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January 5, 2014
The filter was just what my Honda needed, the shipping was free & I had it in three days. Superb!!!

Keene, New Hampshire

January 5, 2014
Installed filter on 1999 Ford Expadition 4.6l engine and gained 3 mpg. I got a Chev Silverado with 4.8l engine and was getting 19mpg when i installed the K&N filter it droped to 15 mpg. I went back to the stock filter

J. Beard
Montezuma, Georgia

January 4, 2014
It seems to be working.

Bradley Mack
Toledo, Ohio

January 3, 2014
My average fuel mileage dropped from 28.1 to 24.5 upon changing to this replacement filter and my old filter was quite dirty. Most concerning.

New York

January 3, 2014
Fast shipping and quality product. Have used K&N filters for years.

Charles Robinett
Rohnert Park, California

January 3, 2014
I had a warranty issue today 1/03/13. I spoke to Richard. He was great..courteous and took care of my warranty issue immediately !! It is a pleasure to KNOW companies still stand behind their awesome products !!! Thanks Richard @ K & N !!

Marshall Sirota
Loxahatchee, Florida

January 3, 2014
Great product, but during Christmas season packaging should be plain.

April Tyndall
Jacksonville, North Carolina

January 3, 2014
The HA-4513XD air filter for the 2014 Honda CRF250 had produced more horsepower and throttle response than a standard foam filter has and it is much easier to maintain. The only downfall to using this filter is if it is over tightened it will pull the airbox apart.

A&Y Racing
Saint Clairsville, Ohio

January 3, 2014
Always makes me feel better knowing I have the K&N air filter to maximize fuel efficiency and to have a little extra horsepower to jump into traffic.


January 2, 2014
I really enjoy the performance intake kit for my 2006 Toyota Tundra. It has definitely improved horsepower. The experience with K&N was professional and efficient. Thank you for a great product.

Chris K
Geneva, Illinois

January 2, 2014
I am very pleased with the product.

Keith Phillips

January 2, 2014
Buy K & N filter to a vehicle Nissan Versa 2013. It takes great surprise that the substitute was significantly increased fuel consumption from an average of 12 km / liters to 9.7 km / Lts, this report is after traveling about 250 kms.

León Martínez

January 2, 2014
Very satisfied with another one of your products once again. You guys have a great price and very fast shipping. The filter fit perfectly. I'll continue to recommend your products to anyone who will listen. Thank you!

Redding, California

January 2, 2014
I first received the wrong filter but it was marked as the right item on label on the box. I talked to JoJi who was a great help in getting me the right filter. He is a great asset to your team. I would do business with your company again.


January 2, 2014
Shipped and received on time and filter fit perfectly. My 2013 V-6 Honda Accord runs better than ever.

Ronald Arsenault
Scottsboro, Alabama

January 2, 2014
I have used K&N air filters on the last 4 SUV's and cars that I have had. The filter adds some horsepower and better gas mileage. Also I save money on replacement filters! I will never have a vehicle without a K&N filter because they also keep the engine cleaner from dust particles!! K&N filters are the best filter on the market!!!!

Conrad DuBois
Battle Creek, Michigan

January 2, 2014
I have used these filters in my last three cars and they work wonderfully well. They increase the gas milage and gave the car a little more power. Very easy to clean and refresh the filter.

G.P. Jordan
Hernando, Florida

January 2, 2014
This product works great, and was really easy to install.

Matthew Grella

January 2, 2014
Excellent product and rapid shipping.

Joe Pliickebaum
Charlotte, North Carolina

January 2, 2014
Product selection was easy on the web site and delivery didn't take long.

Frank Hinojosa
Houston, Texas

January 2, 2014
I'm happy with the fit of this intake. It was worth the extra money to get a CA smog legal kit. It's much better than the factory air intake. 97 Ford Ranger with a 2.3L.

Robert Aldrich

January 2, 2014
Excellent instructions and easy to install. Very satisfied.

Randy Mullendore
St. Louis, Missouri

January 2, 2014
I have a hero CBZ xtreme...after 20 km I put K&N. My bike doesn't sound good, but pickup got enhanced by 20 percent... Thanks to K&N

Pune, Maharashtra, India

January 2, 2014
Great Price! Fast Shipping! K&N Quality!

North Carolina

January 2, 2014
Correct filter came right away. Thanks

M. Shane Long

January 1, 2014
Had to measure my old filter (not K&N), to make my selection from your filter chart. I was happy to get a perfect fit and the performance of K&N. Received my filter quickly and very pleased with my overall experience. I highly recommend K&N and their products.

Doug Hilke
El Camino Village, California

January 1, 2014
I have used K&N for my last 3 cars and all have made a difference. This one for my Honda Accord is no different in providing clean air with minimal resistance optimizing my mileage. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Robert A. Hatcher
Spotstlvania, Virginia

January 1, 2014
Fits perfect and my Chevy Blazer sounds different and runs a little bit better :)

Santa Maria, California

December 31, 2013
As always intake works as expected. Naturally Aspirated vehicles in the high desert are always at a disadvantage and K&N filters work well to mitigate the thin air. Installation instructions were a little dodgy, but anyone with a minutes worth of mechanical experience can install it simply. Flash to bang for package delivery was about 3 days. Definitely would recommend this product.

El Paso, Texas

December 30, 2013
A little tedious to install as the engine bay is tight for space. Ended up buying a couple extra hose clamps for the flex hose,which was a little long. After trimming the hose the air intake was in a good spot. Took the Lotus for a drive.It started and ran fine.The sound is perfect. At part throttle, it is as quiet as stock.When you open the throttle it sounds fantastic! Exactly what I wanted. My sons drive the car and they wanted more noise.They were so excited and happy with it.They thought we should get an exhaust, but I knew that would have been a real hassle. Love your filters. I've used them in all my vehicles for years.This is my first intake and now I'm tempted to get one for our Honda Civic.

Cole Zimmerman
Phoenix, Arizona

December 30, 2013
The part is apparently good quality. It was a simple installation, but the directions on how to mount the bracket were fairly unclear. However the part works well and creates good torque in the upper half of engine revs where the stock intake was lacking. It also creates a better deeper sound in those rev ranges as well. Overall I am impressed and satisfied.

Caleb Starovasnik
Duluth, Georgia

December 30, 2013
Superior performance product, my fifth one. Always get more mpg and midrange torque that really works. Ordering direct was very easy and shipping was quick. A K&N fan for life! Stock air:never again!

Wm. Blake Mackan
College Station, Texas

December 30, 2013
The black hawk intake looks great and combined with my flow master 40 series sounds awesome. On top of that I noticed a difference in my acceleration. Great product & easy to install.

Houston, Texas

December 30, 2013
I received the Performance Intake Kit for Christmas (This is the only thing I asked for from my wife) and promptly installed it with no problems. Its very easy to install, I think it only took me 30 minutes from opening the box to clean up. I installed it on my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7L Hemi. The sound is almost the same as stock under 3000 RPM, so cruising speed and normal acceleration is not noticeable. Once over 3500 RPM however, the roar is very satisfying. It sounds like a muscle car and not a SUV. I've done some freeway driving since installing it and have noticed a slight increase in mpg but it's offset by the fun I'm having listening to the engine while accelerating (I even turn off the radio when getting onto the freeway on-ramp). Best Christmas present ever!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

December 30, 2013
Intake is awesome! Throttle response is improved and the sound is great!

Nick Brown
Virginia Beach, Virginia

December 30, 2013
Good product and great service. Thank you.

Santee, California

December 30, 2013
Works as advertised.

Daniel Spatafore Jr
Vineland, New Jersey

December 30, 2013
I love it! I immediately gained 1.5mpg and a good bit of horsepower. I figured that this intake will pay for itself in just a year's time!

Hunter Hutchins
Jackson, Mississippi

December 30, 2013
Easy installation, improved my HP and gas mileage.

Jim Setzenfand
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

December 30, 2013
Awesome filter.

Tennessee Snowmobiler
Nashville, Tennessee

December 30, 2013
Very nice product. Works well on my 6.4 diesel Ford way better than stock filter.

Chris Ables
Bellville, Texas

December 30, 2013
The product was ok.....a little bit of a bugger to get on there...but if you hold your mouth just right....

J. Whittemore
Atlanta, Georgia

December 30, 2013
Air filter works great. I bought it to put on my nitro rc truck. Great product will do business again.


December 28, 2013
Excellent. After installed, improved the engine response and more smooth during gear shift.


December 28, 2013
Great fit. Fast shipping. Comes pre-oiled. Wish I'd known that.


December 27, 2013
Exact replacenent for the stock Air Filter. Notice smoother transition from electric operation to gas. Thanks for a superior product.

Charles Sundberg
Kent Washington

December 27, 2013
Amazing engineering team and quality control! I've consulted many top manufacturing companies over the years in [brand],etc. Most company's 3-5 year vision is to be where you have already gone when it comes to customer service, quality, reliability and repeatability. You guys are leaps ahead of others in the manufacturing industry and I must say I'm extremely impressed with your entire team. The instructions were spot on and everything fit without much force at all. Your commitment to quality is superb but most importantly it is very evident the dedication to teamwork at K&N and it certainly shows in the end product. I'll definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks! oh yeah....the increase in HP for my 2012 Super Bee is phenomenal!

David Donnerstag
Nashville, Tennessee

December 27, 2013
The product is great!! Gives extra horse power to my BMW!!!!

Mark Lugtu
North Hills California

December 27, 2013
I have been using your RU-2590 universal filter on a 2000 Ford F-350 with the 7.3L diesel for many years. It seemed small for the application but it has worked fine. I am getting over 20 MPG (with other mods. also)so it's size has not restricted air flow. Diesel filters do require much more frequent cleaning than advertised - in my experience every 3,000 miles or monthly, especially if I have driven through rain. The rain washes the oil (and dirt) from the filter right into the intake and the turbocharger. I have been able to minimize this somewhat by using drychargers for the last 3 or 4 years. They do stop fines from entering into the filter element somewhat. During a recent replacement of glow plugs and a turbo rebuild at 370,649 miles, no wear was apparent within the turbocharger. I have used a 1 micron bypass filter and [brand] synthetic additive (2 oz./QT of oil every 30,000 miles) since approximately 11,000 miles so this has apparently contributed to the low or minimal wear (the magnetic drain plug is almost clean at oil changes). The only other thing I have noticed is that after 2+ years or 20 or so filter cleanings the rubber flange of the filters shrink a bit, become harder and will no longer fit on the 4 intake. I think I read K & N recommends +/- 25 cleanings before replacement anyway though.

Dean Phelps

December 27, 2013
I buy K&N filters for all my vehicles. Just bought the pickup. A new filter was the first purchase for it.Your web site was easy and shipment was prompt, and saved some cash over part store prices.

Gary Sherman
Rapid City, South Dakota

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