NHRA Drag Racer Michelle Furr Acknowledges the Man Behind The Driver

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NHRA drag racer Michelle Furr Racing Team

The Furr Racing team is a full family affair for K&N sponsored NHRA drag racer Michelle Furr, with her husband Rick as the crew chief, and their children Madilyn and Adiayn in Junior Dragsters

The Furr Racing team is a full family affair for K&N filters sponsored NHRA drag racer Michelle Furr, husband Rick, and their two children Madilyn and Adiayn. What makes the Furr Racing team unique is that everyone in the family pilots a race car, except the family patriarch Rick Furr. This is because Rick suffered an injury in early 2011 that left him with chronic pain.

While Rick's role on the Furr Racing team is probably the least visible, Michelle Furr is quick to point out that Rick is crucial to the team's success. "He does it for me," Michelle said of Rick's support. "I appreciate his sacrifice more than he'll ever know. It's amazing how he pushes through his pain each and every day. Not only could I not do this without him, I wouldn't even want to. My success on the track is a reflection of all his hard work behind the scenes. Those trophies belong to him as much as to me."

Rick has hammered through to continue pushing Michelle, Madilyn and Adiayn to pursue their dreams. Although the team has had to narrow down their typical 40-50 race schedule to ease the load on Rick. But despite a limited race schedule the past few seasons, the Furr family has managed to continue adding to their success at high profile events. "Seeing how much Rick has supported me when it's especially hard for him to do gives me even more motivation to make his sacrifice pay off on the track," said Michelle Furr.

Michelle Furr Racing Team drag car

Running up to four cars in as many classes makes proper maintenance all the more critical, which is why Furr Racing depends upon K&N products to fulfill its filtration needs

A new treatment for Rick, including surgery, promises some relief from his pain, and means Furr Racing could be back at full throttle for the 2016 NHRA season. "We're very excited for the 2016 season," said Michelle. "Drag racing is more than just a part of our lives. It's a part of us. The time we get to spend together as family means so much. We love everything about racing from the competition to the people to our sponsors. This is why we keep at it year after year."

Michelle pilots two cars in two classes and both kids are honing their skills in Junior Dragsters before moving into full bodied cars. Running up to four cars in as many classes makes proper maintenance all the more critical. Furr Racing depends upon K&N air filters & K&N oil filters to fulfill their filtration needs. "My husband, Rick, has caught so many small issues with normal maintenance, and in turn, has saved so much in cost and downtime," Michelle ensured. "It's a must for our team."

"We're proud to represent so many companies that have strong family values, just like us. We've truly been really blessed with companies and the families behind those companies investing in our family and our program," said Michelle. Furr Racing will begin its 2016 racing season with the NHRA LODRS Division 2 event at Auto-Plus Raceway in Gainesville, Florida, March 9-13, 2016.

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