2011-2014 Chevrolet Beat Diesel Add Performance with K&N Lifetime Diesel Air Filter

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The K&N 33-3019 replacement diesel air filter provides superior airflow, superior performance, and outstanding engine protection

The K&N 33-3019 replacement diesel air filter provides superior airflow, superior performance, and outstanding engine protection

The automotive market in India is booming and Chevrolet has a solid presence there, especially with their practical and affordable Beat subcompact. This little gem shares sharp styling cues with its Chevrolet brethren, the Cruze and Sonic, and shines in a sea of comparatively bland competition. Opt for the fuel-efficient 1.0 liter diesel engine, and the Beat sets the tempo to which other subcompacts must march. However; getting rid of the disposable paper air filter can improve the Chevy Beat diesel. The great news is that K&N has the solution with the 33-3019 replacement diesel performance air filter.

The 33-3019 K&N diesel air filter is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration on 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Chevrolet Beat 1.0 liter diesel models. The design of this diesel upgrade incorporates K&N’s famous oiled cotton gauze air filter media for high airflow rates as well as excellent filtration efficiency. The rectangular panel shape and precision-engineered urethane sealing lip mean that it’s as easy to install as the disposable filter it replaces, and will seal positively in the factory air box.

Another benefit of the K&N 33-3019 replacement diesel air filter’s design is that it’s washable and reusable. Once every 50,000 miles (approximately 80,500 kilometers) or so, depending on driving conditions, simply wash and re-oil the filter using one of K&N’s Recharger® filter service kits and easy-to-follow instructions. With proper maintenance the 33-3019 K&N replacement air filter will last the lifetime of your Beat, and beyond. K&N guarantees its replacement air filters with a 10-year/million mile limited warranty (approximately 1.6 million kilometers).

Whether looking to add performance to, or save on maintenance costs for the Chevrolet Beat, the K&N 33-3019 performance replacement air filter can help reach those goals. Stand out from the crowd and march to the beat of a different drummer with a K&N performance replacement air filter. Order one today, or to find an authorized K&N dealer almost anywhere in the world, use the Search for K&N Dealer lookup tool


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