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February 9, 2013
I currently have the RC-3250 KN air filter on my series 2 s14 200sx, and it works like a treat, I'm very proud to own a KN filter and will do so in the future. Not only does it improve my performance but it makes my engine bay look alot neater than most other filters.

Matthew Beard

February 9, 2013

I just installed the RC-1060 on my Pulsar 135 and it has really helped with the pickup. Bike was feeling a lil sluggish after I had installed a 120 rear tire but after the installing the air filter, it has regained it peppy performance and feels better than before ...

Major gains were mainly felt in acceleration and mid range power ... also love the sound ...

Rahul Chowdhury
Mysore, India

February 8, 2013
I have a 2000 Suburban LT, 141,000 miles, 5.3l. I just bought 2 weeks ago, someone had taken care of this beauty. I am not an auto mechanic, but I can turn a wrench. I took my time to study what I needed to do, and even then it only took me about an hour to install all the parts. I suspect that before installation, the 0-97 mph time was approximately 25 seconds. Today I took her out, after the installation and WOW, almost 16 seconds flat from 0- 97 mph. That is a huge increase for a 3 ton vehicle, and the launch, OMG, I thought my seat was enveloping me. Thanks for a wonderful product. Now to see how much increase in mpg, if I can resist opening her up again!!!

Bruce Slaton
Hope, Arkansas

February 6, 2013
I own 2004 F-150 4x4. Well I was going to buy an intake system but figued I would try just the replacement filter for now. I put the filter in before I headed home from the auto parts store and reset my mpg meter. I was getting only about 14.3mpg avg on my trips to town. I was surprize that on my way home I was getting 18.8 mpg on the way home. I've reset it before on my way home and only got 15.8mpg at best. If it stays at this mpg I will go 41.91 more mile on 50 dollars.

Dennis Givens

February 5, 2013
K and N is the best airfilter in the market. Proud to have it on my ride.


January 25, 2013
I have utilized this air filter element on my Dyna LowRider since 2004 when I increased the displacement of the motor from 88 c.i., had the head's flowed and polished, replaced the stock cams with higher performance units and, replaced the stock exhaust.  This filter element performs incredibly well and serves the increased breathing requirements of this high performance 90+ c.i. V-Twin motor.  The element only requires a once per year service and a new coat of oil to continue to work optimally.  The filter element and assembly are highly recommended for performance applications or upgrading the stock filtering unit and element.

Tom Handlon
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

January 25, 2013
Outstanding Customer service!
I discovered a cracked air inlet tube on my 2006 Dodge Ram. One call to K&N and the issue was resolved. The customer service was actually above and beyond what I expected. Special thanks to Daniel S. I will never use any other filter system.

Dan Jackson
Madison, Wisconsin

January 24, 2013
Great first experience shopping with you guys. I am also a big fan of yours on facebook. Excellent service and excellent products. One reason I bought the product was also because it's made here in the United States.

Thank you,


La jolla, California

January 24, 2013
I have used K&N products for years - in my truck, race bikes, dirt bikes and now my 2007 C6 Corvette.  This intake is badass.  Increased horsepower, better throttle response - and much better on deceleration (although a Corvette should be accelerating almost always and decelerating almost never).  The kit did provide a much better feel on deceleration, which I would highly recommend based on this alone, even if I didn't get a horsepower increase.  The engine is much more smooth coming to a stop or driving slowly through a parking lot, over speed bumps, etc.  Engine tone changed slightly - and there is slightly more pull beyond the estimated 10HP.  Installation was very easy and took about 30 minutes.  Fantastic product - thanks K&N!

Tim Scarrott
Northern California

January 22, 2013
very good!!

hongsang liu

January 22, 2013
Hi just like to say thanks for your air filter 33-2333 for my landrover discovery 3 27 v6D. Before average mpg 26 and after fitting 30+ mpg , she now sounds and runs a lot  sweeter . Looking forward to a long run to see what I get , Thanks k&n now fitted one in my freelander 2sport

Mark Singlehurst
Nottingham England

January 18, 2013
This kit (57-3013-2) worked awesome I could immediately tell the difference in power, acceleration was improved torque improved and it just sounded better. I had switched from the k&n stock replacement to this kit and the intake kit makes a big difference. I don't regret buying it at all.

Southern California

January 18, 2013
It took me about 2.5 hours to install fairly simple the only problem was the air sensor wires were a little short putting tension on it hope it lasts put it all together and took it for a test ride WOW what a diff in sound. Hard to keep my foot off the petal. This is the way a Hemi should sound. Now I need a high per muffler and away I go. I've always had k and n filters in my rides best out there.


January 16, 2013
Very good high quality nylon banner. Suitable for any weather. Part 89-11839

Bangalore, India

January 11, 2013
We have been using K&N's XStream Series MX filters for the past 2 seasons on the Leading Edge Kawasaki's.  On the dyno, we have seen noticeable difference horsepower which has for sure been an advantage on the track!  The added air-flow delivers the cheapest power ad-on available!

Jason Hughes
Monster Energy/Leading Edge Kawasaki

Jason Hughes
Kamloops, BC Canada

January 11, 2013
K&N Air and Oil filters have become an important part of our tuning package.   Positive horsepower numbers along with easy maintenance, make K&N's products a must have for this team’s success. I don't believe there is a product available that works better under racing conditions.  Ask me, I'll tell you.  We use K&N and we have results to back it up.

Danny Walker
RoadRace Factory/Red Bull

Danny Walker
Denver, Colorado

January 11, 2013
We want the best performance out of our Yamaha YFZ450R.  That is why we need a filter that not only flows the most air but keeps the power robbing dirt, dust and water out of our engines.  When making decisions concerning performance and reliability, we choose K&N Filters.

Chad Wienen
Galena, Illinois

January 11, 2013
Just had to replace a filter that the gasket was coming apart on.  I sent an inquiry and in less than a minute I had a response from your customer service rep Lisa Kubo.  She asked for some pictures and  I sent them.  Next thing I know the filter is on its way.  Glad to see that K&N stands behind their products.  I have the air filters installed in all of my vehicles and this is the first issue I have ever experienced.  Thanks again for the quick response and professional handling by Lisa.

1.  LX470
2  FZJ80  Landcruiser
3.  uz100  Landcruiser
4.  Acura TL
5.  Toyota Sienna

John Hornyak

January 9, 2013
Exactly what I wanted and arrived well packed with no damage.  Be aware that the K&N logo is stamped on the cover.  I did't see that in the picture and really wanted one with no manufacturer name, but the logo is inconspicuous enough and these look so good, I'll keep them!
Awesome product, great warranty, good communication about the order without getting spammed with anything else.  I will be buying from K&N again.

John Meyer
Independence, Missouri

January 3, 2013
I purchased this air filter (33-2031-2) for a 2006 Red Infiniti Coupe. I noticed the change immediately. First I noticed the gas savings, The car sounds completely different. Definitely more horsepower. I love it. I really do. Change your life change your filter it is worth it.

Ingrid Gardner
Bronx, New York

January 1, 2013
Thanks to k&n for giving me much more mileage and power for my simple hero honda glamour. Giving a top speed of 110 and urging for more.......

Kollam, India

December 29, 2012
On an Infiniti EX35 AWD Journey, my gas consumption went from 10 litres/100km to 9.2 litres/100km. Over the lifetime of the car and the fact the filters can be cleaned and recharged, the savings are worth the cost...highly recommended.


December 28, 2012
Works great on 206 16v, driven on LPG!

Beograd, Srbija (Serbia)

December 27, 2012
I have used K@n filters in every vehicle I have owned and have always picked up 2-3 mpg every time.This is a great product for your car and I recommend K@N filters to all my friends.

Racine, Wisconsin

December 27, 2012
Got the 77-1513kp for xmas, and installed it yesterday on my 2002 Grand Cherokee 4.7 H.O Overland. Very easy to install after some difficulties getting stock equipment off. The 4.7 H.O sounded amazing before this thing, now i am just blown away. While still being nice and civil at low RPMs when you step on the gas it sounds like a bear.  There is an increase in acceleration at high RPMs. Have not had it long enough to tell about gas mileage, but who cares, I have a V8. All in all i am very glad with the purchase.


December 26, 2012
Wow awesome racing sound & its excellent pickup, vrooooooooooooom

Chennai, India

December 26, 2012
Just installed the CAI on my 06 Chevy Cobalt SS 2.4 liter. My car went from sluggish to very responsive. Noted increase in horsepower/torque as well as mileage. I highly recommend this well-made product.


Shawn Worrlein
San Diego, California

December 23, 2012
Very happy with finished install. Took about one hour and transformed the engine bay to a more sporty appearance. The finished look was great and the added HP and TORQ was very noticble after about 500 miles. I installed a BORLA CAT-Back exhaust system at same time and with both I believe it took awhile longer for ecu to adapt. I have had system on since December of 2011 for my 2012 CRUZE 1.4 and have had no issues at all. I would highly reccomend this system to anyone who is looking for more HP without sacrificing any fuel mileage as my Cruze still gets me 37mpg back and forth to work and consistant 40.1 to 40.8 on extended highway trips, another win for K&N.

Paul E Moss
Dos Palos, California

December 22, 2012
Thank you first off for realizing not everyone who wants more power and better efficiency drives a 400 hp musclecar. My girlfriend bought a new 2012 Chevy Equinox with the 2.4L Ecotec 4-cylinder. Great all-around vehicle but short on power (my opinion). She has always understood the logic of your replacement filters. But because of a possible increase in noise the FIPK was a hard sell. Well, you folks must have designed this one just for her! With the filter enclosed the noise increase is tolerable, power is up, and gas mileage is sure to improve. So thank you again for putting together a kit just for my better half!

Chris Rauch
Barnhart, Missouri

December 22, 2012
I just thought I would share this short story with you about a k&n air filter. Aprrox. 3yrs ago I was at the auto wreckers in edmonton alberta looking for a mirror for my old beat up 1990 honda accord. I noticed a dirty oily old air filter laying on the ground underneath another similar year honda accord. It pretty much been parted out . I wasnt even sure what kind of a air filter it was but it looked well constructed so I took a chance on it and bought it from the wrecker for a $1.
When I got home I did some investigation and indeed find out it was a k&n air filter. I kinda compared it to what was in my 1990 honda accord and it looked very similar in size. I purchased a k&n cleaning and oil kit and cleaned it up,dried it out and sprayed it with the oil as per instructions. It came up like brand new. To make a long (sorry) story short I have had this in my car since. My accord has 394000 kms on it and it has never run so good. I used to have an engine light symbol go when it got cold but since I have had this filter in there it has been perfect. It is dec 22/2012 now and I have asked for a k&n air filter for my 2008 toyota tundra 5.7 litre for christmas.  Thanks k&n   and merry christmas

ken edmundson
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

December 18, 2012
I am so pleased with the customer service that I received from K&N. I had a problem with my intake several years after I purchased it. I contacted the company and they had a new part delivered the very next day!

Thanks so much!

Bryan, Texas

December 10, 2012
Thank you very much for being a company that actually backs up their warranty. K&N has such great customer service Lisa Kubo helped me with such respect and kindness that I was sure was completely gone from most companies these days. I can promise you this I have and will continue to tell my friends and family to buy only K&N products.

Phillip de la Tova
Lancaster, California

December 7, 2012
I'm a customer of k&n and I would like to say that this product increased the perfomance of my vehicle.

Ernakulam, India

December 6, 2012
I put a K&N filter in my new R15 v2 LE... it's got ossmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pick up... luv it.. 3

Tamil Nadu, India

December 3, 2012
You know , people used to tell me that a high performance air filter like this one (RC-1060), won't work on my Honda Aviator ...... Well you were wrong , guys...... Got this one installed , and my ride ' soars like an eagle ' and 'roars like a lion ' ..... Supendous , man ........

Shirish Prakash Singh
Allahabad, India

November 30, 2012
Easy to install (63-3070). Great instructions and the installation video is excellent. My 3rd or 4th K&N system, and of course they get more complicated as the vehicles modernize. But this one was all too simple. Thanks for great engineering.

Mike Bergmeier
Hutchinson, Kansas

November 30, 2012
Great product love it (33-2212)! Love the decal sticker as well.

Wymondham, United Kingdom

November 29, 2012
If you're looking for a shorty K&N filter to go on your 07 or earlier Screaming Eagle heavy breather. This one (RC-9250) is a perfect fit and it fits on Ultras with lower fairings.

James Mckinney
United States

November 28, 2012
I bought a brand new 2012 Scion tc and after the first oil change installed a replacement air filter (k&n 33-2326). I gained 4 mpg avg. and better overall performance.

Fernando Aparicio Jr
Lancaster, California

November 27, 2012
I did some testing with the K&N Air Filter (38-2011S) on our motor home and had a big increase in mileage anywhere from .8 to 1.2 of a mile per gallon and I did not baby it ( 70 – 75 mile per hour ).
I’m sure if I would slowed down to 65 I would even see more gain.

Thanks again,

Larry Senk
Owasso, Michigan

November 27, 2012
I have Bajaj Avenger 200, I have installed your R-1100. My bike mechanic made adjustments and installed the K&N. After that the performance was awesome. I was not aware of this product until my friend installed it.
Thanks guys this works awesome.

Chiranjit Dhavale

November 25, 2012
Hi all. I have installed a K&N air filter on my Yamaha Fzs and my bike has gained a lot of whooping power and amazing sound. Wow.
I love my bike now.
Thank u K&N....


November 24, 2012
These filters are by far the best I have used, also use them in all my air filter applications. My Duramax, my Cadilac Escalade my boat and my quad and generator for my fifth wheel. I wouldn't trust my gear to any other air filters.

St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

November 17, 2012
Great, I have the whole intake system. Just bought a new cone filter today. I own a 2000 Tundra and it gives great horsepower and increase of at least 3-4 mpg. Plus love the power and rush with this system, the roar is great too. I'm a fan for life now!!!

Maureen T.
Leicester, Vermont

November 16, 2012
I've tried all the aftermarket oil filters for my Kawasaki ZRX1100 and found the KN-401 to be as good as the original Kawasaki unit.  There are two rubber oil seals in the cartridge metal body that need to fit tightly around the oil pick up bolt (Kawasaki calls this part an oil filter valve).  Only the K&N fits like the Kawasaki 16099-003 oil filter.  

And another big plus is both O rings come with each K&N filter!

Thanks K&N!

Ed H.

November 14, 2012
This filter (YA-1306) gave me good throttle response, increased pick up, acceleration and fuel economy. The best filter money can buy. Love it from the first day I install them on my lovely moped.

Dzuol Hassan Dolman

November 13, 2012
Makes a big difference, lasts a lifetime. 5 stars on this filter (E-1500)!

Chattanooga, Tennessee

November 8, 2012
I would highly recommend using K&N oil filters.  I started using synthetic oil in my 2008 Toyota Matrix and changed the oil every 5,000 miles.  At first I was using stock oil filters on the car but began noticing that around 4,000 miles after the oil change the cars horse power would significantly drop and on cold days the car would run ruff.  I changed out the stock filter for a K&N and as soon as I took it out of the box and compared it to the Toyota oil filter, I knew the K&N product was a much better filter.  Since I have been using K&N my cars horse power does not drop off after 4,000 miles and ruff starts and performance on cold days is no longer a problem.  I can usually pick these up for about $15.00 and they are well worth the money.  I'm confident that synthetic oil and K&N oil filters will keep your engine running like new.

Leo Baker
New York

November 8, 2012
Installed the 2 filters on my 2010 Infiniti M35.  Has great acceleration off the line. The car feels so much smoother and lighter.

Luis D
South Bay, California

November 7, 2012
Excellent product (33-2922) to be installed in your car. Acceleration becomes smoother. Overall performance is impressive.

Shah Alam, Malaysia

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