2016 Ford F450 6.7L V8 Oil Filter

K&N oil filter for 2016 Ford F450 6.7L V8
  • Protects the engine of your Ford F450
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Great with synthetic or conventional oil
K&N 2016 Ford F450 oil filters are known for their high capacity, low restriction design and for their enhanced engine protection. K&N premium oil filters can also be used in your Ford with high end motor oil.

Your 2016 Ford F450 deserves a well made premium oil filter! Select the Product Info button below to see everything an oil filter fits.

2016 Ford F450 6.7L V8 Diesel - All Models
Never had a issue with K&N oil filter. Will use them as long as I can drive.
Gary DesJardins, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Oil Filter
K&N HP-4005
  • 1 Inch Nut for Easy Removal
  • Heavy Duty Construction
HP-4005 2016 Ford F450 6.7L V8 DieselOil Filter
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2016 Ford F450 6.7L V8 Diesel - All Models
Ford 2012 F-250 Diesel - Love the reusable oil filter, had one previously in a Honda Goldwing with great success. This filter is much finer (10 years later). I think it makes a great combination with an oil bypass filter so that the full flow is much freer letting the bypass filter do the fine filtering. Very pleased, treat the filter mesh very carefully, oily parts can be slippery.
John S., Sunnyvale, California
Oil Filter; Billet
K&N SS-4005
  • Billet Aluminum Housing
  • Washable and Reusable
SS-4005 2016 Ford F450 6.7L V8 DieselOil Filter; Billet
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