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April 29, 2015
This product is used to prevent water from entering the fuel system through the pod filter on a junior motard race bike. It installs quickly and easily. The purchase process at the K&N Store was extremely easy and product delivery was fast. Thanks for the great service.

Heinz Roy
United States

April 29, 2015
The filter fits perfect. Goes on and off and back on better than the old one. My order arrived on the day that I was told. I am very happy with the service and the cost. I couldn't get a filter cheaper any where in I have 2 so I don't have to leave my truck sitting until the cleaned filter dries. Thank You K&N.

William Arndt
South Dakota

April 29, 2015
Received in a timely matter. Installed the product and it looks good under the hood. This product has met my expectations at this time with my amount of use. Look forward to seeing how it performs with further use.

South Dakota

April 29, 2015
Good quality, fair price, speedy shipping and it does a great job at keeping all of the crud out of the main K&N CAI filter.

Blake Foshie
Tracy, California

April 29, 2015
I saw a K&N ad in the NRA's American Rifleman magazine. The filter is very well made and replaced the stock filter perfectly. My car does seems peppier, but mainly I was hoping for a really noticeable increase in (the already 45-48 mpg) gas mileage. Two fill-ups have shown a 0.5 to 1.0 mpg increase nothing really to write home about -but weather/temperatures are a big factor this time of year in the Northeast, so hopefully my average summer mileage will be bumped up to the mythical 48-50+ mpg range.

Ralph Ferrusi
Stormville, New York

April 29, 2015
Have noticed better gas mileage since installing the kit. Very happy with it.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

April 28, 2015
Great to be able to buy your product direct from you not a middle man. As far as right now your air filter fits just right and is working fine. Still too soon to have seen a gas improvement.

Henry Schecker
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

April 28, 2015

Johnny Gragg
United States

April 28, 2015
Product was delivered quickly with no hitches. Good experience and will likely purchase from K&N again.

Bick McAllister
South Carolina

April 28, 2015
Great product. Would suggest all car owners get their engines to breathe right. Save on gas and increase horsepower.

David Tompkins
Honolulu, Hawaii

April 28, 2015
Good filter. Very prompt shipping. Always treated good at online retailer.

Mike Irvine
St Leonard, Maryland

April 28, 2015
Fit and finish of the parts in the kit was great and the installation instructions were easy to follow. The fit (alignment) of the crankcase vent to the new K&N intake pipe was not great but seemed to work. The fit of the air flow sensor harness was not great, too tight, with no slack to be gained to improve the fit to the new location on the K&N intake pipe. Other then that the kit was clean. I noticed a performance increase improved response, improved power, and better sound. The jury is still out on gas mileage improvement, time will tell.

James Niehoff
Rosemount, Minnesota

April 28, 2015
What can I say? It's an oil filter by K&N. Should be a lot easier to replace with bolt on filter.

Tim Williams
Weatherly, Pennsylvania

April 28, 2015
I think it works great, can feel the extra horse power.

Caleb Kendrick
Alma, Arkansas

April 28, 2015
I've not use the filter yet but am happy with how it looks. The material in which the filter itself is made of. This in comparison to other brands. Looked closely at all of these filters & K&N topped out best. Just wish it said made in USA.

Herman Hollaway

April 28, 2015
Excellent product, what a difference in the performance.

Sam Villareale
Henrietta, New York

April 28, 2015
Fantastic product as always. It's surprising that a seemingly basic component can make such a difference. There is much more life in the engine performance now.

Peoria, Arizona

April 28, 2015
I bought it for a friend. No more squealing the tires when stepping on gas pedal. Lot more power. It makes the truck sound bad a$$ Everyone should buy a K&N cold air intake.

Ontario, New York

April 28, 2015
Awesome product, once installed noticed a huge power boost and throttle response. Took a long road trip probably got maybe a good 2-3 mpg gain.

James Serrato
Eastpoint, Florida

April 28, 2015
The best and final piece for a truly good seal. Used it for many years with no failures.

Tim Caves
Tujunga, California

April 28, 2015
It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to install properly. But I finally got it and it seems to be working perfectly.

Rod Satterberg
Portland, Oregon

April 28, 2015
Great product. Have used K&N filters in my other vehicles and have been very happy. The on-line purchase is easier than trying to find the correct product in a brick and mortar site.

Neal Morgan
La Verne, California

April 28, 2015
I just ordered my kit for my 03 Ford supercrew. I don't need to have it to review it. I have a k&n filter, outerwear, and oil filter on my ds650, oil filter and fuel filter on my ford, intake, outerwear, fuel and oil filter on my dodge Cummins 2500, and air filter, outerwear and oil filter on my crf450. K&N makes the best products available. I have been in the automotive sevice industry for 20 years and own a service shop. I recommend all of their products to every customer because they work. There is no substitute...There are alot of cheap imitations but nothing comes close to K&N, I guarantee it to everyone that's comes through my doors.

Phoenix, Arizona

April 28, 2015
Awesome. Easy to install. Noticeable improvement in performance. I made an install video showing the process.

Jeff Baker
Peyton, Colorado

April 27, 2015
I've only had the filter installed a short while, and it seems to be performing as advertised.

David L. Harding Sr.
Crockett, Texas

April 27, 2015
Super easy to install. Appears to work as advertised.

Dave Hochstaetter
Spring, Texas

April 27, 2015
My sons and I just finished the easy installation and improvemnt is ridiculous. Throttle response is significantly improved, noticeable bump in acceleration (especially off the line), and the great sound really adds to the driving experience. This is the third truck where I have added the K&N cold air intake and the quality has been consistently great. I challenge you to find a performance upgrade that has more bang for your buck...$350, one hour installatiojln, and +20 bwhp...I am a huge fan. Thanks K&N.

Houston, Texas

April 27, 2015
Fits great, easy to install, saves on gas.

Jacksonville, Florida

April 27, 2015
Perfect fit. Great product.

Yellville, Arkansas

April 27, 2015
Very pleased with the service and the installation was very easy.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

April 27, 2015
Great product, shipping was quick, easy installation.

Tate Vassberg
Houston, Texas

April 27, 2015
This product is a must have. I love the sound it gives the car, and great on gas. I get full tank almost 470-500 miles. Now that gas prices are going up buy one, and save gas, and filters. Thank you K&N.

Eastvale, California

April 27, 2015
Excellent customer service. Very fast delivery.

Brad Frehner
Spanish Fork, Utah

April 27, 2015
Quality product. Looks & fits good. But it's not as red as the crankcase breather. I would have liked it better if they matched. Looks great though.

Syracuse, New York

April 27, 2015
The only reason I downgraded my experience from a 5 to a 4 is because one of the pieces to my kit was missing from my package. I contacted your customer service and they handled the issue immediately. I received the missing part the next day after providing all the necessary information to your team. The kit was easy to install and I am very pleased with the overall quality and performance gains.

Steven Leamons
Temecula, California

April 27, 2015
Fitted to Renault Kangoo 1.4 petrol 75hp. Throttle response, power & economy all improved very noticably. The engine got its zing back. So i fitted iridium ix spark plugs & got another hunk of power. I know its just 75hp as standard but it now feels like brakes & suspension need uprateing. It may seem like alot of cash for an air filter but I think fuel savings will pay for that in no time. HAPPY DAYS. THANKYOU.

Mr. Dave Hills
Peacehaven, Sussex UK

April 27, 2015
Great product, got it for my K&N intake system and couldn't be happier.

Hunter Deberry
San Antonio, Texas

April 27, 2015
Cool Shirt Fits Well.

Ithaca, NY

April 27, 2015
Love it. It added power and improved gas mileage on my 2012 Toyota Camry, equipped with the 2.5L 4 cylinder. It makes it sound like a beast when I really get on it.

James Kerzmann
United States

April 27, 2015
Living in the mountain regions I've always put K&N filters in my vehicles. Bought my bike....HondaCBR500R new. Waited a year. What a huge difference. Thank you K&N filters.

Carbondale, Colorado

April 27, 2015
Service was fast , and I liked the free shipping. Filter fits great.

Jerry Cranmer
LaCrosse, Florida

April 27, 2015
This is the 4th air intake I have purchased for my different vehicles and the installation is very easy if you follow the directions.

Dallas, Texas

April 27, 2015
I put this on a 2012 Camaro V-6. The sound under heavy throttle is amazing, but you can barely notice a difference under normal driving. You can definitely feel the improvement in power over the stock intake. I highly recommend it if you want some additional power with a little more growl under acceleration.

James G
Muncie, IN

April 27, 2015
Great filter, immediate change to the air quality running the A/C. No more sneezing.

Paul Crozier
San Jose, California

April 27, 2015
I'll give it a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Had to adjust the air intake with a rotary file and adjust small air intake filter. Otherwise i'm very pleased and would recommend this product to anyone .

Lawrence Cracium
North Carolina

April 27, 2015
This system really woke up my 5.0 Coyote engine.You can definitely feel the difference, and the awesome growl sounds great coming from under my hood. Had it installed in only an hour and it was very easy. Forget the rest.This is the best

James H. Randolph
Dresden, Tennessee

April 27, 2015
I noticed an immediate increase in acceleration and a 2 mpg improvement in fuel economy. Installation was easy too. My vehicle is a 2005 Ford Taurus SE 3.0. Thanks for making this outstanding product available.

James Hoskins
Eufaula, Oklahoma

April 27, 2015
I love the K&N brand and this filter. It dropped in perfectly and is a nice replacement to the regular filters. Plus, I love the fact that it is washable and the lifetime warranty is a plus.

Andrew Williams
Mobile, Alabama

April 27, 2015
Great online site, easy to navigate. Easy order. Shipped on the day ordered. Received within six days, on the weekend. Exactly as ordered. Quality product. Simple install. I wouldn't let a service shop replace the air filter, it's an overcharged, and inferior product. This filter will last the life of your vehicle. Requires an easy clean every 50,000 miles. Very reasonable price for the quality and lifespan of the product. Mustang runs a little leaner. Highly recommended.

Jackson, Mississippi

April 27, 2015
I've put a K&N filter in every car and motorcycle that I've owned for the past 25 years. It's normally the first thing I do when I bring them home. Always high quality and immediate improvement to gas mileage and throttle response. Never had to replace one yet.

Rick Santiago
Charlotte, North Carolina

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