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October 26, 2013
Quick Shipment. Fits great.  Bike runs real well on it (HD-1388). Complete satisfaction. Thank You K&N

Ben Lomond, California

October 26, 2013
Great product. Works very well at cleaning and oiling you filter for protection. will buy more when needed. thanks!

Glenn Hammett
Salina, Kansas

October 26, 2013
Fit's kinda tight but I guess thats what you need for protection from dust and dirt. over all good product (SU-4002PK). Would buy again!

Glenn Hammett
Salina, Kansas

October 26, 2013
Awesome product.  My Buell is a different bike!

Mike Nofi
Rohnert Park, California

October 26, 2013
So much better than a paper filter...

KL Boucher
Northern California

October 26, 2013
I am a long time user of K & N filters and find them to be superior to other filters on the market. Better engine protection and better engine response is what they deliver.

James Kehoe
Houston Texas

October 26, 2013
Product worked as promised. 99-5000

Dennis Wilkey
Terre Haute, Indiana

October 26, 2013
Used a pair of these (RC-2330) on my '80 Hawk, did a re-jet and it runs better than I can remember.


October 26, 2013
Easy to use very good product. 99-5000

Danbury, Connecticut

October 26, 2013
This is my second purchase (33-2279). First was put in my Subaru Forester. The performance boost was well above my expectation. This one is in my wife's Mazda CX7, which is turbo charged. The power increase startled her! Well worth the money.

Philip Warren
Chesterfield, Virginia

October 26, 2013
They are the right filters and are delivered to my front door. KN-564

Richard Gilkison
Bargersville, Indiana

October 26, 2013
Excellent product (57-1525) and an ease to install. My 2001 Ram is breathing better than ever!

Frank Trotta
Lindenhurst, New York

October 26, 2013
Fit perfect. Had a small engine that I was having trouble fitting a filter to.
The website walked me through to find the right filter for a tight installation.

Dave Laur
Kansas City

October 26, 2013
Very easy to install and remove. (KN-153)

Nicholas Serio
Ogdensburg, New York

October 26, 2013
Love K&N products! Always look great .. I enjoy the extra performance and quality products.

Dennis Okuniewicz
United States

October 26, 2013
K&N air and oil filters are at the top of my list.  They trap more particulates than any other filter brand that I've ever used. To top that off you never need to buy a replacement air filter ever again, just simply wash, dry and re-coat them and it's back to being new.  In my opinion they should be a standard item in all new vehicles sold today.  Improved, clean air flow means a cleaner longer lasting engine and since you never replace it, there's nothing to discard.  It's good for your vehicle, gas mileage and for the environment...that's a trifecta in my book!

Mike Rocci
Cheshire, Connecticut

October 26, 2013
Bolted right up, no problems. (57-1553)

Steven Brisbin
Midland, Texas

October 26, 2013
Always trust K&N! (59-3364)

Dennis Okuniewicz
United States

October 26, 2013
Easy install, quality part (69-2547TS). I love k&n. My 4th k&n product. Lots of engine noise better MPG, and slight pickup.

Islip Terrace, New York

October 26, 2013
Received filter (PL-1003) very promptly, fit perfectly. I run a K&N on my truck and ATV. Works great and on ATV pays for it self quickly due to dusty conditions.

St. Paul, Minnesota

October 26, 2013
They were a great product (RC-5127) and they worked out perfect.

Dalton Erlinger
House Springs, Missouri

October 26, 2013
I love the product (63-2582). Gave me four gals per mile both pulling 18,000 lbs and no load condition over what I was getting stock
Thank you, should of done it sooner but price held me back. Excellent

Tony Sabo Jr.
Hudson Falls, N.Y.

October 26, 2013
Great price, free shipping, quick delivery! What more could one ask? (PS-1004)

Grayson, Louisiana

October 26, 2013
Thank you, your intake kit kicks a now (63-1114). My Hemi was fast before, but NOW I got my first speeding ticket EVER!! Congrats.

Marshall Babbs
Hillside, New Jersey

October 26, 2013
Product Is A Great Altrenative For High Flow With Low Pressure Drop And Space Constraints. (66-3300R)

Ken Coe
Seattle, Washington

October 26, 2013
Excellent price, fast delivery, easy to find the right part.  Fit perfectly and my car is performing much better! (33-2463)

East Coast

October 26, 2013
Filter for BX Kubota tractor. Fit was excellent. I was expecting an oil coat type, but this one is a similar type filter without oil coating. I only rate 3 stars so far, as I don't know yet how good of filtering it does.
I checked it yesterday after a dusty project that took 4 hours. It does seem to stop dirt quite well. Time will tell.

Richard Deister
Bend, Oregon

October 26, 2013
I love the thing (33-2238). I won't need another air filter for awhile. A+++. I've got a K&N in my truck and my Harley, soon for my '81 Kawasaki.

Mark Duvall
Lincoln, Nebraska

October 26, 2013
Installed in 2010 Lincoln Navigator. 20% increase in fuel economy and definitely notice an increase in power especially when towing. Super easy install. No check engine light issues. Great product. (57-2575)

North East

October 26, 2013
Works just as advertised, Gas mileage increased along with horsepower. (57-1532)

Yuma, Arizona

October 26, 2013
I have to say I am very happy with your Intake (57S-9501) all of the installation went well and I like it very much.

Glenn Hirt

October 26, 2013
Very pleased with chrome oil filter. (KN-138C)
Shipping could be a little faster but I will still do business with you buying other items.

John Maxwell
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

October 26, 2013
Flawless, easy installation. (33-2409)

Houston, Texas

October 26, 2013
Coupled with a power commander and tuned on a dyno, noticeable power increase. (TB-2204)

L Sprague
Ithaca, NY

October 26, 2013
Not a perfect fit but the best I could come up with.  Thanks for all your help. (E-2428)

Leland, North Carolina

October 26, 2013
Very easy to order the shipping was fast and easy to install very highly recommend. (33-2353)

Bobby E Earls
Attleboro, Massachusetts

October 26, 2013
Good high volume oil filter for 2011 Camaro. Priced right. (PS-1017)

D Myers
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

October 26, 2013
Like this product (63-9025) very much.

Gunther Kirschner
Grand Rapids, Michigan

October 26, 2013
This (HD-0910) is so much better than the stock Filter and easier to clean thanks to K&N  

Dave Marzola

October 26, 2013
Great product!! Love it!! (KN-152)

Cody Weldon
Tishomingo, Oklahoma

October 26, 2013
My car runs like a rocket. (77-1545KP)

Partha Kar
Louisville, Colorado

October 26, 2013
Price was comparable to a new paper filter but I have had trouble finding filters for this car. Even the Honda dealers would have to order them for me. All the parts stores could get one in a few days but never had one on hand. I ordered (33-2090) from K&N and it was here in a couple of days. It will save me a bunch of money in the long run and it is a better product than the paper throw away filters. Easy to clean and the fit was perfect. I expect to replace the filters in all my vehicles with K&N as they need replacing.

J M Leasor
Jensen Beach, Florida

October 26, 2013
Item was shipped promptly, fit perfectly, and with the hex nut addition was easy to install. (KN-163)

Eric A. Matherne
Portsmouth, Virginia

October 26, 2013
I bought this filter (RC-4630) to replace a dry filter that came with my Mopar Cold Air Intake and am very pleased with it. I have used K & N products for many years and will continue to do so.

Colorado and Florida

October 26, 2013
Awesome product. You can tell the difference when you hit the gas. (33-2247)

Glenn Sheets
Wilmington, Delaware

October 26, 2013
Great product. (PL-5712)

Jason Fox
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

October 26, 2013
Great prices and free shipping is a good reason to use K&N.

Frankie D Bass

October 26, 2013
Excellent filter excellent service.

Mark Paternoster
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

October 26, 2013
I use K&N and have for more than 10 years.  The product is always reliable. (33-2966)

Kevin Stallard
Northern California

October 26, 2013
I have a 2012 Camaro RS. I put this K & N Intake in it and it was Easy to install and Really looks good and Does Help the Performance !! I Highly recommend K & N Products to anyone.

Sam Tocco

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