Warn Industries Displays Jeep JK with ARB Brute Conversion and K&N Air Filter at 2013 SEMA

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At the 2013 SEMA show Warn Industries displayed a Jeep JK with an ARB brute conversion and K&N air filter with wrap

At the 2013 SEMA show Warn Industries displayed a Jeep JK with an ARB brute conversion and K&N air filter with wrap

If you consider yourself a serious off-roader you’re already very well versed with Warn Industries. Located in Clackamas, Oregon, Warn is credited for developing the first recreational winch in 1959. And, if you’re a weekend warrior wondering how a winch can possibly further improve your off-road experience, here’s the lowdown. A winch can move trail blocking debris, it can help get your vehicle over seemly insurmountable obstacles, and it can drag your buddies’ rigs out of near-impossible situations making you a hero.

Warn focuses on three specific markets, consumer aftermarket, industrial/commercial, and original equipment. With customers in over 65 countries, Warn is one of the world's most recognized and respected brands in vehicle performance enhancing equipment.

Arthur and Sadie Warn started a Willy's dealership in South Park, Washington in the 1930's, and founded Warn Industries some 18 year later. Warn began with one man's vision for converting thousands of surplus World War II Jeeps into practical, on-road vehicles. Arthur Warn's extraordinary invention of wheel locking hubs in fact revolutionized the automotive industry. In the 1990's Warn created the ATV/UTV winch market, and today the company designs, manufactures and markets a full line of off-road equipment and accessories that advance the performance of four-wheel-drive vehicles, ATV's and utility vehicles. And for that reason, every year at the SEMA show in Vegas, Warn continues to be one of the most trafficked of all the booths.

“Warn Industries had a 40x50 display at the 2013 SEMA Show,” reported Warn’s Adel Adams. “The show was well attended and we had many inquiries about our products. The vehicle we featured was a Jeep JK with an ARB brute conversion.”

Other products on the vehicle included a Hi-Lift Slide-N-Lock tie-down system, Currie model 44 Rock Jock front axle and model 60 rear axle, ARB front and rear lockers, Six States drive shafts, Ried Racing steering knuckles, Bushwacker fender flares, a Rubicon Style front axle U-joint and a series 1350 drive shaft U-bolt kit, a transfer case yoke (15033), a Speedy Sleeve (TK99187), a K&N performance air filter (RC-4630XD) and a K&N air filter charger (RC-4630DK).

Warn’s Industrial Division also markets electric and hydraulic winches and hoists to commercial, industrial and severe duty customers. Pretty much every variety of winches designed for professional trade workers and do-it-yourself consumers who need powerful tools to assist them in pulling, hauling, dragging or lifting, you can bet that Warn produces them.

“Warn Industries has reserved an even larger booth at the 2014 SEMA show,” says Adams, “And will be there in full force.”


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