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November 7, 2012
Ever since I bought my bike , it's breathing thru a k&n filter, it's the best filter so far I have tried. Intake sound is pleasent.

Chennai, India

November 6, 2012
After installing this air system (57-1537) on my 2007 Ram 1500 with a 3.7L engine I was VERY upset@!  Up set that this is not standard on the vehicle from the manufacturer!!! What a performance difference, should be shipped from the factory with this product.  Better performance and better gas milage, about 4mpg!

For me this was a two step process. I was not sure about how this would work, so I first simply bought the air filter replacement element and installed in the factory air cleaner.  Right away I noticed a difference.  So much so that I bought another one for my wife's car (2002 Hyundai).  After running with the air filters for a while, I decided to look into the air-system replacement. It took a few months for me to actually buy the system because I guess my truck in not a true 2007 but a 2007-1/2 or 2007-3/4.  The actual engine configuration is that of a 2008.  So when I down loaded the install manual from K & N's web site the crank case breather did not look like the 2007 described.  Once I determined that my engine confirguration looked more like a 2008 I was home free.  I bought the unit and just love the performance!!  With the price of gas as it is I love the extra 4 mpg as well.

Laguna Hills, California

October 28, 2012
I'm going to be short, I'm limited in my English writing.
K&N is the most TRUSTED Co, I've ever deal with since I came to this Country in 1961. Not only the products are made here in this great Country, they are quality products. The customer service is the BEST too. Funny, just came from (hardware store name removed), where I was treated with rude people that couldn't care less if you walk in the store.
I wish this Company & their staff the very best in the future.   

Juan Noriega
Las Vegas, Nevada

October 26, 2012
I bought the K&N No. 57-3013-2, 57 Series FIPK Performance Intake Kit for a 1998 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L and it made a whopping difference!! The sound is great, it really roars, but the acceleration and gas mileage make this a stellar investment. You guys make a great product!! Overall, it is just much more fun to drive!

Kevin Schrader
Houston, Texas

October 25, 2012
I bought the K&N intake system to boost power and mpgs on my 2004 Suburban, very impressed with power increase and 2 1/4 mpg gain. It's awesome and well worth the money, easy to install in your own driveway with simple tools.


October 25, 2012
I used a K&N 33-2472 on my Veloster 1.6 MPI engine. The sound of the engine now is low in high frec and little more loud. Plus felt a minnor improvement in the take off.


October 23, 2012
Real high quality items (air filter for my Audi A4)
BEST SHIPPING EVER, it took less than two days to arrive on my porch.

Souren Ohanian
Pacific Palisades, California

October 23, 2012
Nice addition to my Volvo S40 2008 2.0 (57-0595).  Sounds and feels great! The main reason I gave 4 stars is that there is no heat shield for my configuration.  If there is any alternative let me know.  

Panamá, Panamá

October 19, 2012
Meanwhile the TOURAN has 232,500 KM and the TIGUAN 40.500 KM on the speedometer! All is well, I expect to do 500,000 plus with the TOURAN, and the TIGUAN will do the same, at least, if my wife doesn't get tired of it and trade it for the GOLF VII...
Keep up the excellent COTTONWORKS!! We love it!

Sven T. Emmermann
Lübeck, Germany

October 18, 2012
I'm staying in Borneo island, Malaysia.  Recently acquired a unit of Honda CR-Z.  Upon arriving, I installed K & N drop in air filter... Immediate improve in engine response... But after I change the rim to 18 wrap with new tires, the car felt heavy & drop in response..
Then I get myself this intake kit (69-1018TS)... Now My CR-Z is spinning the 18's as if it is stock tires... It also gives my CR-Z sportier engine sound... Not very loud... Just pleasant to my ears... YOU should feel the 'wrath' of a K & N Typhoon kit yourself to believe it...

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

October 18, 2012
I recently installed a YA-6004 k & n filter in my FZ-6 and I've seen a lot of difference..The sound was awesome, acceleration  also and RPM's were going up in a smoother way. I am very  very  happy and I am recommending it to everyone !!


October 17, 2012
I have always used these filters but recently rebuilt my Ford Capri 3.0 ghia and took the oval filter off to put a paper hotrod style filter on, it looked the part but I wanted a K&N so came to this site (KNFilters.co.uk) and took just 5mins to order an insert and it got there the next day, I wish every part I've ordered online was this quick and easy.

S. Wales, United Kingdom

October 15, 2012
We purchased this air filter kit while travelling, we haul a 30' RV and were going across Canada. Unfortunatly there was a small defect in one area, which prevented it from being installed immediately. We needed to get on the road, so we informed K&N of the problem (with pictures) and when we returned home the part was already waiting for us. The difference in power with this new air filter is awesome. We drive a 2006 F350 6L 4x4 Superduty. Great service, Thanks

Irene Wiens
Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

October 14, 2012
2003 VTX1800(1795cc).The milled cover on the tri-shape-filter (RK-3916) is sweet.  Keeping the filter clean, since it rides unexposed to all pollutants takes some care. I buy the gallon cleaner just so I can keep it as clean as possible. I like to oil the filter every 3-5K miles. The EFI on the VTX handles the changes in mixture from a new amatuerish application process, well.
16K miles, and the bottom center mount deserves attention every filter check. When this bike goes hot down a back-twisty.... it breathes like a 402 Cobra. And the exhaust note has a wonderful sound of properly heated and cooling gases.

Will Martin
N. Virginia

October 14, 2012
Love my intake I installed in on my V6 2004 Accord. Everyone asks me what kind of exhaust I have. My exhaust is stock and my car made no noise before, now it sounds like a 100,000 dollar car. Notices little changes in performance, the car runs smoother and faster. No gains in mpg noticed but the sound and performance is worth well the price

Linden, New Jersey

October 14, 2012
When I got my first 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee I had put this kit on (57-1506-2) and loved it so much! I just got another Grand Cherokee now and for sure am going to be doing this to it as well! Great products and some of the best intakes I have ever used! I work for a performance shop here in Huntsville and we sell and install ALOT of K&N intakes and everyone loves them!!!!

Huntsville, Onario, Canada

October 13, 2012
I just purchased a series 57 FIPK for my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L V8.  WOW!!  I had just put a cat back exhaust system on it the week before and with your cold air intake I have awakened a sleeping giant!  Definitely has more power.  The engine runs smoother.  Waiting to see the effect on fuel economy.  

Seth Meredith
Monroe, Louisiana

October 13, 2012
I am doing up a 03 SV650 and am impressed with the K+N air filter (SU-6503). The bike sounds and runs better. It is also operating smoother across the rev range. I like the filters ability to be reconditioned in the future.

Thanks K+N

Alex Wight
Brisbane, Australia

October 12, 2012
My intake kit was missing a step hose (I believe the independant retailer may have grabbed it when in need of a part.) when I contacted K & N they were EXTREMELY helpful and they told me the part was on its way and should arrive in 3-5 business days. To my suprise the part was at my door the next day! I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of service I received.

I will absolutely do business with K & N again I strongly recommend you do as well.

Thanks K & N!

Chris M.
London Ontario, Canada

October 12, 2012
Before fitting a K&N air filter on my Honda CBF Stunner, my bike felt under powered & was not giving good average, but, it all changed once my friend recommended me to use it, now, my bike's fuel efficiency & performance has drastically improved. I love it.

Manpreet Singh Bala
New Delhi, India

October 11, 2012
Definitely worth the purchase (33-2476 air filter), allows better airflow during acceleration and tranny shifts smoother.


October 10, 2012
After reading a lot on the forums this (YA-6006) was the filter I liked the most. The filter provided me the air flow I was looking for with the low maintenance periods required (i.e. cleaning/lubricating). Had it installed at a local shop when the bike was getting a lot of work done and unfortunately they cracked/bent the plate and never told me. Since I have now started doing all my own service on my bike I just came across this. Gave a quick call to Robert (K&N Customer Service Rep) and within a matter of 5 minutes he sent me a new plate/screws on the house. K&N continues to have great products and great customer service which is why I will continue to purchase K&N filters for all my vehicles. Thanks guys!

Dustin Yates
Haslet, Texas

October 10, 2012
You guys are the best. All my bikes and cars trucks run k&n filters right now. 7 in all but that changes all the time I will always buy K&N.

United States

October 7, 2012
I bought this filter (33-2106-1) back in June after upgrading my truck. I heard good things from a few of my friends and decided to give the filter a shot, after driving with it in my Ranger for about 5 months I noticed that there is an increase in throttle response and fuel economy. I recommend these filters to everyone! I plan on putting them in all my vehicles now.

Jeremy L
Eugene, Oregon

October 6, 2012
Just bought the filter for my 200 Cadillac STS, drive about 500-600 miles a week. Get about 18 mpg, I'll let you know when and if it gets better mileage.

Scott Pastere
Medford, Oregon

October 6, 2012
I have 2 of these (RC-9160) on my Ducati Hypermotard, night and day after install... great filters..

Sparks, Nevada

October 6, 2012
Your products are really great. A big fan!

Heyden Melroy
Kochi, Kerala, India

October 5, 2012
First off I want to say thank you to K&N, you guys really are the best there is. When I put this cold air intake (57-1516) on it was a big difference in response and now it sounds a lot beefier with the sound of the engine now.  I still have yet to find out if there is a difference in mpg, but I'm sure there will after the first week because in the first week I'm gonna be on the gas a little more now haha. But great product you guys. Thank you !! To anyone who is thinking about buying this product, you won't be disappointed at all! My brother just put one on his Dodge Ram and he is just as happy as I am with the cold air intake.

Quincy, Illinois

October 4, 2012
For 3 years I've owned a set of these (E-3016DK) and 2 drychargers. The placement on my VTX1800 (2003) puts the filter directly above the upswept air from the front wheel (that's outside the frame folks). The filter has gone through all kinds of weather including driving rainstorms and winter cropped-up snow-squalls. Most times I have the drycharger the few times I didn't the engine was definitely getting a bit of water in the EFI.
The filter goes about 2-3k miles under all kinds of riding. The only time I have been disgruntled with the rate of dirt accumulation was a contract job that seemed to always take me down milling, tarring and asphalt operations. No ones fault. Here be the rub on this whole thing folks-  I clean these filters w K&N cleaners only and with patience and repeats. After trading them back and forth while cleaning, I'm getting 1 more brand new to see if the clean but discolored threads are affecting flow. (Yeah, they are worn in on the outside wing (16k miles) . Another new one will be worth it, with 2 cover for it while I clean it too. If you're confused, think back to '70's muscle cars with circular filters stuck atop the hood. Then move that filter down just behind and above one of the front wheels. I could have more cover for a custom filter, but man I love hearing the wind going in and the sweet note the stock exhaust has now.

Mid-Atlantic, U.S American Bio-Regiond

October 3, 2012
Today was the the first day I used the K&N air filter in my 2003 Maxima SE. I use my cruise control option every day on my drive back and froth to work. Going home from work my MPG went from 26 that I would normally get from the stock air filter to 30-31 MPG and going to work 34 to 38 MPG with the K&N. This air filter gives an extra 90 to 95 MPG per full tank of gas. Today the way the gas prices are going this was a big help me and my family. Thanks K&N!

Ojay Lewis

October 2, 2012
I contacted Lisa about a vent that I snapped off while threading it into the tubing. As soon as I sent the email I had a reponse from her asking for the part No. and my vehicle type. I responded and she promptly sent me the replacement part. Now that's AWESOME customer service!!!!! Hassle free and prompt. K&N and Lisa Kubo are GREAT. I am a customer for life!!!

Richmond, Virginia

September 30, 2012
I have used these Air filters in my Ducatis, Holden V8 and my Classic 1975 350 Chevy Monza Spyder!! Fantastic !! These are the best Air filters you can get!! Better Performance , clean easy engine starting!! It's all about air flow....If it's not K & N then it's just not worth having!!!
Ciao Godfather !!!!

Ducati Rick
Orewa, New Zealand

September 30, 2012
I just reinstaled my K&N air filter and my K&N Filterminder. I should have kept this filter in my Jeep instead of going back to paper. My next oil change I'll be using a K&N oil filter. I think with K&N and it's history and R&D you can not go wrong with using their products

Joseph Addiego
Long Island, New York

September 29, 2012
Received the kit yesterday for my Tundra and I installed it today in about 1 1/2 hours, just about what I expected. Haven't had a chance to do any real time testing yet but I can say the installation was cake. The directions were simple and easy to follow and the components fit perfectly. I am looking forward to the increased performance and economy.

Dave Dougherty
West Chester, Pennsylvania

September 28, 2012
My Car: Ford Taurus 2001 SEL, DOHC (v6 duratec engine) 190,000 miles. (Air Filter 33-2150)

It feels like I have a totally new car. My slow throttle response is gone completely (I feel safe again). It accelerates smoothly, and doesn't have that choking feeling anymore. A noticeable improvement in my fuel economy. The sound it beautiful, it's makes this lovely groan.

I can't believe I ever drove around with my old paper filter.

Thanks K&N,
Best 45 dollars I've ever spent!
My car appreciates it, and so does the environment.

New Jersey

September 28, 2012
Fantastic customer service. Called and explained the issue I was having. They asked for a photo of the part to be emailed to them. Within an hour I had a new part being shipped out. 2 thumbs up.

Brad Wolfkiel
Boise Idaho

September 27, 2012
I bought a cold air intake kit in 2006-2007 and loved it. In 2012 I noticed my filter had come off the intake and was warped and would not go back on. I was at a truck show at Summit Racing and explained the issue to a K&N rep that was there. He gave me his card and said to email him the info and he would send me a brand new one no questions asked. I emailed a few vehicle details and within a week received a new air filter. This is one of the top 5 best customer service experiences I have ever received. Thanks so much.

Alex Rowland
Tallmadge, Ohio

September 25, 2012
I must say that I received a K&N short ram intake in a raffle and it was basically missing almost everything. So I sent an email to K&N to see what could be done, THEY WERE MORE THAN HELPFULL AND THEN SOME. They sent me a brand new intake kit free of charge and were very understanding of my situation. I will forever have K&N on ALL my cars through my life because of the kind gesture they made to me today.

A special thanks to K&N. I will be referring your intakes to anyone that's interested.

k&n equals  100% customer satisfaction!!!

Jaymes Lannan
Gurnee, Illinois

September 25, 2012
I put on a K&N air filter (33-2286) in my 2012 Nissan Titan Pro X Crew cab and my gas milages went from  16.4 to 21.9. Wow,  Thanks yall rock.

Mike Crowell
Memphis, Tennessee

September 22, 2012
It's the best filter I have ever seen... gives me the best feeling while riding.. just awesome..!!


September 22, 2012
Let me start of with I have been a fan of K&N for a long time. In the past I have bought the drop in air filter for all my cars. By spending a little bit more money on an air filter makes me go green not wasting those expensive paper filters and saves a bit more money on the long run on paper air filters. On to the review.

The (69-1211TTK) package came with everything intake pipe, filter, connecting hose, bolts, nuts, washers, and a very good detail instructions. I took my time removing the stock intake box, hoses, and coolant line. It wasn't that difficult but I took my time not to break anything, the only thing that I did brake was the zip tie to the intake box. The installation of the K&N difficultly level would be somewhere a 5 out of 10, also you don't need many tools 10mm short and long sockets, wrench, flat head screwdriver, and a knife. The only thing I found a bit difficult was installing the rubber trim around the heat shield. I used the stock bolts for the mounts for the brackets. From this point it was easy. By the time I was done it was maybe an hour or less.

After owning the car for just little over a month the performance of it changed when I took it for a test drive with the K&N on the car. It reacted very well with the intake, RPM revs a lot faster and it pulls harder. I don't know if my MPG will be a tad better or not, have to wait and see.


September 21, 2012
My brothers and I are rabid K&N fans.  Anytime we purchase anything with an engine, we immediatly look for the replacement intake.  You can't beat the added performance at such a reasonable cost.  These guys are great!!!

Lumberton, Texas

September 21, 2012
I've been wanting one of these for a while know and finally got one, installed myself, looks GREAT!! Love my new crankcase filter. Love K&N products. Really want to get the K&N air intake some and a few other mods.

Memphis, Tennessee

September 21, 2012
What a sound quality! What a pickup! K&N redefines ones biking experience!!

Vizag, India

September 20, 2012
Cool Short Ram Intake.  Takes a while to get aligned perfectly, but in the end, fitment looks awesome.  Low-end torque seems a bit lost, but at cruising speed, throttle response and acceleration notably improved. The sound is amazing.  Non-obtrusive under 3000 RPM, but growls under acceleration. Looks great under the hood.


September 19, 2012
Fits my 2013 Kia Rio Like a Dream, I am Already Noticing better performance and more horse power. The car get excellent gas mileage already but this (33-2472) Along With some synthetic oil helps a ton.

Scott Andrews
United States

September 18, 2012
I own a fleet of trucks and 5 autos. Nothing we own has nothing but KN filteration systems installed. On one of my new Toyota Tundras, with a K&N package, new chip upgrade, my 5.7 Limited Tundra went from 381 hp to 445 hp, and gained nearly 8 mpg improvement. KN is a very small investment to receive the resulting benefits. This is the least expensive upgrade that one can do to get these benefits. Thank you K&N

William White
Brentwood, Tennessee

September 17, 2012
Installed an FIPK on my 2007 F150 when I bought it new 5 years ago. After driving 5200 miles from MD to AK last month, the engine air filer came off during the drive and just sat in the engine compartment. After attempting to reattach it, I wasn't having any luck. Not sure why it wouldn't fit like it did when it was new. Anyway, I called customer support and explained the problem. I was expecting to be told we don't believe that or we don't warranty that. But to my satisfaction, I was sent a replacement filter with clamp and edge trim for the heat shield at no cost. All they asked is that I email a few pictures and everything was taken care of. I was prepared to pay since finding their products here seems to be difficult.  I can't speak highly enough about K&N and their customer service. Outstanding.

Fairbanks, Alaska

September 11, 2012
I use k&n filters and they are fantastic. Major diff. I love them.

Port Hope, Ontanrio, Canada

September 11, 2012
I just bought this K&N oil filter (HP-3001) yesterday at an autoparts store and they helped me with finding the right K&N oil filter for my 2000 Ford Ranger to go with my K&N air filter.

James Milhoan
Charleston, West Virginia

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