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June 8, 2015
Excellent product pre-oiled and ready to go in a sealed plastic bag and it fits right in. VERY HIGH QUALITY product that will last longer than the vehicle.


June 8, 2015
Easy to order, quick delivery.

Martin Bush
Kingman, Arizona

June 8, 2015
I like the sound , but I didn't like that it only came in chrome.

Dennis McGee
El Paso

June 8, 2015
Very easy to install, directions were easy to follow.

Douglas Bueltel
San Diego

June 7, 2015
K&N rocks, and with [Band Name] 3inch exhaust it makes the streets cry and with a v8 i pull away from them in smoke.

Jon Lemay
Sylvania, Ohio

June 7, 2015
I received mine and took off the top of my air box. I get better gas mileage and the throttle is louder; I love it.

Kent, Ohio

June 7, 2015
Perfect fit into the stock air filter box; better air flow in conjunction with the Brand Name exhaust.

Brian Most
Wittmann, Arizona

June 6, 2015
I love my air filter for my 2011 Silverado 1500 5.3 liter but it should have came with a big sticker. Everytime I get my oil changed they take it out; this way they would know not to mess with it . Thank you. Kent Zeisz

Kent Zeisz
Depew, New York

June 6, 2015
Excellent quality and looks good.

Austin, Texas

June 6, 2015
enhanced power and gas mileage

richard coliskey

June 6, 2015
Good price, fast shipping and great product. Throttle response and sound improved from factory intake. Truck seems happier to rev higher into the rpm band.

Jonathan Matthews
Louisville, KY

June 5, 2015
Had a mechanic friend of mine install it. Took him about 45 minutes. What can I say? Very Happy with the results Sounds a little deeper and what a performance increase on my other wise stock SS. Added alot of snap Haven't had in long enough to notice if there is a gas mileage increase. Highly recommend this intake. Thank you k&N

Chris Wagner
Wellsville, NY

June 5, 2015
Best price anywhere. Super fast shipping.

Macon GA

June 5, 2015
Very good filter and it helps my tractor run very good.

Willie Nesbitt
South Carolina

June 5, 2015
Instruction book needs to be updated, as there were a few steps left out. And the nylon lock nuts should be updated to newer ones as the ones supplied were old and not pliable, but everything else fit and works fine. My truck has more low rpm pick up and power before. Thanks.

Parker Groves
Lawrence, Kansas

June 5, 2015
Super experience.

Tom Larkin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June 5, 2015
The K&N air filter for my car was easy find on the website, and replaced the old air filter perfectly. The air filter was delivered as promised, the web site was easy to use, a great experience. I use K&N air filters in all my vehicles.

Mick Wagner
Colorado Springs

June 5, 2015
Noticed increase pulling power. I can feel the engine sucking in air more freely. No regrets.

Ken Rodriguez
Westerly,Rhode Island

June 5, 2015
Great product.

Las Vegas

June 5, 2015
As a RV Transporter I put alot of miles on my truck every year and this will save me money not only in OEM replacement costs but in fuel cost.

David Parkison
Arbutus, Maryland

June 5, 2015
WOW. My 2006 TBSS just got shot with steroids. Quicker, meaner (sounding). Looking to add a compatible header and duel muffler combo. After I finish my TBSS, I'm going to add this performance intake to my 2000 Vette. The service was also excellent.The shipping was fast and efficient. I will be a returning happy customer. P.S., I am not a paid actor or endorser, I am a very happy customer.

San Francisco

June 4, 2015
I installed this on my 2015 Sti; it isn't made for the new Sti because it doesn't have a input for the little snorkel that pumps sound into the cabin in the SPORT No. model. However, it works perfectly with the new 2015 Sti. The sound volume this kit makes in SPORT No. makes it sound like you have a aftermarket blow off valve installed. I LOVE IT; I had this model on my 2011 WRX also. You get what you paid for and K&N is the only option for me.

Sean Slifer
Millersville, Maryland

June 4, 2015
Excellent item and great price. It's durable, easily attached, and looks great. Another excellent purchase from K&N.

Sayreville, New Jersey

June 4, 2015
I have had K&N filters in the past and they are good. It is a good investment for your car if you plan on keeping your car. This air filter will pay for itself in time.

Timothy ONeill
Plattsburgh, New York

June 4, 2015
It takes a bit to get the K&N filter into the cabin filter bracket but if you take your time it will go in; just be careful not to break the bracket.This filter blows more air than any other filter out there on the market. Awesome filter, I highly recommended it, and you will not be disappointed; unless you break the cabin filter bracket.

Timothy ONeill
Plattsburgh, New York

June 4, 2015
The part was waiting on my doorstep when I came home and I couldn't wait to install it on my 2013 Fusion SE. I have no experience working on cars but I do have some mechanical skills. It was very easy to install; it took me about 2 hours because I took my time. I took it out on the interstate after I was done and instantly could notice the higher horsepower. Before, when I attempted to accelerate swiftly the power would lag and it was as if the first or second gear was slipping. Not anymore, I can smash the gas pedal to the floor and the engine will swiftly accelerate. I will be checking the MPG on the way to work tomorrow.

Evan B
Camden, New Jersey

June 4, 2015
I give it a 4 because the shipping time is long.

Calvin Alston
Lincolnwood, Illinois

June 4, 2015
I got this to replace the old K&N filter on my HD FXR. The old filter was fine but the metal mounting plate was beginning to crack. The new filter fits the old Screaming Eagle mount perfectly.

Joseph Simone
Fresno, California

June 4, 2015
I love it so far; there are no complaints from me. My truck had better throttle response and better mpgs.

Greeneville, Tennessee

June 4, 2015
Easy installation and the quality of the filter is obvious. I like the fact that I can clean and re-use it.

Schertz, Texas

June 4, 2015
Excellent product and timely delivery.

Bloomfield, Connecticut

June 4, 2015
Great, quality K&N product. It fits perfectly; don't forget to install the K&N gasket that is provided. It is separate, unlike the Name Brand filter, but it works well.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

June 4, 2015
Good product. It arrived as described and is a quality piece of equipment.

Ryder Boss
Allendale, Michigan

June 4, 2015
I was looking for a filter to replace my Name Brand filter on my Bike. When I called K&N, the customer service person told me that the E-3333 model was the one they carried. I ordered it and it came in a few days; it dropped in perfect. I've owned K&N before in my cars and always have had a good experience. I like the fact that it is pre-oiled at the factory so I didn't have to deal with the initial oiling. Great product.

Derry, New Hampshire

June 4, 2015
Installation was easy and straightforward; I like that this setup is open and let's the truck get more air. I can tell that the throttle response is quicker and the turbo spools quicker. A little more turbo noise in the cab but not very noticeable unless you are listening for it. In my opinion, I like to hear the turbo more anyway. I haven't got to drive it enough to see if the mpg has changed. I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting an air box upgrade. Fast shipping too.

John Grizzell
Mount Juliet, Tennessee

June 4, 2015
I give the service and the air filter a 5.

Michael LeLaurin
Cinco Ranch, Texas

June 4, 2015
Great product and great service.

Tom Margeson
Tacoma, Washington

June 4, 2015
It really made my bike breathe and it runs much better now

Houston, Texas

June 4, 2015
Filter fit my Jeep correctly and the vehicle runs great

La Porte, Texas

June 4, 2015
This filter worked correctly and replaced the existing factory element.

Jerry Long

June 4, 2015
Great kit. Very easy to install, even without much wrenching experience. If you've assembled [Brand Name] furniture you can do this no problem. Best of all you can do most of it in 20 minutes at your kitchen table, and then only ten minutes in the garage or driveway (or supermarket parking lot). The kit itself is very well made and attractive, and the component parts all seem to be of good quality. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and when you have this all hooked up and go for your first WOT run you will guaranteed have a smile on your face. The sound it provides is spectacular. It's a real low throaty roar on acceleration, but the car stays quiet under normal revving, so it's still quiet on the highway. I combined my kit with an [Brand Name] tuner and custom tune from [Brand Name], and I recommend combining the two. Last thing, bear in mind the standard Flex comes with a cold air intake. This one will give you some additional responsiveness and great sound, but apparently is not recommended if you live in desert heat areas, as the metal body is less heat efficient than the plastic stocker under high temperatures, leading to an increase in the IAT--the opposite of what is desired. But if you're in more temperate climes you'll love it.

Eddie Brannan
New York, New York

June 4, 2015
Great product - installed it right before a 2500 mile trip. The service from the company couldn't have been better. We received the filter a full week before any local auto parts retailer could get it for us.

Vicki Caine
Fresno, California

June 4, 2015
Great product could really feel the power difference as soon as I put on. Won't buy another replacement filter for any other vehicle.

Franklin, Kentucky

June 4, 2015
Great product. Install was super easy and instructions were simple and easy to follow. Love the sound and response it gives my challenger.

William Brown
St Louis, Missouri

June 3, 2015
Great product as long as you know the dimensions you need you can get any filter you want would recommend this product to any one.

Ashland, Ohio

June 3, 2015
Great product, use it every year.

Graham, Washington

June 3, 2015
This is my 3rd K&N filter on my boat over 20 yrs, I love it. Fits well and helps my engine breathe better. I would recommend to everyone. Thank you.

Ron Marks
Clayton, New Jersey

June 3, 2015
Awesome product. Installed it in less than an hour. Paired with a new exhaust, I'm getting four more miles per gallon on my dodge 1500. Definitely a must have for any gas guzzling truck.

Adam Terry
Minneapolis, Minnesota

June 3, 2015
Everything fit except the pcv hose does not hook on to the K&N tube from filter to intake. Existing nozzle had a slightly larger shoulder for pcv tube to snap over. Had to rig up a replacement hose. Other than that everything fit perfect.

Michael Blau
Odessa, Texas

June 3, 2015
At first when I installed this part it was working really well, but the day after I installed it the check engine light came on and I found out it was the idle air control valve so than I took the intake tube off the throttle body and cleaned out the throttle body and the sensor turned off. But other than that the product works really well. I am definitely going to purchase products from K&N again.

John Medina
Laredo, Texas

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