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June 9, 2014
Based on a long history of using K&N, I replaced my son's Toyota Tacoma air filter. It was very easy. I am less than a month on the new air filter so can't comment yet on how well it is working.

Michael Saluto
Temple, Texas

June 9, 2014
Based on a long history of using K&N, I replaced my Hyundai Genesis air filter. It was very easy. I am less than a month on the new air filter so can't comment yet on how well it is working.

Mike Saluto
Temple, Texas

June 9, 2014
Typical K&N product. Absolutely great!

Jim Wahl
Nevada, Iowa

June 9, 2014
Super fast service! Perfect replacement filter! It will last a long time because I can clean it! Will shop with you again!

Gary Imhof

June 9, 2014
Fast delivery service!!! Although this is a very easy thing to install in your car, I suggest that you partner up with someone that knows about engine mods and intake installations at least once. (For those who are just starting to get in to engine modding.) because there are little bolts and washers that came along with the intake that needs to install properly. Just make sure to read and follow the instructions properly or you might get a CEL in your car. Overall it's a great mod for my car and I love it's sound!!! :) No regrets on getting this one.


June 8, 2014
I was looking for a simple way to boost performance on my 2010 Dodge Challenger SE 3.5L. In addition, I wanted to do the work myself to learn more about my car. After speaking with a few people they mentioned a performance intake kit would be the perfect beginners project and a simple way to boost performance. After doing some research, I purchased the K&N intake kit. Coming from someone who has never worked on a car, the instructions were very simple and easy to follow. In about 90 minutes I had removed the stock air filter and replaced it with the K&N system without any issues. The boost in performance was immediately noticeable (I could feel the increase in responsiveness / acceleration and the engine had more of a growl to it.) My car is definitely even more fun to drive. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Tyler King
Ann Arbor, Michigan

June 8, 2014
Nice product. Used on a jeep jk intake. I wish it came in orange!


June 7, 2014
I've had K&N in all my cars for the past 20 years. The response after install is always noticeable whether on my C5 Vette, Honda van, wife's Buick or my 49 Ford w/LS3 engine. My biggest problem has been my wife has gon in for oil changes and the dummies do not read the notice and replace my K&N with paper. Keep up improving em.

Pflugerville, Texas

June 7, 2014
Ordered by measurements to fit an aftermarket [brand] air cleaner. Fits perfect.

Joel Walton
White Deer, Texas

June 7, 2014
Easy to install. Fit perfectly.

Clem O
San Diego, California

June 7, 2014
It is like a ( Breathe Right nasal strip) for your jeep. 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 5.7L V8 HEMI. Just enough more airflow for an increase in throttle response (performance). I see better fuel economy over the very thick stock factory air filter. Seems to shift smoother, faster with the K&N filter. I can not think of anything else for the money that gives you the return that this air filter gives. In my old 97 and 99 stock Cherokees 6 cylinders in Leadville,Co at 13,000+ feet there was one trail and at the end was a hard climb ( Had to use full throttle ) where the stock Jeeps with the K&N air filters would give you just enough more air flow ( where the air was very very thin or a lack of it ) a really nice advantage over the Cherokees 6 cylinders with the stock air filters. It sounded like the engine sound where it was sucking air was in slow motion. (The lack of air would just rob the jeep of any horsepower and it felt like you were moving in slow motion also.) But the ones with the K&N filters would make it to the top. This will always stick in my memory... Thanks for reading.


June 7, 2014
2011 Jeep Liberty Renegade 3.7L, 4x4, trail rated has a real world city driving increase of about 1.6 mpg on the uphill / downhill area driven. Haven't taken it out on the freeway for a long trip yet but if the city driving is any indication, I would expect highway mpg to possibly increase by about 3+ mpg. Jeep KKs & JKs do not get good mileage because of the non-aerodynamic (flat) front end, low gearing and extra weight from under chassis skid plates so this is a pleasant surprise. Low end acceleration has a felt increase, especially from a standing start on a 5% or more uphill grade, without sacrificing the increased mileage. Because of the increased engine performance, the transmission shifts faster into the next higher gear and holds the gear longer under load. I would buy another K&N air filter for any vehicle I own.


June 6, 2014
This air filter replaces perfectly the factory air filter on CZ 180 487.3 motorcycle and possibly other models 175 and 125 cc Jawa and CZs, fits perfectly to the original air box without changing anything and feel the difference when accelerating. As the original filters are hard to find now, is a good replacement option.

Vicente Flores
Agua Fria,Apodaca,Nuevo Leon,Mexico

June 6, 2014
I've used K&N filters on all my vehicles for the patst 15 years. I have never had a problem or defect with any of the ones I used. Custom 2001 for Lightning, 83 Ford Ranger 306 385 HP, 2001 Toyota Corolla Power Adders. I don't think there is anohter brand out there that meets up to the spec's and performance of K&N filters, I'm sold and will have have one on the next build I do.

Jon Thompson

June 6, 2014
K & N filters always do the best in the world. Very pleased with the acquisition. In less than a week I received my product in Brazil. Thanks!

Marcio Imay

June 6, 2014
The filter arrived prior to the estimated time, very cool. The 2014 Accord has a filter box that's easy access and the K&N dropped right in place. I like the alert sticker that came with it and put it on the filter canister. This will save me a lot of money over the course of ownership. It will be difficult for me to say if it makes a big difference over the stock filter. My car has just 600 miles. But I can certainly hear the increased air flow under heavy acceleration. All is well & Good!

Geo Treo
Festus, Missouri

June 6, 2014
Replaced the stock filter with this product in the Lexus. Better throttle response along with improved gas milage.

Wichita, Kansas

June 6, 2014
Excellent product. Clear easy to follow insrtructions. Great porformance boost. Will recomend to anyone who wants a better breathing Mustang.

Tucson, Arizona

June 6, 2014
An outstanding product that I have settled on as my choice for the YANMAR 4LHADTE diesel engine in my boat. It took me a while to find a product that fit my needs and performed as described. MAHALO!

Roy Morioka
Honolulu, Hawaii

June 6, 2014
This has been an awsome and hassle free experience. I have always loved my K&N products and having excelent customer service just adds to the wonderful experience.

Chris Woznicki

June 5, 2014
Love the air filter for my 2014 Silverado. Fuel economy jumped 1.5mpg . I waited until I had several thousand miles before installing it on my new truck. So I would have an mpg log. Don't drive your pickup without one.

Dale Montz
Issaquah Washington

June 5, 2014
Best filter on the market. Easy to remove & install new filter element. Using exclusively for the past 4 years. Thanks !

Bob Jablonski
Forked River, New Jersey

June 5, 2014
Great products. Ihave been using them since 1999 on all my cars, bikes, trucks ....

Dale Bennett

June 5, 2014
Have used K&N filters for over 35 years now. My '91 Grand Cherokee 4.0 has run well with this filter, have cleaned it once in 105K miles and gives me about 21.5MPG on the open road at 65-70mph. Many trips from Santa Barbara to the Redding area have shown it to be consistent. Best bang for the $$ for this vehicle.

Jan J.
Santa Barbara California

June 5, 2014
Perfect fit and function. Super-high K&N quality and fast shipping. Just as easy to install as the OEM air filter.


June 5, 2014
Great product, comes complete with the rings.

Cooper City Florida

June 4, 2014
Fantastic all around service for using, first time, your company website. Everything was ordered, paid, shipped without problems

Mark Nash

June 4, 2014
Works great, and the engine certainly feels quicker on its toes! All valuable for the added strain of big roof loads. Had a K&N on my last ride too, and they really give you bang for the buck! The filter's ridges don't run the same direction as factory, and the filter is only almost square, so installation is tricky till you figure that out!

Jeff Harris
Greenville, South Carolina

June 4, 2014
I just installed a new K&N Air Filter And I'm very pleased with the performance. I can't believe the gas savings.

Bob Brown
Olathe, Kansas

June 4, 2014
Good product, great service

Ricardo Perez
Chesapeake, Virginia

June 3, 2014
Ordering process was easy. Choschose make and model of car and was directed to the appropriate filter for my engine configuration.  Part was shipped promptly.  Install was straight forward.  Much higher quality than the one from the factory.

Seattle, Washington

June 3, 2014
Perfect fit for our 25 year old Corolla GTS. Great warranty.

Henk Kohler
DeWitt, Michigan

June 3, 2014
Needed a filter for my 2013 accord v6. Couldn't find a regular filter so I looked into K&N. The price was decent and it claimed to smooth out the drive and provide a few more horses. I just tossed it in and the results were instant. 1. Improved throttle response. 2. More power. Can't comment on improved mileage until I go through a few tanks of gas. IMO K&N should be stock in every vehicle. Buy it!

Beverly, Massachusetts

June 3, 2014
I initially bought this kit to stretch out my gas mileage, but with the newly added horsepower I'm finding it hard to lay off the pedal. Great boost to my 2.4L Tacoma!

Nampa, Idaho

June 3, 2014
Wow! The filters I ordered on Sunday arrived Tuesday! Thanks so much for the super-fast (and free!) shipping. Can't wait to get the filter on the bike.

Vancouver, Canada

June 3, 2014
Excellent service, excellent price, excellent product and excellent delivery.

Robert C. Whitney
Lexington, South Carolina

June 3, 2014
I bought this filter because I can safety wire the filter.

Mark Kruidenier

June 3, 2014
WOW...what a difference having replaced the stock Toyota air filters with K&N replacements. I used the plural because the Lexus LS460 has 2 separate air filters. The car is an absolute BEAST having easily raised the horsepower to over 400+ while maintaining similar fuel economy. I'll probably get better MPG when I stop stomping on it just to feel the POWER! Replace the stock chip and void the warranty...absolutely no way. But changing the air filters (and NOT VOIDING the warranty) seemed way too easy. I was so impressed I bought new filters for my wife's GS460 and our Toyota Tacoma 4.0 V6. Both have dramatic increases in power and fuel economy albeit, she's having problems with not stomping on it as well. Who ever came up with this idea for passenger vehicles kudos! Can you do the same thing for HVAC units? I want to feel the polar blast save energy and make my wife a human pop sickle! With GREAT admiration....

Scott Morrow
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

June 3, 2014
Quick shipping. Correct part


June 3, 2014
Product came on time. It fit and seems to be working as promised. The bike showed an improvement in performance.

Patrick Vigil
Las Cruces, New Mexico

June 3, 2014
Easy to install, Felt the performance boost right away!!!

Brian Smith
Pensacola, Flordia

June 3, 2014
Awesome Filter I won't Ever Buy Any Other

Abbeville Georgia

June 3, 2014
Awesome Filter .I won't every buy any other

Abbeville Georgia

June 3, 2014
Great protection and small horsepower boost. Love K&N Filters.


June 2, 2014
Love it! This is clearly the best air filter money can buy for your car.

Jason A.
Paris, Kentucky

June 2, 2014
Performance has improved on my Chevy Equinox I feel.

Richmond Kentucky

June 2, 2014
What a quality product! Bought this as a replacement filter for my craftsman tractor. Fits like a glove. Best part, these are washable! I received my order very quickly. I will definitely order from K&N again!


June 2, 2014
The product functioned as specified in every respect. We are talking about an air filter here, so there's not much to say regarding mechanics, etc. There is no 'seat of the pants' discernable performance improvement, only a properly functioning, well fitting air filter that can be cleaned and re-used. For what it is, it serves its purpose admirably.

Scott Baxter
St. Louis, Missouri

June 2, 2014
So it wasn't very clear to me when looking at the website description but this is actually TWO filters (which it should be for $100) so it takes care of both your air box filter and the silencer filter under the gas tank. Fit was great, oiled well but you do have to clean the air box filter flange off to mount the adhesive foam sealing gasket to it so plan on a little mild solvent and a rag to do so. The flow is much better so much so in fact that I had to turn the fuel up a tad across the band on my [brand] tuner. Overall I would highly recommend this even though it's a bit pricey IMO as you basically never need to replace your air filters again.

New Mexico

June 2, 2014
Service was second to none, outstanding, and I think my order shipped the same day. I've used K&N filters since my desert racing days in the early and mid 70's. I have complete trust in their filters.


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