Midget, Sprint and LOORRS Racer Bradley Morris Enjoys an Action-Packed Season

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Bradley Morris experienced a stellar season in the Pro-Buggy class, earning the Rookie of the Year award.
Bradley Morris experienced a stellar season in the Pro-Buggy class, earning the Rookie of the Year award.
One could safely say that 2013 proved a busy year for Bradley Morris. Along with attending high-school, and doing the things other sixteen-year-olds do, Morris was engulfed in a busy racing schedule. In fact, Bradley managed to juggle his time in a manner that he could race in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series (LOORRS), as well as dedicate seat time to USAC sprint cars and midgets. While competing in the LOORRS, the young driver raced in three classes, two of which wold prove new experiences.

The opening event of the 2013 LOORRS season, Bradley Morris got his first taste of racing in the Pro-Buggy class. Of course anticipation was high as he rolled into the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. However, stiff competition was nothing new to the young driver. When the waving of the green flag deemed the race underway, Morris put all uncertainties behind him and focused on the race at hand.

A heated battle transpired in the laps to come, as the young driver remained steadfast in his pursuit of a win. In turn, Morris crossed the finish line leading the field of competitors, earning the coveted position atop the podium.
Along with racing Pro-buggies, Bradley Morris found time to compete in the Pro-2 and pro-4 classes of LOORRS.
Along with racing Pro-buggies, Bradley Morris found time to compete in the Pro-2 and pro-4 classes of LOORRS.
Of course wins are the ultimate goal during each and every event, but this victory was especially big. "It was great," recalled Morris, "because it gave me confidence that we didn't have to improve much to perform well in the class."

As the season progresses, Bradley Morris continued a strong campaign in the Pro Buggy Class. He proved a force to be reckoned with. He swept the weekend in the class while racing at the Crandon International Speedway at the Wisconsin town, winning the World Championship of Off Road. At the season's end, Bradley Morris finished second in the points race and was also awarded with the title of Rookie of the Year.

As anyone would be, Bradley was elated about his accomplishments. In reference to his World Championship win, he said, "This is a huge accomplishment, and I am grateful I could do it at such a young age."

Although many drivers would be satisfied with success in one class Bradley Morris had no intentions of simply sitting idle when he could compete in other classes. In fact, the teenager had gotten a taste of the pro-lite experience the season prior and eagerly returned for more heated battles in the 2013 season.

"We built a brand new truck," recalled Morris, "and it took a while to get the bugs worked out. But when we did, the truck was fast. So we now we are confident going into next year that we can win the championship."

Driving in the Pro-4, Bradley Morris graced the record books, as he was the youngest driver to have ever competed in this class. Although plagued with bad luck during the final race of the season, his success throughout 2013 was more than enough to prove his worth as a driver and competitor.

With 2014 nearing, Bradley Morris is gearing up and will be ready for the opening race of the season. Of course, his driving skills and mindset will prove of greatest importance, but he is acutely aware that there are several other elements of success that must be considered.

In reference to those who work hand in hand with him, Morris said, "Without my team, I could not be where I am today. I see them as the most important part of my racing."

The young driver is also a strong advocate of keeping his race trucks and buggies well maintained. In turn, he depends upon K&N products to keep the internal components of his engines contaminant free.

"Maintenance is a top priority," he ensured. "You can't finish a race if your car falls apart or breaks. We've been using K&N air and oil filters, grease, oil, cleaner, air filter covers and fuel filters since I started racing, six years ago. K&N products are the most reliable on the market, and I have never had a problem with them. They are clearly the best."

Looking forward to the future, Bradley Morris concluded, "I want to win two championships next year. Race more race cars and get a rookie of the year in pro-2 or pro-4."

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