1983 Yamaha XC180 180 Oil Filter

K&N oil filter for 1983 Yamaha XC180 180
  • Protects the engine of your Yamaha XC180
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Great with synthetic or conventional oil
K&N’s specially designed premium oil filters for 1983 Yamaha XC180 models provide excellent filtration even with the heavier grade oils and higher flow rates experienced in extreme conditions.

Your 1983 Yamaha XC180 deserves a well made premium oil filter! Select the Product Info button below to see everything an oil filter fits.

1983 Yamaha XC180 180 - All Models
Fit my bike, running great.
Peter Liesch, Dallas, Texas
Oil Filter
K&N KN-145
  • Outstanding Filtration
  • Allows High Oil Flow Rates
KN-145 1983 Yamaha XC180 180 Oil Filter
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