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March 17, 2015
I had a [brand] short ram before this intake and all I have to say is I've never seen nor heard a better intake then K&N. Great product. I won't go any where else ! I'm getting my oil filters from here from now on!

Justin R
Cape Breton, Canada

March 17, 2015
Easy to install. Love the new growl it has now (not over the top but just right). The acceleration & shifting is much improved and I've noticed a little gain in the MPGs in the first 2 tanks.

Decatur Illinois

March 17, 2015
Quick service!

Cynthia Meyer
Cincinnati Ohio

March 17, 2015
Excellent service and accuracy!

Lysander Bone
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

March 16, 2015
Perfect fit. Very noticeable improvement in wide open low and mid range torque and revs out nice correcting the stock choke point.

Leon Hogan
Cleburne, Texas

March 16, 2015
Easy to install instructions are really straight forward. Notice an increase in performance immediately. Really great system.

Calab Ottenstein

March 16, 2015
This is a very simple review to write. The product arrived the day it was scheduled. The directions were absolutely spot on to what needed to be done and when. The sound in V-tec mode and the improved performance are everything that K & N claimed they would be. My son actually installed this with my guidance and supervision, I touched nothing.

Glendale Arizona

March 16, 2015
Really good air flow - at least plenty for a key. Should last an easy 1,000,000 miles with occasional cleaning. Would have rated 5 stars except for the errant non sealed wire that pokes me in the finger once in a while... I like it anyway.

Dennis Clark
Lyle, Washington

March 16, 2015
I'm very happy with the K&N air filter for my 2015 KIA SOUL it seems to have a quicker throttle response and a better top end and not to mention better fuel mileage

Alan Bankston
Whitewater California

March 16, 2015
I have been using K&N filters for over 35 years. Their filters are the only ones I use in my cars, trucks and motorcycles, Buy once and forget about replacements.

Cleo Stewart
Apple Valley California

March 16, 2015
Great sound, throttle response, added hp, improved mpg yet tbd. Overall pleased with improvements.

Great Mills, Maryland

March 16, 2015
Really good product. Shipped fast. Lets my stroker breath much better.

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 16, 2015
The best time this car ran in the quarter mile is a 14.48 @ 98 mph with the factory air filter. I am hoping that the K&N air filter will help this car pick up 2 tenths and 4 mph in the quarter mile. Maybe with a cold air induction kit I could even bust off a 13.99 in the quarter mile. I have not been able to run the car the last two weeks because of the rain. Maybe this Friday I can run it. I know I will run it at the Mega Mopar Action on March 28 at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis Texas. It would be nice to see someone from K&N at that event to document the Times I run in this little car. Hope to see y''all there. Wish me luck, thanks for the air filter. I know it was worth it.

Philip Gurke
Grand Prairie Texas

March 16, 2015
I absolutely love this air filter in my 2008 Suzuki sx4 5 speed manuel. Noticed a difference in acceleration instantly. Also noticed less lag when shifting gears. I highly recommend this air filter. I wish K&N made a full intake system for the sx4. Sx4 has a decent following and its hard to find after market parts. I was so happy that K&N at least made a performance filer. Hope to see a full intake system in the future.


March 16, 2015
K & N always the very best quality. This system is no different! It really looks great under the hood of my 2013 3.6 Ram 1500. I can tell difference in my power and mph.

James Larry Wysor
Honaker, Virginia

March 16, 2015
Great service from K&N - I made the mistake of buying this intake for my WRX before I had the whole tuning job planned out, so I had to return it for the time being, but the process was super easy and everyone at K&N was really nice. Will definitely buy products from them once I get the project fully up and running!

Culver City, California

March 16, 2015
I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 and I was looking for an intake that would give me better performance and better gas mileage. Well I can say now that getting this K&N performance intake was the best thing I've bought for my truck. I get great response and my pedal is way more sensitive. My truck performs way better now. I also got a 2-3 mile per gallon increase. Its a little loud, but my brother says my truck sounds like an old hemi cuda. I highly recommend getting this for your truck. Installation took me 30 minutes. I would recommend finder covers so you don't scratch your truck. Install this intake kit and feel the performance.

Tracy Roth
Ennis Texas

March 16, 2015
This product is awesome! It was super easy to install and I brag about it to all my friends! If there is one thing I would change though it would be the crankcase vent adapter that screws on to the assembly. It is a plastic part that screws on to a metal insert. It was really nerve racking getting that piece on and in the I had to make it work because the metal threads on the assembly had a burr on it and I couldn't get it to screw it on right. Other than that I am happy with my purchase and think it was well worth the money. Thanks!

Glenn McPherson
Lansing Michigan

March 16, 2015
Have only driven about 80 miles since installation. Seems to have more go. Can't determine mpg yet.

Lee Stafford

March 16, 2015
Bought this setup for my 08 silverado with intentions of just gaining horsepower. Overall very satisfied with the increase in gain of power and response and not only that but seeing a significant increase on mpg with my oversized wheels.

Jaime Segura
San Antonio, Texas

March 16, 2015
The right part for my bike, ordered shipped and received. Couldn't ask for anything easier thank you K&N.

David linden
Surprise, Arizona

March 16, 2015
I love it. Can feel the engine breathing good along with my new headers and exhaust increase in power.

Denarest Reese

March 16, 2015
Fit of filter was perfect. Noticeable throttle response improvement as well.


March 16, 2015
Easy to install and easy to clean. Keeps the air clean in the cabin.

LaMar Brooks

March 16, 2015
Quite easy install, no drilling. Just a little tricky with the hose clamps but no big deal. Better off idle responsiveness. 1/2 hour install, affordable more HP and more efficient. Get one today!

Dennis Gallear
Anchorage Alaska

March 16, 2015
Fast shipping. Thanks.

David Strait

March 16, 2015
I couldn't be happier with the K&N intake system for Yukon!!! It helped with my fuel economy. Great product.

Laredo, Texas

March 16, 2015
I honestly did not know K&N offered reusable cabin air filters. Once I replaced my stock filter with the washable filter, I could tell immediately that there was more air flow coming from the HVAC system. This filter pays itself off after just two washes. I highly recommend this product to anyone, especially to folks living in highly populated areas, or dusty areas. A MUST HAVE.

Rafael Rigual
Sherman Oaks California

March 16, 2015
I'll never go back to stock. The sound it brings is amazing. And installation was as easy as 1 2 3. Love it. Although gas mileage did go down a bit but no biggie lol.

Joshua Amburgey

March 16, 2015
This is my second K&N and it is definitely worth it. Have one on my Chevy Impala and now on my Isuzu Amigo. Great product.

Sacramento California

March 16, 2015
The K&N was an easy installation. Around 30 minutes. And everything was included. Only one hole needed to be widened. The power increase was noticeable. Hills that needed 4th gear(manual) can be taken in 5th with only a slight decrease in speed. I have not got all the numbers at the moment, but there has been roughly a 1-2 mpg increase sense installing. Definitely will pay for itself in the first year. Great product as always.

Kyle S

March 16, 2015
I've used K&N products on every vehicle I've ever owned and they exceed all expectations. I started using these oil filters after using [brand] and [brand] and the K&N filter after 10,000 miles still looks and works great.

Jacob Bloom

March 16, 2015
Great wrap. Been using on my banshee for over ten years.


March 16, 2015
Great filter. Been using on my banshee for over 10 years.


March 16, 2015
Great increase in performance and installation was easy

Bill Breznak
New York

March 16, 2015
I could tell the difference right away. My 2013 challenger v-6 used to be kind of slow from a dead start, not anymore. Thanks!

Tom Reed
Kimball, Michigan

March 15, 2015
Extra protection. Loving it.

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 15, 2015
Great mileage, I can't wait to see how it does after I get the oil and solvent.

Tory Babcock
Torrington, Wyoming

March 15, 2015
Over all a nice unit, I suggest maybe making the air box about a 1/4 of an inch narrower its a real tight fit going in and maybe shortening the tube coming off the cover and adding another rubber hose so the cover sets on easier

Harry Bunnell

March 15, 2015
After having K&N filters on my mgb and giving a very good boost to performance. I was sick of only 16 mpg in town. I decided to fit K&N to my p 38 rangie , now gained 2 more mpg. Found better response. So good I ordered K&N for my ix35 .5 star.

George Burgess

March 14, 2015
Made a big difference in the performance of my 1990 Toyota Supra. When I floor the gas peddle the front end actually raises up which it never did before I installed the k&n intake system. the installation was straight forward and explained in the instructions without any doubt how it was to be done.

John Henry
Montgomery, Texas

March 14, 2015
Immediately saw improved acceleration and horsepower. Was so impressed bought K&N air filters from my wife's car and for the neighbor's car.

Mike Cross
Granbury Texas

March 14, 2015
2014 Tundra SR Stock Filter 10.5 / 11.5 MPG Average Highway/City by Digital Read Out. K&N Filter Highway 20/22 MPG City 15/16 MPG.

Carl Lovisolo

March 14, 2015
I give it 2 thumbs up. Great air intake!

San Antonio, Texas

March 13, 2015
What incredible customer service offered by K&N. I called with a problem on a life time filer and was greeted by the nicest lady whose primary concern was customer satisfaction and to get my vehicle back on the road quickly. Just a few friendly questions about my filter and she had a replacement on the move within minutes. I am sold on this company and will be a customer from now on. Thanks K&N Team!!

Houston Texas

March 13, 2015
Very nice. Better gas milage and increase horse power. The PVC hook could be moved up on the air intake tube. This make fit somewhat better.

Mike Oliver

March 13, 2015
Great product.

Daniel Morrisette
Walla Walla Washington

March 13, 2015
The oil filter on my motorcycle is set into the engine so deep it is almost impossible to remove it. There is no tool I have been able to find that makes taking it off anything but a frustrating job. K&N is the only filter that has a nut as part of the filter, which allows me to take the filter off easily and without making a big mess. I will use no other brand!

Barry Book

March 13, 2015
Fast shipping and excellent product.

Michael Graham
Lumberton, Texas

March 13, 2015
I had one of these installed on my 2013 Genesis Coupe 3.8GT (Automatic) a few months ago. What a difference! The first thing I noticed was the tasteful little rumble upon starting the engine. Once moving, the power delivery is much more immediate and more powerful across the power band. Don't know how much extra horsepower and torque I am getting - but it's very noticeable! The sound coming from the engine is much more robust and enjoyable as well. Highly recommend investing in this if you want to unleash the potential in your 3.8L Genesis Coupe!

Alexandria, Virginia

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