2013 & 2014 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Gets Simple Performance with Reusable K&N Air Filter

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K&N Air Filter for the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
K&N Air Filter for the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
In recent years Ford has started to gain attention and sales in the sedan segment where Japanese manufacturers once ruled the roost. The Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ have been quite popular choices in this segment, offering attractive styling and well-equipped interiors full of the latest technology. Ford has also equipped these sedans with 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engine options to suit the fuel economy and performance requirements of prospective buyers. Now, owners of 2013 and 2014 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models listed below can have a cost-effective performance upgrade by installing the K&N 33-5000 factory replacement air filter.
K&N Replacement Air Filter packaging for Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ
K&N Replacement Air Filter packaging for Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ

The 33-5000 air filter is designed to increase horsepower and provide excellent filtration efficiency, allowing your engine to breathe easier without sacrificing essential protection. The filter makes use of K&N’s oiled cotton gauze filter media for these benefits and the filter media is shaped into a pleated design which allows for a larger surface area for increased airflow, lower restriction, and high dirt capacity.
Flow Chart for K&N Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Air Filter 33-5000
Flow Chart for K&N Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Air Filter 33-5000

A design to increase horsepower is only half the story of the 33-5000 air filter. Since the filter media is made of cotton, it’s also washable and reusable which means it never has to be replaced like paper air filters do. The 33-5000 can go for up to 50,000 miles between cleanings depending on driving conditions and when it does come time to clean the filter, it can easily be serviced using one of K&N’s Filtercharger service kits.

The 33-5000 is an easy-to-install direct replacement and will fit the OE air box without modification. It’s backed by K&N’s Million Mile Limited Warranty as well, offering buyers the assurance that their purchase is a wise and cost-effective upgrade for their 2013 or 2014 Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ. Get yours today at KNFilters.com or at one of thousands of K&N dealers worldwide!

K&N 33-5000 lifetime air filter is engineered to be a simple add-on to improve performance on the following Ford and Lincoln models:
2014 Lincoln MKZ 3.7L
2014 Ford Fusion 2.5L
2014 Ford Fusion 2.0L
2014 Ford Fusion 1.5L
2013 Lincoln MKZ 3.7L
2013 Lincoln MKZ 2.0L
2013 Ford Fusion 2.5L
2013 Ford Fusion 2.0L
2013 Ford Fusion 1.6L

For all K&N Ford Fusion air filters visit the Air Filters for Ford Fusion page on KNFilters.com.


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