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May 28, 2014
Perfect fit. Love the clean instead of replace. Have not had it long enough to determine if better mileage and performance yet, although certainly as good as before.

Gary Richardson
Lauderdale, Florida

May 27, 2014
It took about an hour to install this kit on my 2010 Fusion. It will never be a high-performance machine, but it sounds better, is a bit quicker, and my mileage went from 25.1 to 25.3 in two weeks with no highway driving.

Detroit, Michigan

May 27, 2014
Good product and was easy to install

John Ray
Biscoe, North Carolina

May 27, 2014
I have been using K&N products for about 1.5 years now and I trust them as a high quality car product. All my cars have the lifetime air filters that work great and I have used the oil filters in my Kia Soul for over a year and they are A1! I am now switching my other 2 cars over to K&N oil filters so it will be 100% KN QUALITY!!!

Randy Harper
Buckeye, Arizona

May 27, 2014
I have been using K&N products for years.so this purchase was no different. Just purchased a Hyundai Veloster and there were flat spots on low end and a little on mid to high...so i got minor exhaust work done and ordered my K & N air filter through them directly and now my ride zips through like a champ with no flat spots. To top it off no auto parts had the filter and claimed they couldn't order it. So K&N you get 2 thumbs way up !!

Jose Cuuz

May 27, 2014
I have not installed this filter yet. But past history with K&N Filters has always been positive! Thank you for a quality product over the years.

Terry Weber
Maryland Hts., Missouri

May 27, 2014
Just as describe. Fits great. Does the job.

Frank Belanger
South Carolina

May 27, 2014
Great product as always from K&N thank you!

Bryan G.

May 27, 2014
Shopped around for K&N filters and eventually found K&Ns own web site was the best place to buy. Easier to find my application, suprisingly good prices(my experience, most manufacturers only sell for list price) and great shipping policy. Very happy with my purchases.

Greg Smith
Central Indiana

May 27, 2014
Well, The filter fit, I assume it's doing what it should. The price was good. Delivery seemed a bit longer than other online e-tailers but it got here. Thanks!

New York

May 27, 2014
I use K&N air filters on my GoKart that I race on dirt. Not once have I had engine problems with dirt damage to my engine thanks to the great filtering of the air. Also with the higher than normal engine RPM's and using a very strong fuel, there has never been a problem with getting a high volume of air that is needed. While racing on dirt and being totally exposed, the air filter is only able to be used once because of the dust and clumps of dirt built up on it. With K&N's ability to be washed, I always have a clean filter.K&N air filters are perfect for racing on dirt. I can't imagine using any other.

Leroy Lucas

May 26, 2014
Compatible with Gilera tg1/tg2/tg3


May 26, 2014
Absolutely Perfect! Fit like a glove and every part that was needed was included. Highly Recommend this for your Raptor. Even shipping was a head of schedule. Love it Slick Biggs Racing

Slick Leigh
Orlando, Florida

May 26, 2014
I installed the air filter when I changed oil a couple of weeks ago. I have noticed that the car gets better fuel economy and runs better. Very pleased.

Tony Bergmann

May 26, 2014
Install was easy to complete and explained in an understandable way with pictures. Everything fit up to stock holes. Only problem was the temp sensor didn't have enough wire to fit up easily and took a little tweaking to allow it to seat properly. But over all I am very satisfied with this purchase.


May 26, 2014
Installed this filter in my 2012 Toyota Camry. I've gained at least one mile per gallon better fuel economy. In Fuel alone the filter pays for itself in 15,000 miles.


May 26, 2014
Great fit for both my 1969 John Deere 112 and John Deere 140 with Kohler K241 and K301 engines. Fit perfectly and are cleanable and reusable.

Tim Deichler

May 26, 2014
Thanks. Great product. Fast delivery. Great service.

Carlos Nunez
Yonkers, New York

May 26, 2014
The intake kit was exactly as advertised. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and there were no surprises or extras involved. I am completely satisfied with the product and service.

Don Gornall

May 26, 2014
Had it for 2 weeks and I gained more mpg

Chad Pedersen

May 26, 2014
It was just right for what I needed.

Mike McCord

May 26, 2014
Great service and great product. I have K&N air filters on all of my vehicle's.

Chris Richards

May 26, 2014
Just replaced Honda standard filter with one of these on my 2009 type r fn2. Fit perfectly, only cost same as genuine Honda one and most importantly definately a noticeable improvement on throttle response. The car now responds straight away when you touch the accelerator. It means taking off from lights etc doesn't need as much pressure on the pedal. The growl from the airbox is nice too, all through rev range.

A Butler
United Kingdom

May 26, 2014
I've been using K&N filter in my Hnda Aviator for 3 months and it feels good while riding. It gives me different feeling while riding.Thanks to K&N teams for producing such a wonderful filter. Thanks once again.

Mayur Kokane
Pimpri-Chinchwad, India

May 25, 2014
Installed it on my Volkswagen Polo. The car became more economical and better acceleration. I am very satisfied with this product.

Edoardo Castillo

May 25, 2014
Part was exact replacement. I will do business with again.

Keith Orr

May 25, 2014
Easy to install. I used a glove to aid in properly seating filter.I wish K&N filter had a grip similar to the orange filters. I have already noticed better filtration when observing oil pressure gage.


May 25, 2014
I previously had the K&N Air Filter which gave it a little boost. I upgraded to the Air Intake and it was well worth cash. The car has more power and it sounds more beefy. Next step will be a performance exhaust.

James Han
Justin, Texas

May 25, 2014
I hope this works using [brand] with the filter.


May 25, 2014
Everything I thought it would be. 2013 CRV, I gained 2mpg better and the sound and feel of knowing I have a K&N filter on it now.

Kansas City, Kansas

May 24, 2014
This was the third K&N filter that I have bought for one of my vehicles. The fuel mileage has improved along with a little bit more horsepower.

Ronald Pryor

May 24, 2014
Great products. Have used for years

John Tyree
Saint Clairsville Ohio

May 24, 2014
The package came as described. The instruction was great. It was very thorough. I was able to install the whole thing in about an hour. Just a tip so that you can add in your instruction. For the part where you need to take apart the secondary smaller air filter connector where you suggested to warm it up in order to take it off, perhaps suggest to use a bbq lighter. I used that and after it warmed up the connector came off very easily. Other than that, everything was awesome and I am very satisfied.

Tuan Anh Vo
Albany, New York

May 24, 2014
Nice replacement air filter over the stock version on my 2009 Harley-Davidson FXDC

Ragan L Powell
Lumberton, Texas

May 23, 2014
Excellent fit, easy to install, much better throttle response and mid- range.

Paul Foister
Knoxville, Tennessee

May 23, 2014
Ive been a K & N Filter fan since Sept. 1999 and have used them on all my Bikes and most my Cars as well as all my pick up Trucks. They have never failed to give me top performance on the road as well as off the road Veh's.

Dale Bennett

May 23, 2014
I recently purchased and installed the 57-1550 Performance Intake Kit in my 2007 PT Cruiser (non-Turbo). Installation was quick and easy. I did all the pre-work of assembly before I opened the hood and once I started installing I was done in about 15 minutes. The power is definitely there. I have to climb lots of hills and mountains and this intake gave my little engine a definite boost, no more losing speed climbing the long hill to my house! Definite improvement in gas mileage too. I'd say to the tune of 2-3mpg, maybe even better on the highway. I couldn't be happier.

John B.
Ogden, Utah

May 23, 2014
Arrived on time and exactly what I ordered.

Reynaldo Alegre
San Diego, California

May 23, 2014
Best damn filter EVER..... Easy on, easy off......

Gary Glassburn
Kokomo, Indiana

May 23, 2014
Great filter gives great performance. This is the third filter I have purchased use on all of our cars and trucks why would any body want any other filter? I feel it has helped increase our gas mileage. Thanks

Phyllis K Booker

May 23, 2014
Product fit perfectly and I have had no problems so far.

Robert Rouse
Vallejo, California

May 23, 2014

Faisal Rehman
Guthrie, Oklahoma

May 23, 2014
Could not be happier with the service or the product! I cannot believe how fast they shipped the product and how well the filters look & perform. Look nowhere else!

Calgary, Canada

May 23, 2014
Replaced the paper one with this in my '03 F150 5.4. Better throttle response, more power and better mpg. Great product!


May 23, 2014
The pump worked great. The length of the hose was long enough to get over halfway down the filter. Turned the filter over and finished the application. Seemed to dissolve and loosen the dirt quite nicely.

DeWayne Lucas
Lyons, Indiana

May 23, 2014
Let me start off by saying I have been a diesel mechanic for almost 20 years. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins. I have been using a name brand filter for my truck and the fleet that I manage. I am always skeptical of after market products. One of the biggest problems with low power in a diesel is a clogged filter. I replace a lot of filters in my pick-up. Even thought the air restriction gauge shows the filter is still good, I usually replace the filter as soon as it starts to pull down. I always get a lot of black smoke when I get on the gas with my truck. The turbo is slow to wind up and the acceleration is lack luster. I wanted to do something about it, without spending a lot of money. I did my research online read the reviews both good and bad. I also spent a lot of time on the phone with K&N asking probably more than my fair share of questions. They assured me that their filter with not harm the engine and will improve the performance. After a lot of thought I decided to get just the filter. When I opened the box, I noticed the filter was a lot bigger and conned shaped, not a flat panel like the stock filter. It was much bigger. It fit perfectly in the factory air box.I started my truck and stepped on the gas. I immediately noticed the lag in the turbo was almost gone and that was just sitting there. I was eager to try it out on the road. Took the truck out and stepped on the gas. The black smoke was cut in half. The turbo wound up much faster and you could hear the whistle of the turbo. I don't know if it will affect the MPG yet, but I can tell you just cutting the black smoke down is enough for me. Anything above that is a bonus. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner. I am ordering one for my 2012 Chevy Sonic. I am also thinking now that maybe I should have bought the cold air intake for my truck. You have a customer for life. I am talking to K&N about filters for the Class 8 trucks in the fleet now. I been in this industry for a long time, not too many things impress me anymore. I am beyond impressed with your product. I had been missing out for a long time on a great product.

Chris H.
Yucaipa, California

May 22, 2014
I like and use the K&N filters in all my vehicles, especially in my motorcycles. I like the fact the I can use a common wrench to remove them and they do a better job and last longer.

Chula Vista, California

May 22, 2014
Great filter. Bike runs with more power and sound.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 22, 2014
RC-2340 Works on Kawasaki Vulcan VN750 87-06 Ear shave MOD


May 22, 2014
As advertised, added performance and fuel economy.

Santa Rosa, California

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