want to thank Steven for his exceptional customer service skills. I purchased three air filter products for my vehicles. He was patient with me and was very knowledgeable about K&N products.   

With my greatest appreciation,

Thomas Thomson
Yreka, California

March 11, 2013
Good day,

This would be my third set of Triple 56-1350 K&N Filters as it's my third set of Triple Mikuni 44PHH Sidedraft Carburetors, and the fourth 56-1040 assembly for Weber 38/38s Down Draft carb, they all still look like the day they were purchased. We clean them regularly, which is every four to six weeks with K&N Filter cleaner and oil. Trinidad has a tremendous amount of dust and debris so it is a great test for K&N to be in this environment, and they definitely protect our engines while improving air flow for added power.

We purchase all our equipment from Murray's Speed & Custom in North Miami, Florida.

Regards from an unconditionally happy K&N customer and fan

Randy Ng-a-Fook
Trinidad. West Indies

March 9, 2013
I have been using for 8 yrs. and am cleaning today, with 7,000 miles on it. I have 1986 Toyota Base Japannese aisian carb. rwd 4sp standard... pu,96,000 miles.. original owner. I can't notice any gas milage increase or power increase. I used to get 17 mpg around town, stop and go  about 3 miles a day (doesn't even warm up) in the suburbs, and 22 mpg  in the country and 26 mpg on the highway. This did not change with the K&N filter. The little truck with 22R is very fast to begin with (it's a little screamer),I have abused it since it was new, but nothing ever breaks...it's like a little Sherman Tank, so I can't notice any power increase. It does clean the intake air very good though, compared to other filters I have used. So it is good that way.

Robert Melchiorre

March 8, 2013
To whom it may concern,
I want to praise Joji Luz for his exceptional customer service skills. He was prompt and through. I am still blown away with how quick he resolved my issue. I am very satisfied with your company and Mr Luz.

With my greatest appreciation,

Vishtasb Ariazand
Sterling Heights, Michigan

March 5, 2013
Great filters! I have one in each of these vehicles 2 pickups, tractor, motorcycle.

John Moeller
Fennville, Michigan

March 4, 2013
This system (69-4523TP) is far the best for the new 2012 Camaro with the LFX v6 motor. far higher gains in HP/torque than posted on site. simple to follow installation instructions for a fantistic install. Thanks to all at K&N for introducing this great inovation to the modern world, keep up the great work!!! I will pass this on to many friends, thanks for a fantastic product! LONG LIVE K&N, your friend always,

Rick Swets
Schaumburg, Illinois

March 1, 2013
Going into this product, I wasn't expecting a lot. But WOW! What a change. Who knew an air filter could provide such a change? I just put it into my 3.5L V6 2005 Nissan Altima, and I've noticed an increase in acceleration already. I have nothing on MPG yet, because I have just installed it. The engine has also developed this new sporty whine to it at around 4K+ RPMs. Loving this new air filter!

Lucas Frommelt
Naperville, Illinois

February 28, 2013
Everything I bought worked great for me. Thanks. Interested in your new reusable oil filter.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

February 28, 2013
The second car I have used K@N's on (33-2958 air filter) and, believe it or not, the already great throttle response has improved with several extra horses to play with plus gas mileage has gone up 3 or 4 mpg which is a real bonus. One other benefit is that the engine sounds better, a slightly deeper throatier tone almost like a V8!

New Jersey

February 26, 2013
WOWOWOWOWOWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a change..
I already feel the power and increase in gas mailage .....quick ..... Awesome air filter..
I dont know why I didnt hear about this(K&N)product before

This is not only a air filter, its a bullet.. fast, power and sound!


February 25, 2013
I own a 2005 RX 8 AT Grand Touring. I got my K&N Typhoon as a Xmas gift a few years ago. I read a lot about them prior to installing it on the car concerned it might negate my warranty, performance metrics,etc.Once I found out it was Mazada approved I was good to go. There is a lot written on all of the tuner blogs about whether or not performance is improved or not. My personal experience, and I'm not a tuner, nor did I dyno the car,was that I FELT, and still do, a noticeable increase in acceleration immediately. These cars are not known for bolting from a stop light and flying past a muscle car, they weren't meant to, but there is a very noticeable difference in immediate pickup from a standing start. On the road or the a wide open highway is where this thing really shines. First as mentioned by others the sound from this thing is pretty impressive. When you floor it and it starts sucking air it begins to growl and the faster you go it flat out wails. I must admit it does making the driving experience all that much more fun. I've not noticed any increase or decrease in mileage, but the fun factor has definitely gone up. It's easy to maintain, and is cost effective since you don't have to keep buying new ones (I'm about to do a clean and oil on it tonight). And it does help keep the engine cooler since there is more room for airflow around the engine compartment. It also looks pretty cool too. So what's not to like? I'm a buyer.

John R
New York, NY

February 23, 2013
2011 RAM 1500 with 63-1561   Wow, huge difference noticed it right away. Already had a replacement kn filter on and didn't know if it'd be worth the extra for the intake. Installed it as directed and love the extra power and response it gave my truck. It's a gotta have.

Southeast, Missouri

February 23, 2013
I have known the K&N marque for a long time, but its first product I purchased few years ago for my first US Car ever (live in Europe) - was a Ram Air Intake for a stock 5.7 HEMI engine and what a surprise! Although that V8 has lot of potential from factory, it got thanks to K&N even better accelerator response, air intake sound (like a discrete turbocharger) and my MPG didn't get any worse (if better? I don't know, didn't measure)- installation made by myself, was an easy job and fun! Now that car runs with an K&N oil filter too. In the meantime I had purchased another Mopar with small I4 engine and got replacement K&N panel filter too - I didn't expect much, like in that bigger V8, but was surprised again! That small 2-liter motor got a bit better MPG, revs & accelerates easier and finally some annoying intake rumble with old filter gone forever. All that thanks a health engine and simple filter replacement, thanks K&N, my next filter comes from You!

Zielona Gora / Poland

February 21, 2013
I have K&N filters in my truck and my dirt bikes. I will never use any other filter. The warranty is great. The best part is when you call customer service YOU TALK TO AN AMERICAN!!!!!!

San Diego, California

February 19, 2013
Outstanding quality - use HP-1002 oil filter on my 100 HP Rotax 912ULS engine - Great fit and easier to change than the OEM filter.

Don Stits

February 19, 2013
Just put the 57 series intake on my 2001 Chevy Blazer Xtreme and WOW!!! The performance is great and the sound is awesome when you get around 3000 plus RPM or when you're in a strong pull.
Since K&N doesn't make a complete system for my 1990 Mustang GT, just the filter, this is my first real intake with air duct and filter and I'm really impressed.
Thanks K&N for the great products. I also bought a 69 series Typhoon for my wife's 2002 Toyota Celica. Put it on and dang...it is loud!!! Now I see why its called a Typhoon. You got a customer for life.
Thanks K&N.

Alabama, USA

February 18, 2013
Lisa Kubo helped me with installation instructions on two recent purchases. She was GREAT and stuck with the solution to a great conclusion. I love the product and am SO impressed with your service staff.

Thanks and I will be a return customer for sure,

Guy Ridout

February 16, 2013
Love the product! The 77 series is the first K&N product I've purchased. Gives off a really nice sound. Looks awesome. Diffidently more power and fuel economy. Relatively easy to install a little bit of drilling but nothing major. I am very impressed with the product. I will never buy anything but K&N!


February 16, 2013
I have installed K&N 33-2960 Filter in my 2012 Hyundai i20, and is very much amazed by the performance of my vehicle, I have noticed significant power increase and fuel efficiency is near equal the same, and the sound which I'm getting from engine is drastically changed, It's now like small race car effect of Vrooooooom, and major improvement is now car now requires less frequent gear change in Traffic condition or after coming out through a corner, I mean previously where I have to slow down the car and to again gain the moment of driving where I had to put it in 1st gear or 2nd now it overcomes that in 2nd or 3rd, so less frequent gear change results in more efficiency,
Thanks K&N for providing with 33-2960,,

Anand Kumar
Ranchi, India

February 15, 2013
Today I purchased a 57 Series for my '03 F250SD. I really wasn't seeking the intake for a HP increase but more to help if any in the fuel consumption. Well let me say this..... It took me about a 1hr 1/2 to remove the factory intake and install the new intake system. I started up the truck and immediately noticed that the engine had this new NASTY throaty sound..! Wish I loved. After letting the engine idle for a few minutes while the computer of the truck adapted to the new system. I took it for a drive and also instantly noticed a signifcant increase in HP... pretty much through all gear shifts. It's too early to tell in regards to my fuel consumption but very impressed with the new found HP & throaty tone to the engine. I would reccommend K&N intakes. Thanks K&N!!!

Jason Hoffenberg

February 14, 2013
Very good product. (Cleaning kit 99-5003EU)

Japtuning Automotive
Bennekom, the Netherlands

February 13, 2013
WOW! What a difference from the stock intake (Air Intake 69-3527TP). You notice a huge difference when you are taking off and driving. The car sounds much better is louder and sounds amazing. Great buy.

Phoenix, Arizona

February 12, 2013
Great shipping and product, price a little high but its worth it.


February 12, 2013
LOVE IT!! Took me maybe 25 minutes to install. Started her up and she sounded AMAZING! noticed the change right away. (Air intake part 63-2581)


February 9, 2013
I currently have the RC-3250 KN air filter on my series 2 s14 200sx, and it works like a treat, I'm very proud to own a KN filter and will do so in the future. Not only does it improve my performance but it makes my engine bay look alot neater than most other filters.

Matthew Beard

February 9, 2013

I just installed the RC-1060 on my Pulsar 135 and it has really helped with the pickup. Bike was feeling a lil sluggish after I had installed a 120 rear tire but after the installing the air filter, it has regained it peppy performance and feels better than before ...

Major gains were mainly felt in acceleration and mid range power ... also love the sound ...

Rahul Chowdhury
Mysore, India

February 8, 2013
I have a 2000 Suburban LT, 141,000 miles, 5.3l. I just bought 2 weeks ago, someone had taken care of this beauty. I am not an auto mechanic, but I can turn a wrench. I took my time to study what I needed to do, and even then it only took me about an hour to install all the parts. I suspect that before installation, the 0-97 mph time was approximately 25 seconds. Today I took her out, after the installation and WOW, almost 16 seconds flat from 0- 97 mph. That is a huge increase for a 3 ton vehicle, and the launch, OMG, I thought my seat was enveloping me. Thanks for a wonderful product. Now to see how much increase in mpg, if I can resist opening her up again!!!

Bruce Slaton
Hope, Arkansas

February 6, 2013
I own 2004 F-150 4x4. Well I was going to buy an intake system but figued I would try just the replacement filter for now. I put the filter in before I headed home from the auto parts store and reset my mpg meter. I was getting only about 14.3mpg avg on my trips to town. I was surprize that on my way home I was getting 18.8 mpg on the way home. I've reset it before on my way home and only got 15.8mpg at best. If it stays at this mpg I will go 41.91 more mile on 50 dollars.

Dennis Givens

February 5, 2013
K and N is the best airfilter in the market. Proud to have it on my ride.


January 25, 2013
I have utilized this air filter element on my Dyna LowRider since 2004 when I increased the displacement of the motor from 88 c.i., had the head's flowed and polished, replaced the stock cams with higher performance units and, replaced the stock exhaust.  This filter element performs incredibly well and serves the increased breathing requirements of this high performance 90+ c.i. V-Twin motor.  The element only requires a once per year service and a new coat of oil to continue to work optimally.  The filter element and assembly are highly recommended for performance applications or upgrading the stock filtering unit and element.

Tom Handlon
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

January 25, 2013
Outstanding Customer service!
I discovered a cracked air inlet tube on my 2006 Dodge Ram. One call to K&N and the issue was resolved. The customer service was actually above and beyond what I expected. Special thanks to Daniel S. I will never use any other filter system.

Dan Jackson
Madison, Wisconsin

January 24, 2013
Great first experience shopping with you guys. I am also a big fan of yours on facebook. Excellent service and excellent products. One reason I bought the product was also because it's made here in the United States.

Thank you,


La jolla, California

January 24, 2013
I have used K&N products for years - in my truck, race bikes, dirt bikes and now my 2007 C6 Corvette.  This intake is badass.  Increased horsepower, better throttle response - and much better on deceleration (although a Corvette should be accelerating almost always and decelerating almost never).  The kit did provide a much better feel on deceleration, which I would highly recommend based on this alone, even if I didn't get a horsepower increase.  The engine is much more smooth coming to a stop or driving slowly through a parking lot, over speed bumps, etc.  Engine tone changed slightly - and there is slightly more pull beyond the estimated 10HP.  Installation was very easy and took about 30 minutes.  Fantastic product - thanks K&N!

Tim Scarrott
Northern California

January 22, 2013
very good!!

hongsang liu

January 22, 2013
Hi just like to say thanks for your air filter 33-2333 for my landrover discovery 3 27 v6D. Before average mpg 26 and after fitting 30+ mpg , she now sounds and runs a lot  sweeter . Looking forward to a long run to see what I get , Thanks k&n now fitted one in my freelander 2sport

Mark Singlehurst
Nottingham England

January 18, 2013
This kit (57-3013-2) worked awesome I could immediately tell the difference in power, acceleration was improved torque improved and it just sounded better. I had switched from the k&n stock replacement to this kit and the intake kit makes a big difference. I don't regret buying it at all.

Southern California

January 18, 2013
It took me about 2.5 hours to install fairly simple the only problem was the air sensor wires were a little short putting tension on it hope it lasts put it all together and took it for a test ride WOW what a diff in sound. Hard to keep my foot off the petal. This is the way a Hemi should sound. Now I need a high per muffler and away I go. I've always had k and n filters in my rides best out there.


January 16, 2013
Very good high quality nylon banner. Suitable for any weather. Part 89-11839

Bangalore, India

January 11, 2013
We have been using K&N's XStream Series MX filters for the past 2 seasons on the Leading Edge Kawasaki's.  On the dyno, we have seen noticeable difference horsepower which has for sure been an advantage on the track!  The added air-flow delivers the cheapest power ad-on available!

Jason Hughes
Monster Energy/Leading Edge Kawasaki

Jason Hughes
Kamloops, BC Canada

January 11, 2013
K&N Air and Oil filters have become an important part of our tuning package.   Positive horsepower numbers along with easy maintenance, make K&N's products a must have for this team’s success. I don't believe there is a product available that works better under racing conditions.  Ask me, I'll tell you.  We use K&N and we have results to back it up.

Danny Walker
RoadRace Factory/Red Bull

Danny Walker
Denver, Colorado

January 11, 2013
We want the best performance out of our Yamaha YFZ450R.  That is why we need a filter that not only flows the most air but keeps the power robbing dirt, dust and water out of our engines.  When making decisions concerning performance and reliability, we choose K&N Filters.

Chad Wienen
Galena, Illinois

January 11, 2013
Just had to replace a filter that the gasket was coming apart on.  I sent an inquiry and in less than a minute I had a response from your customer service rep Lisa Kubo.  She asked for some pictures and  I sent them.  Next thing I know the filter is on its way.  Glad to see that K&N stands behind their products.  I have the air filters installed in all of my vehicles and this is the first issue I have ever experienced.  Thanks again for the quick response and professional handling by Lisa.

1.  LX470
2  FZJ80  Landcruiser
3.  uz100  Landcruiser
4.  Acura TL
5.  Toyota Sienna

John Hornyak

January 9, 2013
Exactly what I wanted and arrived well packed with no damage.  Be aware that the K&N logo is stamped on the cover.  I did't see that in the picture and really wanted one with no manufacturer name, but the logo is inconspicuous enough and these look so good, I'll keep them!
Awesome product, great warranty, good communication about the order without getting spammed with anything else.  I will be buying from K&N again.

John Meyer
Independence, Missouri

January 3, 2013
I purchased this air filter (33-2031-2) for a 2006 Red Infiniti Coupe. I noticed the change immediately. First I noticed the gas savings, The car sounds completely different. Definitely more horsepower. I love it. I really do. Change your life change your filter it is worth it.

Ingrid Gardner
Bronx, New York

January 1, 2013
Thanks to k&n for giving me much more mileage and power for my simple hero honda glamour. Giving a top speed of 110 and urging for more.......

Kollam, India

December 29, 2012
On an Infiniti EX35 AWD Journey, my gas consumption went from 10 litres/100km to 9.2 litres/100km. Over the lifetime of the car and the fact the filters can be cleaned and recharged, the savings are worth the cost...highly recommended.


December 28, 2012
Works great on 206 16v, driven on LPG!

Beograd, Srbija (Serbia)

December 27, 2012
I have used K@n filters in every vehicle I have owned and have always picked up 2-3 mpg every time.This is a great product for your car and I recommend K@N filters to all my friends.

Racine, Wisconsin

December 27, 2012
Got the 77-1513kp for xmas, and installed it yesterday on my 2002 Grand Cherokee 4.7 H.O Overland. Very easy to install after some difficulties getting stock equipment off. The 4.7 H.O sounded amazing before this thing, now i am just blown away. While still being nice and civil at low RPMs when you step on the gas it sounds like a bear.  There is an increase in acceleration at high RPMs. Have not had it long enough to tell about gas mileage, but who cares, I have a V8. All in all i am very glad with the purchase.


December 26, 2012
Wow awesome racing sound & its excellent pickup, vrooooooooooooom

Chennai, India

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