WE-Rock and Moab Jeep Safari are Double Duty for Lovell Racing

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They are called Metal Masher, Steel Bender and Hell’s Revenge. Not for the faint of heart these tough trails are only for the best rock crawlers and 4 x 4s with highly modified equipment.

Roger and Brad Lovell
Roger and Brad Lovell

Team Lovell
Team Lovell
Lovell Racing just returned from WE-Rock #2 in Globe, Arizona and Moab, Utah for the Moab Jeep Safari and XRRA # 1. “The trip was fast paced and stretched out over 11 days,” said Brad Lovell. “We started in Arizona.”
Team Lovell uses K&N ProductsTeam Lovell uses K&N Products
Team Lovell on huge climb
Team Lovell on huge climb

Lovell piloted his FABTECH Ranger with K&N Engineering products through the technical courses laid out by WE-Rock. “The second course had a huge bonus climb that the Ranger clawed up using every bit of 240 horsepower,” said Lovell. “The climb was only conquered by one other team on day one.” Brad and Roger Lovell were in first place at the end of the first day.

Day two in Arizona was challenging for Team Lovell. “We completed another death defying bonus climb, but simple communication errors cost us the win,” said Lovell. “We fell into third place in a field of 19, only two points away from second place. We now have a strong lead in the WE-Rock Series.”

The team left Arizona headed for the 41st Moab Jeep Safari. “The mammoth event is easily the largest in the rock crawling community and the weather could not have been better,” said Roger Lovell. “Before the competition we took the opportunity to catch a little time in the dunes. The Ranger rock crawler maxed out at 6500 rpm and about five feet of air, and I have yet to find the limit on our new higher geared racer.”

Team Lovell pulled the short straw in the XRRA Moab Rock Race and was first to run on two of four courses. “In the sport of rock crawling it is unfortunate to be first,” said Brad Lovell. “There is no chance to determine exactly how a vehicle will react to the terrain. Courses also become faster as the day progresses.” On the first run the brothers lost around 20 seconds. Team Lovell recovered and ended up within 3 seconds of the fastest time on the second course.

Roger Lovell was first among the rookies at the end of the day and in seventh place out of a field of 38. “Switching roles was a challenge,” said Brad Lovell, who usually drives as Roger Lovell works the course from the outside. “We are looking for wins but pleased with seventh place. It validates the vehicle and proves there is more than one driver on the team.

The next race for Team Lovell will be at Chambon, France for the Chambon-Sur-Lac rock crawl trail and ride on April 28 and 29.

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