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June 2, 2015
KN-401 Oil Filter came in without delay, perfect fit, good price

Peter D. Rossow
Tonawanda, New York

June 2, 2015
Fair price,fast delivery, perfect fit. I notice a measurable increase in horsepower. I will watch mileage to measure any difference. The K&N filter I had on my Chevy pickup was with me for 220,000 miles and made my 305ci engine perform like a 350. I will always put K&N filters on my cars.

Stan Harris
Brandon, Florida

June 2, 2015
Excellent Deal and great product

John Ransford
Clifton Park, New York

June 2, 2015
This is a good looking, and comfortable hat. Only thing that could have been better, was if it had come in black, working on cars is a dirty task. Thanks for the nice hat.

Sonoma, California

June 2, 2015
This is technically my first k&n oil filter but after multiple intakes and drop ins i figured this was the standard quality k&n product. I installed this on my 2014 Kia Forte Ex w/2.0l GDI engine w/ 69 Series K&N Intake also. I run 5w20 (Name Brand) Full Synthetic made from natural gas with this filter and so far 5k mi oil changes could probably be 7500mi oil changes. I figured $13 for this filter was not that much more then the $10 filters the garage usually gives me. Filter also has a 3/4 nut welded on the end making it simple to install not needing a filter wrench.

N Cunningham
Kittanning, Penssylvania

June 2, 2015
I purchased this intake for my 2014 Kia Forte w/the 2.0l GDI engine 19k mi. All I can say is what I've seen in the last 300mi since i installed this intake. First it takes around 45 min to install taking your time following each step. The intake and heat shield are both well made and quality looking. Removal of stock kia air box is easy. Gas mileage i will say seems to be 2-3mpg better on the highway but in town i haven't noticed any change. Also in town running at low rpm the intake isn't noticeable loud but when taping on the gas going up hills or on the highway this intake really opens up around 2.5k-5krpm and sounds like a beast, kind of like a Audi sounding engine imo. Also the extra hp at high rpms can be felt but not anything extreme. Imo i think this intake is worth it and both looks and sounds great. Also the s&h from k&n is super fast & customer service is also outstanding.

N Cunningham
Kittanning, Penssylvania

June 2, 2015
Sounds great on my Tacoma More power and a little bit better mileage. The instructions were not even close to accurate. Need better descriptions and photos. All around it is a great product.

Jeremy Wheatley

June 2, 2015
Easy to order, fast delivery I will order other items in the future.

Bob Owens
Spokane, Washington

June 2, 2015
Easy to use and works like a charm anyone with a K&N filter needs this.

Pat Patterson
Tallahassee, Florida

June 2, 2015
Best filter I have had on my truck. Oil still looks new even after 3000 miles with a diesel engine. No complaints

Battle Creek, Michigan

June 2, 2015
Excellent product, every car I own has a K&N drop in filter or a cold air intake on it for one reason, quality. More throttle response was first thing I noticed and more passing power on the Hwy. MPG has improved 1-2 mpg, and I never have to replace it, just clean it when it's dirty, thanks again K&N you have developed me into a life long customer.


June 2, 2015
Great Product as usual I use nothing but K&N filters in all my vehicles.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June 2, 2015
I ordered two of these, one for my 2014 Mazda 6, and another for my wife's 2014 Mazda CX-5. I will never go back to a regular filter again. Not only is my car getting better air flow and gas mileage but I wont need to buy a replacement flter every 15k miles. I know for a fact my car is getting better air flow and MPG because i use a gadget in my OBD2 slot that pairs with my phone to track my engine and overall car performance. What K&N advertises isn't just a marketing gimmick. I will buy K&N filters for every car i own in life.

D Gonzalez
Houston, Texas

June 2, 2015
I always love K&N filters. They work great, give me more power and better fuel economy.


June 1, 2015
It's advertising I can believe in, and because it is a decal, the day the product fails me, I simply remove the decal.

B Jackson
louisville, Kentucky

June 1, 2015
I have K&N air filters in three vehicles and am looking forward to trying the new cabin air filters. Only have to clean the K&N filter three times to break even on the purchase price.

Les McKay
Las Vegas, Nevada

June 1, 2015
What I noticed is that I get more top end grunt in 5th and 6th gear on the FZ09. Don't really pull that hard at regular highway speeds but with this filter they do. I also noticed that I can stay in 2nd or 3rd a little longer than I used to.

Che Lebo
Oakland, California

June 1, 2015
It's perfect.

Jamie R Payne

June 1, 2015
Was easy to install. Fuel mileage did not seem to change but the car feels more responsive.

Thousand Oaks, California

June 1, 2015
Perfect fit & easy to install.


June 1, 2015
Great hat fits my big head.

Chris Townsend
Louisville, Kentucky

June 1, 2015
Good filter, not a real noticeable increase in performance or power, saved money.

Belleville, Illinois

June 1, 2015
I felt the power immediately. It was like a tornado in the car. I heard swosh and the car was gone.

United States

June 1, 2015
Pleasant shopping experience. Part arrived on time and as described. Have seen a decent increase in fuel mileage since installing.

Ed Jensen
Boise, Idaho

June 1, 2015
Great product, I love it.

William Ratcliff

June 1, 2015
Quick service,and just what I ordered .so I will be doing more business in the future

Brookhaven ms

June 1, 2015
Very pleased with the product, and was delivered right on time.

John Van Kampen

June 1, 2015
Detroit motor runs better and definitely seeing a fuel mileage improvement.

Chad Vaughan
Lexington tn

June 1, 2015
Love it on my v6 accord. Sound is better but not too much. Performance is up and mileage is up 1 or 2 miles per gallon. Love it


June 1, 2015
Haven't had a hot enough day yet to see if the engine runs cooler but shifting seems smoother and the filter fits perfectly. This filter would go well with the Amsoil 20-40 V twin full synthetic oil.

Steve Lillie
Conneaut, Ohio

June 1, 2015
Filter arrived when promised. Fit like a glove on my old Yanmar tractor. Very happy (me and the tractor.)

John Scribner
Winter Springs, FL

June 1, 2015
Could tell a difference in how my motor ran better.

Chris Myers
Riverside ohio

June 1, 2015
Great but would be nice to have more options. Also need to hurry on development of CAI for 2015 Mustang

Edwin Smith

June 1, 2015
I would give it 6 stars if it were an option. I have been using KN Filters in my vehicles for over 20 years. There isn't a better air filter in the world that competes with this one. It will increase your air intake and make your car run better. Easy to install and I swear it feels like I have increased my HP.

Brent Chivrell
TX - Texas

June 1, 2015
Fast shipping and very pleased with my order. Thanks.

Ricky Beck

June 1, 2015
Wow I have installed many K&N Cold Air Intakes on different vehicles. This one took a bit longer to install (35 steps), but is easily the most impactful. Amazing difference in throttle response I don't know about gas mileage yet, but I am very happy with the performance boost. Thanks


June 1, 2015
Fast delivery, and easy to install.

Melissa Price
Front Royal, Va

May 31, 2015
I have always used K&N filters in every one of my vehicles because of how durable and the longevity. I save so much money on oil and air filters since all you have to do is wash it and reuse them.

Justin L Scarborough
San Diego,Ca

May 31, 2015
Great part, wanted one for a long time. Install was not hard and directions had pictures to aid in installation. All the parts and bolts, etc., were there and easy to locate and identify. Noticed an increase in throttle response and power immediately after installation. Shipped quickly and received it in a few days. Thanks K&N

Matthew McNabb
Franklin, Ohio

May 31, 2015
K&N invented the most significant new car product to come along in years. We bought four for the family and more to go to add to the already world's best engine air filters. If you want to breathe clean fresh healthy air while driving in your air conditioned or heated ride, than treat yourself to the finest crafted, longest lasting cabin air filters on the planet. K&N, a world class leader in longevity automotive filtering products, has now managed to bring filtering to a whole new level by ensuring the driver, occupants and car are truly one integrated system. When you step into your K&N filtered car from the oil filter to the air filter element and now the cabin air filter, you are part of an integrated system designed to give no less than true peace of mind. The electro statically charged cabin air filter is built to the same high quality and exacting K&N engineered standards of the engine air filters. If you take care of multiple cars, want to reduce long term costs and substantially increase filtration, than what are you waiting for? Stop paying every year for cabin air filters and filling your local land fills with inferior throw-a ways. You can enjoy every motoring mile on K&N knowing you installed the best in your car while experiencing real clean, fresh air for your lungs.............after all, saving money ensures we all breathe much easier

Larry Mrozinski

May 31, 2015
I love the new intake system, it removed the sound baffles and i can hear the natural of the engine. it works great with my headers and dual exhaust system. it looks great when i pop the hood.

kyle anderson
mesa arizona

May 30, 2015
This kit is by far is the best upgrade you can add to your Camaro, As claimed it has added horsepower that I can feel to the car. Another benifit I got was the sound that now comes out of the exhaust when I get on it. Installation time was a half hour, I preassembled everything I could from the kit before I started on the car also, I did not disconnect the battery ground cable so I would not have to mess with the radio code. The trick here is to remove all the factory intake hardware leaving the sensor attached to the factory tube. Install the K/N hardware, Once thats done then remove the air sensor and install it into the K/N tube. I am very happy with the look of the engine compartment and I am so glad to take this first step in buying the K/N Kit. You will be too

John Bobka
Schaumburg IL

May 30, 2015
Very happy with your filters. Thanks.

gary clark
hudson nc

May 30, 2015
Noticeable difference in power, especially when going up hills and smoother idling since I installed the filter.

Larry Ford
Scranton, Pennsylvania

May 29, 2015
Having a 2015 Mustang Eco Boost, I was looking for either a cold air system or a K&N air filter but couldn't find any at the local parts store. I figured that they were not available yet however that was wrong, buying from K&N is the way to go. Free shipping and there isn't a middle man cost. I have used K&N air filters on my last three Mustangs. I've used the recharge kits, which is super easy. As far as performance gains, its a very mild kind of feel to how it runs with the stock paper filter.If [Name Brand] uses them with their performance kits through [Name Brand], you know that a lot of testing went into it.

Tony Steppan
Santa Barbara, California

May 29, 2015
Love my K&N air filter and was worth the money.

Oxford, Massachusetts

May 29, 2015
Fits my air box like the factory filter. Has an instant engine response and superior service.

Warren Gagner
Florissant, Colorado

May 29, 2015
The part fits perfectly.

Chicago, Illinois

May 29, 2015
Great service, great product. Will keep using this brand no doubt . Thanks a lot. Bruno.

Bruno Cervantes
Leon, Mexico

May 29, 2015
This works great for my model A ford high boy air filter.

John Fossum
Ocean Shores, Washington

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