MX and ATV Ace Cam Reimers Fights to Move to the Front in TORC Truck Racing

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If you open the dictionary to the word purposeful, we’re pretty sure this is the picture that appears

If you open the dictionary to the word purposeful, we’re pretty sure this is the picture that appears

Anyone who has ever raced successfully on two wheels and four wheels understands the difference in skills the two disciplines require. For example, in the 65 years of Grand Prix racing, only one driver was crowned both Motorcycle and Formula 1 World Champion. Which provides a little insight into what TORC Series driver Cam Reimers faced when he moved from Motocross to Pro-Lite Off Road Trucks.

Driver and truck are both spotless before the racing starts. Neither will look that way at the end of the weekend.

Driver and truck are both spotless before the racing starts. Neither will look that way at the end of the weekend.

Through his teens and into his twenties Reimers would accumulate literally hundreds of wins and multiple Motocross and Quad championships, but he recognized it was time to take on a new challenge.

Reimers entered the 2013 TORC (literally, The Off Road Championship Series) as both driver and team owner. In doing so, Reimers became the youngest owner/operator in short-course off-road racing. Reimers worked hard to reassign his copious two-wheel skills to four-wheel off-road racing over the last three seasons, landing on the Pro-Lite division podium more than a few times.

Reimers’ big breakthrough came last year, where in front of the largest on-site spectator and television audience on off-road racing his took his breakout win at the legendary World Championships in Crandon, Wisconsin, and finishing fifth in class in the season-long points battle.

If you’re unclear as to what a Pro Lite off-road truck is, you’ve come to the right place. The class was created to provide drivers an opportunity to move up to a full-sized V8 powered truck without the expense of an all-out, pretty much anything goes Pro 2 or Pro 4 rig.

For example, the chassis has to be built exactly to blueprints provided by TORC, which defines wheelbase, track, ride height, suspension pick-up points and a plethora of other details, and you can’t be a millimeter off. Suspension is off-road spec A-Arms in the front but with a limit of two shocks per side. Rear suspension is a four-link solid axle set-up.

Cam Reimers enjoying a little hang time.

Cam Reimers enjoying a little hang time.

Under the hood is an engine that matches the body style (i.e., Chevy, Ford, or Mopar), all of which are performance crate engines around 5.7 L. Furthermore, the engines are sealed to resist the urge for any hanky-panky and can only be serviced by the seven TORC approved engine builders. Atop each engine sits the same Holley 650 CFM carb (breathing through a K&N filter, in Reimer’s case) on an approved manifold along with a single-spec MSD ignition system. Drive moves through a GM Turbo Hydromatic using the stock gear ratios, regardless of which brand of truck body and engine.

The Ogden, Iowa native’s season didn’t start well at Dallas, managing only a seventh place in the first round. Things improved significantly in Round 2 with a third place podium finish. At Chicago Reimers captured fourth in Round 3 and dropped back to sixth in Round 4. At the first of two events at Crandon, the track which provided him his first win last year, Reimers finished seventh in Round 5 and fourth in Round 6, just two seconds off the podium. In Minnesota, Reimers took seventh in Round 7 and an important third to his points chase in Round 8.

While no win has come his way and podium finishes have been scares Reimers has leveraged his consistency (he’s completed every lap so far this year) so that he sits fourth in the championship standings. Moreover, he’s just 8 points behind the third-place driver. A couple of strong finishes in the remaining six rounds could easily move Reimers up the chart to a top 3 finish in the 2016 championship.

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