First Superbike Season for Kyle Wyman Racing and K&N a Success

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Kyle Wyman riding his superbike at Circuit of the Americas

Kyle Wyman dragging a knee at the Circuit of the Americas

The most obvious hat that Kyle Wyman wears is the racing helmet emblazoned with the big, bold K&N logo. However, the multi-talented MotoAmerica superbike racer is actually a man of many hats. Wyman’s racing career has been a model of hard work - honing riding skills, fighting through injury, and building a competitive race team. “Racing superbikes is a full-time job all on its own,” Wyman states, “and I'm tasked with operating the race team on top of that.” Wyman has proven more than adept at hat – and helmet – juggling throughout his blossoming racing career.

The 2016 season has certainly been Wyman’s busiest and most rewarding yet. Never one to rest in a comfort zone, Wyman’s shift to superbikes was another major step in his racing career. “This year has been a whirlwind of mixed results and a massive learning experience for me,” Wyman reflects. He is fully aware that in racing, there is no chance at reward without substantial risk. “Jumping into the superbike class for 2016 was certainly going to be a challenge, but I really think it was the right move.”

Kyle Wyman and his Team with his superbike

The Kyle Wyman Racing team posing with the KWR Superbike

While Wyman calls his 2016 results “mixed,” the upside of that mix is substantial. “We have gathered a handful of top-5 finishes,” Wyman states. Anyone who watches Superbike racing knows how tough it is to finish in the top 5 in the immensely competitive field of America’s top national racing class. When asked about his personal highlight of the racing season so far, Wyman reflects, “I think the biggest highlight of this season was in Utah, when I crashed out of race one, won the Black Rhino Superbike Challenge race, then ran in the top 5 overall of race two all in the same day.”

You’d think that racing, managing, and ownership hats would be enough for Kyle Wyman to juggle, but he’s added one more for good measure. Wyman is also a philanthropist. His primary charitable cause is raising money and awareness for a cure for those suffering from Progeria. Progeria is a rare, fatal genetic condition which causes accelerated aging in children. Our hats are off to you on this one, Kyle.

Kyle Wyman on the podium at Utah Motorsports Campus

Wyman atop the podium at the Utah Motorsports Campus

So what about that most visible hat? The K&N artwork on Wyman’s helmet reflects his confidence in the company. “K&N has been a supporter of mine since the 2012 season, and I'm very thankful for their backing of my program. They believe in the growth and success of me and my team” says Wyman, “and it doesn't hurt that their products are the best in the industry. I know that with K&N products in my superbike that I will have a reliable and powerful machine.” K&N has a full line of filtration and intake options for most modern sportbikes. To see what K&N offers for your vehicle, use the K&N search by vehicle tool.

Wyman has one last race in his 2016 Superbike campaign (September 9-11 in New Jersey) and then he will immediately begin working toward the 2017 season. “My goal is to continue growing my team, and to put myself in the best position possible as a rider.” With his solid success this year, Wyman has reason for optimism. The future looks bright for Kyle Wyman Racing.


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