Exciting New Projects Fueling Rob Carpenter and One Wheel Revolution

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Carpenter living up to the name One Wheel Revolution in the dust of El Mirage.

Carpenter living up to the name One Wheel Revolution in the dust of El Mirage.

So what is One Wheel Revolution? No, it’s not a hostile take-over by militant unicyclists. As the company’s founder, Rob Carpenter, puts it, “A One Wheel Revolution performance is doing the unthinkable on some of the heaviest and most powerful v-twin motorcycles on the market.” He adds, “Our shows combine choreography, daring maneuvers, performance v-twins, and thrilling showmanship into 40 minutes of non-stop entertainment.” Clearly, the company’s name reflects time spent on one wheel at Carpenter’s performances. Wheelies, stopies, drifts, and burnouts are the name of the game at a One Wheel Revolution show. However, there are new and exciting things on the horizon for the company.

A One Wheel Revolution shoot at the famed Los Angeles River Canal.

A One Wheel Revolution shoot at the famed Los Angeles River Canal.

A little background is in order. Picking up riding at the age of 21, Carpenter came to motorcycling later in life than most elite riders. His Montana home afforded him virtually no opportunity for instruction or mentorship.  His focus and determination throughout the first five years of his motorcycling education is the stuff of legends. “I wanted to become a great rider so badly that I dedicated literally every spare minute I had to riding. I rarely hung out with friends, celebrated holidays, or did anything that wasn’t going to improve my riding abilities. If my friends or family wanted to see me, they knew they either had to go to the riding spot or my garage to find me.” There is a lesson in dedication for young riders!

While performances at motorcycle rallies and industry shows may be the bread and butter of One Wheel Revolution, it is something out of that arena that really gets Carpenter stoked. He is spending more time in front of a camera. He says that photo and media projects often involve riding his big v-twins in unfamiliar and unpredictable environments. “My most memorable shoots this year were in the dry lake beds south of Las Vegas, shooting a video at the Los Angeles River Canal, and shooting at El Mirage. Something about riding places you shouldn’t keeps me hungry for more!”

Carpenter in front of his new passion, the camera.

Carpenter in front of his new passion, the camera.

Obviously, equipment reliability and performance are vital to Carpenter’s success. His working relationship with K&N is a huge factor in keeping his high-performance motorcycles fast and furious. Carpenter says, “In my 5 years of using K&N products, the team has been very supportive. K&N provides me with top quality air and oil filters. Performing on air-cooled motorcycles, it is essential that clean oil and cool, clean air can adequately flow through my bike’s motor in extreme temps.” He continues that his trust of K&N products also stems from the company’s longevity and its success in high-performance applications spanning all aspects of motorsports. “I know K&N products keep everything from top fuel dragsters, trophy/off-road trucks, and endurance race machines running strong in the most extreme elements.”

The financial backing that K&N provides One Wheel Revolution is also vital to Carpenter’s success. He says that K&N’s support is used to upgrade or maintain his equipment as well as help cover the expensive insurance needed for performances. Clearly the symbiotic relationship that has developed between Carpenter and K&N is mutually beneficial.

As for his future goals, Carpenter wants to take his photo and video projects to a higher level. He not only finds personal gratification in the endeavors, but he sees unique benefit in marketing for his sponsors. However, it’s not just show and performance goals that drive him. Carpenter has some exciting machinery in the works. “Currently I am building a 2016 Dyna FXDLS into a wheelie monster. This is an amazingly powerful and nimble platform to begin with. The addition of many amazing products from sponsors like K&N will make this an unstoppable wheelie and drift machine!”

While you will still be able to see Carpenter on one wheel at a motorcycle event near you, you’ll also likely see him gracing the pages of magazines and ripping it up on video. One thing is a given, Rob Carpenter will continue to pursue his goals with dogged determination, a highly-refined skill set, and unique business acumen.


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