E90 BMW M3 with K&N AirCharger Air Intake Boosts Horsepower and Torque

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K&N 63-1116 AirCharger intake for the V8 powered 2008-2013 BMW M3

K&N 63-1116 AirCharger intake for the V8 powered 2008-2013 BMW M3

When the E90/E92/E93 BMW M3 was launched in 2008, worshippers of the blue roundel dumped ashes on their heads and wailed for 40 days and nights. Their beloved straight-6 was dead, and the charlatans in Munich had replaced it with a V8! Sure, the S65 V8 was derived from the mighty V10 in the M5, and it made well north of 400-hp. But the purists still cried foul. Nevertheless, the rest of world loved the 2008-2013 BMW M3 for its stunning technical features, and glorious V8 power. The new 'ultimate 3-Series' also received a number of innovations aimed at making it easier to drive. Buyers opposed to shifting their own gears could order a new dual-clutch transmission, and the performance/handling could now be adjusted through the iDrive interface. However, owners that want to push the performance envelope even further, will love the estimated 13 horsepower increase that comes from the K&N 63-1116 AirCharger performance intake system.

K&N 63-1116 AirCharger intake system installed on a 2011 BMW M3 4.0L S65 V8

The K&N 63-1116 AirCharger intake system installed on a 2011 BMW M3 4.0L S65 V8

No matter how technically advanced the 2008-2013 BMW M3 is, that BMW 4.0L V8 still makes power the 'old fashioned' way. Gas and air get dumped into the cylinders, and a spark plug ignites the mixture. The resulting explosion (this is where horsepower comes from) forces the piston down, turning the crankshaft, and eventually the back wheels. Increasing the horsepower is as simple as turning up the potency on the oxygen catalyst. This is done by providing the engine with a larger volume of cold air. Since cold air has more oxygen molecules than warm air, the fuel inside the cylinders will create more power because the additional oxygen allows it to burn more completely. The K&N 63-1116 AirCharger cold air intake is designed to provide the engine with this potent catalyst, and you won't even have to make any programming modifications.

To get more oxygen-rich air to your BMW S65 4.0L V8, the 63-1116 AirCharger performance intake kit utilizes a low restriction polyethylene intake tube, connected to a K&N high-flow air filter. It mounts in place of the stock air box, behind a heat shield that's been specially designed to seal against the underside of the hood. Effectively creating a sealed cold air chamber, so the K&N filter can ingest a high volume of cold air coming up from beneath the car. This K&N cold air intake design is able to deliver a constant supply of air, without changing the ECU programming. The reusable filter also provides much cleaner air than the paper OEM BMW air filter. Plus, it can go up to 100,000 miles before it needs to be cleaned (depending on road conditions)

Dyno results for the K&N 63-1116 AirCharger on a  2011 BMW M3 4.0L

Dyno results for the K&N 63-1116 AirCharger cold air intake system

In order to verify the performance gains, K&N installed a 63-1116 AirCharger intake kit on a 2011 BMW M3 and dyno testing revealed an estimated increase of 13.43 horsepower and 13.98 lb-ft of torque. The increased airflow also helps the BMW S65 V8 make its power at lower RPMs, which results in much sharper throttle response.

Features & Benefits of the K&N 63-1116 AirCharger performance intake system

  • Developed exclusively for the 2008-2013 BMW M3
  • Guaranteed to increase horsepower
  • Guaranteed to increase torque
  • Sharpens throttle response
  • Improved airflow helps the engine to make more power at lower RPMs
  • Enhances the sound of the BMW S65 V8
  • Large diameter K&N intake tube reduces airflow restrictions and air turbulence
  • Reusable K&N performance air filter can go up to 100,000 miles before it needs to be cleaned (depending on driving conditions)
  • Replaces stock intake system and can be installed in around 90 minutes
  • Covered by the K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty

The 63-1116 performance intake kit fits the following vehicles
2013 BMW M3 4.0L V8
2012 BMW M3 4.0L V8
2011 BMW M3 4.0L V8
2010 BMW M3 4.0L V8
2009 BMW M3 4.0L V8
2008 BMW M3 4.0L V8

You can view all the air intakes that K&N makes for the BMW M3 at the Air Intake Systems for the BMW M3 page and all the air filters that K&N makes for the BMW M3 at the Air Filters for the BMW M3 page. You can view all the K&N performance products for any vehicle by using the Search by Vehicle tool and you can find a local K&N retailer by plugging your location into the K&N Dealer Search as well.


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