2011-2014 Jeep Patriot & Jeep Compass with K&N Air Intake System Boosts Horsepower

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K&N 57-1567 FIPK Cold Air Intake System for the 2011-2014 Jeep Patriot and 2011-2014 Jeep Compass

The K&N 57-1567 FIPK Cold Air Intake System can significantly improve the performance of the 2011-2014 Jeep Patriot and 2011-2014 Jeep Compass

Different eras require different vehicles, and automakers are constantly evolving their product lines to make vehicles fit into the customers’ ever-changing life. Years ago, the typical Jeep buyer wanted to go off-road, and look cool doing it. That's why vehicles like the Jeep CJ and Jeep Wagoneer were popular. Today's Jeep buyer doesn't have the luxury of $0.85/gal gas, so they need a truck that gets good gas mileage, yet still has enough power to handle an occasional off-pavement excursion. Many current Jeep customers don't really venture off-road all that much, but they still like to do "outdoors-y" things. To meet these new requirements and maintain the rugged capability that the Jeep name implies, they created the 2011-2014 Jeep Patriot and 2011-2014 Jeep Compass. They don't have locking differentials, big V8s, or chunky white letter tires. But they can be had with an extremely capable AWD system, complete with computerized traction management, skid plates, and tow hooks. There's also plenty of room in the back for all of your gear, and some models even have nifty fold-down speakers, so you can play your music at the campsite/tailgating. Power is supplied by a pair of thrifty 4-cylinder engines, and they have just enough power to get you where you need to be. But most owners wish their little Jeep came with a bit more muscle under the hood, which is why K&N developed the 57-1567 performance intake system.

K&N 57-1567 FIPK Performance Intake System installed on a Jeep Patriot 2.0L

The K&N 57-1567 FIPK Performance Intake System installed on a Jeep Patriot 2.0L

An internal combustion engine makes power by detonating gasoline inside the cylinders. This explosion forces the piston down, turning the crankshaft, and ultimately the wheels. In order to make the fuel burn, air has to be injected into the cylinders. This catalyst is piped to the throttle body through the stock air intake system, which collects it from outside the vehicle. The problem is, the factory intake on your Jeep 2.0L and 2.4L engines is very narrow and full of tight bends. When the outside air makes it past the thick paper air filter, it has to squeeze through the tiny intake tube and around those tight turns, causing it to slow down and become turbulent. By the time it reaches the cylinders, this hot, swirling air won't be potent enough to fully burn all of the fuel. To increase the horsepower in your little Jeep Patroit and Jeep Compass, you need to replace that warm air with oxygen-rich cold air. The additional oxygen molecules will create a more powerful explosion, which enables the engine to extract more energy/horsepower, from the same amount of fuel.

To get cold air into the engine, the K&N 57-1567 performance intake system ditches the restrictive factory air box and filter for a K&N performance air filter, which is protected from hot engine air by a rugged heat shield. The reusable air filter is made from a special cotton gauze material that provides superior filtration, and the ability to go up to 100,000 miles before it needs to be cleaned (depending on road conditions). It can also feed cooler air into the system, which then gets routed to the engine through a wide-diameter polyethylene intake tube that's been roto-molded to reduce air turbulence and restrictions. This K&N intake tube has integrated fittings for the factory air temperature sensor and crank case vent hose, enabling an install that is usually around 90-minutes. The 57-1567 cold air intake is also street legal in all 50 states. To avoid problems at the inspection station, each system is issued an Exemption Order (EO) number by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), along with an underhood decal to validate its compliance with state laws.

Dyno results for the K&N 57-1567 FIPK Performance Air Intake for 2012 Jeep Patriot 2.0L

Dyno results for the K&N 57-1567 FIPK Performance Air Intake

To validate the performance gains, we installed a K&N 57-1567 FIPK cold air intake system on a stock 2012 Jeep Patriot 2.0L and dyno testing revealed an estimated increase of 6.35 horsepower and 5.25 ft-lb of torque. That will provide a noticeable difference when you hit the gas, where the additional airflow will sharpen the throttle response.

The K&N 57-1567 performance intake system is proudly made in the USA and its rugged construction will standup to whatever the trail or street throws at your Jeep. It's also backed by the K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty, so your performance gains are guaranteed to last. In addition, K&N also makes an entire line of Jeep performance parts, that can improve the efficiency of your oiling, fuel, and HVAC systems. To see what's available for your little trail-hopper, use the Search by Vehicle tool and you can find a local K&N retailer by plugging your location into the K&N Dealer Search as well.

Features & Benefits of the K&N 57-1567 performance air intake

  • Designed for the 2011-2014 Jeep Patriot and 2011-2014 Jeep Compass
  • Guaranteed to increase horsepower
  • Guaranteed to increase torque
  • Street legal in all 50 states
  • Reduces restrictions and increases engine airflow
  • Sharpens throttle response
  • Provides better sounding engine note
  • Rugged intake tube has fittings for the stock emission controls
  • Plug & play design allows for easy installation
  • Reusable K&N performance air filter can go up to 100,000 miles before cleaning is required (depending on road conditions)
  • Backed by the K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty

Vehicles that can benefit from the 57-1567 performance intake kit:

2014 Jeep Patriot 2.4L L4
2014 Jeep Patriot 2.0L L4
2014 Jeep Compass 2.4L L4
2014 Jeep Compass 2.0L L4
2013 Jeep Patriot 2.4L L4
2013 Jeep Patriot 2.0L L4
2013 Jeep Compass 2.4L L4
2013 Jeep Compass 2.0L L4
2012 Jeep Patriot 2.4L L4
2012 Jeep Patriot 2.0L L4
2012 Jeep Compass 2.4L L4
2012 Jeep Compass 2.0L L4
2011 Jeep Patriot 2.4L L4
2011 Jeep Patriot 2.0L L4
2011 Jeep Compass 2.4L L4
2011 Jeep Compass 2.0L L4

You can view all the air intakes that K&N makes for these vehicles at the Air Intake Systems for the Jeep Patriot and Air Intake Systems for the Jeep Compass pages and all the air filters at the Air Filters for the Jeep Patriot and Air Filters for the Jeep Compass page.


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