How to Use the K&N Replacement Air Filter Part Number Cross Reference

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K&N replacement air filters are a simple performance upgrade over disposable air filters and most K&N air filters have a list of air filter cross references, which is especially helpful in HD Trucking applications

Imagine walking into an auto parts store to find a replacement part for your vehicle. The employee behind the counter asks for the year, make, model, and engine size and you provide the information. You tell him the part you need, only for him to say "I don't list anything." You know the part exists because it's on your vehicle, but this auto parts employee can't help you. The system doesn't have the information. Does this scenario sound familiar? Many of us have been there.


K&N replacement air filters are an easy-to-install performance upgrade, designed to fit like it came from the factory, but with the added benefit of being washable/reusable and last up to 1 million miles

K&N knows this struggle, which is why an air filter cross reference of part numbers is helpful in finding a replacement air filter for your vehicle. An air filter cross reference is especially helpful when automotive manufacturers make mid-year changes, when searching by vehicle does not return any results, when trying to find heavy duty diesel/RV air filters, or if you have a heavily customized vehicle that is a mixture of multiple donor cars. K&N makes it easier to find a K&N replacement air filter for your vehicle with an air filter cross reference listing.

K&N goes to great lengths in the research and development of all of its replacement air filters to provide an exacting fit along with a robust air filter cross reference to factory, and other aftermarket air filters. Each K&N factory replacement air filter is precision-engineered to provide a positive fit and seal in the factory air box. K&N designs air filters around the factory air box lid and base and while the factory filter isn't used in development, it does however create an air filter cross reference to the factory part number.

K&N goes to even greater detail than this in manufacturing its replacement air filters. The shape of the sealing lip, as well as the overall exterior dimensions, plays an important part in ensuring an air-tight seal. This proper seal is combined with 4-6 layers of K&N's famous oiled-cotton air filter media. The media is pleated between two layers of wire mesh with a pleat count and depth chosen to provide outstanding airflow as well as filtration efficiency.

K&N replacement air filters are an easy-to-install performance upgrade, designed to fit like it came from the factory, but with the ability to increase horsepower and acceleration. K&N replacement air filters are backed by a 10-year/million mile limited warranty. K&N air filters are washable and reusable and can go up to 50,000 miles between cleanings, depending on driving conditions.

While K&N does not recommend cross reference as a 100% positive means of ensuring proper fitment and function, it is a great tool in finding an air filter when application-specific listings come up short. Cross references should be used for comparison of filters with similar dimensions. The user assumes all responsibility for verifying that filters are compatible with their application before using these products. Damage may result if the user fails to ensure that the filter is compatible and seals properly before installing the product or operating the engine. First, try to find an air filter for your application using K&N's Search By Vehicle tool, but if that doesn't yield the desired results, try K&N's air filter cross reference. Find an authorized K&N dealer, online, or near you by using the K&N Dealer Search function.


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