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October 14, 2014
Absolutely love it. Coupled with the new exhaust it delivers even more power and that good sound. Highly recommend it for the 6.2L escalade.

Brooks Blohm
Omaha, Nebraska

October 14, 2014
I drive a 2014 Maxda CX-5 Wow very impressed with the air filter unbelievable. My horsepower and acceleration went up big time also I gained 5 Mpg more with this filter. Its worth the price.

Rick Trevino

October 14, 2014
Won't use anything else for my HD Road King! K&N Rocks!!!

Canyon Texas

October 14, 2014
I am satisfied and impressed with the increase in performance.

T. Lopez

October 14, 2014
Correct fit and fast shipping.

Quincy, California

October 14, 2014
Easy install and noticed a difference right away. As soon as the air intake is CARB exempt, I will get it. Fantastic.

Bob Stone
Pacifica, California

October 14, 2014
The K&N cabin air filter works better then the stock one. The filter flows more air.

Ken Hawkins

October 14, 2014
Great product, gets the job done. Sounds good!


October 14, 2014
I have always used K&N filters in my cars.

Al Melchiano
Lincoln Park, New Jersey

October 14, 2014
Nice shirt! They sent the wrong size the first time. I called and they sent me the correct size same day. Great customer service.

Marty H.

October 14, 2014
Well made. Hope it lasts as long as the air filter.

Billy Chisolm
Mobile, Alabama

October 14, 2014
This was by far the best purchase I could have made for my Nissan Rogue. I've noticed better performance from my car since installing this filter. I am very happy with this product. In addition, the order arrived within a week. Very quick service.


October 13, 2014
Bought this for my wife's 2011 Durango with the 5.7 Hemi. She loves it, gave her better fuel mileage, better pedal response and of course better sound when she gets on it!! That Hemi can breathe now. Worth ever dime to see my wife's face when we passed a car. This was a surprise gift for her. Install was a breeze. I have installed a few of them on all of my cars. Nice product.

Stephen Smith
Denver, North Carolina

October 13, 2014
Why buy 20 dollar paper filters when you can buy one 40 dollar reusable cotton filter that breathes so much better. Easy to install and cost effective. I wouldn't buy any other brand!


October 13, 2014
Great service!! Easy bolt on, increase in power and performance!!

Warren Tavares

October 13, 2014
The cold air intake for my Civic was very reasonably priced and I got the quality of a K&N filter. I'm very happy.

Mick Sheridan
Houghton, Michigan

October 13, 2014
Had 2 into one V&H pipes & re-jetted carbs at Honda on my bike, '05 VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre. Sounded good but was still missing some power. Recent oil change to K&N oil filter and air filter. The air flow was the fix, more torque, more top end power. Fuel mileage should be better also, if I would ever ride at a normal speed.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

October 13, 2014
All totally satisfactory. Nothing to add.

Frank May
Farmington, Utah

October 13, 2014
The performance intake kit arrived promptly. The instructions were good. I installed it on a 1997 Mazda Miata. The performance boost with the intake kit was noticeable right away. The car pulls stronger from lower RPMs than previously and pulls right through the power range. There is also an aggressive sound that enhances the driving experience for me. Overall I am very pleased with the K&N product.

John Cronin
Ghent, New York

October 13, 2014
Product lives up to its name. Very well built and easy to install.

Blaine D.
Orlando, Florida

October 13, 2014
K&N replacement filter for my 2014 Camaro SS/RS/1LE. Perfect fit. Fast delivery. 100% satisfied.


October 13, 2014
Excellent upgrade. Good quality and so easy to fit with just the limited tools I had on hand. Probably took me 90 mins in total. I bought a K&N air filter for my very first car in 1980 and I would recommend K&N over any other product. On my Raptor it would appear I am now getting better fuel mileage with the K&N performance kit installed. Even though I am accelerating slightly more aggressively. Why? Because I can and it sounds great.

Washington DC

October 13, 2014
Purchased because of company's reputation. Makes me confident of quality of these filters.

James Clune
Traverse City, Michigan

October 13, 2014
Wonderful product. I put it on my 2004 Grand Prix GTP and works awesome. Makes the supercharger so much louder and got the performance I was looking for and I haven't even tuned it yet. Definitely recommended.

Adam Schultz
Chicago, Illinois

October 13, 2014
After installing the cold air intake for my 2011 Acura TSX 2.4L (201 HP) here are the changes I noticed: 1. Sound: I used direct air filters many years ago for a different car. I got more and better sound than expected. No difference in sound if you don't push the car, which is great about these filters; sound is on demand. 2. Power: My car had really low power in low RPMs. I know the HP/torque graphs on K&N website doesn't show much power difference in low RPMs for my car but I'm feeling a 5-10% improvement - of course this is just me saying it without an official measurement. In higher RPMs, the power is obviously feel-able. I can say the 7 HPs increase that K&N website claimed for my car is accurate, it may be a bit more than that. 3. MPG: In city, there isn't noticeable difference. However, on (mostly) highway I was making around 400 miles with a full tank. Now it's about 420 miles. So 20 miles more for my car/commute/driving, well, I'll take it. Cheers.

Boston, Massachusetts

October 12, 2014
Wow is all I got to say. When the car passes the 4.5k rmp mark it feels as if I have a turbo and the car accelerates insanely fast. I would recomend this to every Eclipse enthusiast. Installation took 2 hours. No hassle. Great product!

Charlotte, North Carolina

October 12, 2014
Had purchased a similar unit for my new 2002 Tundra. Just got this one installed in my new 2014 Tundra. Have noticed a significant acceleration boost when passing other vehicles, but not sure yet if increased gas mileage, although the average MPG has increased from 16.4 to 17 since installation. I'd LIKE to attribute this change to the K&N unit. Have also been using other K&N air filters for our other cars for many years. Really like your products.

Joseph Markle
Tucsson, Arizona

October 11, 2014
Excellent Performance!! AAA+++

Edgar Ruiz
Puerto Rico

October 11, 2014
Great quality and great fit. Seems to perform well. Only complaint is that I had to keep referring to schematic to determine which hardware to use. Should refer to the parts for each step of installation.

Michael Lynch

October 11, 2014
Easy order. Quick delivery. Easy installation (about 1 hour from start to test drive). Great product! Really pepped up my SHO. It really likes the extra air.

Jason Phelps
Clarkston, Michigan

October 10, 2014
Easy to install and could tell a difference pulling a load. Made the truck sound like the old days when we used to turn over the air filter cover. Brought back memories.

Houston, Texas

October 10, 2014
Used this filter in my 2011 BMW M3 Convertible w/manual transmission. Replaced it at 22000 miles. Replaced the original without incident. It sounds great and runs real smooth in all 3 driving modes. I use these filters in all of my cars and motorcycles. I only wish I could get them for my Desert Aircraft 150cc and Valach 210cc RC giant scale airplane engines. It would be great to protect them also.

Dave Havriliak
Ventura, California

October 10, 2014
Used this air filter in our 2014 VW R-Line Turbo bug. What can be said? K&N filters are the best as far as I am concerned. It was a direct fit. Most of all, it's easy to clean and reuse.

David Havriliak
Ventura, California

October 10, 2014
I purchased a cold air intake kit from Lingenfelter for our 2014 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon. Lingenfelter reccomended this filter over the OEM filter for more air flow.

Richard Ziarkowski
Byron, California

October 10, 2014
The filter fit perfectly, looks great and it works. What more could I ask for?

Mike Staples
Springfield, Virginia

October 10, 2014
I use K&N Filters when it is possible for me to do so. I use them on my snowmobiles and ATV. I use them because I won't use anything else because it is the best protection

Bruce Pierce
Newry Maine

October 9, 2014
I love K&N products. Always top quality. I installed this on my girlfriend's 2013 Yamaha V-Star 250 along with a new exhaust system and re-jetted the carburetor. It really makes for a really mean beginner bike.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

October 9, 2014
Performance and Gas Mileage improvements are very noticeable.

New York

October 9, 2014
Awesome cold air intake, performance, sound and all easy to install.

George Karioris

October 9, 2014
2014 Yamaha FZ-09 Installation was easy, minus the minor surgery of removing the side scoop covers and gas tank to get to the air box. (BTW, you don't have to disconnect the fuel line, only the vacuum hoses and electrical connector. Simply put a towel over the rear body work to prevent scratching, and you can turn the tank around 180 degrees to get it out of your way.)The filter slipped right into place and the cover went back on smoothly. Upon starting the bike, there was a noticeable difference in sound (stock exhaust) which I didn't expect. It sounds a little throatier. On the first ride, the difference was definitely noticeable. The throttle response was crisp, and it pulled harder through the RPM range than stock. I recently had the stock ECU re-flashed by the dealer to the 2015 factory spec which still maintains all the emissions standards, but smooths out the herky-jerky first 1/4 throttle response, and the power delivery is that much more enjoyable, plentiful, and fun to ride. Standard mode feels more like A-mode, and A-mode is quite beastly now. With warm dry roads and weather, B-mode has not been tested yet. I would recommend this to anyone before spending a ton of money on an aftermarket exhaust. I would be interested to see dyno No.'s which I could not find on this site.

Shannon Churchill
Corona, California

October 9, 2014
Love it and it has helped my fuel economy about 10-15% per tank. Keep up the good work!!!

Stuart LOng
Los Angeles

October 9, 2014
Install was extremely simple! Immediately, I noticed a slightly improved fuel economy. Also, the deeper tone is very nice!


October 9, 2014
Fast ship, great price, free shipping. Legendary quality. What more could you ask for?

Jack Cooper
West Virginia

October 9, 2014
Great product !! It took my son-in-law and I less than a hour to install, and we know nothing about cars.

Dean Thompson

October 9, 2014
Just installed this new Air intake from K&N and so far I love it.. really helps the throttle response!


October 9, 2014
K&N has extended their industry-leading filter technologies to an often overlooked application the cabin filter. Road dust, allergens and engine exhaust all make their way to you vehicle's interior without a cabin filter. K&N has devised a washable lifetime filter that combats these pollutants leaving you vehicle cleaner with better quality air.

Jack Rudolph
Baltimore, Maryland

October 9, 2014
I've had a K&N short ram intake for almost 5 years on my 09 Civic Si. Never had a problem with it. I bought an extra filter to change out the other one when it became dirty. Can't be happier with the purchase. K&N makes quality products and no matter what car I have in the future, it will have a K&N intake on it.

Atlanta, Georgia

October 8, 2014
I have an Chevy Corvette Z06-zr carbon fiber edition with an last engine.

Darrell carey

October 8, 2014
I tried the drop in K&N filter in my 2014 dodge 1500 5.7l hemi and there was a noticeble difference in sound, pickup and fuel mileage , so i only lasted a week with it and bought the whole cold air intake system. I love the deeper sound and growl it gives, along with more power it has saved a noticeable amount of fuel. I was averaging 13L/100km highway. Now I am around 10L/100km highway. Great as I'm on highway each week. A great cheap and easy upgrade to make. Very easy to install and I'm no mechanic! Great product!

Steve Weekes

October 8, 2014
Perfect fit easy installation. Great performance. Delivery was right on schedule.

Yale E Hennessee

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