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January 26, 2015
Works great. Sounds great. More power. More mpgs!

Brett Rainey
Davison Michigan

January 26, 2015
Filter looks like it could go a 1,000,000 miles! I bought this filter hoping to be owning this vehicle for the next 10 years. I should save a lot of money in gas and replacment filters. I plain on cleaning the filter more often than needed, about every year which will give back that better engine response. Thanks alot for a great product!

Sean Jones
Milton Vermont

January 26, 2015
Great product! Cleans & oils well.

Ramona De Los Santos
San Jose, California

January 25, 2015
I just bought this cabin filter for my 2012 Chevrolet Cruze ECO and my opinion so far on it is I can tell there is a bit better performance for the HVAC system because there seems to be a little more cleaner air blowing through the vents, and it does smell a bit better. Even though this isn't a engine air filter and it may seem harder to tell how its performance level is, it will still deliver better and cleaner air into the cabin, thus relieving stress on the HVAC system. It earns an A++++ in my book. Thanks K&N for making great products. Keep it up.

Matt Lobberecht
Knoxville Iowa

January 25, 2015
Stock fit, well made and 5+mpg on hwy (wife driving). Nice. Have K&N Filters in all my vehicles.

North Texas

January 25, 2015
Great Product. High quality filter. Perfect fit.

Maxim Che

January 25, 2015
The RK-3934 arrived with a small but deep scratch on the chrome face plate & I wasn't impressed. However I decided to install it as I had been waiting to get it on the bike & did not want to waste more time returning it as damaged stock. That's the only sorry part. The build & quality is supperb. & my 2013 softtail is a much happier bike. A great product guys I hope K&N stick with making strong durable products. 'm happy to pay for quality & trouble free products.IM VERY HAPPY.


January 24, 2015
I am very satisfied with the product. It came on time and K & N makes it easy to pick out your part or product you need. I will definitely use them again in the future if need be.

Dustin Dannenfelser

January 24, 2015

Kevin Billups
Sacramento, California

January 24, 2015
Just installed the intake yesterday. My wife called me right after she started driving it. She was pretty startled after accelerating into traffic because the car sounded so aggressive, she thought another car was upset she had cut them off and was accelerating into her. She couldn't believe the deep tone was coming from the Explorer! The intake completely changes how the car accelerates and sounds - love it! It's not louder, just a lower tone when accelerating. Hoping the mpg on the highway improves as well!


January 23, 2015
Haven't installed it, so can't rate the filter. But your service was great. Very punctual and correct.

Raymond Menard, III
Carlsbad, California

January 23, 2015
I recently picked up 2 more K&N cold air intake systems for my two 2014 Sierras. I absolutly love your products I don't shut up about how amazing they are. I've gotten 4 of my friends to get the kit and I've helped them install them all from f150's to Wranglers to a little cruze. Everyone loves them and we rep the decals on our cars wallets phones you name it. Keep up the good work. I'd love to see some product growth for more upgrades for all our vehicles

Kyle Morrell
Ontario, Canada

January 23, 2015
Just now working on second tank of gas. Can't quite tell yet, but mileage seems to be just a little bit better with the new filter. I can definitely feel a difference in acceleration and overall engine output on my Tundra - it even seems to coast better with the improved air flow. Can't quite give it five stars because of the initial cost and the cost of the refurbish kits for when it's time to clean. Otherwise, I like it - makes you want to floor it just to hear the roar of the engine!

Portland, Oregon

January 23, 2015
I was impressed with the difference replacing the stock air filter with the K&N made with my F250 7.5. Now that I have replaced the stock housing with this intake kit I am very excited. The placement of the new housing was super easy. Don't let drilling 3 holes scare you as it is easy. If I can do it anyone can. Just follow the excellent documentation. Can't wait to get the new exhaust to complete the breathing on the system.

Mark Austin
Pine, Arizona

January 23, 2015
The product was delivered on or ahead of schedule. It appears just like all the other K&N filters I've bought over the years. Have installed it in my CR-V and it appears to be working as advertised. Have also installed the engine air cleaner product which has given equal or better performance/mileage to date and does not restrict air flow or negatively impact mileage as it fills up like the stock OEM version.

Barry Pybas
North Carolina

January 22, 2015
No way to know for sure, but if the filters work as well as they are built, I love them!!!!

Erven Kincaid
Eugene Oregon

January 22, 2015
Excellent fit and function! Included were very easy to follow instructions and the design makes it so that it can only be installed one way so no possible mistakes.

Tom Williams
Austin, Texas

January 22, 2015
I currently use the following K & N products: 33-2124 Air Cleaner in my 2001 Honda Accord E-0945  Air Cleaner in my 2000 F-150 Ford pickup RK-3929 Air Cleaner in my 2005 Harley Davidson Sportster I rate all three of those products as 5 stars for performance and reliability. I currently have on order 63-1125P Air Charger for my 2005 Harley Davidson FXST Softail Standard and expect the same kind of performance and reliability from that.

Haven, Kansas

January 22, 2015
Like always, when it comes to K&N all you can expect is the best quality products. Ordered both the air and oil filters for my 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250r and can really say I am very pleased with my purchase. Oil filter comes with both o-rings needed and air filter even comes with the sealant cream. Products work great and I will always do business with them. And also thanks for the stickers :)

Ricardo Cano
Miami, Florida

January 21, 2015
Great product. Truck now bad***!!

David Hines

January 21, 2015
Tore my 2005 wing down on Dec 29, after looking at the stock filter I decided to go with a K&N. Ordered it on the 29th, It shipped on the 30 and I had it in my bike with the bike back together on Jan 4. I hope to get at least another 30,000 miles before I have to take it out to clean. Great service for a great product.

David L Rosenquist
Lavon, Texas

January 21, 2015
I always see people with turbo and pistion key fobs. I wanted to be different and get a K&N filter for my keys. Looks really cool.

South Dakota

January 21, 2015
Great quality, easy installation.


January 21, 2015
Noticed the MPG improved right away after install! Great product, I have K&N filters in all of my vehicles!

Joeffrey Batario
Torrance, California

January 21, 2015
My new K&N Air filter has made a difference in my car's response and power. It is worth it. The K&N store was very prompt in the order and correcting a mistaken part sent that didn't fit my car (probably my own fault) They made an order correction easy by sending a prepaid shipping label to return the part.

R. Knights

January 21, 2015
I have a [brand] style bug catcher air cleaner with 2 four barrel carbs.and have been using the paper filters that Summit Racing sells for these. I have searched high and low for K&N filters for it. Finally I spoke with your rep and in a few days she found a set for me the exact size.I suggest since you sell K&N filters on Summit Racing I'd suggest to them you have the filters for their [brand] style bird catcher scoops because all of us hot rodders/racers run nothing but K&N in all our cars, even family cars.

Ron Beaire

January 21, 2015
Awesome air filter, wonderful performance, great sound! for $300 that's the cheapest way to get 10 additional horsepower added to a turbo.

Matthew Land
North Carolina

January 21, 2015
Great product. Great service.

Frank Redmond

January 21, 2015
I bought this for use on an ATV CVT air inlet snorkel on hopes of reducing wear on the belt and clutches. K&N's ability to provide a free flowing filter far surpasses any expectations one may have. Without using any type of flow meter it appears that the air intake has not been impeded in any manner. This ought to do the trick.


January 21, 2015
This was my first order from K&N direct and it was a great experience as I found everything I was looking for along with free shipping which my order showed up at my door step in three days! Not too bad. Thanks K&N for help in getting me prepared for the upcoming 2015 quad race season DG54RACING!


January 21, 2015
This lifetime filter was $10 cheaper ordering online directly from K&N as opposed to purchasing it at the local motorcycle shop and it arrived in just a few days.

Rick B.

January 21, 2015
I've used three conical K&N filters on my previous cars and loved the products and performance when paired with a cold air intake. I recently bought a new 2015 vw GTI and decided to use a panel filter with stock air box while more options for cold air intakes become available. As usual, the filter had great craftsmanship and slight increases in throttle response and gas mileage. I'm confident saying that I'll be using a K&N filter in every car I will own. Keep up the great customer service, R&D, and products!

Las Vegas, Nevada

January 20, 2015
I like what the intake kit did for my Expedition, I was getting 13.4 MPG now I am getting 14.7. I found a 1.4 MPG increase in mileage and I am grateful for that. The response is so much quicker and of course the sound is really cool!!!! Then I also put on a set of shorty headers and increased my mileage by 1.3 MPG that's a total of 2.7 MPG with a grand total of 16 miles per gallon. At this moment in time my mileage is still increasing the other day I hit 17.2 miles to the gallon, and I have a 5.4L. After my future trip I would like to report back my gas mileage, at this rate, I'm sure its going to be great!! Thank you K&N. A very happy customer.

New Mexico

January 20, 2015
Sturdy, quality parts. This was my first time ever messing with any kind of car stuff besides changing a tire. Uninstall of stock Air intake was pretty confusing but I figured it out. Install of K&N's filter was pretty easy, took me about 1.5 hours to do it myself with no knowledge of cars or.. tools even. lol. Get this, it added sound that I didn't know was there. May not have to upgrade my exhaust after all!

Talon S
Tulsa, Oklahoma

January 20, 2015
Great filter. Works great and the best part is it will last the life of the vehicle. Highly recommend.

Chula Vista, California

January 20, 2015
I have K&N air filters on all four of my vehicles and they all function well.

Terry Mulawa

January 20, 2015
I ordered an air filter for a Kubota BX tractor. I have purchased K&N filter for several road vehicles. They performed well by small but noticeable improvements in power or mpg. The Kubota is a diesel and my incentive was the extremely dusty conditions would require may paper filters vs one K&N. I do not anticipate any noticeable performance change rather it is an economic decision.


January 20, 2015
Purchased January 2015 for my 2014 Honda Accord, 6 speed manual sedan 2.4L. I must say I am impressed. Not my first K&N intake purchase but very happy of course. I am not into performance, I really purchased it because I am not impressed with the Accord gas mileage. I am now getting over 29mpg city and close to 40 highway. Throttle response is better. Installation was about 45 minutes, pretty straight forward. Engine noise is negligible, almost nothing. I say it's worth the money. Just because gas prices are low doesn't mean I want to visit the station more than necessary. Thanks K&N.

Orlando Florida

January 20, 2015
Great Filter. Thank you!

New Jersey

January 20, 2015
I have used and purchased K & N products, for over 20 years and have always been satisfied with the promptness in their delivery and the functionality of the product, itself. I will continue to purchase K & N products.

Pete Miller
Detroit, Michigan

January 20, 2015
Works great. Just what I needed.

Roger Abraham
Tucson Arizona

January 20, 2015
Arrived when expected and in good condition. I've used K&N filters on most of my cars & they never disapoint.

Andrew Harkus
Fresno, California

January 20, 2015
Ordering process and delivery met expectations. The filter went in in a snap. I have a lot better mass air flow and picked up some HP in the process. Truck seems to really breath a lot better. Thanks for making a product to replace the OEM's filter. No more service air filter notifications.

Gitch Greer
Cypress, Texas

January 20, 2015
Super stoked on my new K&N filter . Easy install. Looks awesome didn't expect anything less from the best.

Ben Carter

January 20, 2015
I put K&N air filters in all my vehicles. 2012 Dodge Ram 3/4 Ton 6.7 Cummins, 2009 Dodge Charger 5.7, 2010 Chrysler Town & Country 3.8, 1977 Chevy C10 1/2 Ton 5.7, 1985 Pontiac Trans Am TPI 5.0, and my 1965 Ford LTD 352. I always seem to get 2 to 5 miles per gallon better gas/fuel mileage, and better low end torque. I would recommend this product for any vehicle. I also have K&N air filters in my riding lawnmower and skid steer. Both have [brand] engines. Just wish they made filters for my Freightliner FLD12064T-CLASSIC.


January 20, 2015
Works great. We are big fans of K&N Filters and have used them in numerous cars over the years. Glad to see you have one for my Mini Paceman! Thanks Again.

Kay Manion

January 20, 2015
Love the filter. Noticed a very impressive gain in throttle response and power after installing this product on my bike! Would highly recommend this product to my riding buddies. Will be purchasing a K&N filter for my F150 and it's made in America. I give it 5 stars !

Wayne Covert
Eustis Florida

January 20, 2015
Quality product to service my K&N air filter. I used half of the spray cleaner out of this kit for one cleaning, so I recommend buying extra cleaning spray. Generally the oil included is enough for 6-8 uses. Great stuff!


January 20, 2015
I have 4 cars all with K&N filters. No problems with any.

Mark L. Burgess
Laguna Vista Texas

January 20, 2015
I purchased this unit for a 2011 Dodge Ram and it arrived in 4 days. The directions are easy to follow and the photos are helpful. It took about 40 minutes to install with very little problems although the removal of the air intake temperature sensor is not as easy as it seems. I did not dyno the truck before or after installation but there is a noticeable increase in power. I wish I would have purchased this unit the day that I bought the truck.

Bellville Ohio

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