NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Chevy and Car of Tomorrow on Display at K&N

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K&N Engineering employees received a treat from FedEx at the Riverside, California facility. Danny Hamlin’s No. 11 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the Car of Tomorrow were on display for a few hours Wednesday.

K&N EmployeesK&N Employees
K&N IT Department's Allen Reyes and Car of Tomorrow
K&N IT Department's Allen Reyes and Car of Tomorrow
People asked the most questions about the Car of Tomorrow, said Joe Gibbs Racing show car representative Ray Swank. The rear wing and front splitter are the obvious visual differences. “K&N Employees had a lot of technical questions,” he said. “I’m impressed by everyone’s knowledge of cars. One of the most popular questions was about the splitter. Everyone wants to know if it is adjustable. The bottom line is NASCAR mandates the angle and the rules are yet to be announced.”

FedEx No. 11 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
FedEx No. 11 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
K&N’s Kirk Swanson said he is interested to see how it performs in a race. The first opportunity will be at Bristol, Tennessee in two weeks. NASCAR will allow 16 races in 2007 and a full schedule in 2008, said Swank. “It was built for safety,” said Swank. “The Car of Tomorrow is wider and taller and the driver sits more toward the middle of the car.”

“It’s great to see a proven car (Hamlin’s Monte Carlo) and a non-proven car here,” said K&N’s Bert Heck. “The learning curve in the Car of Tomorrow will be different for drivers, but change is good for racing. I would love to drive it.”

“I’ve seen race cars on television, but never this close before today,” said K&N’s Allen Reyes. “It was very interesting to see the engine and how the driver fits in the Car of Tomorrow.”

K&N’s Jeanette Rivera was taking pictures for her collection. “I love everything about NASCAR,” she said. “It’s great to be able to come out and see these cars in person, sometimes its impossible to get this close at the events.”

FedEx brought the cars to K&N as a thank you for being a good customer. “It’s important to us to build a relationship with K&N,” said Marlene Sicre, FedEx Senior Account Executive. “It was great to see NASCAR fans asking tons of questions. It’s really great to bring cars to a company as knowledgeable as K&N.”

K&N is a contingency sponsor in all three of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series including the Busch Series and Craftsman Truck Series.

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