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October 26, 2013
Filter for BX Kubota tractor. Fit was excellent. I was expecting an oil coat type, but this one is a similar type filter without oil coating. I only rate 3 stars so far, as I don't know yet how good of filtering it does.
I checked it yesterday after a dusty project that took 4 hours. It does seem to stop dirt quite well. Time will tell.

Richard Deister
Bend, Oregon

October 26, 2013
I love the thing (33-2238). I won't need another air filter for awhile. A+++. I've got a K&N in my truck and my Harley, soon for my '81 Kawasaki.

Mark Duvall
Lincoln, Nebraska

October 26, 2013
Installed in 2010 Lincoln Navigator. 20% increase in fuel economy and definitely notice an increase in power especially when towing. Super easy install. No check engine light issues. Great product. (57-2575)

North East

October 26, 2013
Works just as advertised, Gas mileage increased along with horsepower. (57-1532)

Yuma, Arizona

October 26, 2013
I have to say I am very happy with your Intake (57S-9501) all of the installation went well and I like it very much.

Glenn Hirt

October 26, 2013
Very pleased with chrome oil filter. (KN-138C)
Shipping could be a little faster but I will still do business with you buying other items.

John Maxwell
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

October 26, 2013
Flawless, easy installation. (33-2409)

Houston, Texas

October 26, 2013
Coupled with a power commander and tuned on a dyno, noticeable power increase. (TB-2204)

L Sprague
Ithaca, NY

October 26, 2013
Not a perfect fit but the best I could come up with.  Thanks for all your help. (E-2428)

Leland, North Carolina

October 26, 2013
Very easy to order the shipping was fast and easy to install very highly recommend. (33-2353)

Bobby E Earls
Attleboro, Massachusetts

October 26, 2013
Good high volume oil filter for 2011 Camaro. Priced right. (PS-1017)

D Myers
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

October 26, 2013
Like this product (63-9025) very much.

Gunther Kirschner
Grand Rapids, Michigan

October 26, 2013
This (HD-0910) is so much better than the stock Filter and easier to clean thanks to K&N  

Dave Marzola

October 26, 2013
Great product!! Love it!! (KN-152)

Cody Weldon
Tishomingo, Oklahoma

October 26, 2013
My car runs like a rocket. (77-1545KP)

Partha Kar
Louisville, Colorado

October 26, 2013
Price was comparable to a new paper filter but I have had trouble finding filters for this car. Even the Honda dealers would have to order them for me. All the parts stores could get one in a few days but never had one on hand. I ordered (33-2090) from K&N and it was here in a couple of days. It will save me a bunch of money in the long run and it is a better product than the paper throw away filters. Easy to clean and the fit was perfect. I expect to replace the filters in all my vehicles with K&N as they need replacing.

J M Leasor
Jensen Beach, Florida

October 26, 2013
Item was shipped promptly, fit perfectly, and with the hex nut addition was easy to install. (KN-163)

Eric A. Matherne
Portsmouth, Virginia

October 26, 2013
I bought this filter (RC-4630) to replace a dry filter that came with my Mopar Cold Air Intake and am very pleased with it. I have used K & N products for many years and will continue to do so.

Colorado and Florida

October 26, 2013
Awesome product. You can tell the difference when you hit the gas. (33-2247)

Glenn Sheets
Wilmington, Delaware

October 26, 2013
Great product. (PL-5712)

Jason Fox
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

October 26, 2013
Great prices and free shipping is a good reason to use K&N.

Frankie D Bass

October 26, 2013
Excellent filter excellent service.

Mark Paternoster
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

October 26, 2013
I use K&N and have for more than 10 years.  The product is always reliable. (33-2966)

Kevin Stallard
Northern California

October 26, 2013
I have a 2012 Camaro RS. I put this K & N Intake in it and it was Easy to install and Really looks good and Does Help the Performance !! I Highly recommend K & N Products to anyone.

Sam Tocco

October 26, 2013
Great Filter!! (33-2672)  Good for the environment and better for the car.  I noticed better acceleration and increased horsepower.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

October 26, 2013
The response was quick and courteous.  It is a quality product because I had one for 8 years and ruined it trying to clean it improperly.  The filter will definitely outlast the bike. (E-3333)

Bill Burkhart
Port Charlotte, Florida

October 26, 2013
Easy to install.  Much more low end torque and growl. (63-2581)

Tom Boyd
Libertyville, Illinois

October 26, 2013
Product works as advertised. (HD-0700DK)

Jon Mammenga
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

October 25, 2013
Simple on, simple off great product. (KN-204C)


October 25, 2013
Easy to install. Great Product. Now please make something to increase mileage. 63-2583

Don Craig
Cedaredge, Colorado

October 25, 2013
The product (PS-1008) and the mailing service are both excellent.  I get better acceleration, the oil stays cleaner longer and I end up having more fun driving my Smart Car.  I also really like the air filter cleaner with also improved my acceleration and mileage.  Thank you for a job well done.

Al Kile
Pleasanton, California

October 25, 2013
I ordered 2 filters for the same cost as local parts store sell for 1, and free shipping. I received the filters in 3 days. Great price, great service. (PS-1017)


October 25, 2013
I love it makes my 2010 Chevy run better and sounds great.. Thanks made under my hood look much better!! (77-3070KP)

Kyle heaverin

October 25, 2013
Always the best merchandise and service.....(Part 89-0200)

Dewey Rogge

October 25, 2013
Everything was as advertised. 99-5050

Alan Pickrell
Bellevue, Washington

October 25, 2013
The filter (YA-1199) is awesome, made my bike run better and it saves on buying paper filters and great for the environment. I even bought one for my truck. These filters are definitely worth the money.


October 25, 2013
I have found kn easy to find what I need high quality products. (E-1990)

Ray Gehrke
Reedport, Oregon

October 25, 2013
I saw and improvement in low to mid range performance. Still waiting to use up a tank of fuel for mileage numbers. The filter was very easy to install. 33-2477

San Bernardino, California

October 25, 2013
I have used K&N Air Filters in all my BMWs and have been completely satisfied with their performance.

Jim Shannon
Lansdale, Pennsylvania

October 25, 2013
It (57-2556) is a great system.

Samuel J. Boyd
United States

October 25, 2013
Have been using your product for many years, and have nothing but positive things to say about K & N Filters. Had them in a 99 Crown Vic, with Hi performance engine, 97 s-10 pick-up, 4.3. Two Mercury Grand Marque, 06 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, and now this last auto, 2013 Fusion.  Have been using K&N Filters long enough, to have had to buy, two cleaning kits.  My Son, son-in-Law, his wife, and others in my family, all use these Filters, and will continue to do so, far as long as I am able to drive.  I have, and will continue to recommend your product.

Longs, South Carolina

October 25, 2013
Just let me say every vehicle (4) has a K&N in it. I even have a spare.

Rod Grover
E. Alton, Illinois

October 25, 2013
77-2584KP Pros:
Excellent product - easy installation - increase fuel economy by 2 to 3 mpg
77-2584KP Cons:
A bit more engine noise

All in all a great addition to my truck

Jeff Hall
Duluth, Minnesota

October 25, 2013
Fast delivery! Great Filter! PS-2010

Ken Guardino
Birmingham, Alabama

October 25, 2013
Very fast delivery. (25-0810) Thanks

John Goldate
Imperial Beach, California

October 25, 2013
Great Product!! Easy to install and amazing quality!! Would highly recommend!! (KN-113)

Fort Worth, Texas

October 25, 2013
Feels like throttle response is better, revs are a little lower and car is bit more powerful since I installed the filter.  Happy customer. (33-2334)

Ray O'Leary
Saint Louis, Missouri

October 25, 2013
Installation was as easy as advertised and immediately felt the increase in response
I am very happy with the product, shipping time and performance. (Part 63-3074)

David ongever
South Florida

October 25, 2013
Best thing for HP and Gas mileage. Added 5 RWHP and about 4 MPG (E-0782)

Douglas N White
Lakeland, Florida

October 25, 2013
The first K&N filter I bought was in 1974 and if anything they have just gotten better.  I've had probably half a dozen, and it is undoubtedly the best filter on the market.

I hope it stays that way.

James McKenzie
Arlington Texas

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