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July 23, 2015
Easy to order, quick shipment and great products. I've ordered from you before and will again. Thanks Max

Max Widup
Sharpsville, Indiana

July 22, 2015
Really good filter.

Luis Negrete
Moreno Valley, California

July 22, 2015
Love your products.

John S. Somers
Carson City, Nevada

July 22, 2015
Perfect fit on our new Toyota Avalon. Looking forward to better economy and a million miles of driving. We have used K&N filters on our last 5 cars and we would never go back to the paper filters.

Walter Lawrence
Columbia, South Carolina

July 22, 2015
Both filters were installed concurrently. Subjective improvement in acceleration. Objective fuel economy improvement achieved. Mixed driving returned 17-17.5 mpg prior to K&N filters. Mixed driving now returns 18-18.6 mpg. Highway driving has been equivalent so far, but speeds were also higher than anticipated.

Steve Walker

July 22, 2015
The filter was a perfect fit and arrived in record time.

James Ozbun
Pawhuska, Oklahoma

July 22, 2015
Excellent fit, noticed a slight increase in horsepower. Would highly recommend her for any Harley rider.

Norm Dales
East Peoria, Illinois

July 22, 2015
I use K&N Air Filters on all of the vehicles I've owned and recommend these filters to friends and family. Can't beat washable filters, the last air filter you'll purchase for the vehicle. Great product.

Stanley Pascua
Austin, Texas

July 22, 2015
I'm using the K&N drop in filter in my 2015 Mustang GT. I notice a better engine sound and the electronic average mpg meter reads 2-3 mpg better now. I was really surprised because I normally go full on cold air intake versus drop in, but money is tight at the moment. Also the stock filter that I removed was about an inch thicker and made of cheap looking paper, so I'm sure that wasn't good for air flow and gas mileage. I've always used K&N for my cars (normal street driving) with no issues. Be careful not to over oil when cleaning them. If you do over oil - let the filter sit and drain somewhere before re-installing. Thanks K&N for a great product.

Roseville, California

July 22, 2015
I love the fact that I can have a washable filter for my dump truck.

Mike Price

July 22, 2015
Currently using this in combination with a corsa exhaust in my 6.0L Silverado and I have noticed quite the increase in both power and fuel economy.

New York

July 22, 2015
After working with customer service & tech (Guy)/ manager we resolved the wrong part issue. K & N stood by their word as promised to me. I highly value them keeping their word & resolving my issue. I look forward to keeping & building our relation with their well known parts value & quality.

Methuen, Massachusetts

July 22, 2015
What a great product. Better gas mileage and a boost in power.

Tony Haynes
Caldwell, Idaho

July 22, 2015
Filter is as described: chromed finish, is excellent and durable. Decent price and excellent shipping service.

Valdosta, Georgia

July 22, 2015
Typical awesome K&N product which is seamless and a perfect fit Decent price and excellent shipping service.

Valdosta, Georgia

July 22, 2015
Outstanding service. Easy process to order, FAST and free shipping to Canada. The filter bolted up perfect and really improved flow and response on my vintage Yamaha 2 stroke. K&N online is the benchmark that all online stores should aspire to. Now only if you could influence global finance and get my Canadian dollar back on par. 10 out of 10 experience for me, Thank you. Regards, Warren Anderson

Warren Anderson
Vancouver, Canada

July 22, 2015
The order process was perfect, the price was reasonable, installation was a snap, the performance gain was noticible. I am thoroughly satisfied.

Stanley C Anderson
Houston, Texas

July 22, 2015
Installation was easy and took about an hour from start to finish. A definite increase in horsepower and slight increase in gas mileage on my 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500HD. It gives it a deep throaty sound when quickly accelerating.


July 22, 2015
It works grate, no trouble to in stall; very happy with it.

Nemo, South Dakota

July 22, 2015
Perfect fit, as is the norm for K&N filters. Works great. Bike breathes easier. Thanks.

Aaron Rubin
Peoria, Arizona

July 22, 2015
Great product fast service. Recommended

Craig Sowerby
Whitehaven, England

July 22, 2015
Ordered this with free shipping, got it sent direct to my technician. Arrived very quickly, quicker than expected in all honesty along with a couple of free stickers Fits perfectly to my Triumph America, no leaks or mess.

Ian Woodward
Nottinghamshire, England

July 22, 2015
I have use these air filters before & they are excellent, and have had no problem with them

Gary Tàpken
Cedar Rapids, lowa

July 21, 2015
Love it. Great product. Exactly as advertised.

Newburgh, Indiana

July 21, 2015
So far the system seems to breathe easier and gets a little better gas mileage. It gives a little louder sound under the hood than standard when you put your foot in it. I think it sounds and works great. I have had the cold air intakes before which were loud under the hood. This filter is the perfect compromise.

Embry, North Carolina

July 21, 2015
This is my fourth K&N filter application and they have all performed better than advertised.

James B Harrison
Wylie, Texas

July 21, 2015
This is my fourth K&N filter application and they have all performed better than advertised.

James B Harrison
Wylie, TX

July 21, 2015
Once again, Very Happy I install Performance Intake kits on all my Vehicles.

Jeffrey Mott
Penfield, New York

July 21, 2015
I have just installed the VF 2000 cabin filter in my Toyota Avalalon. The product seems to be well constructed and I am anxious to see how well it does over the forcoming years.

John Derryman
Simi Valley, California

July 21, 2015
Really great filter would buy again, have used them for years.

Charles Murray
Gamaliel, Kentucky

July 21, 2015
Great quality and fast shipping. I needed an unusual size for a special application and your web site made it easy to look up and find exactly what I needed. Perfect fit Thanks

Anthony Moss
Chicago, Illinois

July 21, 2015
This is the second K & N intake kit that I bought. I use K & N air and oil filters in all my cars. They are worth the slight extra cost.

John, Alfano
Biddefore, Maine

July 21, 2015
Perfect fit for my 2004 Audi A6 2.7L.

Brockton, Massachusetts

July 21, 2015
Put this part on my 2007 Mazda 3 and you can definitely tell a difference. Car sounds great when you accelerate and even better when you use the lower gears.

Elliot Thorkelson
Cleveland, Ohio

July 21, 2015
Ordering and shipment was quick and easy. Installation was easy overall. A few places where the instructions could have been a bit more clear about which parts to use. Tools needed (removal and installation) could be included with the instructions. Excellent design and replacement of stock system. Increased noise level is not bad.

Nico Pienaar
Toronto, Canada

July 21, 2015
I always put K&N filters on my vehicles, makes a immediate difference in performance and it's life time.

Gerald Leger
Lafayette, Louisiana

July 21, 2015
Great product

Robert Maddox
Gorham, Maine

July 21, 2015
excellent product, swift service , good to deal with

Jon Boulton

July 21, 2015
This filter fits perfectly/correctly. The frame is dimensionally correct. I installed it quickly, easy to do. Bike runs fine. Thank you.

John T Lundy Jr
Acworth Georgia

July 20, 2015
Measured, and purchased this particular wrap to cover the front entrance to my HyperCharger. Went on a road trip through the Ozarks, and was caught in rain on three occasions on the trip. Installed the wrap immediately each time, and afterwards, saw no evidence of heavy soaking of the filter. A light mist was present on the inside of the metal housing, but did not appear to be any excess saturation. Happy with the product, and glad I purchased it when I did. Used it more than I thought I would. Wrap fits the HyperCharger snuggly, and had no problem staying in place. It wasn't made to work with this application, so the aesthetics are not perfect, but this product, for me, was about function, not form, and it worked well. If you're looking for a wrap for a HyperCharger, this would be a good choice.

Mankato, Minnesota

July 20, 2015
This intake system makes your Lancer sound so much more powerful and you definetely feel the difference in power in higher RPMs when on the highway or interstate. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new intake system on their Lancer.

William Gaylor
Pensacola, Florida

July 20, 2015
Easy online order process, fast shipping. Part directly fits factory air box. Installed in 5 minutes. Easy washable filter element that never requires replacement.

Scott Cameron
Somers, New York

July 20, 2015
Excellent filter. Very fast shipping. It lives up to its legendary name. I will purchase another for any future vehicle.

Brett Penick
Barberton, Ohio

July 20, 2015
Love it, I even came back for the cover. Fast Delivery on a holiday weekend.

Robert Miller
Staten Island, New York

July 20, 2015
Nice hat. Seems to be well made

Yucca Valley, California

July 20, 2015
Saw this product on a friend's Jeep Liberty. He couldn't say enough about it. More power, greater acceleration and better gas mileage. And the sound it makes when you kick it down. Took his word and ordered one. Took 90 minutes to install. Just like it says. Unbelievable Checked under the hood to make sure someone hadn't exchanged my six for an eight. The power, the sound, just like he described. Definitely worth the price. One last thought: your gas mileage will improve, unless you keep putting the pedal to the medal like I do. Oh that sound Happy Motoring.

Joseph Saltarelli
Yonkers, New York

July 20, 2015
Have had increased performance and very satisfied since installing the KN Air Filter. We have a 2012 Ford Fiesta 4 Cyl. that no longer has a hard time taking the steep hills in our terrain Vehicle has more HP in freeway driving when needed

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 20, 2015
excellent product as to be expected from the power house known as K&N

Forest Lake Minnesota

July 20, 2015
It performed alright. It gave me an extra mile out of each gallon. A slight increase in throttle response. Horsepower gains were unnoticeable (if there were any). The sound improvement was the most impressive feature. A little too expensive for what you can get out of it. Would rate higher if price was lower. Would rate lower if sound was not improved.

Dallas, Texas

July 20, 2015
Big improvement, would recommend.

Greeneville, Tennessee

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