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December 13, 2013
Kicks ass! Extra horse power helps at altitude climbing mountain passes. Haven't noticed big difference in gas milage.


December 12, 2013
Good product. I would buy again.

Tinley Park, Illinois

December 12, 2013
Great product! Had over 300,000 miles on my other Honda!


December 12, 2013
We recently built a replacement oil tank for a dry sump system in an historic Indy car. Since the Cosworth DFX engine in this car is quite expensive, we used this filter between the tank and the suction side of the oil pump to ensure that the pump would not ingest any foreign material left inside the tank such as aluminum chips. Although we cleaned the tank well, we wanted some extra insurance. On a weekend at the track, the filter worked just as planned. The oil pump is free and clear of debris and we saw no drop in pressure. The filter worked perfectly for this application.

Robert Metcalf
Dallas, Texas

December 12, 2013
Very easy to install, got it done in around an hour. Although this replaces some stock parts, NONE OF YOUR STOCK FACTORY PARTS NEED TO BE CUT OR MODIFIED. This means that if you ever have to take out the CAI, all your stock parts will be in perfect condition and can go right back in. PERFORMANCE: Definitely feel the power at the front wheels in first and second gear (6-speed Automatic with Select Shift). After the first two gears you don't feel the power gain as much, but is still noticeable. Have yet to do my 0-60mph post-CAI but I will update when/if I do. Another positive about this CAI is that you only hear it when you really step on it. You don't hear it under light acceleration or when you are just cruising which is beneficial to me because I am running about 2,200RPM most of my commute to work. Like the other review here (also from Massachusetts), I see a decrease in MPG as of right now. I can usually get 30mpg under babying conditions and 25mpg stepping on it a lot and going hard on it. I have tried to baby it a little and I still can't get above 23.5mpg (according to the on-board computer). I will do my own manual calculations to confirm that I have a loss in MPG. Overall, I really like the CAI. Definitely feel the power increase on the stock 2.5 engine and it has a real throaty beefy sound under medium to hard acceleration. Worth the purchase if you are looking for more power and better sound. If you commute almost 100 miles a day like me....you may want to consider how much the loss in MPG will cost you in extra gas expenditure.


December 12, 2013
The system has improved performance of the engine and it runs smoother.

Mark Plisch
Grinnell, Iowa

December 11, 2013
Great service on the order. The only criticism with the product is that the aerosol filter oil sprays with great volume, making it difficult to control the amount of oil dispensed to the clean filter. The manual drip bottle is better for a small filter like a motorcycle filter.

Idaho City, Nevada

December 11, 2013
Great intake and fast shipping. Thanks guys!


December 11, 2013
This filter fit perfectly in my 2012 Focus. It was shipped within 2 hours of the order and I received it on time in perfect condition. I achieved instant improved power and shifting with this finicky transmission of the focus. Throttle response was also improved. I will always buy K&N filters for my current vehicles or future ones.

San Antonio, Texas

December 11, 2013
RZR XP 900 Air filters and oil filters from K&N were perfect fit and finish when they were installed. I know the quality of the K&N products will protect the engine of the Polaris for many races in the future. We can rest assured that we will be able to concentrate on the rest of the car. To this date we have had no failures from any of our K&N Products.

Team Epic Racing

December 11, 2013
Great product! Easy to install and a noticeable improvement in engine performance.

Tim kesterson

December 11, 2013
The assembly was difficult the holes wouldn't line up it took me extra time because I had to fight to make it work.

James Duncan
Oak Grove, Missouri

December 11, 2013
I bought this because it said it was washable. When I got it I realized I had bought one before. When I put the first one in my truck, 1999 Toyota Tacoma it ran terrible. I took it to a garage and they said it was because of the new air cleaner. I never put the 2nd one in my truck because of my first experience. So I would say I was not happy with this purchase.

Dennis Nuernberger
Lincoln, Nebraska

December 10, 2013
Easy installation. Just drop it in like you would a regular replacement air filter and you're done. Shipped fast. Will definitely order again... for other vehicles of course.

Kathleen, Georgia

December 10, 2013
After installing the unit, there was a space around the tube that went through the housing wall into the filter location. I would have assumed that space should be sealed somehow. Gas mileage doesn't appear to have changed, but engine does seem to run smoother. Haven't had a chance to pull a trailer yet to evaluate power...

Warner, Tennessee

December 10, 2013
Great filter running it on all my 7.3 diesels

Colby E.
Woodbury, Vermont

December 10, 2013


December 10, 2013
Great product.super fast shipping..The best

Gary Born
Agua Dulce, California

December 9, 2013
K&N is top notch. I searched high an low for a quality air intake that would fit my 2014 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab 5.7 V8. I was very concerned with performance, fit, finish and install directions regarding my new model year. After reading the instructions and watching their video, I was able to install it with basic tools in my driveway. I did a base line test with factory air intake vs K&N cold air intake and was very impressed. Intake noise during everyday driving is slightly increased but when you get the engine above 3200 RPM the Tundra becomes a whole new animal. Paired with a [brand] dual exhaust or similar you will find yourself with a truck that preforms as great as it sounds. 2014 Tundra Crew Cab Limited 5.7 V8, TRD 4x4, fiberglass tonneau cover, [brand] Sway Bar and all terrain tires. Test 0-60 2-runs, 2 wheel drive. 2-runs 4 wheel drive. Best run recorded - 3540 miles 1/2 tank 93 octane 41 degrees. Tundra stock intake and stock exhaust 6.9. 4200 miles 1/2 tank 93 octane 40 degrees. Tundra stock intake and [brand] exhaust 6.7. 5100 miles 1/2 tank 93 octane 37 degrees K&N 63-9036 intake and [brand] exhaust 6.3. Thanks.

Pat Wheeler
Orono, Maine

December 9, 2013
Great fit for my Husqvarna chain saw. Been using K&N filters since the 70's on my dirt bikes.

Vince Corcoran

December 9, 2013
Very quick service and shipping. Easy directions to follow. Overall very good and I used them 3 times already! Thank you !

Charles Hentzell

December 9, 2013
Friend of mine who race Honda's at Midway Race told me about this air filter. Works great in my 6 cylinder 2006 Accord. Seems to give it even more kick than it already had.

Tom Doll
Mason, Ohio

December 9, 2013
My filter needed cleaning after about 25k miles instead of the advertised 50k so I went ahead and picked this up. It would be nice if there was a sanctioned way to clean and oil this that didnt require me spending $16, but hey, whatever. I had to use the cleaner 3 times to get all the gunk out of the valleys and ended up with a toothpick trying to get the last vestiges of gook out. Eventually I deemed it clean enough and let it dry. The spray on red oil stuff is the only real reason I got this package but for a couple of bucks more why not get their cleaner too, right? All in all I wish it came with a brush and that I didnt have to buy it in the first place but I'm glad I did.

Arin Couchey
Durham, North Carolina

December 9, 2013
I would very much like to thank TROY GREEN for his excellent and timely service! I had a faulty oil filter and sent it in to get inspected. Troy stayed in touch with me throughout the process and was extremely profesional. I received a full refund for the faulty oil filter and the oil change I had to do as a result. I didn't even have to pay for the shipping to send the filter back. The process was so hassle free and without questions. I wish all personnel and businesses who deal performance parts conducted themselves in this manner. Excellent service! That's the way it should be done!

David C.
Nellis AFB (Las Vegas) Nevada

December 9, 2013
I definitely recommend this product. Noticeable increase in torque at all RPMs. My 2006 5.7L Grand Cherokee even seems to shift smoother when accelerating normally from a stop. Maximum power accelerations produce an impressive deep throated sound in addition to the increased power. I am hoping to see an increase in gas mileage, but have not driven my vehicle enough with the new K&N Cold Air Intake installed to make a determination. Any increase will be just icing on the cake. Installation took me about an hour and a half and was not difficult. I recommend reading the instructions completely before starting the installation. That way, you can ensure you are using the correct nuts, bolts and washers as you proceed through the installation. I'm a fully satisfied customer. Thanks for a great product, K&N.

John Kayser
Stamford, Connecticut

December 9, 2013
Correct part no on box, but wrong filter in box (RD-0720). Was able to use filter just higher than wanted.

Mark M. Kawaharada
Honolulu, Hawaii

December 9, 2013
I ordered the K&N filter wrap for my quad and I love it! It's a great quality! The shipping was super fast. Overall I am very pleased with my experience. I would highly recommend this product.

Makenna Ross
Bakersfield, California

December 9, 2013
Order arrived on time and fit like a glove. By my calculations it should have reduced the air flow by 100 CFM, but it did not seam to make a difference. K&N still provides great flow, clean air and more on demand power.

Los Angeles, California

December 9, 2013
Awesome looks and performance. Thanks.

David Kidwell
Broadlands, Virginia

December 9, 2013
Got it. Put it in. We'll see how power and mileage are affected. Thanks.

Allan Miller
Boston, Massachusetts

December 8, 2013
Easy to install. Order direct and get the right filter. Don't make the same mistake I did.


December 7, 2013
Works great and similar design to the OEM filter. Why someone would give this 1 star because they have not used it yet is beyond me. As Bill Engval would say, "There's your sign!" Ignore the 1 star useless review.


December 6, 2013
Only K&N had a filter in this size. Great product! Still the best!

Seattle, Washington

December 6, 2013
Just Installed mine about a week ago and right off the bat throttle responses were amazing! My truck sounds amazing. Before the installation I got around 11 mpg. Now, with the intake I am averaging about 15 mpg. Amazing product. Well worth the money!

Justin Smith
Los Angeles, California

December 6, 2013
Great product and it's great to have quality options.

Mike Macri
Des Moines, Iowa

December 6, 2013
Great intake and even better customer service. Easy installation which takes two hours. You will notice some additional engine noise which is nothing but more goodness :)

Tampa, Florida

December 6, 2013
They were very helpful and I was very pleased with the whole experience.

Kirk Hilton
Olney, Maryland

December 6, 2013
I live on a 2 acre sand hill covered with hundreds of oak trees. When I mow lots of dust is generated. I also mulch leaves about five times a year also generating dust and pollen. My 24 HP mower gets hard to start from so much dust. The regular filter for my mower costs over $25.00. I have to change or clean the filter about twice a year. The K&N filter was about $40.00 and much better made. Now I can clean the filter after each mowing without going broke. The only problem I had was finding it to order it. I even contacted them directly by live chat and was told they had no such filter for my application. I looked it up under manufacturer and found nothing. I looked under industrial air filter for my engine and found it using the engine nomenclature. I bet K&N is losing lots of business because of that. I have tried many times in the past to find filters without success for smaller engines. I have always had good results with these filters.

South Texas

December 6, 2013
Easy to apply and use, works well. Very pleased.


December 6, 2013
The RF-1001 part was a perfect fit in my '91 3000GT as the prior owner had done the FIPK K&N kit. Part works great. Very pleased with it and the K&N water barrier I got for it.


December 6, 2013
I have had K&N filters on everything from air compressors, to snowmobiles. from f150's to f350 powerstroke. Now on my 2013 volvo d13 truck engine I gained 2-3 lbs of boost. Very substantial, more air equals better more efficient burn and equals more power with less money. Thank you K&N for who you are and what you do. Tom

Thomas Westby

December 5, 2013
I bought my first K&N air filter for a 2008 car that I just traded in and as soon as I installed the filter I noticed the difference right away it was a good investment. I bought the cleaning kit which is easy to use and now that I have a new 2013 I bought the air filter for that car. It's well worth the investment you only buy one filter for as long as you own the car.

Los Angeles,California

December 5, 2013
I used to clean my filter with break parts cleaner and then spray WD40 on it now I know the value of and difference of the actual K&N brand recharge kit.

Jason K
Colorado Springs, Colorado

December 5, 2013
Less expensive than the cartridges at the parts store (they didn't carry K&N) and way better quality. I will keep buying my oil filter cartridges from K&N. I saw how the spin on style did for a diesel pick-up and I was amazed.

Jason K
Colorado Springs, Colorado

December 5, 2013
Easy to use sales website - I got exactly what I needed from K&N and the delivery was prompt (even though I live in Panama and use a US mail forwarder for internet purchases.) My only recommendation based on my installation experience is for the oiling instructions to be a little bit clearer on the amount of oil needed to load a new filter. This is the first time I have personally loaded a K&N filter and I obviously used far to much oil since it has been leaking since I installed it. A little bit of filter oil goes a long way! Now, I know and I won't make the mistake again when I clean the filter in the future. I am a satisfied customer. Nothing else needs to be said :)

W. Wooderson
Republic of Panama

December 5, 2013
Would definitely reorder from this company. Very happy with their K&N service.

Dennis Thye
Galesburg, Illinois

December 4, 2013
I love my shirt. I waited about 4months for it, actually almost because I saw it originally at SEMA in October. When I recieved it the front was actually glued to the back because of how the label was ironed on. I called and they sent another one right away. The 2nd was also glued together, but more like just stick, so I just pulled it apart. I wish I had ordered 2 more. Probably best customer service I have ever had, I even wrote about it on your facebook page. Thank you.

Kelly Traina
Las Vegas, Nevada

December 4, 2013
Super easy install on my 2012 Camaro conv.V8. Fast shipping, noticeable increase in power and performance and Camaro sounds great.


December 4, 2013
I'm 360 degrees thrilled with my experience with K&N. The install was quick and easy, and I experienced modest power gains and responsiveness for relatively low cost. I really like the million mile warranty card that ensures you will not be taken advantage of by outside service providers. My biggest compliment would be to your customer service team. I recently moved to California and am not familiar with the CARB compliance stickers and paper work. That being said I called up and they sent me another one same day. Way to go the extra mile for your customers! I'll be sure to use K&N for future vehicles and recommend them to friends and family. Stand up job guys! -Chris

Chris Barnes
San Diego, California

December 4, 2013
These are great filters. More air more horsepower better gas mileage I use nothing but K&N filters.

Donald King

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