New for the Honda Pioneer 500: Its Own K&N Replacement Engine Air Filter

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The K&N HA-5015 is purpose-built for the Honda Pioneer 500 with replacement hoses, vents and special seating bead.

There are more than a dozen UTV (utility task vehicle) manufacturers mixing it up in the all-terrain working, recreational riding, and racing arenas, all of them looking to build the next big thing. They have gone big (up to six-seaters) and they have gone small (two-seaters just 50 inches wide) and there are more than 70 vehicles to choose from.


The K&N HA-5015 is designed to fit into the factory air box using the OEM clamp.

Just introduced in late 2014 for 2015 is Honda's new Pioneer 500, the smallest side-by-side in the Pioneer line, but perhaps truly the next big thing. It is the company's first in the growing 50-inch category and a showcase for Honda engineering and innovation.

The Pioneer 500's width gives it access to restricted ATV riding trails, allows it to be loaded into a full-size pickup and is still comfortable for two adults to ride on a bench seat with individual backrests. The doors utilize automotive-style latches with vibration isolators and a unique attached window net system. It can carry an additional 450 lb. on the oversized rear rack and tow up to 1,000 lb. All good.

Even better: the power plant and drivetrain. The 475-cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline engine is closed-loop fuel-injected and mounted longitudinally, with power routed directly to the wheels. The five-speed electric paddle-shifter transmission is a first for the industry and has steel gears, not belts or chains, giving the driver more control and the vehicle more longevity. An independent rear suspension system combines with an open front differential and a locked rear axle, providing better handling and traction, and one of the smoothest rides available. Widely complimented as fun to drive, responsive, agile, and well-built, the Pioneer 500 has a lot to offer. It promises to gain popularity and be put to good use well into the future.

For normal-duty activities, like trail riding and moving materials around the ranch or worksite, blazing speed is not a necessity, but a few more horsepower and enhanced acceleration will help get everything from here to there more efficiently. The way to boost efficiency and protect the engine is with a purpose-built replacement engine air filter, and K&N has designed and engineered the HA-5015 air filter specifically for the 2015-2016 Honda Pioneer 500.

As is standard among K&N's replacement air filters, the HA-5015 will fit directly into the factory air box with an application-specific sealing bead to ensure a precise fit. No fuel management adjustments are needed. Owners can do the installation themselves using the instructions provided, or have their mechanic help out. The OEM clamps and holder are used with K&N's replacement vents and hoses.

The filter itself was developed for off-road, motocross, ATV, and UTV activities: anticipating lots of dirt involved here. K&N's founders were off-road motorcycle racers who needed a better air filter to finish and win, and they came up with the oiled cotton technology that is still the basis for their filter products. The multiple layers of pleated cotton gauze present a larger surface area than the factory filter to capture more particles and better protect the engine. Each filter is tested and perfected. The HA-5015 showed overall particle reduction numbers of 98.17 percent. That's catching a lot of dust and keeping it out of the engine.


Each K&N replacement air filter is designed with high-flow pleated cotton gauze to increase horsepower and enhance throttle response by getting more (and cleaner) air into the intake.

To keep the filter at that level of performance, it needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly (and certainly more often than on-road vehicles). Owners can set their own schedules, depending on riding conditions and make it a part of their regular service routine. The process is straightforward and quick. After removing the filter, use K&N's Power Kleen to loosen particles, rinse in running water, let it dry completely, then re-oil with K&N air filter oil and re-install.

By investing in the K&N HA-5015, UTVers will keep disposable air filters out of landfills and their Pioneer 500s will get a well-protected intake system to keep them on the trail or on the job with extra power and efficiency for years to come.

To shop for the K&N HA-5015, visit the K&N's online application search to find the correct filter for your UTV, then refer to the K&N dealer search to locate a K&N dealer near you to make your purchase.

The K&N HA-5015 replaces the following part numbers:
Honda 17254HN1000

The K&N HA-5015 replacement air filter can be fitted to the following Honda UTVs:
2016 HONDA SXS500M2 PIONEER 475 - All
2015 HONDA SXS500M2 PIONEER 475 - All


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