X-Games 13 at Los Angeles, California Tough for AMA Supermoto Factory Aprilia Team

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Team Aprilia Rip It Racing’s V-twin participated in the 2007 Summer X Games. Team riders Ben Carlson and Darryl Atkins both received invitations to the extreme event.

Both Team Aprilia Riders Invited to X-Games Both Team Aprilia Riders Invited to X-Games
Ben Carlson is the AMA Supermoto Unlimited points leader and Darryl Atkins is the Team Aprilia’s manger and rider. “There were limited entry spaces,” said Atkins. “It was a privilege for both of us.”

Aprilia Factory uses K&N Engineering products. We use K&N Air and Oil Filters,” said Atkins. “Our bikes run better and we gain horsepower on the track.”

The weekend got off to a good start for Team Aprilia at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. “The atmosphere was chaotic and our mechanics had their hands full,” said Atkins. “X-Games groupies continually bombarded the Team Aprilia Rip It Racing set up as we did last minute tune ups, preference changes and pit stop rehearsals.”

The road portion of the track was tight and windy, especially along the extreme dirt section. “Qualifying did not go down the way we would have liked,” said Atkins. “We placed 13th and 15th on the start grid. We also had a hard time clearing the jumps in the dirt section, and I think this became a mental distraction throughout the rest of the course.”

In the Final, both riders had great starts with Atkins in 9th place and Carlson in 13th place on the first lap. The pace was fast and the riders stepped up the pace for solid results. In the middle of the race Atkins was hit and taken down by Tyler Evans. A few laps later Carlson crashed, but remounted and charged on. Atkins was forced to retire because of engine technical difficulties and Carlson rode back to 11th.

“It was a big learning curve for us this weekend,” said Atkins. “Our European style bikes did not suit this style track. The X-games are extreme. We have plenty of work ahead of us to achieve a good set up for next year, and we have a great team and support to make it happen.”

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