XRRA Xtreme Rock Racing at Cortez, Colorado Tough for Team Lovell

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The off-road action started during Round Four of XRRA Xtreme Rock Racing at Cortez, Colorado and never stopped. More than 40 entries negotiated through a series of tough climbs, boulders and loose silt like dirt to the checkered flag.

Brad Lovell at Cortez, Colorado Brad Lovell at Cortez, Colorado
Roger Lovell on XRRA Race Course
Roger Lovell on XRRA Race Course
Lovell Racing was there with both their FABTECH and ALLOY USA Ford Rangers equipped with K&N Engineering Products. “There is a lot of silt and fine dust on these courses,” said Lovell. “K&N Filters keep the debris out of our engines and our sensors do not clog up. There is also a slight taper to give me the clearance and flexibility I need in this kind of competition.” Brad Lovell launched his Ranger from the start gate and set the fastest time with co-driver Shawn Lazzelle.
Team Lovell uses K&N Products Team Lovell uses K&N Products
Roger Lovell in USA Ranger at Cortez, Colorado
Roger Lovell in USA Ranger at Cortez, Colorado

Team Lovell’s second run went equally well, but a brief rainstorm muddied the rocks during the third race and their luck ran out. “We struggled on a climb and had to hit it 3 times,” said Lovell. “We started slipping in the mud but the rubber on the tires grabbed and we went up.”

The pressure mounted during the final race and the team laid it all on the line. Lovell jumped off a four foot rock ledge just before bouncing across the finish line. Lovell and Lazzelle took third place. “I always see ways to improve but I’m happy with the result,” said Lovell. “We expect to be faster next year.”

Roger Lovell’s race began well in the ALLOY USA Ranger. During the second run Lovell reached the same double jump that ended his last race at Cortez. This time, he decided not to jump it. Unfortunately, he cut a brake line and the truck plummeted into a bank. Lovell did not rollover but the impact broke a cross-member and rear driveshaft. He managed to cross the finish line with extensive damage to the back half of his truck. “I got towed to the pits and did not waste a minute,” said Lovell. “The whole team chipped in and somehow fixed the problems. Everything from the brakes to the fuel cell was split open.”

Lovell had seconds to spare but managed to make it back in time for race number three. He made it through the course and pushed through a climb that stopped other drivers cold. Lovell’s brake problems continued and he could not control the truck on a rocky slope. He went over just short of the finish line.

During the last race Lovell was frustrated but decided to go for broke. He launched full throttle off the ledges and sailed across the finish line. “I have had a tough season with a lot of repairs,” he said. “One of my goals was to be able to qualify for the U.S. Finals in September. I met that goal.”

Next up for Brad and Roger Lovell is the UROC Rockcross at Salt Lake City on August 18.

Follow Team Lovell  throughout the racing season at the K&N news site. Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.

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