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October 7, 2014
The installation was simple and the performance will prove out over time.

James Goebelbecker
Mentor, Ohio

October 4, 2014
Installed a K&N filter on the 2nd day I bought my new 2012 Prius. I always get about 60MPG on the highway. Even city MPG is in the high 50MPG. I don't know what the original paper filter would have given me and don't really care. K&N air filters rule the road!

Gary Evers
Belvidere, Illinois

October 3, 2014
I'm impressed. Easy install. Now I'm getting even better milage. I got 41.3 mpg on a recent trip and had to take a picture of the read out and send it to my buddy. Note: I did wrap the intake with insulation. Take that Toyota prius. 41.3 mpg ain't too shabby. I'll take my ford focus any day.

Samuel W.

October 3, 2014
I have used K&N air filters for years. I just put this kit on my pickup. Already it idles smoother, starts easier, and there is a noticeable increase in get up and go when I hit the gas pedal. I wish I would have bought one years ago. This is my first performance intake kit installation and it couldn't have been simpler to install. My truck is already performing better than my buddies truck which is in better shape overall. Both trucks are the same make model and year. He will be buying one shortly. With this affordable, great looking, simple to use kit I feel like I just breathed new life into my truck. This kit goes beyond just upgrading the air filter to the legendary K&N performance filters. Thank you for making this elegant piece of technology affordable and so easy to use! What a difference!!!

Sean A
Vancouver, Washington

October 2, 2014
The installation was easy enough and rather straight forward. Once installed the engine sounds really good. You can feel the difference in pick up immediately. Is the second cold air intake I have purchased from K&N first one was for a Dodge Dakota R/T 5.9 ltr. Love them both. Would recommend to everyone. Keep up the great work K&N!!!!


October 2, 2014
A bit pricey, but well worth it fitted to my 2014 vrs,total so much smoother and responcive great product.!

Carlisle Columbria, United Kingdom

October 2, 2014
Wow K&N has very fast shipping. Loved their swift shipping and great prices.

Los Angeles, California

October 2, 2014
Great product.

Joseph Poter

October 1, 2014
Absolutely fantastic replacement over the original paper filter... you can hear the difference! Car breaths better and has noticeable improvement in fuel economy (averaged 30-40mpg before, now more like 35-40mpg). Thanks.

Christopher Stauffer
Enterprise, Oregon

October 1, 2014
My review is for K&N air and oil filters for Mercedes Benz AMG vehicles and BMW motorcycles. I've had extremely positive results using K&N filters over many years and highly recommend both K&N air and oil filters. K&N filters are a safe bet and worthwhile investment.

Corpus Christi, Texas

October 1, 2014
Performance upgrade awesome

Doug Vark

October 1, 2014
Just bought a 2004 Toyota Tacoma and installed the cold air intake and I feel that it gives a little more horse power and love the way it sounds. Not really a gas saver when you drive well over the speed limits though. I definitely would purchase another for my next Toyota.

Summerville South Carolina

October 1, 2014
Replaced OEM filter in about 2 minutes. 1.5 - 2 more MPG sounds throatier. Love it.

Geoffrey Cline

October 1, 2014
I have a K&N in my truck so it seemed like a good idea to put one in my wife's car.

Mike S
Addison, Illinois

October 1, 2014
Great product

Las Vegas, Nevada

October 1, 2014
This is the last filter I will have to get .The truck seems to run better fuel milage is up and it seems to have more power . I love it .

Chuck Reynolds
Shaver Lake California

October 1, 2014
This intake is worth the money you spend. I installed it on a 2013 Dodge Charger. Installation was a breeze.


October 1, 2014
Great filter.No problems installing and works as good as all my other K&N filters.

Paul Tivald
New Jersey

September 30, 2014
Lightning fast processing, professionalism, and shipping. Very pricey yes, but what you are buying is an engineered product of exceptional craftsmanship that sets it apart from everybody else. When I opened it I could see where the money went. Dumb proof 4 piece design, with top grade seals on each piece. Almost seemed like it had a set torque in it going onto the engine block, you can't mess it up. Less pressure drop and better filtration is a no brainer, and I got my money's worth. Haven't cleaned it yet, but i won't mind it for better performance.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 30, 2014
Best bang for the buck. Favorite upgrade so far 13 dart 1.4t

Clute Texas

September 30, 2014
I have used K&N filters on five different autos. Happy with results

Randall Towry

September 30, 2014
I had a regular KN air filter in my truck but did not notice a significant inprovement. I installed the cold air intake kit from K&N and what an inprovement. Sound wise, I was really inpressed with the motor noise, but most importantly, the improved milage vs just the regular air filter is impressive. I am getting almost three miles per gallon more now than before withthe cold air intake kit. Sound, performance and milage which has increased, makes me a very happy customer.

Rick Counts
Fort Myers, Florida

September 30, 2014
We have K@N in our three vehicles. We are believers. Thanks.

Ed Byrnes
Sanford, North Carolina

September 30, 2014
Never leave feedback for products, but have to on this one. Put these Flame Arrestors on two 220 HP Crusader engines with 4 bbl carbs. Picked up 3 miles per hour top end for a 42' cruiser (17% increase) along with the 200 RPM (5.3% inc.) on each motor. What was even more impressive was the throttle response, and the noticeable pull from the motors to get to top end. Well worth the money, and highly recommended.


September 30, 2014
I used the KN-153 as a replacement option for my expensive [brand] oil filter. Great product and I love the nut option for tightening and loosening! I'm considering using one on my Four stroke MX'er. Two thumbs up.

Jason Kingery
Huron, Ohio

September 30, 2014
Quick and easy to use! Filter is just like new!!

Luis Rios
San Clemente, California

September 30, 2014
Excellent. Easy install.

Miles Sheahan

September 29, 2014
No problems ordering this K&N filter. Web site worked fine. Communication came acknowledging order and providing shipping information. Product arrived in a large box. Installed easily. All is well.

Walt Robinson
Austin, Texas

September 29, 2014
I need a replacement part. The one between the MAF and plastic K&N tube. How can I get this?

Randy DeBates
Ceres, California

September 29, 2014
Just installed the cold air intake a couple of days ago and immediately put 300 miles on the thing! one word, awesome! I'm like the other customer, the sound is devastating, and the gas mileage is though the roof! But let's be honest, I didn't install it for the fuel economy, (although at this point, I can't imagine not having one) I installed it for the performance, and K&N delivers big time! The sound, the performance, the fuel economy (my pocket book thanks you) un-real! Thanks guys your the best!

Chicago, Illinois

September 29, 2014
Received the filter faster than I thought I would. It was easy to install once I figured out how to get the filter cover off my 2013 Ford F-150 with the 3.5 L twin turbo echo boost engine. I only have 12000 miles on it and I hadn't replaced filter yet. You have to lift the cover just a little then slip it toward the engine to get the tabs on the outside to pop out of their slots before you can completely lift the filter cap off the housing. I was surprised at how clean the original filter was. The K&N filter slipped right into the housing and I reassembled everything. It's to early to tell if I will get a mpg boost but everything seems to be working to my satisfaction.


September 29, 2014
This product was easy to install. It was well built and performs great! You won't regret it. It's excellent. On a side note the instructions provided were clear and concise.


September 29, 2014
I finally got around to installing my new K & N air filter into my 2007 BMW R1200RT. The bike had the OEM BMW filter. I immediately noticed improved torque just off idle up to about 2,500rpm, especially if the bike was in 2nd gear just above idle. The engine used to struggle and want to be shifted into 1st, now I just crank the throttle and go! Well worth the cost for a one time purchase.  Installation was easy as well.

Denny Pink
Fort Collins, Colorado

September 29, 2014
Put this product on my wife's car which has almost 100,000 miles and was running very sluggish and the mileage was not what it once was. Put the assembly on the car and my wife noticed an immediate improvement in performance and it eliminated the stumble at about 2500 RPM. Changed the oil and filled up with premium gas and she drove it as she normally does and the mileage improved from 18.1 to 22.2 mpg without anything else being done to the car. We checked it over 3 full tanks and this is was the average. Wife is very happy with the product and she suggested I put it on my truck. Very happy with the results and the quality of the product. Did make it more difficult to close the hood do to the do to the gasket around the heat shield and had to work on the location of this part. Once I had it aligned no other issues. Went on a long trip and saw 28.2 mpg on the open road the the car is running better everyday.

Jeff Bowen
South Carolina

September 28, 2014
K&N is the best.


September 27, 2014
Great hat. Icing on the cake for the order of my latest K&N air filter element for my latest show car, a two-time Concours-winning 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300CD! I could have bought elsewhere for less, but where else can you get a Factory-fresh, shipped element, to your door,with such a cool lid? Nowhere! Buy now, you won't regret it... save money, gain performance and look good doing all of the above... good luck and God bless.

Biodiesel Guy
New Paltz, New York

September 27, 2014
Love it, just like the several others for all of my other engines I have and have ever had, ever since I saw the light in the 80's... I must be honest, I ordered this specific unit on account of the cool baseball hat but I did so knowing that the filter I would receive would serve my air cleaner needs now and forevermore. I have a K&N element in all of my engines, from my 1995 F250 Powerstroke, to my Kubota tractor, to my generator, to my engine-swap car, etc., and I have always run K&N air filter elements in everything I have ever had since I started driving cars in 1985. The extra sweet touch in this case was the fact that the OEM paper element was plugged solid, so I got to feel a SOTP increase in engine performance right from the start a little reward from God I suppose, for my unswerving loyalty to the best air cleaner element company on the planet: K&N! Please don't EVER change, drive fast, and take chances.

Biodiesel Guy
New Paltz New York

September 26, 2014
Doesn't take long to install. The pictures on the instructions are not that great, but easy enough to figure out. Once complete, I immediately noticed a throatier sound on acceleration and improved gas mileage. Great product.

Pete Stachowicz
Hilo, Hawaii

September 26, 2014
Great kit! 2 years running now. Better MPG on hwy winter and summer. Sounds great too!!

Ontario Canada

September 26, 2014
More then satisfied with my whole experience. Thank you.

Catherine M Macera
New York

September 26, 2014
Very easy to replace paper air filter for K & N filter on fiat panda. Car feels much more responsive. Have not checked fuel economy yet, but feel this too as improved.

John Hall
North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

September 25, 2014
Great product! I do feel the throttle difference. The product does lives up to its value. Thanks

Houston, Texas

September 25, 2014
This is a great product and easy to install.

Robert Dunham

September 25, 2014
Excellent service. I have received my package from the United States to Quebec in minimal time even after a last minute change of address.

Bbernard guimond

September 25, 2014
Very good cabin air filter. It's electrostatic properties make the inside of my Mustang smell fresh, clean, and new! Love the fact that I don't have to buy $30 filters once a year.

M. Brown
New Hampshire

September 25, 2014
It added horse power that I can feel and it sounds great when I step on gas. Great product.

Isabel Sanchez
Midland Texas

September 25, 2014
Filter works great on my stock intake replacing my oil bath air filter on my CJ2A. Jeep was running rich, but now it runs great. I was torn weather or not to stray from the stock setup, but I am glad I did. These filters are great quality and super easy to install.


September 25, 2014
The best

Paul Pearson

September 25, 2014
Hey thank you so much for your service I use the product on my 1999 chevy blazer it runs good and it sounds good. This Email was sent by a student at Leading Edge in Lakeland School Corporation.

Kameron Charles Thoms

September 24, 2014
I installed this Air Filter Kit on my 1997 Mistsubishi 3000 GT SL today. It improved throttle response / performance substantially. The stock air filter is very restrictive. When accelerating from a dead stop, the engine used to feel like it had a sock in its throat until the air flow could accelerate within the intake manifold. With this new K&N filter, the Sock in the throat issue is completely gone. As well, the acceleration curve is smoother and more linear. I also sense a bit of an increase in horsepower I'm guessing 3-5 percent, taking this engine from 222 to about 230 HP. I'm most impressed by the overall improvement in Drive-ability. My Japanese Rice Rocket just feels better to drive. Well worth the money I paid for the filter kit.

Tacoma, Washington

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