Billey Alley and the Ironwood Motorsports Continue to Rack Up Wins in Sprint Car Racing

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Billey Alley driving in a Sprint Car Race

Billey Alley driving in a Sprint Car Race

Billy Alley and the Ironwood Motorsports # 3 are poised to ramp up their efforts in 2014 in a big way! With a schedule of around 50 races that include World of Outlaws, Knoxville Raceway, ASCS National and regional events, Nebraska 360 sprint car series, NCRA and other races around the Midwest, the heat is turning up!

And it all started at Eagle Raceway, a local dirt track in Nebraska featuring Sprint Car races every Saturday night. Billy grew up watching all his racing heroes from the grandstands. He started racing go-carts at age 13 and won his sixth time out, then moved up to micro sprints at age 16. In 2001 he won his first Sprint Car Race at age 18 at Eagle Raceway.

Billy is a two time 360 Knoxville Nationals Champion and 360 and 410 Knoxville Points Champion with a whopping 52 career Main Event Sprint Car Wins.

This year is his first full season with a team behind him and they recently announced their partnership with Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation, that actively supports children’s and veteran’s organizations. “We will have extra motivation to run up front this year”, stated Billy, “as 50% of all winnings will be donated to the Git-R-Done Foundation!” With some great new cars by Eagle Motorsports, and some new horsepower behind them, they are primed for success.

Billy says he ran K&N air filters since his very first race in a go-cart. “I've always been a clean and neat freak,” continued Billy. “K&N products go hand-in-hand with that. I would always submit my results to K&N and at an Indianapolis trade show, I met some representatives and I became involved in their racer’s support program in 2006.”

“Engines are so expensive in Motorsports” concluded Billy. “It's important to do what ever you can to keep them safe from dirt. But you also want your engine to run at maximum performance. K&N solves both those issues. At maximum air flow there is never dirt in my injection. Plus air filters are easy to work with and maintenance free.”


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